Saturday, September 22, 2018

Gold-Digging Political Whores

h/t WRSA

GVDL, from yesterday's American Digest :
"Of late a demented female seems to have grabbed the greasy MediaMic pole and, oozing hate at every pore, is oiling her way up and down the political runway like a slug doing the splits. “Christine Blasey-Ford” (The hyphen always signals feminist derangement) is the name but, since she holds a meaningless make-work job as a “professor” of psychology at some fifth-rate outrage factory known as Palo Alto “University” people keep calling her “Doctor” and “Professor.” She’s neither. She’s an ideological slut and a gold-digging political whore. She doesn’t deserve a dustmote of dignity."

Both his piece, and the masthead clip from Bill Burr nail this phenomena.
And we're happy to send a little traffic the other way on the topic.

From the Guilt By Association file, from Matt Bracken:

Lie down with dogs, rise up with fleas.


Pat H. said...

Republicans fold, Christine "Wild Child" Ford to testify on Thursday, AFTER Kavanaugh testifies, yet again, on Monday.

Effing Republicans are useless.

Pat H. said...

Questions I want asked of Christine "Wild Child" Ford if she does in fact, testify.

1. How many sex partners did you have in 1983?

2. Did you only have relations with Georgetown Prep men, or did you spread yourself around.

3. How many times did you pass out at your parentless parties?

4. How often did you dress up in black face?

5. Who contacted you to ask you to attack Brett Kavanaugh?

6. How much money is George Soros paying you?

7. Is your lawyer, Katz, working for another organization for funding?

And more.

Dad29 said...

"...rise up with fleas"

OR STD's!!

Pat H. said...

As an BSN, RN I know full well the causes of female sterility. I don't know of Christine "Wild Child" Ford has any children, but she's likely to have cervical scaring from her many sexual partners. It's common and, as Bill Clinton knows from his mother, it's a primary cause of cervical cancer.

That's an additional question to ask the hide, "have you had a positive Pap smear?

Aesop said...

Grassley is proving, yet again, to be another GOPe guy with the spine of a jellyfish.

The Dems ultimate goal is to get this postponed until after midterms, and the testimony is worthless, as we know going in.

Hold the vote, and if necessary, order in the napalm strike.
Either the Senate confirms Kavanaugh knowing full well how recockulous this nonsense is and always has been, or they deserve what they get.

Ford is simply a moonbat troll and a tool, for all values of that appellation.
All she needs is a gargantuan slander trial, where an actual court sets the rules of evidence, instead of playing on the asstardian sympathies of the spineless and feckless US Senate, to set her ass straight for life.

I'd start the bidding at $100M in damages and penalties, and work upwards, as Senators like Fineswine, Hairass, and Gilligan are added to the co-defendant list.

Anonymous said...

Gold digging Whore Women are everywhere nowadays and multiplying unfortunately.