Saturday, September 29, 2018

Word To Your Mother, Leftards...

h/t Gun Free Zone

Words by Matt Bracken.
Meme by yours truly.

Rule 308:
Not subject to congressional revocation nor amendment.



DAN III said...


Great meme !

Perhaps you and Bracken could team up and print a few of those as posters, eh ?

Phil said...

I'm tellin' ya Aesop, I have gotten to the point that I just laugh at these fucking retards every time they pass some new bullshit gun grabbing, rights restricting law.
Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck you people.
Apparently they have absolutely no clue what reality is.
That reality is that there already so damn many guns in the hands of us peons and enough ammo to go with them that there isn't anything to stop us from hunting these petty tyrant dickheads down en masse and wipe them off the face of the planet before beer thirty on any given day of the week.
Laws be damned.
To paraphrase a certain petty tyrant dickhead we all know, it's just a god damn piece of paper and it don't do fuck all for stopping .556 or 30.06.
I know you are down South of me quite a bit but distance doesn't stop thoughts and ideas.
As they saying goes, you can't stop the signal. Just as a mental exercise,I want everyone who reads these words to stop and think about how many neighbors they actually have in one square mile of where they are at right now.
Then ask yourself how many of those people probably own at least one gun.
As they used to say in school, extrapolate that number to include your town, county, state and then times that by about forty to make up for some of the little bitty states back east and the ones that are already under draconian anti gun management.
Now ask yourself who is going to enforce these anti gun utopian fantasy laws.
I'll be over in my corner of the net waiting for the answer, oiling up my carbines.

Aesop said...

I'm with ya, Phil.
I add a few boxes of ammo to the pile every payday.
Remember these are the same whackadoodles who thought a coupla punks with a .22 in a car trunk and taking 100Y shots were "snipers".

Angus McThag said...

They also can't do math.

I've had conversations about when it becomes a shooting war with some and they keep emphasizing that I will end up dead.

I grant that. What's important is: How many does it take to get me dead?

Ratios matter a great deal. If it takes three of them to snuff every fat old dude with a bolt-gun; how many does it take for every fit youngin' with a recent ETS/EAS and an AR?

In the cops and mil vs gun-owners war, even the most conservative reckoning of the ratios says the cops/mil have to pull something like a 5:1 ratio to break even at the end. They have to take out five of us and only lose one of them. That assumes that the lowest estimate of gun-owners is accurate and only 3% take up arms against the cops.

Lee Van Queef II said...

Ask Dallas PD if the shooting war has already started. In July 2016 we saw video of one officer with a black separatist anarchist standing over his back, executing him. It's probably still on the net.

You know how the world got that footage? Someone with a camera instead of a rifle videotaped it from a defiladed, high vantage point. The observer had a clear headshot on the murderer, but either had no weapon, no situational awareness, no training or no guts. It could have been a hotel balcony, office balcony or apartment. If it were his/her dwelling, why wasn't there a rifle there? That's at least a 33% chance of having the instrumentality at hand. How can we upgrade Dirt People to 100% access to effective instrumentality?

Can you hit with your carry piece? Does it have to be a suppressed sub-MOA rifle to stop a commie lunatic from scoring 14 casualties, including 5 KIA, at least one execution?

Hint: a 230gr .45ACP FMJ fired from a 1911 Government will drop 7 inches at 100 yards. Just so happens so will a 1 oz 12gauge Foster slug. A rock/ball bearing/brick thrown from the height in the referenced video will knock a threat out cold, or at least fuck him up long enough for someone else to reduce him with direct fire.

George True said...

Was it not the late Mike Vanderboegh who coined the phrase 'Rule 308' ?

Anonymous said...

"Was it not the late Mike Vanderboegh who coined the phrase 'Rule 308' "

I was first exposed to the term "Rule 303" while watching the film "Breaker Morant" which was released in 1980....

iOpener said...

I keep reading posts like this on conservative blogs. I fear they are completely wrong.

The left is inherently violent and will attack first. They will fight badly, but viciously and they will learn fast. They will take women and children hostage, they will torture rape and murder. That's what they do. That's what they have always done.

Conservatives are inherently peaceful. We will wait, we will negotiate, we will try to persuade, we will think the initial scattered violent incidents are anomalies. We may not even hear of them because the left completely controls the media and the internet. When we do start to fight we will fight poorly out of hesitation, decency and lack of organization.

People thought Hitler's Brownshirts were nutjobs and did not take them seriously. You think Antifa are nutjobs and fail to note the violence or take them seriously.

We will be as disorganized and utterly, stupidly, unprepared as the GOP was in the Kavanaugh fight with the Dems.

If we are not adopting the tactics of Pinochet and Franco we will lose.

Being a good shot has remarkably little to do with winning a war.

Papa said...

Phil said...

God these people are stupid.
Confront Conservatives in their homes.

That's called a Death Wish where I come from.

As for IOpener,the first time a group of these fucking MORONS harms a hair on the head of one of our women or children to score points the very next thing that is going to happen is called Genocide.
At that point it will be kill or be killed and it won't be safe to walk the streets.
Our government is EXTREMELY aware of just how heavily armed we are and will go to great lengths to avoid that scenario.
You can bet your ass that if they even get a hint of The Left planning that kind of shit that certain people will start having unfortunate accidents and heart attacks real fucking fast.

Aesop said...


Dude, put the bong down.

Antifa are bullies and cowards, and only attacks when they're in a mob, because they're bullies and cowards.
They've had their asses kicked almost every time they've shown up, to the point they won't even come out and play any more if there's advanced notice of their presence.
It took two trips in Berzerkely before they got their asses kicked the third time.
They lost in SoCal the first time they showed up.
Portland was two tries before they got ass beat.
None of those was a metaphorical ass-beating either.
Their "John Brown Gun Clubs" are going to last not-quite-as-long as the church shooter in Texas: about 7 minutes, on average. Most of them, about as long as it takes anyone with a CCW to draw and open fire. And that's their best assets.
They're not 10 feet tall, bulletproof, nor immortal.
They're going to find that fact out about 150 grains too late.

The sky isn't falling, Chicken Little. The rain isn't going to kill you.

Popular Front said...

".......Harry Harbord Morant, Bushveldt Carbineers". A real Aussie bushman, unfairly tried and executed by a British kangaroo court during the Boer War.

George True said...

Tnx, Anon. I am glad to know the origin of that term. The remark in the movie referencing the trusty .303 Lee-Enfield, of course. (I wonder where the script writers got the term.)

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Dumbass McVeigh had no license plate.

iOpener said...

Phil: even WaPo has shown photos of women being attacked by Antifa. And I don't see you starting to shoot. Did I miss you starting your genocide?

Aesop: Of course they're bullies and cowards. They're also violent and we are not.

Does anyone here want to describe any real difference between Antifa and the Bolsheviks?

When you lot of hot air artists start walking along with Gavin MacInnes and/or the proud boys and throwing some punches, or more, then I'll believe you.

Aesop said...

Piss your pants much?
No one needs to start shooting.
One punch to Moldylocks pretty well folded them up for months.
It took an own-goal set-up job in Charlottesville to give them anything that looked like a win, and that was what happens when people take your approach.

If you want to be violent, ROWYBS; are you in a wheelchair, or just too chickenshit to go all jihad as a one-man band?

The difference between Antifa and the Bolsheviks was that the Bolsheviks were actually fighting a civil war, not posing with airsoft and trying to butch up for the Facecrack and Instablather photo album.

So far, the only hot air I'm seeing is you, and you've got fuck-all to show for it.
If you can't stand getting shit on for being a headless chicken nancy, DLTDHYITAOYWO.

You've got the mindless hysteria concession pretty well nailed down.

Antifa is a bunch of retarded children; they are a serious threat to crippled kittens.

Anything higher than that on the food chain has them whipped out of the gate.