Saturday, September 22, 2018

DPD: Only Searching The Homes Of Victims

I see: get killed in your underwear, unarmed, in your own home, your place gets tossed, and the results leaked within minutes.

Actually kill that guy, move out a week later, with assistance from one of your colleagues unindicted co-conspirators.

That right there should get a lot of sympathy for DPD at the after-verdict riots.

I've seen this first-hand.
If you're in downtown Dallas, insurance premiums are about to tick upwards sharply. Get your policy coverage updated now.

Just saying.


Old NFO said...

This one is gonna get UGLY before it's over.

The Gray Man said...

Depends on what your definition of "ugly" is. In my opinion, it won't get ugly at all, or at least not ugly enough. We the People aren't going to do the first thing about it.

Anonymous said...

@Gray Man Spot on!

watsonrg said...

Don't recall where I heard this, but reason no warrant issued to search her apartment is because she granted permission for search.

Tactless Wookie said...

Maybe she's going into 'witless' protection....

Stealth Spaniel said...

Those of us in the LA-LA crowd have seen this movie, meybbe 6 times anyway. One cop is a fXXk up, the brothers come together to preserve their own, and suddenly the low class, Deplorable citizen is on the hook for millions. All the while, the entire city goes tits up in hood redistribution and re-order. In North Hollywood, a Capt. Nicholas Zingo, then a gang officer, was dispatched to a North Hollywood gun shop to borrow high-powered rifles. I still remember the signs up in the gun shop windows: "Stop by. We are open 24/7. We have guns and know how to use them." Deplorables were just saying to the second driver: "Spot me while I get to the door."
So, from one who has had "the experience":
1- Get your home insurance policy in order and up the coverage.
2-Review, renew, and max out your life insurance.
3-You need more ammo.
4-Innocence, freedom from sin, or being unknowledgeable will not save you.
This isn't going to end well.

G Russell said...

Good news is, they fired her today. For activities that occurred on the day of the shooting but outside of her duties. They're refusing to name with those activities worth so they don't compromise the investigation.