Tuesday, November 12, 2019

This. Every Day For The Next Year.

h/t Fran Porretto

If you haven't seen this, you should.
So should 300,000,000 of your friends and neighbors.

And DJT should append "I'm Donald Trump, and I approve this message." to the end of it, and just run it, every day, on every network.

When people are making better ads for free than what you'd get if you paid for them, just move out of the way.

Suck it, NeverTrumpers and DemoCommunists.

Monday, November 11, 2019

All Rise...

Veteran's Day PSA

Look, kids, I understand this may be hard to grasp, especially for the 99.5% (the actual percentage) of Americans that have never and will never serve in the military (vs., e.g., the U.S. circa 1944, when 1 in 6 military-aged males was, in fact, in uniform). Don't get me wrong, military service isn't for everyone, and there's nothing wrong per se with being a civilian, but it's not exactly hard: you don't even have to take a physical.

But here's the thing that some of you keep fornicating up, over and over, year after year.
The Fourth of July is pretty self explanatory, and people seem to grasp Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Most times.

But Memorial Day comes in May (yes, every year, Snowflake), and as the name might subtly imply, it's the day you celebrate those who died in the military service of their country, particularly this one.

Today, by contrast, is Veteran's Day, which those possessing more facility with vocabulary might have sussed out (without a good head-slapping with a frozen mackerel) is for people who served (or still are) in the military, and therefore still alive.

You could look this up, cupcakes, but Memorial Day was originally Decoration Day, when the tradition was to decorate the graves of the honored dead.
Veteran's Day was originally Armistice Day, to celebrate the end of the War To End All Wars (before we started numbering humanity's massive clusterf**ks). It isn't that any more. And, let's face it, saying "Thank you for your service" which I'll generally tolerate today, isn't going to do a lot of good for guys dead and buried at Arlington National Cemetery. They can't hear you.

So, just maybe, write this on your hand with a Sharpie:
Memorial Day: dead guys.
Veteran's Day: live guys.

Then you won't be caught on the internet posting Taps, Last Post, In Flanders Field, and any twenty other clips, photos, or memes of guys in flag-draped coffins, today, and the Gunny, above, won't have to smack you in both sides of your slimy civilian head to help you correct your malfunction.


We appreciate that as a general rule, the childishness and churlishness of the hippie scumbags during the Vietnam Era has given way to thanks (at levels from sincere to patronizing ignorance) to vets, as opposed to spitting on them all, calling them baby killers, and asking them how many people they killed. Walk tall. You're not the juvenile walking penises the pussified flower children of the Sixties were.

But if you really appreciate veteran's service today, don't force them to humor you for being too retarded to know the difference.

Get that part right, and maybe next year, we can work on disabusing low-information nitwits of the notion that everybody wearing an old army jacket and begging for cash is an actual homeless veteran rather than a chiseling valor thief, and of the liberal asshole meme via Hollyweird that most vets are out panhandling alcoholics and strung out on drugs, from all that PTSD, or one step from climbing a tower with a rifle.
If you work really hard, and pay close attention.

But for today, just remember, it's for the guys still alive.
Not the ones lying under rows of crosses in 20 foreign countries.

Baby steps, campers.

If you've got this without being told, or you're here from 20 other countries celebrating Armistice Day for what it originally was and is elsewhere, carry on.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

244 And Counting

(Philadelphia) Friday, November 10, 1775 
"Resolved, That two Battalions of Marines be raised, consisting of one Colonel, two Lieutenant Colonels, two Majors, and other officers as usual in other regiments; and that they consist of an equal number of privates with other battalions; that particular care be taken, that no persons be appointed to office, or enlisted into said Battalions, but such as are good seamen, or so acquainted with maritime affairs as to be able to serve to advantage by sea when required; that they be enlisted and commissioned to serve for and during the present war between Great Britain and the colonies, unless dismissed by order of Congress: that they be distinguished by the names of the first and second battalions of American Marines, and that they be considered as part of the number which the continental Army before Boston is ordered to consist of. 
Ordered, That a copy of the above be transmitted to the General."

To Uncle Sam's Misguided Children, the red-headed stepchild of the U.S. military, the misfits, the drop-outs, the cold-hearted bastards so sick of being penned up on a Navy gator freighter they'd happily storm a heavily defended beach just to kill something, I bid you a Happy 244th Birthday.

And tonight, on countless bases and in cities around the globe, there will be the obligatory  and celebratory Marine Corps Birthday Ball, with appropriate pomp and ceremony, and the first slices of birthday cake served to the oldest and youngest Marines present. (For those unaware, the Marines are only served crayons on base, during duty hours, or in the field, and not at formal occasions.)

And as is well known in lore and legend, one such soiree was on a joint force base, and the other services and their wives were invited to celebrate with the Marines as a courtesy.

Inevitably, a small group included junior officers from the Army, Navy, and Air Force, and one of the new service wives was so impressed by the Marine Corps celebration, she told her husband "This is great! I can't wait to go to the balls for all the other services!"

Before her husband could correct her, a Marine nearby who had heard that statement leaned in and delivered the coup de grace:

"I'm afraid that isn't possible, ma'am. The Army, Navy, and Air Force don't have any balls." 

Semper Fi, Devil Dogs.

Once A Marine, Always A Marine.

Sunday Music: Fanfare For The Common Man

Aaron Copland is among a very small and select group of American composers who were (or are) certified geniuses and national treasures. If it sounded familiar, but you didn't know what this piece was called before today, pay heed: it was written in your honor. In case you always thought you deserved your own theme song, that's been taken care of herewith, since 1942.

And today, of all days, I couldn't imagine a better group to perform it in your honor.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Science Really Is A Bitch Like That

h/t Liberty's Torch

So, today, we read this latest bit of scientism and Globull Warmist theology, excerpted over at Fran Porretto's place, and hailing from that bastion of scientific accuracy, TIME Magazine :
The problem with MDIs is not carbon dioxide (the most common greenhouse gas), but rather methane, which represents a far smaller share of greenhouse emissions, but a much more powerful one, with up to 84 times the heat-trapping power of CO2. Even the least polluting inhaler was found to emit methane at levels equal to up to 10 kg (22 lbs.) of carbon dioxide into the air over the course of its 200-puff lifetime.
Fran was more worried about what this means for the next target of the Warmist Cult (asthmatics), but I was more struck by the breathtaking scientific stupidity it takes to pen such thorough-going codswallop.

I realize that J-school grads spent about four minutes in science class back when they were 8 or 10 years old, and probably even less time adequately learning how to do math beyond the second grade level, but this level of ox-stunning professional jackassical stupidity is simply beyond the pale.

Listening to most all of the media attempt science and math is like giving a class of retarded kids the keys to a lot full of heavy construction equipment, only less responsible. When you can get better scientific understanding from MAD Magazine than TIME Magazine, the latter is charging too much per issue, and should be printed on Charmin to provide some bare utility.

Point of order, kids:

Humor me for but a moment.
An asthmatic's MDI weighs 4 to 6 ounces.
Including the metal container.

Now, I realize the Globull Warmist Cult Religion makes Scientology appear to be on a far firmer foundation with regard to both religion and science, by contrast, but physics being physics, and the First Law Of Thermodynamics being kind of a bitch when it comes to pulling matter (or more precisely, energy) out of your tailpipe, I put it to anyone with an IQ north of 75:

You can't get 22 pounds of methane out of a 6 ounce inhaler (nor the "functional equivalent" of 22 pounds of CO2, nor anything like), no matter how much handwaving you try, no matter how many goats' entrails you read, and no matter how many virgins you sacrifice to the Globull Warmist Volcano. Not even if you're Rumplestiltskin, and can spin straw into gold.

It's simply beyond ridiculous, skipping right to recockulous.
In fact, the recockulous meter is pegged all the way to the peg beyond Level 11 of Ludicrous on the dial, and cannot be measured with existing instrumentation. Even with the nitrous phlogiston boost and a flux capacitor operating the hyperdrive on pure dilithium crystals.

In short, 22 pounds of methane weighs, y'know, 22 effing pounds, you lying jackholes.
This is why the English language cleverly uses different words for 22 pounds, versus for 6 ounces.

And even if we granted TIME's "84 times" stat, the entire MDI would have to be a solid BLOCK of methane, with no room left for plastic, metal, other gasses, and - not to put too fine a point on it - ASTHMA MEDICINE. So, you can believe TIME Magazine's recockulous claims.
Or your lying eyes.

And FTR, you emit more methane than "the equivalent of 22 pounds of CO2" into the atmosphere every time you turn on a natural gas stove, between the time you dial up the gas, and when the pilot or electrical spark striker sets it on fire. You go figure out if it's more likely there are more gas burners than asthmatics on the planet.

(And if you guessed the next line of Warmist Climastrology is that "Cooking food is killing the planet!", go to the head of the class.)

In actual fact, every human being emits more methane than is contained in an MDI every time they fart, and the average human breaks winds 10-20 times a day (no matter what your wife or girlfriend tells you). Even more if you eat beans and herd cattle.

Which leads the Climastrology Cult to really be about global genocide, to save the planet.
Just like you suspected.

If this obvious scientific and linguistic reality is news to anyone, they should beat their heads against a solid rock wall until the matter makes itself clear.

Which leads us to ask of TIME Magazine, in particular their so-called editorial staff (where Science is concerned, going back only to about Edison's invention of the light bulb, if such were possible):

No other explanation accords with reality so handily.

Thanks for your time.

(Thermodynamics, asthma, math, Blazing Saddles, and Charles Laughton all in one post: this job ain't for amateurs, kids.)

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Random Bits

Nothing much substantial going on, other than the ongoing three-year coup attempt, which unwinds daily into irrelevancy, but lots of little bits here and there:

Family saved from home invasion by AR-15.

Well, duh.
The Second Amendment was never about duck hunting, snowflake.

ABC News covered up Epstein story.

Well, of course they did; it would have tarnished the chances for lifelong criminal Shrillary to get elected if she was known to be married to the exact serial rapist and pedo-president she hitched her wagon to for purely political intent, and we can't be blowing the lid off the family crime syndicate.
And just in case you thought differently, Epstein didn't kill himself, and it wasn't incompetence that allowed him to be murdered in custody, with no one checking on him, and all the cameras miraculously "out of order" that night.

Americans in Mexico ambushed, raped, burned alive, some kidnapped.

Curiously silent are all those dumbasses who were shrieking and pearl-clutching when then-candidate Trump correctly called many Mexicans criminals and murderers. Where are those voices now, we wonder?

We've been telling people Mexico is a failed state and third-world shithole for twenty years, and their narco-enterprise makes Somalia look organized and civilized by contrast.
Some people are aghast at Pres. Trump's offer to co-operate with Mexico in wiping out the cartel, but we see this as evidence of how far the U.S. has fallen. 50 years ago, we would have simply sent two divisions of Marines, the 1st Armored, the 82nd Airborne and the 101st Air Assault divisions south, with orders to stop at the border with Guatemala, and sorted their shit out right quick, permanently, and told the UN and OAS to kiss our shiny white asses in reply if they'd so much as burped about it. Martial law and brick-wall justice by firing squad would end this nonsense in about six months, as most of their citizenry knows exactly who the crooks are; most of them, they elected themselves.

That pussification of America you keep hearing about?
This is it, writ large.

Build the goddam wall, post troops on it, declare a three mile death zone for anything seen moving on the other side to the limit of direct fire weaponry, and round-up the illegal collaborators on this side, and start repatriating them southwards with a trebuchet, or pushed out of C-130s from 5000' AGL. I don't care which.
You're already fighting cartel skirmishes on this side of the border, and have been for decades. It's only going to get worse here.
Get that conflict over with now, while you have a chance to prevail.
And anybody that thinks legalizing drugs will end this can be placed in the second wave of trebuchet launches, to argue their case in Sinaloa and Michoacan, like the low-IQ fucktards they are.

If we're going to have a war on drugs, let's have a real one, where we use B-52s and napalm.
I'd give us quite an edge if we went about it that way. 
Clearly, half-assing it for half a century hasn't worked whatsoever, but the quickest way to end it is to surrender. Exactly as the Mexicans have already done.

In sum, as noted over at Fran Porretto's site the other day:
"You must fight."

Not a sharply worded letter to the editor; not at a stupid rally; not at some jackassical street theater that accomplishes nothing but a set-piece ambush to get you killed, injured, arrested, or discredited; but by actually loading weapons and shooting back. (In fact, for the brighter lights, shooting first might be a wiser course of action. Your enemy can't react well with bullets in his liver. Just saying.)

Our neighbor to the south is a failed state, one step from open revolution and collapse, and has been for thirty years.
The media has been lying to you since the 1960s, since they realized they could, and get away with it.
The deep-state government wants to decapitate, metaphysically or actually, depending on the weather, the only leader that opposes them at every step, and has been owning them for three years, for the only time since the 1980s.
And their minions - at every level - want to take from you the only means to resist.

Inevitably, if you let that happen, the boxcars start loading just afterwards.
I can't paint the picture any clearer or bloodier.
Shit is coming down, and it's going to land on you, no matter where you are, or think you can hide.
You. Won't.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Sunday Music: Trouble

Like Glen Campbell, Lindsey Buckingham was a self-taught guitarist, and like several such, is frequently described as "the most under-rated musician" etc., etc.

I don't know if he's all that under-rated or overlooked, but his mastery as demonstrated on this Top Ten hit (with 3/5ths of Fleetwood Mac) from 1981 is flawlessly superb. When he departed Fleetwood Mac the first time, it took two guys to replace his parts. He's that good. And his solo at 2:07, and again at 3:09 that carries you to the fade is something that could have been twenty minutes long and still leave you wanting more.

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Low Hanging Fruit

h/t McThag

McThag is ecstatic that OK has joined the ranks of Constitutional Carry.

Color us more like cautiously optimistic, but far from convinced this is any wave of things to come.

OK is low-hanging fruit, and it still took until just now to pluck it.

Notably, they have not (AFAIK) suffered FL's (or Califrutopia's, once upon a time) surplus of attention-whoring jackasses taking their long arms to Burger King and the community fishing pier, just to provoke a predictable response, which underlines that pissing on the bear's head is probably not the best nor brightest way to march for your constitutional rights, even giving such shenanigans the most charitable review. (OK residents, feel free to let me know if that sort of nonsense has been going on there in the lead-up to this day, which I doubt.)

And if that happens now after the fact, and you piss off enough lawmakers, despite it being fully legal at the moment, see if that law doesn't get shifted right back in about a minute.

Let me know how that works when it's done everyday at the strip malls or diners there, rather than a one-time political rally, and get back to that topic.

Bear well in mind that OK also is the only solid red state in the U.S.  only one of two states in the U.S. (the other being WV) - that voted in every county -  for Trump in 2016.
49  48 other states: not so much.
You could look it up.

It, quite literally, won't play that well in Peoria.

IOW, this is the political equivalent of cheering getting polygamy accepted, because you got it passed in Utah, or outright communism, because it passed in Massholia. It is not the same thing as getting roast beef on the menu at the National Vegan Conference.

I'm always open to evidence, but the experiment in Florida is still an open question, as the recent proposed SB 634 (which I hope fails to pass there) in response to any number of OC incidents there demonstrates, and a single data point in OK is not a trend.

Fair enough?

It's a fine thing to be ahead at the Indy 500 in the first lap, or even the 16th.

But the Victory lap, last time we looked, only comes when you're ahead on the last lap.

I want Constitutional Carry to be the law nationwide.

But even should I live to see that glorious day, I still don't want to see fucktards toting their rifles to the mall on a regular basis, just because it's legal, contrary to walking around with their zippers open and hanging their junk out on display, which is mainly what this has been about since Day One for most of those nimrods.

Like Nazis marching through Skokie, there's legal and even Constitutionally protected, and there's sensible and appropriate, and one does not automatically convey the other, which was the point all along.

I don't want anyone's rights restricted, but I'd like to see general intelligence and responsible behavior exercised at something above the lowest common denominator, as a rule of thumb.
I'm certainly not anti-gun, but I'm rabidly anti-idiot and anti-jackass.

That shouldn't require an essay to explain, but apparently common sense, isn't.

Friday, November 1, 2019

So, What's The Ebola Outbreak Gotten Up To?

Since August of this year (at our last update) up until now, it's killed another 300 people. Which is exactly how long it took from initial outbreak (four months or so) to get to 300 deaths.
So overall, it's not spreading wildly out of control, so far as we know.

Overall, there have been 2,184 deaths, out of 3,624 known cases. The bare death pctg. on that sits right around 60%, although to their credit, Wikipedia's page posts the tally at a consistent 67% going back to May of this year, which means they finally started spotting the disease the 21-day span from appearance to death, rather than not counting how many dead now vs. how many had it 21 days ago. So, finally, that penny seems to have dropped for them.

WHO reports that  a total of 243,322 people have been vaccinated to date using the 95+% effective rVSV-Zebov vaccine, which is the difference this time around between an epidemic, and a pandemic. It has also kept health worker casualties to 5% of the total, rather than 10% or more, as in prior outbreaks.

And rVSV-Zebov is now going from unproven experimental vaccine to certified treatment. Due to impossible ethics concerns, standard protocols cannot be followed, so empirical evidence from this outbreak is being substituted, and it is or will be soon certified as a standard vaccine. Long -term effects will become apparent in the long term. If it turns out to be a problem, we won't know for 5-20 years. But for this strain, it's vastly superior to nothing at all, in the short-term.

Contacts being tracked two months ago were 20,000+; now it is less than 5,000.
Granting there are certain provinces, for all these numbers, where there is no medical contact, vaccination, and treatment presence, as has been true since mid-summer, due to the usual central African state of low-intensity guerrilla warfare, seeing contacts shrink this way is yuuuuuge for how well they're containing the virus. So far.

In short, vaccination has slowed the growth rate to a crawl, and given ordinary relief efforts time to educate and vaccinate around the disease before it could get to major cities, and turn into a pandemic, unlike what happened in W.Africa in 2014ff.

That's the difference a working vaccine makes. (And would have made five years ago.)

Nonetheless, the saving grace in this outbreak continues to be raw grinding everyday poverty so severe that simply no one affected this time around could afford to get out and carry this to the first world. The rest is just happy and naked good fortune, far more than planned efforts. Had this outbreak made it to any city with an international airport, we'd have been in 2014 all over again, and it would continue to outpace all efforts, just as before. Instead, it burrowed deeper into poorer areas, and probably infected and killed more than the tally shows (as usual, because Africa), but quite nakedly, they're poor Africans beyond accounting, rather than getting to, say, Mombasa, Kampala, Nairobi, and thence to London, Rome, Paris, NYFC, and/or the rest of the world.

Huzzah. Thank the deity of your choice there. Pop a cork.
This epidemic cannon shot went over the bow without striking anything vital.
(Unless you're one of the 3000+ wretches hit there this time around, or a family member of same, in which case, God help you.)

So, barring a disaster, this one is on course to eventually burn itself out, because of a functional vaccine, and because it hit demographic cannon fodder. Sux for the Congolese, but there it is.

For further illustration, Ebola is only the third-place biggest problem in DRCongo at the moment: this year alone, malaria has already killed 14,711 people there just this year, and measles has killed another 4,149, so Ebola at a "mere" 2,184 deaths since August of 2018 is relatively small potatoes in the face of the general shitholian third-world health crisis in DRC, in this or any year, which also includes bubonic plague, cholera, and multiple other outbreaks.

In short, DRC is not a vacation spot, this millennium, and probably ever, but rather a country desperately in need of a good napalming, like much of equatorial Africa, due to multiple endemic problems. It is a sinkhole of Fail, pretty much going back to the dawn of time, as far as anyone can discern. Whether that can ever be anything other has yet to be demonstrated, for even a week.

This outbreak isn't completely gone, and it continues to grow, infinitesimally, but hasn't managed to quite get to a major city with an international airport, let alone outwards thence, but only just barely.

File this one, at this point, under Near Miss/Happy Accident, for now, and probably until there's another outbreak there or elsewhere.

Optimism is justified, cautiously, and it only took us 15 months to get there. The slow roll-out for that country of the equivalent of a WTC attack, has been swallowed up by the running sore that is year over year in most of sub-Saharan Africa back to before anyone bothered to write it down.

Posit an ordinary outbreak closer to or within a major African population center, or, God forbid, some @$$holes weaponize this and send a not-so-smart bomb human vector or three into the West deliberately, and we're right back on the bullseye. And to date, it's not like CDC or anyone else has 500,000 doses of the vaccine on hand just in case it gets somewhere far closer to home, or more vital to the spread of the disease.

Self-quarantine is still, as always, your best defense, as in nearly all cases.
This outcome was not apparent a year ago, nor can or should you expect it to be repeated next time around. Just like mutual funds, past behavior is no guarantee of future performance.

Bear that fully in mind for the long run, particularly your own. Being able to ride out anything for 90-180 days with supplies on hand and no resupply, and complete self-sufficiency, is effective for only almost any catastrophe you could think of. Write that down on your hands in laundry marker, lest ye forget.

Where Ebola and any number of other potential plagues are concerned,

you will see this material again, kids. 

Au Contraire

h/t Daily Timewaster

"The scoops are coming! The scoops are coming!"

"Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp,
Or what's a heaven for?" - Robert Browning, poet 

Something To Look Forward To

h/t WRSA

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Happy Halloween pt. 2

All of these are more light-hearted and less scary than the current ongoing three year coup attempt in D.C.
The zombies behind that are going to keep pushing until the answer they get is shotgun blasts in the face, and they're going to keep trying for that, because they think they're bulletproof.

Happy Halloween pt. 1

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Minor Wound Refresher

From Comments:

For your next medkit post, have you ever heard of zipstitch?


Be glad to hear your practical thoughts...


The problem with that kit, like everything else, including the laceration, is multi-fold:

Do you know which lacerations to close, and which to leave open?
Do you know why?
Are you sure that's a lac, and not the evidence of an open fracture?
How would you know that without an X-ray?
Did you clean and debride the wound first, with surgical thoroughness?
How did you do that without any local anesthesia?
What structures underneath the skin were affected/damaged?
Did you repair them correctly? With what?
Would antibiotics be appropriate?
What about tetanus prophylaxis?

The supplies necessary to close a lac, in every ER I've ever worked in, comprise enough material to fill a military-sized footlocker, and 95% of them are RX only.

It is not, ever, one alcohol wipe, one gauze pad, a zip-tie gadget, and a big band-aid.
(As IF.)
Oh, and alcohol on an open cut? Tell Dr. Mengele you said "Hi."
When your patient swings at you, don't forget to duck.

More importantly, you need a Masters-program level Physician Assistant instruction to cover all the medical knowledge and precepted training by board-certified MDs you don't get in that kit. (That's 3-4 years after college, kids.)

Look, I can buy a scalpel online; it doesn't mean I'm therefore a qualified surgeon.
Any more than buying a Formula car means you can drive a race in F1, or buying a jet makes you a Commercial Air Transport Pilot.

Any fool can close a wound. And has.
The mark of a medical professional is knowing the other 50 considerations are for when to do it, when not to, how to go about it in either case, and what else to worry about.
Screw it up, just once, and you could cost your patient normal function, a digit, a limb, or even their life, in a week or two. There are seldom do-overs if you fuck it up. Doubly so if you're doing it on the cheap, at home.

Gangrene and tetanus aren't funny, and learning on the first 20 patients you maim or kill is unethical in the best (for you) cases, and criminal in the worst cases.

If you want to learn what you're intending to do, and then get the toys, go ahead on.

For everyone else, first aid consists of betadine and saline (or at least clean tap water), hemorrhage control, and a dry sterile dressing, possibly non-stick nearest the injury site. Then accessing definitive care from someone with the tools, training, and knowledge to know what to do next.

Will that kit work?
It will close small wounds.
Which is exactly the problem.

Should any idiot buy it?
No way in hell.
Unless the patient is someone you won't miss if/when you cripple or kill them.

You can close wounds with staples, medical sutures, Derma-Bond (or the non-medical Krazy Glue, which is not "the same thing"), or with ordinary thread, fishing line, spider web, barbed wire, and twenty other field expedients. Just like ranchers do with cattle. It might even work, some of the time.
For some values of the word "work".

People, however, are not beef on the hoof, and if they subsequently die, you cannot eat your mistakes for dinner.

As a general rule of thumb, for anything but scratches and extremely minor cuts, laymen (and that includes me, with only 25 years' nursing experience) closing wounds that need surgical closure, without all the training, and all the tools, is a very bad idea, with a poor prognosis. Proper medical treatment under first-world conditions has about a .998 batting average. You will not do that well free-lancing it, I promise you. You may get lucky a few times. In dire circumstances, and less-than-ideal conditions, you can expect to have patients die. For relatively minor wounds in the First World, that ceased to be acceptable any time in the last 70 years or so.

Stick with what you know how to do.
If you're highly motivated, learn how to do better.
But simply buying a gadget or some gear isn't that.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Planetary Intelligence Is A Constant; Population Is Increasing

h/t Kenny

Behold, the dangers of listening to the horseshit they put in the Washington Compost, and mistaking it for factual information:
Falls remain the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries for older Americans. Hospitals face financial penalties when they occur. Nurses and aides get blamed or reprimanded if a patient under their supervision hits the ground.
But hospitals have become so overzealous in fall prevention that they are producing an “epidemic of immobility,” experts say.
This is easily solved.

Waive all your rights to sue in case of a fall, accept full responsibility for all injury and damages in writing, including to any other parties, and consent to binding arbitration with capped damages, and we can talk.

Refuse, and you're full of shit, and your ass can stay in the wheelchair, or in the bed with the siderails up. Once you're back in your house, you can play by any rules you damned well please, as it should be, okay? But in my house, it's my rules. Fair is fair.

If you make it past that hurdle (literally) we can talk about mandatory drug and alcohol testing (because people lie, pretty much 75% of the time, about that), and about how many people got to the hospital because they fell at home in the first place, and were too stubborn and stupid to use things like a light switch, their eyeglasses, walkers, canes, crutches, etc., and are now lined up for a shiny new titanium hip to replace their new three-piece femur, because they had to get to the bathroom right this minute, in the dark.

Last night's genius wanted to be released, despite being drunk at 3-4X the legal limit, and not able to recollect how he ended up on his face in the street, right up until the CT revealed he had a major brain bleed. Pull the other one, Einstein, it has bells on it.

I had one lady, brought in because she was too weak to get up for seven hours after a fall at home, tell me she was leaving. I told her to go ahead. And waited. And waited. She could barely raise her voice, let alone her body.

Look, I get that it's frustrating when your 60-, 70-, or 80-year old body doesn't act like it does in your still-18-year-old head. But it isn't my job to mollycoddle your weak grasp on reality. It is my job to make sure I don't have to explain - or lose my license and livelihood - for why you're on the floor of your room on your ass, especially when you're frail, feeble, confused, broken, or on narcotic medications. If you could do Gene Kelly's "Singin' In The Rain" with full choreography, you wouldn't be in the hospital, now would you, smartypants?

This is on my bucket list. But not as a patient in the hospital.

"Patients are idiots" should be carved in stone above the hospital front door, because they won't let me wear a button that says DLTDHYITAOYWO. (I'll help out: "Don't Let The Door Hit You..." work the rest out yourself.)

And hockey pants with pads, and crash helmets should be mandatory attire after age 70.
You tell me which is sillier; dressing that way, or those neat-o zipper scars on your hips, and 6-9 months of OT/PT learning to walk again in your 70s and 80s. If you don't fail, stay in the hospital endlessly, get pneumonia and twenty other opportunistic infections, and then just die.
Because in case you didn't notice, you don't bounce as well as you did when you were five or ten years old.

When someone tells me that 98% of tort lawyers are literally dying of starvation due to lack of business, then we can talk about "overzealous" fall prevention from the medical professions.

Until then, it's crybabies wanting to have it both ways. If you don't like being group punished (and sorry about that, but make no mistake, you are) for the 25% of people (minimum) who're just conniving weasels and outright morons, punch them in the throat in the waiting room, and then go burn their ambulance-chasing lawyers' offices and homes.

But thanks for the entertainment.

You'll win this argument when pigs fly outta your butt.

I truly enjoy taking care of people, and I want each and every one of them to go home and enjoy life as near to whole as human wisdom and the medical arts can make possible. Even when they're not smart enough to figure out that I'm going to act in their best interest, even (especially) if it pisses them off or spoils their plans right this minute. Me and my coworkers easing off for ten seconds can turn into 5 years of court appearances, and six-figure damages. Or someone dying.

Alongside that consideration, someone's momentary butthurt is not a medical complaint, it's a character flaw for them to work out on their own.

Don't like hospital rules? Don't get sick, injured, or old. (As if, but that's the truth of it.)
No one's going to come to your house to enforce them on you. Problem solved.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Sunday Music: Dead Man's Party


Simple fun for Halloween season.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Here There Be Morons

There's no picture for today's post, because you never have a camera handy when you really need it. So today, you're going to use your imagination (assisted by my Paint skills) to supply the shot I don't have.

Onboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, there are the rifle ranges familiar to everyone in the Corps on the West Coast, at Edson Range. The entire complex sits right next to Interstate 5, across from the relatively new USN LCAC facility. You can see acres of rifle ranges from the freeway if you know where you're looking for them, and nearer the interstate, multiple barracks used by countless recruit platoons on their three-week pilgrimage from MCRD San Diego for rifle training. And even closer to the freeway than that, sits the massive mess hall, to feed those recruits three squares a day during their range weeks. Around that mess hall on one side is a huge cement patio, for recruit platoons to form up on as their members finish their meals. It's surrounded by an even bigger swath of lawn, all within eyesight of the freeway as well.

And right at the border between cement and grass, there sits a wooden sign, about 4' tall, on a 2' square board, all painted in classic USMC scarlet. On it, in 1"-2" high brilliantly contrasting gold, are military stencil letters, with a blisteringly simple message, and that message is the illustration for today's post, as the photograph I never got to take:

I didn't need to pull down heat from the drill instructors when I saw this sign, by asking them why such a sign would be necessary. I knew why, without ever being told (as does anyone who ever spent five seconds in any branch of the military. Even the Air Farce or the Notional Guard):

The sign was there, out in front of God and everybody, because at least once - and probably more than that - some total fuckwit had been standing at ease waiting to get marched back to barracks, and decided out on the concrete at the edge of the lawn, a couple of hundred yards from a busy interstate, that the perfect place to make a head call (that's Marine lingo for relieving one's bladder) was - of course! - right out there at the grassy boundary of the lawn, in plain sight of not just the entire passing conga lines of traffic, but in front of a veritable glass wall of windows of the mess hall, with every officer and drill instructor in plain sight sitting on the other side to keep an eye on you. And at least once, someone had done so.

Your imagination's wildest dreams of the ass-chewing that followed cannot begin to conjure the retribution visited on Pvt. Dipshit at that point, but not least among the several consequences to the event was the creation of the aforementioned sign, as sure as apples fall off apples trees.

The lesson, gentle readers, is thus:
When you see a sign like that, you have discovered the boundary between people with common sense, and where begins the territory inhabited by thorough-going fucktards.
And those fucktards are legion.

It's true in basic training in the military, and it's true in the rest of the world.
I could offer dozens of everyday non-military examples, but just two more will suffice:

Remove shirt before ironing.

Warning: wearing cape does not enable user to fly.

Whenever you encounter boilerplate warning designed for people with mid double-digit IQs, you have discovered how many fuckwit minions live and move amongst you every day.

No one asks why these warning are there, because like me in boot camp, they know why without being told:
Because we suffer morons daily, and have to mollycoddle them, lest they injure themselves, and then sue, or do any thousand and one idiotic acts, then act all surprised when gravity works.

Coffee at McDonald's that's hot. (Who knew??)
Notes on silica gel packets (and now Tide Pods) that say: Do Not Eat.
The "bible" of instructions for the terminally stupid engraved on the barrel of every Ruger firearm.
And on and on.

And when, perchance, you decide that the local walk-up window is a good place to carry your battle rifle inside city limits, but outside the bounds of the common sense of even ordinary morons, you invite government, in its ham-fisted way, to put up another "Do Not Urinate Here" sign. Like they will, and like they do. Blame asshole parents, a public education system that would embarrass Neanderthals, and people with the manners of billy goats who were raised on a womb bill of fare of fetal alcohol syndrome and a steady pre-teen diet of lead paint chips, and being dropped on their heads multiple times before hitting third grade.

But for whatever reason, stupid people breed, usually far out of proportion to the non-jackassical, and even rampant Darwinism in action can't kill them fast enough to keep the mean IQ of the human race in the low triple digits, hardly anywhere.

So laws like the one mentioned yesterday aren't the slippery slope you imagine, they are, in fact, the efforts of the middling bright (which is government on its best day, as anyone who's seen it close-up can testify) to erect, not a slippery slope, but a steep cliff warning to demarcate the line between the sensible and the egregiously stupid. And people still fall over the edge daily. Sometimes, hourly.

One of maybe 100,000 Fail videos available on YouTube,
 besides thousands of hours of the TV show COPS.

Yes, government, given sunlight and water, like all weeds, will metastasize, but let's be fair here: so will stupid people.

Don't believe me: go to any public restroom. Or day care playroom. Or the movies. Or any public highway.

You wanna bitch about your rights? Start by telling me what responsibilities those rights carry.

The Second Amendment conveys no rights, and revoking it outright changes but one thing: the recognition that some rights pre-date all written law, and the duty of government is only legitimate when it protects those natural law rights.

But left unwritten, and no less valid, is the natural law right that you don't get to use your rights as an excuse to be a jackass in public with them. You can swing your fist, but only as far as the next person's nose. And if you do it often enough, even if you stop short, swinging right up to the edge of someone else's nose is going to get you decked, for cause. More so, from mores more ancient than Philadelphia in 1787, where women and children are concerned.

So before someone starts blathering about how this law or that law is a foul, horrific exercise in eventually loading you into a boxcar and fluoridating your drinking water, let's maybe start out by recognizing that letting the biggest morons in society loose and free, and letting them define the boundaries of intelligent behavior, is more than a little bit to blame for the 40 shelf-yards of legal code and regulations you've lived under your entire life in a nominally "free" country.

No, we shouldn't need 39.99998 yards of that law, and we can all wish it weren't so, but over there, at the boundary of society between grass and concrete patio, there's some fucktard making a large wet yellow spot, and screwing it up for everybody, and three chances out of five, it's your own Cousin Dipshit with his tackle out, providing the precise excuse for that sign.

Own that, stop arguing theoretical hypothetical cases where all men are rational and moral, and start living in the real world where they're the exact irrational fuckwits we meet 24/7/365 in the real world.

Then we can talk.

Start with two competing thoughts, both absolutely and equally true:

"Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." - John Adams

Our country's Founders knew the absolute truth of both thoughts, and that's precisely why our Constitution took the form it did.
Bear that in mind before you present some ersatz hagiographized version of it as reality.
You're wrong, and you'll just piss off people brighter than you are, for trying.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Play Stupid Games...

h/t Miguel

SB634 - Fishing With Ar-15 Verbotten

It's Florida, so this one will probably be defeated.
This time.

But the fact that it was submitted, and it's got a chance at all, is directly traceable to the fucktards who decided that just because they could sling an AR-15 to go to the pier, or the mall, that they therefore ought to.

O! If only someone had told them, in blisteringly simple language, that despite being within the limits of the law, they were still being public fuckwits, and far beyond the bounds of common sense for doing this.

Oh, wait, they did.

About ten times, on multiple sites, from all over the country.
(We've seen this exact asshattery here in Califrutopia, firsthand, and it is assuredly a great way to unite everyone against your position, every single time. If someone wants to stop the three-decade CCW and Open Carry bandwagon nationwide, this nonsense is just the way to do it.)

The Open Carry-tards couldn't put their fingers in their ears and go "La La La!" fast enough to ignore those warnings, and their head cheerleader is still in total denial that rights bring responsibilities, and that chief among those is common sense, specifically by not being a jackass in public. That's always its own reward. Laws like this are just icing on that shitcake.

So maybe, hopefully, they duck a bullet this time.
Instead of punishing everyone in the state for the over-the-top stupidity of a dumbass few.

But it will be back.

Until it passes.
(Maybe locals might have noticed how nicely FL - and TX - are purpling up? Nah, too much like thinking there.)

Exactly as we warned.

Chances of anyone who thought rifle-toting to get a burger was smart saying "Gee, maybe we've been stepping all over our dicks, and should re-think our silly antics...": 0%. 

You don't like more stupid gun control laws?
This is how you get more stupid gun control laws.


But maybe, stop attracting your dumbest folks to publicity like moths to the flame with this idiocy, and making them your de facto spokesholes every time they cleat their own junk.
And then post their antics on YouTube.

Just a thought...

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Denny Wilson Has Won The Internet For Today

h/t Grouchy Old Cripple

Beverage Alert!

What In Blistering F#&%???

Two innocent men who are about to get very rich because of six letters.

(FUCKTARDIA CT) Two white UConn students have been arrested by campus police for repeatedly shouting a racial slur outside students’ apartments earlier this month.
The incident was captured on a now-viral video that has led to pointed conversations about racial inclusion on campus and sparked a rally Monday afternoon during which hundreds of students and the campus NAACP demanding action from top school officials. 
Jarred Karal, of Plainville, and Ryan Mucaj, of Granby, both 21 years old, were arrested by the UConn Police Department and charged with ridicule on account of creed, religion, color, denomination, nationality or race, university spokeswoman Stephanie Reitz said Monday night. 
Officers investigating the incident watched the video of the men yelling late on Oct. 11 outside the Charter Oak Apartments and ultimately traced their whereabouts back through the night, determining they walked back through the complex playing “a game in which they yelled vulgar words,” according to a police report.
For the monumental jackholes at U Conn, especially the so-called UConn police fuckwits who should bloody well have known better, and any Common Core grads in the audience, a remedial Constitutional lesson:

Congress shall make no law...abridging the freedom of speech... - Amendment I, U.S. Constitution, 1787
All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. - Amendment XIV, §1, U.S. Constitution, 1868
This means, in short that the state of Connecticut, including through its state-sponsored university, may not abridge the First Amendment right of free expression to
anyone under or within its jurisdiction, ever, anytime, for any reason.

This means the charges filed are moot, the statute(s) under which said students were arrested is moot, their arrests constitute false arrest, false imprisonment, and kidnapping under color of authority; and every action subsequently taken by anyone in any position, from the Chancellor of the University to the superior court judge in this case and down to the janitor in the men's gymnasium, constitutes an entirely prima facie deprivation of constitutional rights.

The two fuckwits involved have just been handed at minimum an 8-figure civil lawsuit payday (which should be assessed to the officers of the university, not the taxpayers of CT), free tuition through post-doctoral level at U Conn, a written apology from all concerned, a cease-and-desist order that's liable to be stamped by a federal appeals court, at minimum, and full-fledged civil rights Constitutional law martyr status never even achieved by Martin Luther King, Jr.

In short, while it may not be physically healthy, depending on the mob present, to do so, if you want to secure a first-rate free college education for your child at U Conn, and a lifetime salary for doing nothing else, simply have them walk through the parking lots yelling "NIGGERS! NIGGERS! NIGGERS!" until the Keystone Klown Kops of U. Konnecticut show up and arrest them for something that cannot ever be an arrestable offense in the United States.

In general, using the N-word identifies the user as socially inept, boorish, and ill-mannered, (but not always:)

...and such behavior is generally its own reward in normal society, outside of certain entertainment occupations.

But the Nazis at UConn trying to criminalize protected free speech in this manner is beyond chilling, it's positively arctic, Orwellian, and jackassical to a degree previously only seen from the more unhinged members of Antifa, or Democrats in the Congress (but I repeat myself).

The imbecilic fuckwits working as UConn mall cops should have known that without being told. The university officialdom can be forgiven, since most of them are functioning high-grade morons. It's about to get visited on them in ways that will end in a lot of zeroes.

And if true justice were visited, the U.S. Attorney thereabouts would arrest the entire state board of directors of the University, the president and dean of students, and the entire UConn police force, for criminal constitutional violations and conspiracy to commit same.

I hope the morons who tried to pass and enforce this get the judicial ass-reaming they richly deserve for this kind of horseshit, and if they persist, they need summary judgment by shotguns in the face, just to drive the point well home.

You don't get to criminalize getting your feelings hurt, and you don't get to arrest people for hurting someone's feelings.


That includes the entitled niggers at U Conn.
(Don't like that language? Don't mob up with that tribe.)
It also covers limeys, micks, wops, krauts, yids, kikes, chinks, gooks, crackers, redskins, fags, queers, and any other perpetually offended group here that think that their feelings deserve some special unconstitutional protection.
They do not.
Sticks and stones, bitchez.
Any "ridicule on account of creed, religion, color, denomination, nationality or race" is PRECISELY what you can have no say about in law in this country, at any level beyond your living room.
Trying to make it a crime is, itself, a crime.

Grow a thicker skin, and a bigger brain, and crack a friggin' book.
You could look this up. It's not hard to find.

And shove your special snowflake perpetual offense status right the fuck back up your own ass, from whence you pulled it, and pound it home with a steel pipe lest it get loose again, because no one, starting with the law of the land, gives a flying fuck about your pwecious feeeeeeeeewings.