Friday, September 28, 2018

The Democrat Party Is A Terrorist Organization, And An Enemy Of The Republic

Yesterday's antics, aptly and understatedly described by WRSA as a "shitshow", seems to have finally put the last pieces in place on the board.

The long-somnolent Sen. Lindsey Graham, one-time proponent of illegal alien amnesties, came out at yesterday's hearings pissing pure lava, and Woke As Fuck. One can but hope that's a trend, and not just a lucid moment in his career.

It now appears the weak sisters in the Senate will vote to confirm Kavanaugh:
Reports: Manchin, Collins, Murkowski, Donnelly will support.
(That's two Democrats right there who're washing their hands of this public crucifixion.)

All that leaves to nail down is the vote of His Accidency, the aptly named Jeffie Flake, to finally come to Jesus and cast his placeholder vote to confirm as well,
(looks like Flake has changed his mind too, and will also vote to confirm)
and this entire Democrat By-Any-Means-Necessary shitshow will have been all for naught for them, serving only to transform and anneal Brett Kavanugh into someone whose rulings on SCOTUS will take up the mantle of Scalia, and give him a lifetime to pay the Leftists back in depth and detail for their thuggish brutality and the reputation-smearing debacle they inflicted on him at the last minute in this process.

If he fails confirmation, God help them on any issue in his court at the DC Court Of Appeals.
The have made a lifetime foe here, and no jurist, however they tried to be impartial, would forget this disservice, though they lived to be 100, and issued rulings until the day they died.

Diane Fineswine should be not just censured for holding this despicable smear back and then leaking it at the last possible moment, but impeached and tossed out of the Senate for the balance of her term. If it were Sen. Graham's choice yesterday, he'd have taken a flamethrower to the entire minority side of the Judicial Committee, and he'd have been well within the sensibilities of most of the Senate had he done so. They all have it coming.

Committee Chmn. Sen. Grassley nearly came out of his chair at Dickhead Durbin's suggestion that the nominee, or the FBI, or the White House was running this process, in a way Gentle Bob hasn't acted in decades in the Senate, if ever in his life or career there.

Sen. Leahy's calm demeanor was shown for the façade it is in a few minutes of snarling, contentious utter disrespect and badgering of the man he's helped to smear and besmirch, and one can but hope there's a well-deserved gibbet in his immediate future, or a handy bus to be thrown under.

After watching Sen. Graham going volcanic, we confess to having turned off the feed of further antics. Some acts simply cannot be followed, nor need be. If his Republican colleagues had possessed the slimmest wit, they each subsequently would have yielded their time to Graham to continue his magnificent righteous fury. The last time the Senate saw anything that level of wrathful, someone there was caned. If the Democrats had possessed the sensibility God gave a jackass, they would have declined to offer further questions to Judge Kavanaugh, and either simply apologized to him for their deliberate mishandling of this confirmation, or simply asked the Chairman to excuse them from further attendance at the Inquisition, and slunk out.

If any so much as one of the minority there had had the slimmest glimmer of humanity, offered his or her apologies for what was unjustly afflicted onto the nominee, repudiated the entire sorry debacle, simply asked to be excused from further deliberations, and then walked away from the whole shitshow, that senator would be marked as a statesman for the ages, be the next lion of the opposition party, and been assured of the Democrat nomination for president in 2020.

But these are Democrats, not human beings.

Being as politically tone deaf as they are morally bankrupt, they just kept trying to scoop another bucket of amalgamated mud and shit, and keep trying to fortify their tissue-thin veneer of lies, baseless accusations, and despicably outrageous shitballs, in vainglorious hopes they could somehow pull out a pearl from a wagonload of collected offal, and in testament to their absolute lack of character, dignity, propriety, decency, or basic humanity.

Much like the fictional Mos Eisley, the U.S. Senate has long been a wretched hive of scum and villainy. But with this utterly reprehensible display of sheer frothing partisan moonbat insanity, they have sunk to new and unfathomable depths of vileness, and self-identified their entire party as nothing but the enemies of a free people, and the republic for which they nominally stand.

They have used the Constitution as toilet paper, wiped their ample chairborne asses with the previously sterling reputation of a federal judge, and called down the whirlwind with their gleeful charade of anything approaching justice or decorum in opposing a good man for an office to which he is magnificently and manifestly qualified, and without so much as a hint of actual or demonstrable blemish.

They might be forgiven for being misguided, or merely partisan, had they showed the barest modicum of fairness or decency in their deliberations, or the manner in which they conducted their inquiries into his qualifications. But in dignifying the most transparently ridiculous charges, lacking even the slightest molecule of substantiation, and parading the nominee's reputation through this well-stirred sewage trench full of the vilest and foulest stench and fecal matter imaginable, they have betrayed that their only concern is nakedly to grab the power denied them at the polling booths, by any means necessary, and far beyond the pale of anyone honestly occupying the offices into which they themselves have been mistakenly elected.

They have deliberately, consciously, repeatedly, and conspiratorially acted with nothing else but pure and undisguised malice aforethought, with reckless disregard for truth, honor, or respect for the institutions they are sworn to protect and serve, and with the vilest contempt for the people they were elected to represent. In short, they have moved from mere petty partisan bickering to full-throated lawlessness and indecency, the full equal of the most thuggish and brutal Antifa riot, couched in the sinecures of political power and office.

They have moved, without remorse or restraint, beyond the bounds of office or law set forth by their forebears, and when one moves so ruthlessly and relentlessly past the limits of civilized behavior, there are and ought to be consequences, both permanent and draconian.
When one decides to live their life and administer their office extra legem, the duty of the state, and failing that, of the people, is to accord them the treatment they explicitly and manifestly deserve.

These Democrats, leaders of their party, have gone far beyond the point at which claims of partisanship gone amok can suffice for excuse.

They have terrorized not only the current SCOTUS nominee, they have set forth the standard that the same fate awaits any decent man or woman whose political views do not accord with their warped view of reality.

They are therefore terrorists, despots, and would-be tyrants of the vilest sort, and nothing short of their removal will any longer suffice.

Whether that happens peacefully or not is no longer within their control, nor any concern of mine. In any event, removed they must be, from the public square, from the halls of power, and if they resist forcefully, from the precincts of the republic, or even of life itself.

If these sick sonsofbitches want to hound people out of restaurants, they need that back double and treble; they shouldn't be allowed a moment's rest or respite anywhere in public, at anytime, until they slither back to their dens, and if they hiss or try to bite in response, they should have their heads smashed under heel, and cut off, exactly as befits the poisonous reptiles they are.

Take that any way you like, metaphorically, or no.

We have a constitutional remedy to the problem of their occupation of the halls of power; that would be my first choice, and I hope it sufficient to the needs of the moment.
I make no predictions it can or will avail.

But if Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed, and they go into full frothing lunatic mode; if their imagined blue wave turns redder than a sunset at the spectacle of these latest despicable and fully treasonous antics, and they throw the Mother Of All Infantile Shit-fits, causing 2016-present to pale to relative insignificance, then it may become necessary for more forceful means to remove them from any positions of influence, and water the tree of liberty in a way we haven't had to do for more than a century.

It isn't like they haven't had warning after warning after warning about what dynamite they've been playing with could unleash should they manage to detonate it, and gravity and physics will not be perpetually thwarted simply because it's inconvenient for their delusions.

So, President Trump is "not your president"?
The Constitution "isn't your law"?

Fair enough.

Wait until it's decided the United States "isn't your country", for all values of that phrase, and the body politic vomits you out like the vile diseased venomous putrescence you clearly are.

By your own admission, you're terrorists, enemies of the state, and in resistance and open rebellion to the laws, mores, courtesy, and basic human dignity which govern it.

There's a simple historic cure for that sort of nonsense and perfidy, and you're going to get what you deserve, good and hard, not only in spades, but followed by them.
You won't get what you like, nor like what you get.
But everyone else will cheer.

And if you're a Democrat, a leftard, a proud wearer of the pussyhat millinery, then that shoe fits you to a "t". As will the rope that's coming, at your own oft-repeated requests.

Sic semper tyrannis.


Alien said...

I suspect two things will be true: First, Kavanaugh is too reputable and stern of character to deliberately seek retribution against anyone, from either side of the political spectrum, and second, his reputation as a Constitutionalist is about to become one of an extremely strict Constitutionalist because he, like everyone else is very much aware that The Left cannot succeed even slightly when conforming with the Constitution is required.

I'm looking forward to reading the SCOTUS opinions he authors. And, looking forward to some of the new cases to be brought to SCOTUS over the next few years.

Anonymous said...

I am slanted toward Kavanaugh, but even moreso after watching his testimony. He was pissed off enough yet still under control telling me this destruction of his lifetime on public viewing was genuine. Everyone in the room could tell it was a Democratic produced sideshow - so glad Senator Graham put it so forcefully out there. The Democrats were no doubt hoping for footage of Republicans beating up the girl for their November political ads. So close - it was an experienced prosecutor (and female) which robbed them of that fantasy.

And men, Republican and Democrats alike get to wonder if an old employee will accuse them of similar mistreatment. Or their sons. And women, both Democrat and Republicans wonder if they or their daughters will be able to convince someone to hire them with that threat.

Nice going Dems - you screwed the pooch really good !

Aesop said...

You're wrong: he won't have to "seek" retribution; the opportunities are going to be handed to him on a silver platter, forever.
And with three Democrat senators already announcing they'll vote to confirm, this travesty is all but over.

I could be wrong, but I suspect the payback is going to start in November, and will be both biblical, and continuous from here on out.

Badger said...

For those who may have missed it, the civics lesson by Ben Sasse (R-NE) is worth planting your middle-schooler in front of. Not as viscerally entertaining as Graham's behavior spike, but worth 12 minutes:

Jess said...

Feinstein's efforts are criminal. There's where the FBI should be focusing. Between the leak for the letter, and her driver, there's a serious breach of national security that needs addressing. That, and abusing the power of her office to circumvent due process mandated by the Constitution.

Bear Claw Chris Lapp said...

Turned it on to see if she showed then turned it off. Turned back on for Kavanaugh and the rest. It was a thing of beauty and raised my spirits in believing he might yet be seated, I hope your right Aesop.

idahobob said...

Kavanaugh will be confirmed. Then the mentally ill, libtards, heads will be exploding all over the lame stream media. Their bastard children, antifa, and their ilk, will be ramping up their rioting and attempting to bring down our country.

The shooting war will start.

Domo said...

It won't necessarily be kavanaugh who takes revenge

How many judges do you think have taken this as a personal insult to themselves and a professional insult to their calling?

Judges are people too, and no matter how principled they are, a great great many of them will be seething, and it will colour them for years
Inception wasn't far off the mark in that.

A huge number of people have stood up and told barefaced lies, that they know to be lies.
Judges have long memories, and all of the apolitical ones who just want to do their job, will now do their jobs, fearing a democrat administration.

Lee Van Queef II said...

"But these are Democrats, not human beings."

BAZINGA! They're not even smart enough to know, nor courageous enough to admit, that they are communists.

June J said...

If the Republicans retain the House and Senate on November 6th, then on Nov 7th they should open proceedings to investigate the actions of Feinstein and the other Democrats who have colluded to smear Kavanaugh. Censure and/or expulsion should be on the table. Failure of the Republicans to smash these tactics will result in them being used over and over again.
"She said so he's guilty" is not how a civil society works, especially when its only used against one political party.
It's up to the dead elephant party to stop the train headed toward a hot civil war. Republicans must grow stiff spines and declare that the behavior of the other party is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Republicans who embrace the take no bullshit attitude of Trump will be successful in remaining in office.

Jim Scrummy said...

The commies need to go the way of T-rex. Extinct. That starts on 6 NOV 2018. It's a long march.

Anonymous said...

I may be whistling past the graveyard, but it looks like the Dems finally jumped the shark. After their display of bile and sheer malice, I'm betting that they dropped deuce in their lunch box. This just may have been the straw that broke the camel's back, vis-à-vis the "blue wave." They have revealed themselves as the reprobates we have always known them to be.

watsonrg said...

Don't hold back Aesop. Tell us what you really think.

Papa said...

This pic sums up the hearing:
"Just say it".

June J said...

Flake flakes at last minute. Votes yes to move out of committee while siding with Democrats that the floor vote must be subject to delays and investigations before he will vote yes to confirm.
I never watch proceedings of the legislature due to the extreme raising of my blood pressure, so I don't know if Flake always looks like he did today in the committee vote. He looked like the Dems took him out in the hall and showed pictures of him with underage girls.

Aesop said...

Anonymous said...

More than 1/2 the population voted for wuzername. The majority of those are still the True Believers and nothing will change their minds - facts and evidence will simply make them dig in deeper: "How dare you question our religion?".

The accusers are right, not because they are women, but because this is still a "Get Trump" issue - who cares about women that aren't of the faithful? And men of the faithful certainly can't possibly be guilty. Rules of evidence simply get in the way of feelings - how so much better the accusations feel without witnesses to challenge said feelings.

I believe Bill Cosby met his downfall not because he was guilty or not of the accused crimes, but because he publicly stated many times that the problems with America's favorite minority might actually have been not due to actions of America's least favorite majority. But now we can ignore race issues - sex issues are so much more interesting.

30+ year old accusations??? They all must be guilty - they doth protest too much. Besides, they don't Believe.

And so it goes on and on. Tremble in your boots for what you might have done - or not - when you were a child. Or what someone may now claim you did when you were a child. There is no statute of limitations and proof is not required.

I fear the witch hunts have barely gotten started.

Anonymous said...

Kavanaugh has been confirmed. Now we need to get ready for a 2nd Civil War (or make that an Uncivil War). The Left thinks they are going to get away with unleashing violence on the Right but we are better armed, better trained and have been itching for some payback ever since the ANTIFA Fascists started burning cars and bullying kids. Talk about waking a sleeping giant.

Memo to the mob: this time, we're not waiting until you come after us. We'll be coming after you and bringing Hell with us. You pissed off the wrong people for the last time.

IslandDean said...

What else can I say, you put it beautifully Aesop. It's time we brought it to the left and if that means they pay the ultimate price, so be it. I stand as an American citizen, well trained, well armed, and fit for the duty asked of me. For 28 of the 33 years since I left the ranks of service, I served those who I left in my stead. My daily life still consists of 0800 Reveille and sunset Taps, eating in the dining facility, and making sure our troops in uniform have what they need to do their jobs and be comfortable in their stand down hours, not much has changed. Through the years, I have heard from many that our military won't stand with us, I beg to differ. Having been side by side with those who have taken the oath, not many will shirk their duties to God and country.