Monday, February 28, 2022

Dictionary Update


For the low-comprehension visitors here, search in vain so much as two syllables hereabouts advocating U.S direct involvement in this dust-up. Then kindly STFU about that whole line of Strawman bullshit. That was never our position, nor ever would be.

Besides, at this point, the EU is liable to send Ukraine all they need and more, and short of taking on all of Europe, or going batshit-crazy-nuclear, Putin's running out of troops, time, options, and most of all, the one thing he needs in war or peace, and hasn't got nearly enough of.

Amateurs talk tactics. Professionals talk logistics. Strategists point out that nations, and wars especially, run on only two irreplaceable items:


And even more money.

'Twas ever thus.

Some brave Anonymous keyboard commenter tried to point out that we'd used MSM sources for the stories regarding the current freefall of the Russian economy. Had he the wit to make an actual intelligent point, could he but hear himself over the sound of his own awesomeness, he might have linked to credible sources pointing out that the Russian stock market was open for business, the ruble was strong, and no one was rushing to Russian ATMs to get whatever cash they could before the total collapse of that economy, because everything was normal and right as rain.

They failed to do that, not only because of a low gray matter titer, but because any evidence of such doesn't exist In The Real World, because the Russian economy is in freefall, their market crashed, then closed, the ruble is past the toilet, in the pipes flowing to the sewage treatment plant, and their economy will take God-Alone-Knows-How-Long before anyone can seriously speak about any attempt for it to recover. A Trident warhead on Moscow couldn't have nuked their economy any better than Putin's invasion has done already.

FFS, even the effing permanently-neutral Swiss have chopped Putin's and Russia's financial dicks off at the base! Wake up and smell the vodka.

We mention these wee factoids because, well...

We yell because we care. If that applies, because this all happened while you were still in diapers, or before, the clown shoes fit, and you should wear them.

Meanwhile, back in Reality, Putin's entire economy just shit the bed. His piggie bank got ass-raped, got dick cancer, died in a fire, the flames were beaten out with a wrecking ball, and the ashes and debris were dropped into the meltdown at Chernobyl, and are part of the Earth's magma core. And it's not coming back ever, for any practical value of ever. Win, lose, or draw. Putin has flushed his economy and his nation down the toilet and onto the dung-heap of history for a dream of a restored Soviet empire that will never again be.

Vlad is now a liability to the entire Russian nation, and any future it might have. Ukraine, not so much. The people who think he has vast armies to call up: They have this wee problem with multiple other formerly free republics Vlad has warmly welcomed back into the Sov,er...Russian Federation, with a wet sloppy kiss on both cheeks, and a gun to their heads. If Putin pulls forces out of them, and he gets multiple Ukraines, and he's playing whack-a-mole for the rest of his short life. His own people are protesting this war en masse, because they can't buy food anymore. Despite being arrested by the KGB FSB, they're still coming out in droves, every day. If he pulls troops from the Chinese border, and the actual "traditional invasion route" into Russia, the one where they've had multiple unreported actual hot wars with China, with tens of thousands of actual casualties, it's suddenly and invitingly open to Xi.

And Vlad only started with 500K troops, and a limited reserve of bombs, rockets, missiles, etc. He can't buy more, and he can't pay anyone to make more, and nobody's taking his credit cards or his phone calls, including China. He can't sell shit to anyone, at any price. The Bosporus is closed. If he attacks Turkey to open it, that's NATO. Tries to sail the Mediterranean, that's NATO again. Tries to go through to the Baltic Sea? NATO again. And he's already committed half his army to get thumped on by pipsqueak Ukraine, with 40M people who speak fluent BFYTW.

If I can figure it out, so can Russian generals and their command staff. And all the political underlings yearning to be the next leader there.

Russians don't take a crap without a plan? Vlad's was evidently to crap himself. The jackals in his own government won't be so clumsy, and his rule will end, probably in a stroke occasioned by a few rounds behind the ear. And his bedraggled leftover conscript army wants none of his quest for glory over Ukraine, a country Putin has done more to unify in a week than any 500 years of history ever could. And every screaming one of them wants to do nothing but kill Russian invaders, including the grandmothers and grandfathers.

And. They. Will.

Sorry if that pisses you off, or caught you choking on Putin's wedding tackle, but that's where it looks to be headed.

And beheaded is liable to become another word you hear again, one of these days. Metaphorically, or actually. History is funny like that.

Don't be a Pu-tard. It's not even working for its namesake.

Best Laid Plans


"Paging Captain Ahabski to the white courtesy phone..."

Ruble collapses, Russian market crashes and closes, as sanctions hit Russia.

Cut off from world markets, bank runs begin in Russia; economy in freefall.

Russian Army gets its ass handed to it.

EU to fund arms sales to Ukraine, and shut off Russian media.

Whatever Putin thought he was going to accomplish by invading Ukraine, an embarrassing ongoing defeat is turning into a disaster, and threatening a total debacle, which could take down Putin, and Russia, to unimaginable new depths.

By Day Five of the US going into Kuwait, our troops were on their second day of celebrations, after destroying the cream of Saddam's Army and liberating all of Kuwait in 72 hours. In stark contrast, Putin's army, all propaganda aside, can't even fuel their own vehicles, their unenthusiastic conscripts have walked home, and his invasion couldn't have been run any worse if it was organized by Marx - that's Harpo, or Chico, not Karl.

The last people to get dunked on this hard by Ukraine was the UK national basketball team in 2013.

Putin's wobbling aim is running out of toes to shoot off, and the muzzle of his pistol is slewing dangerously close to his own junk.

This is the point at which Putin shows up to a meeting, and finds everyone there with a gun in their hand, except himself, and they ask him if he wants to walk out, and retire to his dacha in perpetuity while his successor is named, or whether he'd rather have it announced internationally that he committed suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head three or four times.

That's how they roll in Russia, going back a century.

If he rattles the nuclear saber one more time, without fanfare his warships all start sinking worldwide, and the West announces a bounty on his head of $100M cash, to any member of the Russian government who wishes to collect it.

And apparently, he's dragging in his next batch of cannon fodder, by stripping Russia of even more conventional military power he daren't risk, and cannot afford to lose. This isn't springing from justification, it's from psychotic obsession. And this is the guy with the Russian nuclear launch codes.

If he keeps pressing on like some Slavic Captain Ahab, I'm betting his generals don't even wait for the bounty, nor offer him a quiet retirement, they just shoot the sonofabitch before he can bring total ruin on the entire nation.

Even now, if he survives the week, it's likely a minor miracle worthy of investigation by the Vatican.*

And best of all: Despite all the efforts by the Banana Republic's Worst and Stupidest to gin up this war, and bait Captain Oblivious into starting it (which succeeded wildly, obviously), nearly two-thirds of the American people realize that a large part of the reason it happened at all is the doddering senile incompetence of Emperor Poopypants and his gang of Merry Jackholes. If Poopypants' approval ratings get any lower, the White House will need to sponsor a dive by Robert Ballard to find them.

It's lucky for Poopypants that unlike Putin's predicament, the dollar is sound, our economy is booming, and our military is the strongest and most competent it's ever...Hey, waitaminute, WTF!!!

*[This assumes a priori that the entire Russian leadership isn't as batshit crazy as Vlad apparently is, and doesn't want to destroy the entire civilized world in a rain of nuclear fireballs, and let the survivors kill off the entire Russian nation to the last man, woman and child with sticks and rocks. If that level of basic sanity is not the got bunker?]

Sunday, February 27, 2022

Wait, What?


Secret Service Code Name: Sploosh.
In case you were wondering, Jill's is Rasputin.
And the veep is still Kneepads.

Say Hello To Your New @$$hole


Good News, Bad News


Sunday Music: Wipeout

The Surfaris had one timeless, glorious hit. This is it. It peaked at #2 in 1963, and then came roaring back in 1966, making it back up to #16. Dedicated with appropriate love to the entire Russian invasion force in Ukraine, who also seem to have peaked at #2. 
СДавайтесь, суки. Зачем умирать за Путина?

Saturday, February 26, 2022

But...But...But...Crooks. Pimps. Corruptocrats. Basketcase!

h/t Daily timewaster

Okay. So...when was the last time your mayor drew a machinegun and stood a post in your city's defense? Most times you can't even find the m*****f*****s even filling sandbags or staffing the serving line in a soup kitchen.

So maybe save your boob bait for the bubbas.

It's looking like the story is a little more nuanced than the Putin-schlong-slobberers will admit.

I hope hizzoner here gives Ivan what-for. He doesn't look to be the cut-and-run type, and he sure as hell doesn't look like Dukakis riding around in a tank helmet, Obozo trying to hold a shotgun, or Fat Bill scanning the Nork border positions with the lens caps firmly affixed to his binoculars.

I could be mistaken, but given the circumstances, I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Per Ukrainian sources, all those directions say "Go F**K yourselves",
except the one that says "Go F**K yourselves in Russia".
Even if this is photoshopped, it's still funny as hell.

Trayvon Remembrance Day - Official Date

 We mentioned this earlier in BHM, but today is the official date. And reminding people of it never gets old. Just like Trayvon!

True story: I was unofficially counseled once, because when someone mentioned the Monday February three-day holiday, I asked if it was Trayvon Remembrance Day.

I didn't feel bad, but imagine how the budding young felon felt when the searing heat of 115 grains of knowledge opened up inside his chest.

Who GAF?


Russia Invaded Ukraine. So What??

Or words to that effect. That's what the less-informed (or outright stupid) commentariat on a hundred sites are asking at the moment.

Pay attention.

1) Russia is a nuclear power.

More to the point, the #2 nuclear power on the planet. Despite getting their teeth handed to them after the own-goal of 80 years of Communism's irredeemable flaws, they still think they missed out on the big colonialization era. Most of their conquests were neighbors, rather than far-flung client states, and what's left was nothing to write home about from 1920-1990.

So when a substantial portion of their army crosses international borders to kill people and break things, you ought to pay attention.

Not least of which because Mother Russia is currently in range of every other nuclear power in existence. (For those who were busy doodling or fapping off in the back of their civics classes, that club would be: the U.S., (formerly great) Britain, France, China, India, Pakistan, Israel, and the Norks. And any minute now (thanks Obozo and fat Bill) the Iranians. Every one of them could manage to land a blow to Russia with nukes, and every one of them is in range of Russia's ICBMs. As are a lot of other non-nuclear countries, including arguably, every country that matters, which would be the Top 50 out of 180-190 or so.

2) But the Cold War is over, right?

Back at ya: So what? Nobody told Putin. As a former KGB assassin who misses the glorious Soviet Union that was, he's been forcibly repatriating all the old satellites back into the, Russian Federation at gunpoint all along. Ukraine is merely the latest. Anyone: See if you can guess why the Baltic States - Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia - are getting a bit nervous about now. Vlad's running out of territories to conquer back into the fold. Oh, for the civics fapping crowd: they're all full NATO members now. An attack on any one of them constitutes the opening of WWIII, by law and custom. Or else NATO dissolves, and it's 1938 all over again, with a military dictatorship on the prowl east of Poland. Again.

Look in the dictionary under appeasement, and note that the guy most responsible for WWII (after Adolf himself) got dealing with his enemy all horribly wrong, plunged the entire world into a world war, and after finally being replaced, went home afterwards and quite decently died in a matter of months, leaving the rest of the world to suffer the consequences of his jackassery.

Pay no attention to that senile, doddering old fool currently and illegally installed in the White House.

3) Who gives a flying fig about NATO?

That would be three nuclear powers, and about 80% of what we jokingly refer to as the civilized world. I.e. the parts not worshipping trees, headhunting, growing dope as the national crop, humping goats and little boys, or running through jungles with bones through their noses. When that important part of the world gets a cold, the U.S. sneezes. Oil (and thus energy) prices skyrocket. Financial markets crater.  You might have noticed we've already watched gasoline go from under $3/gallon to pushing $5 hereabouts in just the last year. And tell me how robust either the dollar, or the overall economy are already. Then look up The Great Depression and see if it rings any bells. The last one led directly to a world war that ended with the deliberate release of Canned Sunshine. The next world war is likely to open with that. Let me know when the penny drops for you.

4) But nobody on either side is us, and they're all bad guys.

I repeat the title: Who GAF? Putin running a crippled, hamstrung second-rate second world nation with nuclear weapons is tolerable. Putin riding war elephants and rampaging across the European continent (and people, and economies) without a care in the world is not. Thus anything that dick-punches him is in our interest (short of an unforeseen release of the aforementioned Canned Sunshine). Why's that? Well, let's let Tom Clancy's fictional Admiral Painter explain it to you simply and succinctly.

Anything that hamstrings Putin, weakens him, bleeds him, is good for us, and bad for him. Because it makes him vulnerable. Introspective rather than adventurous. More worried about food tasters than external threats. (And under "paranoia" in the dictionary, there's a picture of Russia.) And their paranoia isn't all imaginary. Regarding Ukraine, they have some reasons for an itchy trigger finger. That doesn't make them not delusional. But it explains where their psychotic fear comes from. But if they pull off a second Afghanistan, and come home with cleats all up in their junk, they stop being a bear in a china shop, and start worrying about a far older problem, which haunts them in their bones.

And Ukrainian president Zelensky is a total putz. Buuuuuuuut...

He's not wrong when he cries "Rape!" about being invaded. Even if he's a crook, in bed with Gropey Dopey and his doper son. This is 2022, not 1622 (nor even 1942), and countries don't get to just walk into other countries without good cause, and conquer them back into their own fold. (Pentacle Would-Be Democracy Builders: Call your office.)

Moscow's puppet ruler was driven out of Ukraine in a hail of molotov cocktails a few years back. One third of the country may miss him; another third may love the new crook. But the last third just wants to be left the f**k alone, in peace, to make their own way, and those guys are going to explain that to Russia the same way we explained it to King George III circa 1775ff.

Those are the guys I'm rooting for, and for exactly the same reasons. Gravity took the communists out in 1990. Molotovs did it again last decade. They're not inclined to give Putin a free pass just because he executes a Plan 37, flips the chessboard over, and pulls a gun. They're going to start kicking him in the dick every chance they get, over and over again. FTR, Putin's army is about 500K guys. He's supposedly sent in 150K-200K for this little excursion. That one-third of Ukraine disinclined to acquiesce to his intention is somewhere between 10,000,000 and 15,000,000 folks. Putin can conquer the entire Ukraine military, and still lose at this, day after day, forever, for decades. Unless Putin is willing to nuke the entire country, and kill every swinging Richard there that opposes him, which would move him to the Bronze Trophy in the worldwide Genocide Olympics, and push Hitler's Germany completely off the platform. So yeah, under those circumstances, I'ma root for any little guy willing to step up and say, "F**K no, you aren't doing that to my country yet again.

We would also point out that unlike the -stans, Ukraine is Eastern Orthodox, which is to say Eastern Christian, as opposed to Muslim crazy, and provides a strategic landbridge in both directions. Ask Frankistan, Deutschistan, Norwayistan, Swedenistan, and Britistan, among others, how well that whole Muslim invasion of Europe over the last few years is going for them at the moment, even with an entire ocean between them and their history-long blood-enemies. I'll wait while you look that up.

5) Cui bono?

Who's pushing this war? Who's been trying every way they know how, for weeks, to set it off? Who benefits?

For J. Kb @ GFZ

Gina Carrano posted an answer. And she's correct. To a point.

COVID failure news? Gone.

But it's far more than just that.

Inflation news? Gone. Or better yet, scapegoated onto Putin. (Pay attention: At this point, the dog's tail becomes self-wagging.)

Economy bad news? Gone.

Canadian trucker fallout news? Gone.

American trucker convoy news? Gone.

Durham tagging Shrillary and the DNC for spying on Trump news? Gone.

2020 Election shenanigans news? Gone.

Sketchy Affirmative Action SCOTUS nominee news? Gone.

Other Countries taking advantage of the chaos and our flailing policy: Free Pass! (And then they kick back another 10% to the Big Guy. ;) So what happened is, Ukrainian thieves got outbid by Beijing pirates, and thrown under the bus.)

Everything else outside the DC Narrative (other than local traffic, the weather - caused by global warming/climate change/racism/transphobia, of course - that building on fire or a police chase on the freeway, and/or who's fucking who or who raped who in Hollyweird): Gone. Gone. Gone.

Wagging the dog: 24/7/365, until mid-terms, and all the way to 2024. It's the only rabbit left to pull out of their hat, unless they release anthrax, Ebola, and a scorching case of airborne herpes.

The DemoCommunists here have two fears:

a) Biden lives until 2024.

b) He doesn't.

One is a disaster. The other is a catastrophe. (It's anyone's guess which is which.) Gallup had to install a basement to capture Gropey Dopey's approval ratings, which have now gone lower than the deepest coal mines in Appalachia, and threaten to hit the earth's volcanic magma any day, unleashing the District of Columbia Caldera, triggering a massive volcanic eruption in Lafayette Park, and wiping out the DNC in 50 states and 7 territories, no matter how many imaginary votes they submit in 2022 and 2024.

And they just can't be having that. Because their power and maintaining it endlessly is all that matters, your wishes matter not at all, and how many people worldwide they have to kill to stay in clover is merely a statistic.


Dear Vladimir,

If you can't spot the sucker at the poker table, it's you.

[Editorial: If this was written above your level, or you couldn't read it all the way to the end, flaunt your ignorance in Comments. You pay nothing to read it, and I earn nothing by typing it, so think about what it is that compels you like a lemming to the sea* to jump on your junk with cleats on before you post. I look forward each day to see the 10,000 people who read what I post, just to find the seven commenters who'll unfailingly miss the point of the whole thing, then pull their diapers down and decorate the walls with their best efforts. Because it's never "Um, Aesop, you might have totally missed this fact which contradicts what you wrote." No, because that would evidence logic and critical thinking, and iron sharpens iron. It's nearly always "Blah! Blah! Blah! I didn't read anything there because I already disagree with it, so I didn't read it all, because no reasons, so there!" This is why all cats, including lions and tigers, have scratching posts. Everyone in life serves a purpose.]

Public school education FTW.

*{For the three retards that will make that comment, I'm well aware that the original example is from a debunked and faked Disney nature film. The greater point of the metaphor nonetheless stands on the merits. Don't make me use my hind claws too. Because after that comes marking my territory. Veterinarians and zoologists will catch my drift.}

Friday, February 25, 2022

Molon Labe, Cykᴻ!

They really are, no questions asked. In the capital city.

The Ukrainian people are smarter, better trained, better equipped, and far better motivated against the Russians than the mujahideen were in A-stan, and the muj still threw both us and the Russians out of that sh*thole.

Vlad is about to be in the position of the dog that chased cars, and then caught one.

I don't think it's going to work out for him quite the way he thought, and he doesn't have 1980 height-of-the-Cold-War levels of troops to lose, either. House-to-house in Kiev, Kharkiv, Odessa, etc., is liable to be a cast iron bitch, the kind infantry nightmares are made of.

And that whole "a rifle behind every blade of grass" thing is a real kick in the nuts, and will be for years and years to come, even if Ukraine falls.

Most of the breakaways have been waiting 70 years to do to the Russians what the Ukrainians are doing tonight. And probably will continue to do, for the next ten years, win or lose.

Finally, as a public service to the people of Ukraine, we forward the following official Ukrainian government information:

Gives "fire water" a whole new meaning.

Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste II


Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste

 h/t Miguel

No, really, not kidding.

Best Wishes, Ukrainians!

 h/t OddJob

Breaking News from BCE :

Thursday, February 24, 2022

Poopypants Is On The Case


Fake elections have consequences.

Dear Yankee Running Dogs


Days, weeks, whatever. It's coming.

And then North Korea, Iran, and the other Usual Suspects start popping off, and it goes from Shitshow to Shit Circus to Shit Mardi Gras at the speed of dementia.

And of course, each time, the stock market responds.

And oil prices.

And Everything prices.

And you've heard what techno-wonders our gazillion-dollar boondoggles, the F-35 Thunderjug, and the Ford aircraft carrier, are. Not to mention the tactical prowess of the 69th Intersectional Dildo Brigade, times eleventy. Team Sugarbritches FTW. Said no general ever.

Got plans for Shit Mardi Gras v2.0?

...Or Your Lying Eyes

h/t Phil

We warned you this turn of events was likely, in the strongest terms possible.

And still we got jet-fuelled geniuses telling us in Comments it hadn't happened, wouldn't happen, and had happened years ago.

So, you wanna believe them, or your lying eyes?

Anybody think sending in the US 69th intersectional Dildo Brigade, as a speed bump to WWIII, is any kind of good idea?

Now think about the doddering impostor installed in the Oval Office by FakeNews, and his backup plan, Sen. Kneepads.

Then the National Security Advisor, looking like a man with all the geopolitical wisdom and experience of Dennis The Menace. And four-star military jackhole Milley Cyrus, and the Pentagon Assclown Posse.

Yer fucked. And this isn't even as bad as it can get.

Welcome to the New Normal.

It's like 1979, all over again.

Fake elections have consequences too.

"What a country!"

Running For Their Political Lives

 h/t Irons In The Fire

Too little, too late.

And one or two other things changed: banking, and trucking.

Which is also why he flipped so fast.

People are doing a permanent runner on the Canuckistani banks, which may become endless until it all crashes. Funny how once you lose trust in the entire system, and it's a trust-based system, it implodes. Turdoo was sick the day they taught that in dictator school.

Mooselini Turdoo wanted to see what happened when he drove the banking system into a brick wall, just to try out the airbags, and it turns out there were no bumpers on the car.

Oh well. Right, Turdoo?

Howzat cunning plan working out for you, eh?

And truckers?

Most of them went home, all right.

And now they're starting to refuse to haul to Ottawa.

Pisser, eh?

And "Je refuse!" is something the Canuckistani dotGov can't do anything about, unlike protests in the streets.

Gonna send the RCMP to beat up their mothers, perhaps? Or not so much?

4GW, right up the bunghole.

We're maybe about to find out how long people in Ottawa can live on rat and pigeon soup and sawdust bread. In winter. Should be an interesting experiment.

I hope nothing happens to the rail lines into the capitol. That might make things even worse.

This Is How You Test Your Preps And Gear

Commander Zero tests out the sleeping bag he keeps in the vehicle for unplanned emergencies.

At night, outside, in Montana, at 0º F., in February, with a 10-15MPH wind. Real world conditions.

That's how you test your gear, kids. In the worst conditions you might encounter. Not at 60° F. in May, by a peaceful lake, nor at 72° F. on your living room carpet. Learn, and live. Or, don't.

You do test your gear and preps...right? All of them? Down to the least little detail?

Wednesday, February 23, 2022



Killing 6+ hours of my life I'll never get back to get my...46th and 47th bi-annual recertifications in bringing people back from the dead. Just in case I'd forgotten it since last week, when it was for real. Posting today may resume if I don't suffer Death By Powerpoint by early afternoon, local time.

This sort of mandatory nonsense should be a 30-minute online video game with UHD graphics, with a video made by John Cleese called How Not To Kill People, not a day-killing circle jerk doing it the same way it's been done since the 1980s. FFS. By 5 minutes into the pre-course assessment online, I was ready to hunt the test designer down, and strangle him with his own ripped out intestines. I may still do that, for extra credit.

Pre-tests where the information alleged to be correct is contradicted by the current course textbook in my hand, required for the course, FTW. Maybe if the people who designed the tests actually knew their own material, it would be a help to them.

Much like performing mayhem upon them for not being any such proficient would be a help to me.

Perhaps we can meet in the middle, and I could just beat them half to death.

This is going to be a looooooooong day...

Tuesday, February 22, 2022



Canuckistani Paliament (Of Whores) Votes To Ratify Turdoo Dictatorship.

Repeated For Emphasis:

Citizens of Formerly Canada,

You now live in the communist dictatorship of Canuckistan. Either take up arms to end that, or flee it in haste. You have no third option that doesn't end in camps and boxcars for you.

If you live any farther north than Seattle, Frostbite Falls, or Maine,
you have now become an object lesson underlining the truth of this meme.

And to Maximum Leader Comrade Chairman Turdoo:

Comments That Didn't Age Well

 "Come on, Russia is not going to invade Ukraine. It's fake news."

The bigger question is whether Putin is really just looking to annex a couple of majority ethnic Russian areas to build a buffer with NATO, or whether this is just a Sudetenland pretext for taking the whole ball of wax in a week or three.

"Ukraine? Nyet. Now is MYkraine!"

One is rational self-interest, and the other is naked aggression.

And as before, only time will tell.

But maybe next time, grant me a tad more analytical ability. The commenter in question wasn't so much wrong, as they were simply unlucky at guessing.

And Confirmation Bias is never your friend.

Images h/t: C.W.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

Storm Warning


American truckers and their planned convoy hasn't even left the station yet. Already the word is that both TPTB, and the Antifatards, plan to fuck with the whole enterprise from the get-go.

They've already thrown barricades up around the Capitol and the White House, because shutting down D.C. like the three weeks Canadians shut down the Canuckistani capitol, could impact Gropey Dopey's SOTU speech, since he couldn't learn the words to it by the traditional January delivery date, which has been the rule since, oh...ever.

And Ukraine is now on DEFCON 2, and the only thing holding back Putin's dogs of war is last-minute marshalling of forces, and working out routes of advance across the country. Which will probably take a few hours, by all accounts, before the entire country falls. (Which should at least give our own intel and planning staff weenies a great view of Russian military operations and capabilities over the next few days to weeks.)

We've seen Russian hospitality in action multiple times, since 1945. Nobody does raping, pillaging, and consolidation purges, like they do.

Anyone there should GTFO, if they haven't already done so, as they should have back around New Years'.

What difference does that make to you, Joe Average, hereabouts?

Things Are Going To Get Worse In Every Way




Govt. Overreach.


General Stupidity.

1) Start stockpiling emergency cash, and Precious Metals. (Not. At. The. Bank!) (Gold and silver. Yes. Also Brass and Lead.)

2) Cut your expenses and outlays to the bone, other than absolute necessities.

3) Have a "Stay" plan, and one or more "Go" plans. Run through them.

3a) Figure out what your red line is to "Go", if you have that option, and if it gets crossed, GTFO without a second glance, and be ready to implement that within an hour. Ideally, within 5 minutes. You may not get a second chance.

4) Figure out what you need that you ain't got, and fix that, right quick.

5) Check on friends, and friends of friends. People you know, or know of, may be the ones who can help you out in getting things you can't get when life gets harder.

6) Check your comms plan. P-A-C-E.

7) Many times, in sporky times, there's a lull period, of "phony war". Don't sweat it, or get complacent. Figure out some drills that would serve you in worst cases. Run through them. Imagine dealing with all of life's emergencies 100% on your own, with no 9-1-1. Power. Light. Heat. Water. Food. Medical. Financial. Transportation. Fire. Crime. Start wearing out that P-A-C-E algorithm on every one of them, too, just like with Comms.

8) Green. Blue. Yellow. Red.: Who's your team? Who are your allies? Who are the unknowns? Who are the Enemies? They live where?

9) Infrastructure: Main travel routes. Alternates. 5-10 nearest: Markets? Gas stations? Water supplies? Power stations? Other utilities? Fire and police stations? Medical sites? Supply sites for everything in #7, above. (And no, Amazon and FedEx don't count.)

What are the choke points in every direction, both for things coming in, and for folks getting out?



Natural obstacles? (rivers, lakes, canyons, mountains, etc.)

If you'd done Forward Observer's Area Study months or years back, you'd have this in a notebook already. If you haven't, bone up, and get cracking on that.

10) This isn't your WW III Plan. Or at least, not only that. It works for hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, brushfires, and countless other calamities.

11) Remember that a passport, a wad of cash, and a high-limit credit card can solve 500x more personal problems than an AR-15 and two cans of ammo ever can, overall. So be ready for that.

12) And for those times when you want a gun, and need a gun, RFN, you'd better make damned sure that you have that gun, then, and every other time.

13) For everything, Two is One, and One Is None. Find the Single Points of Failure in your plans and preps, and diversify to eliminate them. Find the workarounds in everything, down to the two-sticks-and-some-string level.

14) Don't keep all your eggs in one basket, nor all your goodies in one place. Squirrel away a few nuts for bad times in some other places. And always have six ways in, and twelve ways out.

Short Bibliography:

How To Survive The End Of The World As We Know It by Rawles. The Bible, AFAIC.

Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life by Hanson.

100 Deadly Skills

100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition both by Emerson

The Survival Medicine Handbook by Alton and Alton

The SAS Survival Handbook by Wiseman.

We've recommended this list multiple times, but in case you still hadn't heard, you may yet have time to get them, read them, and profit from the knowledge therein. These six are the ne plus ultra selection. Anything else may come up to their level, but nothing out there surpasses them.

Learn them, love them, live them.

Then pray to whatever Deity you hold dear that you never need to use all that information.

Head for the hills (like the perennial fucktards will accuse me of saying)? Nope. Not yet. Maybe not ever, or at least not anytime soon. Best case, this is just a practice drill, and invaluable for that alone. Be prudent, not spastic.

But I wouldn't bet on that over the long haul. Think of this week as pulling your mental Fire Alarm Drill.

Besides, it's not like there were any football games on anyways.

Got all this locked on? Good for you. Put your feet up and enjoy your three-day.

Truckers Declare Victory And Leave, Turdooligans Claim They Cleaned Up Streets


Starts at 6:20ff

After three weeks, having ripped the happymask off the brutally repressive communist regime of Turdoo, having broken no laws except parking infractions, the truckers protest has dissipated. Their organizers were arrested, their bank accounts frozen, and even as they announced the end of the protest, more ordinary Canadians kept showing up, even in the face of being repeatedly tear-gassed, pepper-sprayed, and shot with rubber bullets by the Turdooligan pigs.

Stick a fork in Turdoo. Politically, he's a dead man walking.
And possibly, in more ways than just metaphorical, in the days to come.

The government of Canada, in the person of dictator Turdoo, showed up with armored vehicles and battle rattle, to defend themselves against peaceful grandmothers and middle-aged men dancing, singing their own national anthem, with their children playing in bouncy castles, and waving the Canadian flag.

The Turdooligans think they won.

But they couldn't hear the death-knell of a free Canada over the sound of their own awesomeness.

Maybe when they're choking on their own blood someday (soon, please!), their hearing will improve. Just before the entire world goes black.

It was years, in our own history, between the Boston Tea Party and Concord Bridge.
But life moves a good deal faster now.

A Royal PITA For The Narrative


Let us know when the penny drops, ma'am.

If the smallpox vaccines had "worked" anything near as poorly as the Kung Flu vaxx does, the entire planet would be unpopulated by human beings by now.

Almost like there's some sort of plan involved here...

A Spoonful Of Sugar - Or Your Front Teeth

 ...helps the medicine go down.

Healthcare so good, they'll beat it into you.

Meanwhile, in nature news: