Monday, February 16, 2015

Okay, That Was Annoying


Employment has resumed.
With roughly four times the amount of grief, annoyance, and general PITA fucktardery as I experienced filling out a Top Secret/SCI special background investigation back in the day.

Jeebus crispies!

My generic advice:
Keep your resume updated.
Including all your contacts and references.
Keep 7 copies of every bit of vital certification and testing information, including DNA swabs and urine samples of the personnel administering such testing and certification. It WILL be asked for. Demanded, actually.

Working 18 days straight may give me a heart attack, but at after running around like a headless chicken for a month with no income, in the feast-or-famine sweepstakes, I choose feast.
Especially when a 20% average pay raise is involved.

Oh, and a hearty FU Very Much/ESAD to my former employer, Callous Bastard Hospital.
The last three places I've worked this month are already asking me to fill out permanent status employment apps after seeing me work as temp registry for them for a couple of shifts. It's nice to be popular.

But clearly, you have to run away from home (or be booted out the door in my case) to get any respect.

Normal posting will resume in a week or two.