Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Neverland, Not Tomorrowland

h/t daily timewaster 

In 1960, maybe. Not so much now.

BTW, those two kids in the pic? They're now in their 80s, if not already dead. And the peak delivery of what they were promised was less than a decade away, and it's all been downhill on that promised future since then. It's unlikely that even their great-grandkids will ever see a piece of what they were told was coming "someday". Civilization has been ebbing backwards since then, in more ways than not.

Futurists are right less often than weather men.

No jetpacks. No flying cars. No disintegrator rays or laser pistols. No space travel.

In fact, just assume everything you were ever told would happen that isn't already starting, is one big fat lie, and you'll outperform them by about 4 decimal places in your batting average.

The only thing their prognostications are useful for, is historical evidence of how they wished things were going to turn out.

Wish in one hand, and poop in the other, and see which one fills up first.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Who Knew?

 h/t OddJob

Unfortunately, this has nothing much to do with how Califrutopia is governed (other than legalizing weed to begin with), and rather a lot more to do with how markets work under capitalism.

O, if only someone, somewhere, had told you (and told you, and told you, and told you, and,,,) that legalizing weed would never work, because the enemy gets a vote, and that cartels would literally give the sh*t away for free to maintain market share, until they had driven brick-and-mortar "legal" weed shops out of business, due to zoning regs, property taxes, sales taxes, weed taxes, robberies, and the myriad problems of compliance with Leviathan's hoops, through which any such "legitimate" business must jump. Oh, wait, that was me.

Almost like capitalism works exactly as designed.

Meanwhile, we've gone from one overdose every month or two, when I started my profession 2+ decades ago, to 8-10 per shift, two shifts/day, 24/7/365, times every ED in an area the size of Wyoming, amidst a population bigger than that of every state west of the Rockies not including Califrutopia itself, i.e. 10-12% of the entire country. Most (i.e. greater than 90%) of that increase has been the time interval from full marijuana legalization to now. But I'm sure that's just another wild coincidence.

The experiment has failed (exactly as predicted); this was never going to work, and never will, and it hasn't been anything close to any sort of tax boon, nor a victimless crime. It was, is, and ever shall be the only organizing principle of Libertarianism: a political excuse to get drugs.

It has now, oh so predictably, blown up in everyone's faces, but the last thing they'd ever do is admit they were wrong, any more than Hanoi Jane Fonda will ever admit she may have been off somewhat on the joys of communism in a re-united Vietnam.

The weedheads who championed this not only achieved epic failure, they've now succeeded in getting government's hands even deeper into the pockets of every taxpayer in this state (that would be anyone who buys anything, ever)  than they already were before, if the bong-suckers had just had a nice, steaming hot cup of STFU, and minded their own business.

Well-played, drug legalization and dope-smoking assholes. You're not only massively wrong, as anyone with grade-school logic knew when this was first proposed, you're also stealing from me, you've increased the scope of the very government you alleged to oppose, and you're both feeding it like a pet hyena, and compelling others to do likewise, at gunpoint.

This is basically the moral and ethical equivalent of vegans running a slaughterhouse and animal experimentation lab. And selling bootleg albums of the animals' death screams.

Perhaps do civilization a favor, and just kill yourselves now. Take one for the team.

Monday, June 28, 2021

Re: Wilder, Wealthy, and Wise


I have no more idea than anyone else what happened to JW's blog. Possibly a Pez overdose. Perhaps critical mass from pun accumulation. Or maybe just kulaked by the Wordpress PTB.

I sent an e-mail query, and if I hear anything, I'll post it. But probably not until late this afternoon. (Something about needing to sleep a bit between night shifts in the ER.)

Feel free to do the same in comments if you know anything.

Apparently his "critical error" was to tell Biden "F**k you." 

We hope Wordpress is just having a temporary hiccup, and not some Woke Weenie there nuking sites because they can.

UPDATE - From JW: 

"Probably someone just took the data files and gently stirred. It was all there. But inaccessible. Plus all of the links were obliterated.

Had to (via machine, thankfully) reconstruct the structure. I think it's all fixed.

There had been no software updates for 25 days.

Guessing I rubbed someone the wrong way. The Mrs., to me as I was getting the problem fixed, "I'm glad I'm not planning to fly anywhere with you, since you're probably on the no-fly list."

Dunno. It could always be a coincidence, right?

(Nipsy Russell voice) riiiiiiight." - from e-mail today.

FTR, kids: There are no coincidences.

(Hey, if you want to think that of all the Wordpress sites out there, only JW's happened to have "critical errors", after having exactly zero problems for years, right after his most popular post ever, which happened to be a magnificent rantastic send-up of Gropey Dopey, culminating in "F**k You! Strong message follows.", and you want to believe that coincidentally "just happened", well you go right on thinking that. ROWYBS. And I have a bridge for sale, cheap, right next to some oceanfront property in Kansas.)

But if anyone out there isn't on a list or three, you're not trying hard enough. ;)

In Vino Veritas


When we get new patients in the E.D., there are a host of questions asked, most appropriate, but a certain non-negotiable number we have to ask, which have no wild bearing on anything related to why you came in tonight, because some Good Idea Fairy has decided that Problem X is this year's Important Thing.

This year's focus, it has been decreed, is suicide, and thoughts of self-harm.

How braindead stupidly are we following that rule? Every patient. Every complaint. 

Sprained wrist. Ingrown toenail. Yes, even toddlers.

What made my night last night, was when one of the 17 drunks and ODs a night came in, and dutiful nurse receiving the patient is going through his list of things to know, and mines this gem:

"So, have you ever felt like killing yourself, or have you ever had any thing that made you feel like you wanted to harm yourself?"

Whereupon, Patient Jack Daniels replies, "Well, I was married once..."

The paramedics cracked up. It was all I could do to not fall out of my chair laughing.

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Sunday Music: Maria

After regularly rocking the charts with a string of hits in the late '70s and early '80s, Blondie basically dropped off the map after their last studio album in 1982. Then, after an absence of 17 years, they came back with this gem, proving they still had the chops.

Friday, June 25, 2021


h/t Odd Job 

Xenophilic: All over it, as usual.

Should be a regular stop for you.

Emperor Cornholio the Ist


Compare and contrast.

Behold, we've reached full Emperor Cornholio, and in barely more than 5 months.

Imagine where it goes from here, and how long before even his handlers admit that they've got to put him down. And they will, to maintain their tenuous grip on illusory power.


Thursday, June 24, 2021

Getting It, Good And Hard


The media anointed Gropey Dopey, even though it was obvious the people never elected him. The Useful Idiots decided that elections don't matter; what's important is getting the right result. As they see it. Legal ballots be damned.

Now, they can suck on his continued meltdown, and own it. They won't escape the reckoning to come, unless they literally defect to Cuba or Venezuela. Probably not even then.

The rest of us are just stocking up on popcorn and cool drinks, enjoying the show, and loading magazines. The next voting will take place with ballots travelling at about 3200fps, and every act of the current regime shows that they know this truth, and feel it in their bones.

And the worst part of this, is that parody is so close to reality, it's hard to find the humor.

Of Course They're Lying To You

It's what the government does.

Getting upset with them for that is like blaming dogs for peeing on fire hydrants, or being surprised when scorpions sting frogs. Stringing them up by the neck for who they are, on the other hand, is always in-bounds, if it comes to that. They'd best remember that 24/7/365, because the remedial lesson is called Life's Exit Interview.

Thus we ought always to remember Glenda's sage advice:

Wanna Try For Two Out Of Three...?


Of F-15s and Nukes

In their frothing-at-the-mouth haste to install the cognitively impaired pretender on the throne, apparently a lot of incoming freshman classes and briefings got skipped in favor of naptime for Gropey Dopey. And obviously, at the ones he did attend, and managed to stay awake all the way through, he ate the crayons.

That, plus his burgeoning and fulminant Alzheimer's has His Fraudlency a wee bit confused, let alone not up to speed, regarding certain realities.

So before we get to nuts and bolts, a wee historical reminder is in order.

It doesn't take F-15s and nukes to overthrow the government. (As we've seen in plain sight in the last few months, all it takes is taking control of voting machines in a few key states, and the cheerful support of a sycophantic media. But I digress.) Though Gropey Dopey's not quite old enough to have seen it, but well past the age to forget ever learning it, when last I looked, all it took John Wilkes Booth to overthrow the government was a single-shot derringer, and flawless shot placement. One trigger pull un-elected the 16th president from his second term barely more than a month into it, and transitioned him to Eternity at the speed of gunpowder.

Regime change kit, circa April 1865. Unit cost substantially less
than an F-15C, or a W-80 nuclear weapon. Still 100% effective.

I'm pretty sure everyone actually elected to the presidency since 1865 is aware of that fact.

John Hinckley nearly pulled off the same stunt in 1981, with a .22 revolver.

Someone should tell Gropey Dopey.

{Nota bene, Secret Service and all three-letter federal agency minions: I am not saying I'd ever do anything like that, nor even remotely suggesting anyone else ought to do so either. I'm simply pointing out historical facts. And besides, there are federal laws against that sort of thing, right? So go back to your usual business of lying in sworn affidavits, faking dossiers, banging hookers on the taxpayers' time, and instigating insurrections, and leave the rest of us alone, what say.}

Nonetheless, the fact that anyone, even someone so obviously fraudulently placed in the Oval Office, is talking openly about using the Air Force and nuclear weapons against the US civil population should be somewhat disconcerting, even to the braindead communist propaganda-merchant "journalists" giving Gropey Dopey his daily tongue bath at press conferences.

But with a certifiable loon, who couldn't be trusted with a set of car keys, let alone nuclear launch codes, spouting every random musing that flits through his swiss cheese husk of a mind, don't be surprised if any potential insurrection is deliberately started in places like NYFC, DC, Hollywood, etc., in the fervent hopes that Secret Service codename Dingbat pops a few well-placed nukes on his own talent pool, because he's that crazy and senile.

Just spitballing, but if Biden nuked just those three cities, he could sew up re-election in 2024, and this time be assured that those were actual votes from actual people, for a change. Hell, under those conditions, I might even vote for him.

But as thorn-in-the-side-in-chief Kurt Schlichter (h/t WRSA) pointed out in response to such fevered delusional musings, FedGov hasn't got enough military might to secure DC, let alone 50 states and the District of Columbia, for more than about 15 minutes, if even a small percentage of the populace refuses consent to same.

Not only would any such conflict end after the first volley and counter-volley, but about 95% of all those F-15s he thinks he can whistle up sit within rifle range of the perimeter fence line, and deep in the Red Zone, from coast to coast. 100% of their logistics chain goes through what would be insurgent territory. Most of their families live there too. They'd be out of gas, spare parts, and pilots by Noon Tuesday of a Monday morning war, and there's no guarantee a given number of them wouldn't divert and drop on base HQ and then the White House, starting right after takeoff on the first mission.

Again, just spitballing, but in any civil uprising, 99:1 even the Marine Corps White House guards would walk back to the Marine Barracks at 8th and I, and watch things unfold on TV rather than pick a side. I'll put cash money down that every installation and unit commander from Maine to Guam would order all troops to stand down, and lock the base gates, with all troops inside, before they'd respond to any insurrection. Anybody thinking of responding would have to know their odds of taking a 9mm to the back of the head would be something in the high 90th percentile, from the outset. Unless they intended to breach the gates to facilitate the coup.

You can bet all the transfabulous troops would be wetting themselves under their bunks, and a lot of PC generals would suddenly put in retirement papers rather than eat their guns, because those chickenshits are not that brave.

So be careful what you wish for, Gropey.

You've done nothing but shit on the military for five months (actually, for 40 years, but why quibble?), and you're betting they'll back you to the hilt during a constitutional crisis discussed by force of arms?

Sh'yeah, right. That'd happen. When monkeys fly outta my butt. 

The mere suggestion would have people rolling in the aisles. 

At a meeting of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

So it may be high time for Dingbat's handlers to get the hook ready for the next press conference Q and A, and go back to putting Dopey down for naptime every day at about 10AM, like they did during the campaign.

Because the more they let him talk about this, the sooner folks may realize how poor his chances of defense under such circumstances are, and then somebody's going to decide that the lemon is worth the squeeze.

Whatever else is true, whenever things go all weapons-free on the home turf of any member of the Nuclear Club, 8 other countries all unsnap the strap on their nuclear holsters, and things start going pear-shaped.

And somebody might decide it's time to step up to the plate, grab Scalia's pillow, and make a mid-morning stop in the Lincoln Bedroom, to cut to the head of the line.

Paging Sen. Kneepads to the White House courtesy phone...

Sporky Time: possibly only one pillow away.

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Election Reform


Practice Safe Elections

 h/t Peter


Those elections are safe alright: safe from being verified, transparent, honest, or fair.

Almost like that was the intent from the outset.


Sunday, June 20, 2021

Sunday Music: Dance, Children

Tomorrow's the beginning of summer, and in honor of the solistice, and the longest day of the year, I feel a theme coming on. And one song's just not enough to cover it. In fact, there are over a hundred. Here's fifteen of the best to keep you going all summer. Enjoy.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Happy Juneteenth


"I should know; I'm half white myself."

Don't get me wrong. I don't begrudge a federal holiday for something that actually happened, especially as it put the final nail in the coffin of "the peculiar institution", which was a stain upon our national honor from the founding up to that day.

But now, you have to give us back the abortion that became MLK Day.

Because if we're going to start giving holidays for just being black people we like, how about Sammy Davis Jr. Day, Jackie Robinson Day, or Denzel Washington Day?

Let's just give the axe to MLK Day before things get much stupider, and call it even, shall we?

And while you're up, let's ditch the other abomination, "Presidents' Day", and go back to Washington and Lincoln's Birthdays, respectively. Because no way in hell I'm ever hoisting a glass to Woodrow Wilson, Warren Harding, FDR, LBJ, Mr. Peanut, Lying Bill, or Hopey Dopey, except in thanks that most of them are dead, and the rest of them can't die soon enough.

In fact, the living ones on that list should die at the end of a rope, after a fair and speedy trial, and a fine public hanging, since we're wishing.

In fact, truth be told, there's only one other presidential birthday I'd ever celebrate.

That would be the birthday of our ninth president, President William Henry Harrison, whose selfless public service was exemplary, and whose administration stands above every other one before or since, bar none as the most utterly blameless, and totally lacking in any taint or  corruption. He also served ably as a military officer, and was the grandfather of another president, being only the second president to pull off a relative in the office, before the idea of such nepotism had become really trendy.

William Henry Harrison, our ninth president,
and probably for all time the best U.S. president ever.

Why Harrison? Because any president with the self-sacrificing spirit to have the decency to die after only 31 days in office, pretty well sets the bar for public service to the American people, proving unquestionably that he had the best interests of the people well in mind when he ran for the office, and leaves him as the only president never to have suffered even a whiff of scandal.

So next February 9th (Harrison's birthday), hoist a glass to the best president in American history, a record that's liable to stand for a long, long time.

Until then, don't begrudge a holiday to let black Americans celebrate the final end of slavery, (in fact, let's call that holiday what it should be called: "reparations", and the only one they should ever get. Unless you're going to count favorable quotas, and billions and billions in government payments, in return for pretty much being a blight on the national demographics if we're talking about education, crime, productivity, bastardry, the scourge and serial sociopathology of single parenthood, or pretty much anything not involving entertainment or sports achievement, with a notable handful of spectacular exceptions) but always remember who it was who achieved that outcome (whypeepo), and also remember one other thing:

Friday, June 18, 2021

Say, Mayor Dipsh*t, About That Bullet Hole In Your Foot...

h/t Weasel Zippers 

Shit just got real for the Portland PD.

The day after one of the members of the Portland OR PD's 50-man Rapid Response Team was charged with excessive use of force during one of the daily riots there, the entire 50-man squad resigned their positions, and will solely perform normal policing duties, leaving no one trained on hand for dealing with any trouble at any crowd gatherings.

Like, f'rinstance, the daily rioting going on there.

IOW, PPD has just greenlighted rioting ad infinitum, until the District Attorney, the mayor, and the city council all get a crowbar, break suction, and pull their collective heads out of their asses.

Open street warfare and two-way firing range between citizens and hooligans in Portland 24/7, in 3,2,...? Open season on rioters, and screw the bag limit?

Be still, my beating heart.

Once the BurnLootMurder/Antifa-tards start getting Rittenhoused, the premiums of life insurance policies for the anarcho-communists are going to hit the stratosphere. Boo frickin' hoo.

No points for guessing what police response times will become, if local citizens begin "taking out the trash", and one must also expect that the clearance rate for such homicides will drop to the low single digits, in perpetuity.

When DemoCommunists step on their own giblets this hard, with cleats on, it's not funny until it's not funny. Then it's hilarious.

TPTB in Portland have just been put on notice:

One kicks one's watchdogs at their own peril.

And some people say the police have no sense of humor...

Fire And Sword


Turns out that not only did the DNC-CCCP steal the election, the FBI was the instigator of the Reichstag Fire Capitol riot insurrection panty raid on January 6th, designed to discredit all opposition to the rigged results. (Moscow Rules: There are no coincidences.And now the same Fibbies who pimped a known fake dossier to damage Trump, ginned up investigations to hamstring his adminstration for years, and lied, serially, to FISA courts in order to get illegal wiretaps, are being all shy and secretive about their latest KGB-esque-apades. 

Faking Bullshit Incidents. AGAIN.

They ginned up a farcical imaginary "coup" where the only execution was by the police themselves, of an unarmed woman and military veteran named Ashli Babbitt, while ten heavily armed Capitol Police SWAT cops stood unconcerned about her "threat" less than 10 feet away behind her, immediately prior to her execution. 

Re-read the JFK quote above. He wasn't just whistling "Dixie".

The People will grow weary of the constant lies and machinations of the kakistocracy, and when they go back to the Capitol (as they certainly will), they won't just be bringing bullhorns the next time. No one can build a wall big enough to stop that, and there aren't enough troops in the world to prevent it. But whatever rump troops and lapdog stasi are brought will be a handy re-supply point for what follows, once they're stripped to rotting carcasses and bleached bones.

The whole bunch of Banana Republicans in both parties is rotten, and they're going to get peeled.

That's where we are. And that's where we're headed, like a freight train.

We're talking a freight train where we end up stringing up most of institutional and elected Washington by the necks, in batches, in Lafayette Park, and any handy light posts. Not only for crimes already committed, but pour encourager les autres. That's a feature, not a bug.

And both sides of the Uniparty not only thirst for that train, they're actually stoking the fires under its boiler with racing fuel to bring it about, to the tune of "MOAR! Faster! Harder!"

So don't nobody get all butthurt nor surprised when TPTB get their wish, in spades.

You can only push a pendulum (or a population) so far, then it comes all the way back, and wallops you coming and going if you try to stop it.

Pardon me for showing some unrestrained enthusiasm for that day.

TPTB had best leave their married men at home, and make sure their posse is well-mounted.

"Blessed be the Lord my strength which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight"

For your listening pleasure, a cautionary tale about f**king with the wrong people...

A lot of people are going to be singing along.


Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Matching Bookends

Warning: Level Three Beverage Alert. Swallow all liquids before reading. Not responsible for ruined keyboards.



Dear Entitled Whiny Crybabies from any generation:

Crapping their diapers and crying about it is what babies do. It's how you know they're babies.

Adults do their business quietly, wipe themselves off, pull up their big boy pants, and get on with life. It's how you know they're grown-ups.

Note for Common Core grads:

The only thing all Boomers have in common is all being born from 1945-1965. That's IT.

Still butthurt?

Bonus: Three. Daily Pundit piles on.

The offending anti-Boomer bilge represent either people so bereft of a life they must throw lit dynamite in the outhouse, just to watch the shit fly; or those most accurately diagnosed by Goose in Top Gun:

They obviously are not to be taken seriously in either event.