Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you plenty of every good thing, and plenty of time to enjoy it today.

Dining will be continuous. Blogging will be non-existent. Shopping will be avoided until December.
Best Wishes.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

From Comments:

From late last week, which I missed earlier:

My questions/thoughts are fraternal and non-antagonistic; I am assuming that you have thought about these, and I want your take:
1. Foundational: CA, with a significant population, already has some of the most onerous (not NJ but heading there as quick as they can) firearms laws. It has a longer history of more firearm liberty than a place like the aforementioned NJ, where the culture is, in majority, accustomed to "only criminal have guns". The people of CA have generally acquiesced to the ever tightening noose by continuing to elect more and more of the same people who will enact the same and stronger measures.

2. Maryland has already killed a man during a non-due process confiscation. He now has cold, dead, and empty hands. I have seen no widespread outcry.

3. Janet Reno ordered and oversaw mass murder with firearms in juxtaposition, with zero just consequences.

What do you envision as being "the thing" that would cause widespread overt non-compliance?
Dear Anonymous,

1. By the numbers between 60-80% of registered CA voters, don't.
And something approaching 25% of residents here are illegal aliens, and/or children of same.
Knowing that, re-try #1.

2. Cops kill people they shouldn't every working day. I expect if I, or any number of other gun owners, were targeted by such blatant failure of due process, I would die too. But I wouldn't go alone. At that point, I could give a shit about "outcry". But I expect that taking 2 or 5 or 10 of the bastards with me might give them some pause before their next foray, regardless of the media hay made about the situation.

And anyone not doing their level best to make it just as hard for TPTB to enter their domicile in service of such nonsense, just as they make it hard for other criminals, is behind the power curve on this topic.

When "coming to get your guns" = death sentence for the person(s) knocking on the door, they'll stop that silly and unconstitutional shit right quick.

Nothing else will suffice, until we see them prosecuted same day for murder.
Which I'm not holding my breath waiting for, and a pile of dead douchebadges gladdens my heart more than seeing them in stripes anyways, just as seeing them killed while actually enforcing reasonable and just laws saddens it.

The good cops (and they are out there, if you look), will put a halt to this nonsense, on self-preservationist grounds if for no other reason, in short order.

Give them a reason to stop: shoot back. Encourage others to shoot back. Vote to acquit any survivors who shoot back.

If they want to follow actual due process, serve a summons, and present evidence of your alleged unfitness in open court that can be challenged by your lawyers, and force the parties swearing otherwise to be legally and criminally liable for perjury and civil lawsuits, and only afterwards, with a legal verdict to stand on, get a valid warrant, and try to take your freedom and/or your property, go ahead on with that. They don't have that many judges and court houses in the entire country to do that if they did nothing else forever. I don't want crazy people to have firearms. But we have some five to ten centuries of jurisprudence on this topic as to how you go about establishing that, and instant revocation of your constitutionally protected and pre-existing natural law right to self-defense is no part of that, nor ever could be.

Trying to short-cut the months-long wait for trial, that would soon become decades, and the fact that they'd lose 95% of the cases outright within minutes, is why they're trying this.

And for pity's sake, stash more guns somewhere they can't find. If they were to get a few, and you have twenty more, the second trip for them isn't going to go like the first one for them, is it?

You want to legally but unlawfully take my weapons?
Bring friends.
Say goodbye to them before you try it.
Some of them won't be going home at the end of their shift, for something you know you shouldn't be doing in the first place.

3. The Clintons and their Korrupt Klown Posse were in charge for that, including the Congress. At a time when the average person's view about how jaded the DoJ and Far Beyond Insanity are was much rosier. (The BATFE, conversely, has always been known as a bunch of cowardly chickenshit gloryhounding assholes, so no one was surprised at all at their initial raid, nor their response under fire when folks shot back. The mistake, AFAIK, was allowing them to police up their dead and wounded without slaughtering all that could be seen.) In short, 1993 was nearly 25 years ago, in a different America.

And last I looked, there's no statute of limitations for murder in TX, is there?

So, the bigger question is, when will Texas officials indict the ATF and FBI agents there for murder, and prosecute every damned last one of them?

And if even Texas won't do that, what do you think the odds are in the rest of America?

Non-compliance is a continuum. CA and several other states have experienced a 98% non-compliance rate when they banned misnamed "assault" weapons the first time. Two subsequent attempts have only caused sales of loophole guns to skyrocket here.
So, when legal AR-15s outnumber police employees in this state by about 5:1, how far do you think the state will have to take things before they get a faceful of non-compliance?

My guess is when they come to the front porch and knock on the door, which is why they, in every state with such laws, won't do it. Ever. It would be a suicide mission.

They have done the math on 600M guns, and less than 2 million LEOs, and realize that even at 1% active non-compliance, and doing ten raids a day, they're out of cops in about an hour or two.

And then, the folks left behind will probably go hunting, down around city hall, and at the state house. With no officers left to protect them, that devolves rapidly into the day Mussolini or Qaddafi got fired, in about a heartbeat.

Note the inherent civility of Italians: they not only killed their dictator,
 his mistress, and his minions, they actually labeled the corpses
for the benefit of bystanders in the deeper rows of spectators.

In short, you can pull stupid shit off onesie-twosie, even here. Both sides regard a few dead citizens, or a few dead cops, as the cost of doing business.
You try doing ten or twenty at a time, and by 50 or 60, your odds of ever getting home drop to single digit percentages.

It's identical with the difference in baseball between one chin-ball, and throwing every ball at the opposing batters' heads. The benches empty on about pitch two or three. And sometimes, they bring bats with them.

And when bats become rifles, no one wants to play the game any more.
And every chief in every department, including NYFC, knows this in their bones.
And reminds their nominal government supervisors, every time they're asked.

The day they start coming for people, they'll do it after Last Rites in the parking lot, and wearing Rising Sun headbands, because they're not ever coming back.

So, functionally, it's never happening.

What'll tip things off won't be that sort of thing. Things cops know will get them killed, are the sorts of things mouthy "public servants" happily and cheerfully yap about out loud, as though they live in a magically impervious bubble, and no one would ever decide snuffing the candle was worth the burn.

That's going to cost them, because the politician species gets dumber by the day, while the populace grows better armed.

Just as war is far too important a business to leave to generals, politics is far too important to leave in the hands of politicians.

But Darwin is going to cull the worst of them, as happens in societies on a scale between decades and centuries. But inexorably, it happens.

Currently, we're overdue, and only the mass killing of the stupid people holds any hope of upping the mean IQ.

It's approaching time to Make Stupid Hurt Again.

What will be the actual match?
No effing idea here.

But I can assure you we're in a roomful of fused dynamite and aviation gas, and we have 500+ idiots flicking their Zippos.

Rhetorical Mastery: Genius Level

h/t Thomas Wispered

Twelve word perfection, right there.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Stalin Would Be Proud

h/t Gateway Pundit

"It doesn't matter who votes. It matter who counts the votes." - Josef Stalin


Banana: meet republic.

The Democrats are doing this sort of pissing-in-your-face obvious fraud in plain sight, and they're not even shy about it.
And no one even looks shocked any more.
And the invertebrate GOP is nowhere to be found.

I have no further words.
Except: Challenge accepted.
It's on, bitchez.

You wanted Venezuela.
You're going to get Yugoslavia.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Mafz: Still Hard, Bro

Some sorry-ass tropes need taking out for a good beating with a lead pipe.
Here are four overdue for another thumping into toothless oblivion.

"CA and NFY run the country."
"The Constitooshun is a dead letter."
"Trump is a fraud."

CA has nearly 40M people, NYFS has about 20M.
NYC has only about 8.5M people.

And for reference, both states combined had about 10M Democrat votes in 2016 (2018 was even less than that), barely 15% of the vote total for Shrillary, and fewer than 8% of the total votes cast, despite being home to 20% of the US population. IOW, CA and NY are under-represented in voting tallies. So much for that meme.

As Casey Stengel used to say, “You could look it up.”

You can have your own opinions, but not your own facts.

Uncomfortable Reality #1 is that another 50M of your friends and neighbors in Flyover Fucktardia nearly elected Felonia von Pantsuit to the presidency. (Don't like it? Tough shit. Own it.)
The illegals voting hereabouts in Califrutopia merely provided the margin of the totally irrelevant popular victory, while adding nothing to the electoral trouncing she actually got. Thanks for playing, and we have some lovely parting gifts for you.

Uncomfortable Reality #2 is that we can and did “vote our way out of this”, even by such a relative squeaker of fate, with a fractional and abysmal turnout, and as lackluster as the subsequent results have been. TINVOWOOT becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy only for people who insist on floating over the falls in a raft, and throwing the paddles overboard. The actual problem is not that TINVOWOOT, but that electing RINOs doesn’t get you anything more than voting for outright Ds.
WTF, didn’t you people pay attention to GHWB, Dole, Dubbya, McCrazy, and Romney? WTF is this still news to anyone??
And sitting at home with your head up your ass never wins elections.
(File that under : Duh!)

Uncomfortable Reality #3 is that that pesky old “worthless” Constitution, those idiot Founding Fathers, and their prescient wisdom, saved our collective asses yet again, but no one has the wit to note the obvious on that point. Sorry if anyone’s dogma got run over by reality’s karma. The yappy little mutt had it coming.

Uncomfortable Reality #4 is that unless a lot of jackholes who sit around the one day out of 1461 that it matters pull their tiny heads out of their fat asses, I would not expect a similar electoral miracle in 2020. (If they do wake the hell up, and concurrently send about 50 more small-g government Republicans to the Congress in 2020, instead of more big-government D-lite RINOs, along with re-electing Trump, and we start imprisoning people federally for election-stealing among other high crimes, we can talk. I’m not holding my breath.)

You have about 700 days to deal with what happens after that, assuming the likelier outcome.

Choose wisely.
Best Wishes.

And mind the molars scattered on the pavement.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Just Working A Lot

Upside: Working a lot.
Downside: Working a Lot.

As we watch the progtards steal one senate race, and work on making it two, it's not the dead Democrat voters that are the problem, nor even the hordes of illegal ones. It's the imaginary ones being manufactured out of whole cloth, as soon as they see how many votes they need to change the tally, and then not-so-magically produce those votes out of thin air two, three, five, ten days after the polls close.

So you can imagine what 2020 is going to look like.

And if they do this to POTUS then, and hold the coup at the vote counting stations, if that doesn't start open civil war, then Srsly:
What's left for anyone to fight for?
Why bother?

If you'll watch them steal your country, eyes glazed over and mouths agape, you may as well just change parties, and get ready for the non-stop rogering of the nation from then on out, because it only gets worse for you demographically after that.

The only way to get them out of power at that point is going to be by voting out of the barrels of guns. (Why is it, d'ya suppose, that despite that tack getting them kicked out of congress in 1994, the first thing they chose to go for this time, before Alzheimer's Nan even gets the Speaker's gavel, is draconian gun bans? Didja figure that was a coincidence? They're planning on disarming you, and then Marxism and boxcars, just like everywhere else, every time they take power, since 1918. We're Venezuela, two years before Chavez, right this minute.)

And everyone's just watching the train wreck unfold in slow-mo. And gawking.

Look to your last stand location, your pantry, and your ammo pile.
You'll have need of them all, and sooner rather than later.

The other side won't a take "No" for an answer, and as you're seeing day to day now, if they lose, they'll cheat their way to a win, and act like they won in a landslide.

And you'll do...what, exactly?

The pic above is the answer:
"We keep you alive to serve this ship. Row well, and live."
Plan B?

FL and AZ are just sitting there, at a time when it should have been torches and pitchforks, a week ago. Put all the lipstick on that pig you like, and best wishes with that plan.

Next time, it'll be TX and ten other states.

Tempus fugit.

Monday, November 12, 2018

I'm Here, At This Point

Go read this spot-on rant today at Gun Free Zone .
"I don’t want to divide up the country.  I don’t want to occupy New York City or San Francisco.  I just want to take the minority of outraged Radicals and build a monument to freedom with their skulls."
If someone posted that next Wednesday at noon was National Housecleaning Day, and gunfire broke out at that point within earshot, I can't tell you I wouldn't join in the festivities.

I can tell you that for anyone who joined in, everything after the first shot is essentially free, (you can only hang a man once, after all) and the things that would stop anyone at that point would be only their own death, a lack of ammunition, or a dearth of further targets, and nothing less.

With CA, AZ, GA, and FL, we're watching Democrat BAMN tactics subvert multiple federal and state elections, openly, brazenly, and entirely free of any sort of fear of consequences or repercussions.

They aren't even bothering to try and hide it. h/t Xenophilic blog

At that point, this is no longer even a country, just a banana republic, and the answer to that is lead travelling at muzzle velocity, not only philosophically to a moral certitude, but every time things devolve to that point in world history to date.

The Democrat Party is willing to burn America down in order to steal it, and they are now the open enemy of the state and the people, and they're going to get their reply ballistically, not rhetorically. Once you're kissed in the forehead that way, there is no further reply. Nature is brilliantly subtle like that.

Nothing less will suffice any longer, unless I read tomorrow that entire counties of their operatives have been rounded up in mass arrests for federal prosecution for election tampering, and are being tried in batches at the local stadium.

The only open question now is timing.

I'm not telling anybody to open that party, but I'm telling you that party's getting opened, and once the genie's out of the bottle, all bets about how long, how widespread, and how bloody are rampant speculation based more on hope than reality.

We had a country.

One side has consistently refused to live under the rules of that country.

They are about to reap the consequences of that course of action, in a Darwin Award-winning manner, and it's liable to be the Third Punic War for them, their families, and anyone carrying water for them, before the dust settles, whether it happens in dribs and drabs, or all at once from coast to coast.

But the match and the fuse are about to have a fateful meeting.


Before we get there, though, TLDavis has a suggestion.

My thoughts on that:

Before we get to “massive social unrest”, what does it take for people to start dropping wrenches in the gears of everyday life?

Think about it:

How many stop lights a day can crews replace?
What happens to traffic when all the ones within two miles of Douchebag Central get shot out, one at a time, and every intersection in all directions is now a 4-way stop?

How many suspicious packages can the Bomb Squad handle simultaneously?
What about if left on major arteries into downtown?
At rush hour?
What happens if one of them goes off first, to show they’re not all just for looks?

What if a few barrels of chemicals and hazmat get spilled, “accidentally”?
On major highways? Or at bridges and tunnels and other natural chokepoints?

What happens when some thoughtful souls all decide to shove 5# of rags into every toilet in a public building?
Or just dump a coffee can or two of Readycrete there?
Or, both?
And pull the fire alarms on their way out?

And then do the same thing at the local university?
What happens when you dump 10K college kids out of classes all at once?

Who do you call when persons unknown shoot a length of wire across all the high tension power lines a block away in each direction?
Or saws through the poles an inch a day, until one day a gust of wind kicks up, and fate takes a hand?
What happens when all the locks are epoxied closed on a long weekend?
At the Welfare Office?
You’re going to protect every public building, everywhere, 24/7/365/forevermore?

How many pounds of Bondo and limburger cheese or expanding foam does it take to kill an ATM?
What happens when you hit every ATM for miles?
What if you do the same thing to city parking meters?

How hard is it to jark a card key reader so no one can get into the parking lot?
Or disable the swing arm gates?

What happens when people start dropping tire-killing caltrops around whenever the mood strikes?
What if they were painted black, and left at the driveways to the police stations?
Or the city maintenance vehicle yards?

What if people started setting up random sandbag and cone “detours” around town, just to f**k with traffic flow?

We haven’t even gotten to the WWII resistance tactics of screwing with signs, street addresses, etc.

So when everything comes to a halt, and the Krooked Korruptocrats can’t even get to work, and don’t have time to steal an election, and the city or cities in question are in total chaos, and you have no one to arrest, or investigate, or question, and there hasn’t been a single casualty, or a single bullet fired, then what?

What happens when Phase II becomes taking the pain to private enterprise?
Especially those corporate entities that have funded the Communists and TPTB?
And the NGOs and “community organization” douchenozzles trying to replace you demographically?

And nobody’s had to wait for “massive social unrest”.

In fact, they’ve instigated it.

And you haven’t blown up the power lines into the whole city.
Just the ones going to City Hall.
Or the Vote Stealing Office.
Or the Welfare Desk.

Civilization is a fragile thing.
The myriad and multitudinous ways it can be screwed with make any defense recockulously impossible.
That sword cuts both ways.

Ponder what happens if you let the bastards know that burning up the social contract has consequences in both directions.
Just that.
They’ll get the message.
Via megaphone.

And long before we get to blood in the streets, and at no cost to your economic livelihood.

Snipers are always more economical than artillery or carpet-bombing.

Just A Coincidence, I'm Sure

h/t CMBlake's blog

On the left, where the illegal aliens live.
On the right, the blue areas on the electoral map.
Almost 100% correlation.
But illegals don't vote. We know this, because the Democrat Party press corps totally independent media tells us it's so, after reading studies from the Usual Communist Indoctrination Centers college and university social science departments filled with frothing rabid Leftard Kool-Aid slurpers unbiased academic bastions of truthiness.

Sheer coincidence? Not bloody likely.
This is why Voter ID laws are like crucifixes to Democrats, and why a Wall is the end of the Democrat Party in 30 years.

Gypsies use crystal balls to read the future.
Folks with common sense just open their eyes.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

A Hundred Years On

An appropriate air: