Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Jillette™ : Razors For Little Bitches Gets A Lesson In Capitalism

h/t Grouchy Old Cripple

Since apparently everyone at Jillette Pussy Products™ was asleep the day the business econ 101 professor was teaching about Adam Smith's "invisible hand" of the marketplace, he may have mentioned somewhat that it frequently comes in the form of a bitchslap from your competitors.

Barbasol's brilliant ad, above, and old but newly current, just left stinging red hand prints on Jillette™'s face.
On both sides.

Jillette™ will shortly rank behind Lady Schick in men's razor sales, in all likelihood. They may as well sponsor revivals of RuPaul's Drag Race and Queer Eye For The Straight Guy over on Bravo!, because they're done as a men's product company, unless they walk this disaster back, with cleats, over their own bleeding manginas. 

And while we're giving GOC props, here's some more payback come a'calling:

Economics = Math x Common Sense

Go read McThag's crayon-on-napkin simple and clear explanation of why minimum wage laws are both wrong, and stupid, based on bog-simple cause and effect. This time from the Florida perspective.

Seriously, even Democrats should be able to follow such a blisteringly simple exposition.
(They'll still fail the pop quiz on it in a week, but that's from short attention span problems, not a deficit in their basic ability to grasp something, however fleetingly.)

When you ratchet the price of labor up, you drive the cost of the product up. This drives demand for it down. And it doesn't force businesses to sell things for less, it forces them to fire more workers, until they reach the nirvana of no employees, or as nearly as they can come to achieving that goal, to bring costs back down and recapture the lost demand of higher wages for a zero-value entry-level McJob.

$15/hr x 0 hours/wk = $0/wk.

Well-played, SJW retards. Good luck finding a $15/hr job with zero marketable skills.

And btw, this is true for all entry-level employment.
I've run into 100-hr EMT wunderkinds who cannot grasp their location on the medical employment totem pole hierarchy, and haven't figured that when the demand is $15/hr, the response will be to make EMT-Paramedic the entry level training required standard just to get into the field, and/or push all those jobs over to the public sector, as the only entity that can afford them, which will screen out white males at a 100% ratio in preference for box-checking diversity hires.
And if you don't think your jobs driving an ambulance will be replaced by guys driving for Lyft and Uber, neither you nor the cab drivers' local have been paying attention.
Some guy named Habib or Julio will get the same EMT card, and undercut you and your wages, and there'll be fuck-all you'll be able to do to stop it.
(Except apply at Lyft or Uber for their soon-to-be-announced medical transport category, which $15/hr wages and the consequent caterpillar motion of the entire wage chain will drive, exactly like all rising tides do.)
The days of walking in and getting a job will be over forever, and apprenticeship, tools, and actual skills will be required for everything.
What's that look like?
Google the unemployment rate in France.
Then look at their productivity per capita.
This sort of socialistic happy-gas is how you strangle an economy.
And when there's less actual workers, the gravy train of unemployment dries up faster and faster, like a drought in a desert.
On a macro scale?
You're about to learn the lessons your grandparents tried to teach you.

Schmohawk Tribe...Or Fauxhawk?

h/t IOTW Report

Big Chief Fullashit: busted. Just a reservist Brig Rat.

Color us shocked:

Nathan Phillips, SJW busybody, and self-proclaimed "Marine Recon Ranger" (no such thing having ever existed) who started all the shit with a bunch of well-behaved Catholic high school kids minding their own business not only lied about the incident, as the last several days' videos have documented, but he's also not a Vietnam vet.

Just a shitbird.
Seems Don Shipley, a retired Navy SEAL BMC and Stolen Valor hunter, has FOIA'ed Phillips' DD214, and the truth now comes to light:

From Twitter:
 The truth on per DD214 fm 
A poseur assassin 
Not a Vietnam vet
Served in USMC 72-76
Drumroll please
Refrigerator mechanic
not a "Recon Ranger"
& the big finish
Wow. Like nobody could've seen that coming. This guy was a career E-1 REMF, and the closest he ever got to Vietnam was looking at a map of it in National Geographic. While under military confinement.

There's nothing wrong with serving in peacetime, or in the reserves, or even as a refrigerator mechanic. Just not while claiming to be a war veteran with special operations combat arms creds.

The Marines were out of Nam for good when Phillips was just 16, and when he did get in, he was not only a reservist maintenance pogue rather than any kind of combat arms, but he was a fuck up even at that. Hence being discharged after 4 years at the same grade as a basic recruit.

Well-played, Leftard sociopath.

We haven't seen anything like this from the Leftards since...well...since John Kerry shot himself in the face with his own grenade, awarded himself another Purple Heart, etc., and then applied to GTFO of Nam too.

There's something about being shitbags in uniform, and then going Democrat, almost like being a douchebag was a lifelong sentence.

We're waiting to hear that, exactly like Elizabeth Warren, he's also 1/1024th American Indian.

Once a Fauxhawk, always a faux hawk.

And the lunatard Left eats this stuff up and swallows it whole, because they haven't got the common sense God gave a jackass, nor two brain cells to track it back before running with it.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

January Ebola Update

Just checking in, nothing really major.
TL;DR: Same-same, trending to really bad eventually. 
But it's been 21 days since my last update, so here's where it stands:

They've now vaccinated over 60,000 people in the area of DRC overrun with Ebola.
That, and that alone, is the only reason the outbreak there is still "only" into triple digits, instead of being the West Africa Ebola Outbreak of 2014, and racking up tens of thousands. Those vaccinated represent the 60,000 victims who would have probably been in the infected and dead tally now, except the experimental vaccine appears to work pretty flawlessly, AFAWK.

Despite that one small sliver of hope, per the latest (14 January 2019) WHO report, they've had an additional 100+ cases (a 20% total increase in 3 weeks), the suspected cases now become confirmed with near 100% certainty in a week or two, the actual kill ratio (dead now versus infected 21 days ago) is still running at 75%, not the happy-gas 60% number which they (WHO and Wikistupidia) keep putting out, despite knowing that the disease doesn't kill people instantly, but takes 2-3 weeks or so to do the job, and the areas that are listed as the longest number of days with the fewest new reported cases are also the ones where the health workers have been chased out by armed militias, no one's tracking contacts there because they cannot, the treatment centers have been burned, and bodies of victims have been stolen back from quarantine by relatives for the traditional let's-rub-our-hands-on-Grandpa's-Ebola-festered-corpse funeral preparations.

In short, the data is best there because it's missing entirely.
Africa wins again.

Meanwhile, the newest case is in an area 50 miles west of the furthest spread before now, IOW their half-assed Congolese quarantine and travel checkpoint scheme is working about like you'd expect (i.e. not at all), and so this is spreading towards the megapolii in the interior of the country, and should pop up in a major international city any time in the next couple of months, unless the universe shows a level of concern for our species hitherto absent for several billion years.

The only other happy news is that the bordering countries, under no illusions how bad Ebola would be, have instituted pretty draconian restrictions where they can, and the outbreak is slackening in the eastern border regions somewhat.

Unfortunately, that temporary slackening could be undone by even one infected person from the hotter zones hopping in a cab, or driving a truck there, or taking a walk through the jungle off the paved roads, and starting the fire anew overnight, which no one will know about for 10-21 days, when the new case finally hits the tracker map.

In short, the whole central African clown show continues to keep festering along, until it hits some target-rich environment, and gets out of the bottle again. Like it does.

At current course and speed, we hit a Level 10 on the 34-Level Ebola Panic Meter by end of February.
Concerning (still) but not really a big deal.

I remain confident that WHO and DRC can manage to royally f**k humanity yet, and turn this into another true pandemic catastrophe, but clearly the vaccine is hampering their usual incompetence to a very small degree.

Enjoy that while it lasts.

If we assume the people getting vaccinated are definitionally the luckier/smarter percentage, perhaps Ebola can cull the stupid 10%, and burn itself out, before it takes ahold in even more populous teeming slums in the bigger cities. Those would be the ones with international airports.

Friday, January 18, 2019

Day Whatever Of The "Who Cares?" Shutdown

President Trump is a few days away from being able to lay off hundreds of thousands of "non-essential" government workers permanently, at a penstroke.

Which is a fine start.

And at that point, there's no longer any shutdown. Just the Trump administration saving millions of tax dollars daily, going forward.

If the Dems cave, Trump wins. If they don't cave, Trump wins.

The Dumbocrats have slugged this tar baby with both fists and both feet, and now they don't know what to do. And even their own side knows they're idiots.

Stock up on popcorn and refreshments.

The day Trump tells 800,000 "non-essential" government workers "You're fired!", he cements the 2020 GOP nomination. {Google: Reagan/PATCO if you're unclear on this.}
No Republican president back to Coolidge ever dared do as much.
The day the Dems cave and give him any funding for a wall, he locks up the 2020 general election.

Dear Queen Alzheimer's: Don't like more President Trump? This shutdown is how you get more President Trump.

Looks like your boondoggle trip isn't the only thing shot down and grounded by the President. This is what happens when the Speaker of the House tries to play high-stakes poker with a deuce-level mind against the King of Diamonds.

And as this drags on, he's as likely to say "No, sorry, $5B was the offer last month. But with layoffs, I've freed up tons of government money going forward. Now the offer is $10B for the Wall, or nothing. Next month, it's $20B. Your move. -click-"

I haven't seen anyone do anything as gloriously stupid as this shutdown standoff since 30M illegals decided to show us "A Day Without A Mexican", and the freeway traffic was the lightest it's been here in 20 years.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Don Draper Dropped This Off On His Way To Work...

And if P&G needs to dust off a spokeshole for their brand of New Coke©, we hear that Bill Cosby isn't doing much these days.

Which makes the upcoming tie-in to Jello Soy-flavored Pudding Pops a slam dunk.

More proof we nailed this answer yesterday:
From 0:20:20ff-1:02:30

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Man-Bashers: Go F--- Yourselves

From Dick's stepping on theirs, to twenty other companies, we've seen business after business crap on themselves and blow off all their toes to join the SJW jackhole crusade.

I've been shaving with Gillette razors since...ever.

I'm still rocking a pair of Atra handles I've had since Carter was president, and I can still find the 2-blade refills for them, without needing the newest 87-blade contraption.
(If anybody wants them, they're now in the dumpster out back.)

Then the infamous recent Gillette "F**k Men" ad came out.

Because nothing wows your customer base like crapping on their heads and scolding them for something they didn't do.

I just got home with two new Harry's Razors, and two boxes of refill blades.
And the guy at the knife shop has a fine selection of single-bladed straight razors.

Gillette is dead to me. I need them like fish need bicycles.

All y'all can do whatever you want.
I hope the corporate ninnies who okayed this nonsense take some Procter & Gamble pussypants corporate SJW VP out behind Wall Street, and shoot him in the face.

It'll still be too late.

And since I'm not watching the NFL the last couple of years, I don't have to worry about seeing these sorts of jackassical ads either.

How's that for cutting close to the skin, @$$holes?

Get woke. Go broke.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Can You Do This? Even Though He Never Did. UPDATED!

h/t Weasel Zippers

Sgt. Pathological liar. Soon to be E-1 in the stockade.

Looks like somebody was paying attention in Buddy Aid training periods.
Looks like somebody is going to the stockade under Article 134 of the UCMJ:

 (F Troop) Sgt. Trey Troney was making his way home to Raleigh, Mississippi, from Fort Bliss, Texas, for a holiday break when he happened upon a crashed truck on the side of the highway in Sweetwater, according to a Wednesday release from the Army.
He imagined he found Jeff Udger slumped over the steering wheel, and upon returning to his command, came up with a monstrous whopper of a tale, claiming to have reacted immediately to save a life, using his military training. In fact, local rescue teams arrived, and transported the victim, without any help or further intervention by Sgt. Pinocchio.
Army officials have retracted the whole ball of bullshit, and apologized to all concerned. Apparently, the idea of checking and verifying that barracks room bullshit tales of derring-do ever occurred never dawned on the Ft.Bliss Army PIO officers (there's a bunch of no-loads begging for reassignment to something like burning shitters, after letters of reprimand and career-ending spot OERs), nor to the short-bus staff at the Army Times, which is to actual journalism what military music is to actual music.
In all likelihood, no copies of Basic Journalism will be handed out for a crash refresher course, and none of these incompetent bozos will be fired, but with any luck, Sgt. Troney-Baloney will, in short order, become Pvt. E-1 Troney, followed by a few months of confinement to contemplate the error of his ways, and a Bad Conduct Discharge to remember his Army service with shame. What a fucking douchebag.

 This is the sort of thing for which the Army routinely awards the Big Chicken Dinner, i.e. a BCD: Bad Conduct Discharge, which is one step above "Dishonorable".

There shouldn't be anyone in Troney-Baloney's chain of command who shouldn't be happy to endorse this case to a general court martial, with all haste.

So, ignoring this douchebaggery by a pathetic little are your first aid skills? And what kind of med kit is riding shotgun in your vehicle right now? The basic point of this post was to remind folks to be prepared, and one little shit's pathological Walter Mitty fantasies notwithstanding, the greater point remains in full effect.

It's a new year. Maybe time to go over any deficiencies in either area, and get that squared away today.

Now enjoy a little Sunday Friday music:

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Yeah, About That "0 Miles" B.S....

h/t Conservative Treehouse

Once again proving that getting your information on what's going on at the actual border from Ann Coulter, living in NYFC, or the MSM, HQ'ed in NYFC, probably isn't the best way to keep up with what's actually happening on the border with effing Mexico.

So much for idiotic and jackassical "0 miles built" tweets.

We told you this months ago, but apparently the RNC has suddenly realized there was an information gap.

So as usual, you can believe ABCNNBCBS, and Ann Coulter's inaccurate whinging; or your lying eyes.

Dear Mr. President:

Please keep the non-essential parts of government shut down until Queen Alzheimers and Chuck U cough up another $5-10B for this wall. Even if it takes until 2021.

Having a border is what makes us a country, instead of the world's sucker.

The United States Of America