Thursday, September 13, 2018

...Hence The Term "Sh*tweasels"

h/t Scratching To Escape

Color me shocked: Number Two (how apropos) Congressional shitweasel with a nominal (R) after his name tries to blame political violence on both sides. Even after taking a rifle bullet through his literal ass from a deranged Democrat leftard moonbat:
 (MORDOR ON THE POTOMAC) "Unless more leaders speak out against this violence, it will only continue. Instead of calling for harassment, we need more leaders in both parties to condemn this rhetoric and the violent actions of their supporters.
We cannot afford to sit on the sidelines of this issue. I am calling on everyone, whether Republican or Democrat, to call out violent actions and violent rhetoric. If you have to resort to violence, you’re probably losing the argument.
Let’s return to civility, for the sake of our democracy."
Best of luck with the white flag "both sides are equivalent" horseshit, Congressturd Scalise.

Newsflash from 1944: "Normandy invasion a success. Allies call for both sides to stop fighting." -said no newspaper or Allied general ever.

This kind of sophomoric false equivalency virtue-signaling is why people voted President (Not My Guy) Trump in, passing up thirteen of your pussilanimous pussy cronies and fellow namby-pamby Pollyanna douchecanoes to get to him, and have turned their back on business-as-usual Marquess-of-Queensbury-Rules-waving backstabbers like you, and your whole RINO "Dying With Dignity, and Losing With Pride" faux-conservativism of the last 30 years.
Strong message follows.

So get this straight, Congressman Assbag:

I'm not "promoting" violence, I'm promising it.

There will be no unilateral disarmament.
And there will be no unilateral "return to civility".
It's a binary value: either everybody does it, or nobody does it.
Trying that any other way is suicidal.

And if you want to leave politics and enter the priesthood or work at the UN, well...DLTDHYITAOYWO.

And best wishes peacemaking at Gettysburg wearing blue trousers and a grey jacket. When you get shot from both sides, like you deserve, don't come bellyaching to anyone. You made your casket, so go and lie in it. If you're lucky, given the other side's rhetoric, and your past experience, it'll only be a political one, not an actual one.

The rules of political violence have been laid out plainly here for centuries:
Don't start nothin', won't be nothin'.

Open the ball, however, and you can expect to leave on a shutter, feet first.

Easy peasey.

Rep. Scalise is hypocritically mouthing PC pablum from the shadow of his wheelchair, if he forgets so soon the two guys who used violence on his behalf, by plugging the lone gunman that put an AK bullet through his hips and left him bleeding and crippled on the softball field, waiting for the coup de grace shot. Pity they hadn't taken the "no-violence" pledge a year earlier, huh?

So he's either a moron, or a hypocrite.
Given his job, it's impossible to select from two such likely choices.
And, let's be honest, nothing says he cannot be both.

There's only one side screaming to go out and start violence. For nearly two years now, non-stop, and ever more boldly by the day.

The other side is simply vowing to finish it.

Even in an election year, if Scalise is too mealy-mouthed to acknowledge that obvious truth, then he was obviously shot two feet lower than what he needed or deserved. He would've made a better martyr than a spokeshole, but fate decreed otherwise. More's the pity. Andrew Breitbart is dead, and we're stuck with slugs like this guy.

So maybe, just maybe, instead of knee-jerk passing out flowers and prayer beads, and holding a candlelight kumbayah party, just say thank you to the guys who used violence to save your worthless hide, and then stop shitting on your own side's head, as if they're in any way to blame for two years of TDS, tantrums, and flinging their diaper-spackle while threatening literal beheading, and actually trying to kill people. Have your staffers call the GOP guy running for Congress in NorCal who was almost stabbed this weekend by another Leftard fruitcake, and then go pour yourself a big, steaming hot cup of STFU, eh? As if your self-promoting virtue-signaling will suddenly make the PR wing of the Democrat Party over at ABCNNBCBS suddenly fall to their knees and slobber over your worthy sandals for being the Gandhi of Mordor.

In case you haven't been keeping up with current events (and this sort of tripe makes it clear you were in a coma, and still are) the days of this sort of happy horseshit are OVER. We need a wartime consigliere, and we're going to have to go to the mattresses. Very possibly for real. Guys like you need a fishing trip with Fredo, or a straight razor and a warm bath. Yours is not a voice of calm. Yours is the voice of psychotic delusion.

Pussies like you would be worth voting out of office forever, if not for the spectre of Nancy Of Alzheimer's waiting in the wings to dethrone your chickenshit Speaker just in time for Christmas, which is why Speaker Quisling is leaving town one step ahead of the posse.

I'm thinking that 7.62x39 bullet must've clipped your nut sack off too on the way through your pelvis; might wanna get that checked. And a stout board strapped to your back in lieu of your missing spine wouldn't go amiss either.

Then people might not identify you for the invertebrate jellyfish squish you so clearly are.

But at least maybe you can get to the finals in the John McCain/Benedict Arnold Medal competition for next year.

Just saying.

But hey, thanks a pantload for getting my blood pressure up, and my bile rising, this early in the day.
It's about all you walking colostomy bags are good for most days. All I can add is that if the GOP loses the House at the midterms, I hope your ass is out on the street the Wednesday morning after Election Day. No sense letting a thorough shitcanning go to waste, and clearly, your district could use the change, just like your soggy diapers.


Anonymous said...

The race for the douche canoes (nice term, hadn't heard that one in a while) seat in his district must be tightening up, thus why he's grandstanding to gain points with the electorate.

In a similar vein to your rant above, loved what SCJ Clarence Thomas had to say about Corey Booker's grandstanding "Spartacus moment" last week during the Kavenaugh hearings: “But as long as we're looking at our [own] interests, or scoring points, or looking cute, or being on TV ... Especially the legal system, how do we maintain it? If you can't debate hard issues honestly, with honor, with integrity, how do we keep a civil society?”


Anonymous said...

It was an SKS, but I get your point.

Aesop said...

Corrected. Thanks for the tip.

Knucklehead said...

I just wish you'd tell us how you really feel. You shouldn't hold back like this. Keeping things bottled up isn't healthy.

Aesop said...

If I could afford a billboard across from the House Office building where he works, an open letter in the WaPo, and skywriters over DC, I'd spring for them.

Douchey backstabbing crap like this is what's been killing the GOP, and the country, for three decades plus. He literally would have been better for everyone if he'd died at the scene of the shooting. How pathetic a life is that?

MMinAR said...

I'm surprised to see this from Scalise, he had come across as solid. WTF happens to these people when they go to DC?

When I lived in CO, a Congressman not from my district, Tom Tancredo, would fill in for a local talk show guy that I enjoyed. The stories he would tell of the absolute BS that went on behind closed doors in the House were sick. Because of his outspoken stands and refusal to go along to get along, especially on immigration, he was relegated to the basement with no committee assignments. He had it after 3(?) terms.

He ran for Gov and was sabotaged from the get-go by the CO GOP, a truly disgusting piece of work. Despite that, he almost pulled it off. He would have been a fantastic Gov, would have certainly slowed down the REgressive nightmare in CO.

DAN III said...

I just received a SPAM text message (HTF do they get your cellphone # ?) from weasel Scalise telling (not asking) me to give to the Republiscammers or I will regret it !

Responded with "GFY Scalise". Not that it matters. He will never see my reply.