Wednesday, September 19, 2018

He's A Witch!

This embiggens.

"In logic and science, that which can be proven is true. That which can be disproven is false. That which cannot be proven is questionable. That which cannot be disproven is a belief, which is not science. At best, that's a legal-historical test, and there must be evidence to render a fair verdict. So when you want a hearing where the proposition has no evidence, and relies upon belief or doubt of the principle expressed based on will o' the wisp sympathies and pathos, rather than facts and a preponderance of evidence, what you're doing is either an inquisition, or a witch's trial." -Aesop
 Or, a Senate hearing, which amounts to the same thing.

And following all historical precedent, the prosecution always provides the carrot for your nose.


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Nori said...

Ronan Farrow has dived into the liberal slut sewer and found a Yale classmate who claims Kavanaugh waved his naughty parts in her drunken slut face at a drunken slut party. She was reeeally drunk,and there were lots of people at the party,and her memories are “hazy”, but the drunken slut registered Democrat is super positive it was Kavanaugh. Swearsies!

This shitshow is as obvious as a cockroach on a white rug. It was planned well in advance,and is being rolled out to stall or possibly deep-6 his confirmation.
And once again,the Republicans are hapless,helpless,spineless, and flaccid.

PDJT needs to drop several MOABs on the DC sewer rats,starting with chi-com Feinstein. Like,YESTERDAY.