Thursday, September 13, 2018

Florence Update

HEADLINE: Camp Lejeune being evacuated.

Yeah, they're evacuating the dependents and non-essential personnel, and telling civilian workers to stay home.

Meanwhile, the guys on active duty, with nowhere to go, will likely be filling water jugs and canteens, wearing K-pots and IBA anytime they leave the barracks, pushing wall lockers up against the glass windows, and hunkering down until it blows over.

And best of all, eating MREs 3X a day until further notice.
Ask me how I know.

Best wishes if you're anywhere close to this, and I hope it keeps sputtering down.


Jess said...

I imagine they'll have their work cut out for them after the storm. There will be plenty of cleanup to participate in, and the Cajun Navy will be around to give them some pointers.

Anonymous said...

Not to be a party pooper, but isn't General Mattis famous for being the unmarried warrior monk?

Aesop said...

Not famous enough, apparently. Y'know, it's always the littlest nits that you don't scrupulously double-check that trip you up. Thanks for the tip. Lemme get out my Magic Meme Wand and fix that...

dmv gringo said...

Ahh, that picture smells like "BUD/S".

The Gray Man said...

MREs three times a day?


I can tell you that when you're down to eating MREs as your sole sustenance, the Army is currently, usually, only giving enlisted soldiers TWO of those things per day. I know that's really unit specific, but that's been the case at Fort Hood, Fort Stewart and Fort Rucker, the most recent occurrence being in July of this year, and June of this year before that, all the way back to circa 2012 at Hood, with a sprinkling of 'Stan somewhere in the middle.

In the morning they hand you your two for the day. If you're lucky, they're handing them to you while you're in the hot breaksfast line. Otherwise, there is no breakfast. Just a lunch MRE and a dinner MRE.

Aesop said...

Trust me, the science was far less refined in the early '80s, and there weren't enough calories in 2/day to sustain a kid in middle school, let alone an adult male.

The old C-rats tasted like hell, but at least they filled you up.