Sunday, September 30, 2018

Civic Nationalists, Nero, and The Foxes

Both directly and via link-posting at WRSA, our attention was drawn to Z-man's latest.
It isn't all right, and it isn't all wrong.
But for reference purposes of the discussion, RTWT. It only takes about 2 minutes.

The current state is gravity, working, since the Immigration & Nationality Act of 1965, and the Amnesty of 1986. The floodgates were opened for "Diversity", not merit.
Everything else is two generations of proof that demographics are destiny.

White South Africa was doomed the minute they didn't treat their indigenous problem the way everyone else in world history did.

In case no one told you, no one builds a nation composed of part terraforming colonists, and part acid-blooded Aliens. But only in sci-fi is reality placed so starkly. And Paul Reiser's character has been the Dem leadership and the GOPe CoC types, since ever.

If Oz let aborigines become 98% of their population, or lets the Indonesian muzzies get to that point, they'll suffer the same fate as the SAfricans.

So will we.

There's nothing wrong, per se, with civic nationalism.
There's a problem pretending it exists when you both raise and import a huge and fecund demographic that neither believes in it, nor holds allegiance to it.

It becomes even more manifest when they seek to vote their way into power, and you stand around watching right up until Kristallnacht.
(And nota bene, if your collective response at that point is to form an orderly line at the train station, and sew yellow stars on your jacket, you deserve everything that happens to you afterwards. Everything.)

It's also why democracies never work, but republics do.
Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.
A Republic is the sheep with an AR reminding the wolves to sod off.

At some point in that example, the population either drops to one, or by one.

We're almost at the point.
Which way our history forks is an open question.

The biggest mistake of the democracy-pushers is assuming that real life is the analogy.
Because we aren't sheep, they aren't wolves, we can count, and we're perfectly willing to try this experiment again, minus any wannabe wolves. And two headshots, and democracy is a whole new ballgame, henceforth.

If you want it non-PC, if this nation was only the white 'burbs, the crime rate is Lichtenstein. The biggest issue is what to do with the wheelbarrows of cash, and all that leisure time.

If it becomes the Diversity Ghettoes, it becomes Brazil, or Mogadishu. The issue becomes surviving another 24 hours.

Ain't nobody sitting still for that.
The only issue is whether the still-majority waits until the machete-wielding Hutu mobs start showing up to culturally enrich us all, before they take an active interest.

You will find no enthusiasm hereabouts for wearing a white hood and burning crosses. That idea is a non-starter. And there are, in fact, quite a number of Americans who didn't happen to be born here. We've met them, and they're really a thing.

To quote Sgt. Buster Killrain, "Any man who judges by the group is a peawit."

But if the other side insists on acting like a tribe instead of a republic of free individuals, they're going to jump start things in an awful hurry, your skin will become your uniform, and voting lists will become a weapon. Mark my words.

Anyone too stupid to see the lower elevation of this slippery slope deserves the chance to explore its nether end first-hand. Unfortunately, many brighter than that will too.

Anything you can do to level that slope, or backfill it, is a service to the republic.
If you have to finally fill it in with the corpses of those pushing you and yours towards it, so be it.
And that includes those who want to burn everything down now, just to jump-start what comes next.
An arsonist is an arsonist, not a friend, nor an ally.

Samson famously tied torches to foxes' tails to create chaos and destruction amidst the enemy.
It's a valuable military and political lesson, and one helluva funny tactic.
Oh, and they burned his wife and father-in-law in response.

But pay further attention: he did not afterwards gather those foxes into his arms, dote on them, and put them in his chicken coop as a valued member of the household.

Those of you itching to tie a torch to your tail, and turn yourselves loose on society, mark it well:
I'll be just as happy to nail your hide to the barn door come morning, just like always.

The lesson of urban renewal via Nero burning Rome is a warning, not a handbook.
And anybody itching to napalm a country to save it is not your friend nor mine.

If you can't wait for civil apocalypse to throw out the baby and the bathwater, you've come to the wrong shop, and you're not going to like what happens to you after that.
The impatient, the small-minded, and the half-assed revolutionaries aren't going to fare well, now, or hereafter. If you aren't smart enough to fight smart, best stay on the porch, and behind the keyboard.


Grog said...

Regarding your thought on the torch, here's one example that you may know of already:

These "people" believe that what they are calling for can be controlled, and they have no idea how wrong they are.

Aesop said...

I expect Leftards to fuck this up by the numbers.
It's what they do.
It isn't going to work out the way they think.

But there is a non-zero quantity of mouth-breathers nominally on our side who can't wait for this to start, and would be happy to throw some gasoline on the fire to give it a nudge.

They are as big a problem as the soy-bois from Antifa.
Bigger, even, because they'll blunder into open warfare, without thinking through "What next?", nor even realizing that there is a "next".

The guy who shoots the bear in self-defense is fine.
Even the guy who has cause to go hunting it.

But the guy who goes into the bear's den just to piss on its head is not my ally; he's just being a jackhole, and when he gets what he has coming, I won't be coming to his rescue.

Knowing that you're going to have to defend yourself at some point, and then having a plan to go from that defense, all the way to wiping out Carthage, is the difference between strategy, and being a bumblefuck.

We have far too many bumblefucks, on both sides.

Grog said...


Lee Van Queef II said...

The author states two premises apart from the "civ-nat" mischaracterization. The first is completely wrong. The second is accurate. The second is now and has always been America's center of gravity.

The people putting him through that ordeal don’t look like you. They don’t believe what you believe.

Blacks historically vote socialist/democrat, i.e., gibs (gibsmedat) but turned out in greater numbers for Affirmative Action Obama, a commie, because of tribe. Mestizos voted the same; gibs. If two blacks ran for POTUS, one a commie, one an individualist you know coloreds would vote for the commie every single time. Plus up with identity political social engineering, bam you get whitey voting black commie.

Communist whites agitated by commie whites, normed by commie whites, miseducated by commie whites will vote....wait for it....wait....the Socialist ticket.

Go to an Anqueefa rally, it's at least 90% commie caucasians. Its namesake was formed in 1933 Germany as a communist street gang, probably by National Socialists just to have a reason to fight in the streets. Idiots. Commie idiots.

The communist enemy has done this since Russian Bolshevism 1917. We literally have to push against 100 years of communist indoctrination, it ain't going to change overnight. Those of us here will be long dead if and when it does.

I am encouraged by the last two years. Whitey is fed up and "woke."

It's going to be a struggle. I agree those agitating to "step of the porch" are probably Feds, idiots or pink swastikas looking to dress up in polished boots, fake medals and pretty uniforms to suck cock at a jew roundup, just as much an enemy of the Long War as any commie.

That's okay, I've got a lifetime of rifle hits and kit to service them all if necessary.

Anonymous said...

Aesop. Remember the link I sent you to the blog that had Dr fords yearbook? It’s being scrubbed and the blog is no longer there:


Anonymous said...

I'm with you - and Buster Likes on on this one (though I must note that Buster also says ; "...damn all 'gentlemen'" so he like many of us has his inconsistencies). I've known a number of Americans that didn't and don't look like me.
I am getting a trifle weary of folks bashing "ma constitooshun" - I've taken numerous paths to "support and defend" and don't recall an end date on any of them. I don't propose that simply because we haven't started slitting the throats of enemies domestic that the document is useless.
I'll bide my time and WILL defend mine own. If some provocateur doesn't like that he can and off.
Boat Guy

Anonymous said...

Gorram "spelling" mis-function; "oaths" not "paths".
Idiot machine

Anonymous said...

Apparently the machine thinks "sod" is spelled "and"

Aesop said...


Color me shocked. The cat's out of the bag though.

Anonymous said...

I am not as interested in how it kicks off; there are enough idiots bashing flint against steel in the powder magazine with about 8 dozen different fuses laying around. It doesn't much matter which idiot lights which fuse...the results are the same and at this point inevitable.

I would be very interested in you expanding your thoughts about what comes after dieversity wiping out whites in some neighborhoods, commie white wiping out NAZI's (any non-commie) whites in other neighborhoods, Generic leftists being wiped or driven out in other neighborhoods. Your thoughts on how we go from localized chaos to having a plan to 'wipe out Carthage' would be of much interest.

lineman said...

I'll bide my time and WILL defend mine own. If some provocateur doesn't like that he can and off.
The Constitution was made by men who defended or fought for more than just their own though...They fought for something greater than themselves individually...If we wait until we are just defending our own then we will have already lost and at that point just surviving...I'm not saying let's kick it off I'm saying we need to get organized so if it does kick off we have a fighting chance...I nominate Aesop for our PR spokesman and Chief of Staff...