Saturday, September 8, 2018

Fire Her, Then Light Her Up

h/t Irish

So, a Dallas PD douchebadgette "walks" into the wrong apartment after her shift (we call that breaking and entering for mere mortals), gets into a verbal altercation with the rightful resident (disturbing the peace), shoots him (aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon), and he dies (murder in the second degree). That's murder with a firearm during the commission of a felony, under color of authority, which invokes both special circumstances and federal criminal civil rights violations as well.

So DPD decides to see if she was high or drunk, and put her on paid admin leave.

Instead of, say, arresting her on the spot, booking her for felony murder, and setting her bail at about $1M, like they would have if the citizen of color she wrongfully murdered for being in not-her-apartment were the offending party.

Here, let's break down the algorithm for that:
Did you shoot him? Yes.
Were you justified? No.
Were you then, in actual fact, in the act of committing a felony? Yes.
Okay, turn around, put your hands behind your back, you're under arrest for murder.
Easy peasey, just like it works everywhere else, for everyone else, going back some centuries, even several millennia.
We call that quaint custom "justice".

Clearly, DPD learned nothing from getting five officers terminated with extreme prejudice a couple years back, and are begging for another lesson. I hope they get it, and in spades. They'll deserve it. Obviously, the lesson still hasn't been driven home well enough to stick.

Lesson to everyone else, esp. in Texas: if someone enters your apartment, even by mistake, cut them down on the spot, no yakking, no second thoughts, just kill the fuckers. And then afterwards, there'll be your side of the story, and the corpse's side, and the corpse ain't sayin' much.

Stupid bint should be lucky to take LWOP in exchange for no death penalty, if she pleads guilty in the next 48 hours with no b.s or lawyering up. After that, line her up on the fast track to lethal injection. We'll see whether Texas is a republic, or a banana republic, by Monday morning. No points for guessing the outcome.

Oh, and last I Iooked, landlords cleverly put your apartment number/letter on the goddam door, so that even semi-blind fucktards tired from a long shift can read them before they break into the wrong one. Who knew, right?

"Avoid second-degree murder with this one weird your goddamned eyes!"

That's not "Oopsie!', that's murder, not mere manslaughter, and you get no more pass for that than when you run someone over while DUI.

She should be sitting in jail in a jumpsuit discussing a plea bargain to avoid lethal injection now, not walking around acting faux butthurt and broken up, or trying to gin up an alibi via a union-appointed shyster. If there was any honor in that department, the officers she works with would be presenting her severed head to a grand jury themselves, right now, and on a silver platter, by way of apology to both the victim's family, and the entire city of Dallas. When the yakuza have more honor and discipline than the police in your (or any other) town, your civilization is completely FUBAR'ed, and riding an express train to a biblical level of resetting. That train will arrive. You heard it here first.

Being a cop is a tough job. It's even tougher when you're stupid.
But it's tougher for everyone, cop or not, when you commit murder, and then TPTB treat you with kid gloves for fucking up in the worst way legally possible, instead of justly hammering your ass for killing people because you're too incompetent to be trusted with a firearm and a badge.

That means you get held to a higher standard of accountability than Joe Blow, not a lower one.

Don't like that?
Call the Waaahmbulance.

Then go sell shoes or become a cocktail waitress, and GTFO of taxpayer-paid employment.
If there are two standards of law in Texas instead of one for everybody, folks should simply take the privilege of capital punishment back into their own hands, and visit it on whomsoever they please.

And disarm their police officers, by law and custom.
If you can't be trusted to be armed, you lose the privilege of carrying arms as part of your employment.
Go five years without murdering people in their homes, and we can talk about restoring the privilege. Until them, you get a citation book and a pencil, and maybe a whistle.
Best wishes on making it to retirement.
Now you know how the dead guy in a pool of his own blood in apartment 3A feels, assholes, and specifically because Officer Suzie Fuckwit walked into his home and capped him, because she doesn't know where she lives. (Hint: maybe you guys should sew your names and addresses inside your underpants, just like mommy did for you when you were in kindergarten. Just saying. And if it's that bad at the hiring board, letting you have guns is right out, and completely off the table for further discussion.)

I'm old enough to remember when Sheriff Andy, Sgt. Friday, and Adam-12 weren't fictional characters. But you jack-booted thugs have killed that legacy, probably forever, and on purpose.

And when One Shot Paddy moves into your town to stay, and every day is a crap shoot whether you make it to lunch or not, don't come bitching to the citizens you're fucking over daily to take your side, like they owe you or something. It ain't happening, and you all are the reason.

Dollars to donuts they'll be the ones setting you up for culling, and happy to do it.

You shat in your bed, now you can lie in it.

If anybody, law enforcement or not, is really all broken up about how many decent and conscientious officers, and innocent citizens, will have to die because of this, qwitcherbitchin, and start weeding out the halfwits and thugs now.

With a machete and a wood chipper.

Nothing less than that will suffice any longer.

And when a couple of guys whose funerals hundreds of you LE folks will attend get a faceful of lead while eating a sandwich sitting in their black-and-whites, remember, it happened because you were too chickenshit to do the right thing when it was easy, and their blood will be on your hands.

Strike One!
Strike Two!
Strike Three!


joetote said...

"Being a cop is a tough job. It's even tougher when you're stupid."

Correct, but it's even worse when one considers the extremely lowered standards for hiring cops that are now in place all over the country. In their rush to be diverse, a term I hate by the way, they have created far to many situations like this.

Why on administrative leave? They need time to cover the departments as as to their complicity in this tragedy

Aesop said...

This is why I hope some earnest soul decides to gun a few more down.
Harsh, totally unfair, and cruel: Absolutely so. Exactly like what their officerette did to a innocent guy minding his own business in his own home until she killed him, because Police Are Never Wrong.

If they'd simply take her out behind the jail and shoot her, and present her severed head on a platter (no, not metaphorically) to the grand jury by way of apology, this kind of horseshit would cease forever in DPD by noon today.

If they fire everyone from the chief down tomorrow, and pay $100M liquidated damages, coupled with going back to the system before Diversity, I'd even relent, but they won't do that, so I suspect it's going to go on until they're all running for their lives ahead of a rabid mob, and shedding uniforms and basketweave leather gear as they run for the city limits, with surprised looks on their faces as to how it ever got like this, and wondering why everyone shoots at them every time they show their faces in public.


Anonymous said...

Per the news (Channel 11, DFW), worse than described. She was on the WRONG floor and the victim had a large RED door mat many signals does one need to know "Oops, sorry wrong apartment, my bad" and back out.....

Aesop said...

This is my shocked face.

Like I said, either her head presented on a platter, or sign her up for a "special circumstances" murder trial.

I'd also pass the word from the D.A. that any retaliatory evidentiary cock-ups by her butthurt colleagues afterwards would be indicted and prosecuted for accessory to murder after the fact, extortion, obstruction of justice, and criminal conspiracy.

40 years in the state pen as an ex-cop in general population takes all the fun out of the Blue Wall.

Anonymous said...

via Yahoo (even though I hate to link to that far left asshat site):

So maybe there will be justice, not justus?


MMinAR said...

She's not in custody. DPD said they will charge her with manslaughter.

Ahhh, got the night off, I'll make some popcorn and do a Netflix binge...oh, who's that at my door...


Aesop said...

This wasn't inadvertent. She brought a gun to a felony, and killed someone.
That's not manslaughter, it's murder.

Anonymous said...

Our son is a LEO. They can't find anyone with an IQ above 70 to apply for openings.
He's retiring early in a few years and can't wait.

At some point, cops will be getting themselves killed at an alarming rate, yet it's unlikely TPTB will put two and two together. They'll continue to blame gun owners.

Anonymous said...

"Harsh, totally unfair, and cruel: Absolutely so."
Well, as Francis Albert so beautifully sang, "That's Life".

0007 said...

Come on guys; cut the poor diversity-hire some slack. She probably can't read and her hand slipped off the red-button (that takes her to her floor) in the elevator.

lineman said...

This is what you get when cops are hired from bottom of the barrel...

TwoDogs said...

But really, given the constraints they have to operate under these days, who you gonna get to do the job but fuckin' retards.

Anonymous said...

Seems to be a fairly "normal" occurrence in the not so recent past.

Wendy (KekistanTrans) said...

Anonymous said...

That is some messed up crap.

Note to police everywhere: If you "mistake" my house for yours, and my dogs for yours (and they will NOT be welcoming, so you better have a damned warrant and wait at the front gate or you'll be dealing with a slew of Dobermanns... try to shoot them all as they do their jobs, which is to make sure the world leaves me the hell alone to write), and my house as yours, though my house is absolutely NOT LIKE YOURS in ANY WAY, well, out here in the woods we'll practice the three "S's. That shit might fly in a city, but not out here.

You've been warned. I moved away from cities for a reason, and I'm not the only one.

Anonymous said...


The only glimmer of hope is that she is a white cop and the victim was a black male. Maybe this would be a good time to stir up the BLM crowd in Dallas and force the PTB to actually indict and try her for FDM (deliberate act with malice under color of law no less). Ferguson act 2 might just be called for here. Using our Alinskyite methodologies, we can get all sides to have a pig roast (so-to-speak)....

Aesop said...

That would merely be more kabuki theatre.

Either TPTB do the right thing, or they're over, and Dallas is just another banana republic.
At which point, if the latter be the case, whether they thrive or burn to the ground becomes a matter of complete indifference to me.
They'll deserve it though, so I hope they get what they deserve, good and hard.

Anonymous said...

Manslaughter it is.....

Aesop said...

Our would-be-betters want us to feel grateful they even charged her at all.

Dallas is probably going to get another mass police funeral after the verdict, and they deserve ten more just like it, yet they'll have the same stupid "What did we do wrong?" look on their faces every time it happens.

F**k 'em if they're that stupid. Let them burn.

The Gray Man said...

The problem is that things will only get better if they learn the lesson, accept the lesson, and then actually fix the problem.

But they won't. And the "lesson" is not ever going to be applied often enough to fix the problem via attrition. So it'll continue. Cops will continue to do those types of things, and the public, or some element of it, will continue to sparingly apply the "lesson", pretty much forever, or until they just disarm and lock us all up for breathing in the presence of the badge.

The "lesson" would need to be applied thousands of times per year to make a difference by attrition alone.

lineman said...

Make sure to have plenty of plastic sheeting and Draino as a way to help keep your peace of mind...