Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Thought For the Day


How Far? ALL. THE. WAY.

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Half-hearted and half-assed never won anything.

Best Essay I've Read All Year. RTWT

Spit Take

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Gary Varvel: You just won the Internet for the day!

Monday, August 30, 2021

An Open Letter To Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller:

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Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller

(NYFC)The maverick Marine fired after he released a now-viral video slamming the US military for botching the exit from Kabul, issued a clear threat to his aging superiors Saturday.

“The baby boomer’s turn is over,” Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller told The Post. “I demand accountability, at all levels. If we don’t get it, I’m bringing it.”

He also quoted Thomas Jefferson, saying “every generation needs a revolution.”

Dear Sir,

Reporting For Duty.

Former NCO of Marines available immediately. 

Olive green, not as lean, twice as mean, and still a Marine, down to my cold green amphibious heart.

Where? And When?

Update soonest, over.


 h/t Peter

That would be double-plus ungood. It's even worse than shooting liquid epoxy into their locks, for instance.

Also, don't do this if you're waiting for the last plane out of Kabul airport.

Because then, anyone left there will be stuck between Iraq and a hard place. (I triple dog dare Wilder to outdo that one. Or even out-doodoo it. Because it's craptastic.)

He's Gotten His Nap, And A New Depends©


The mere thought of this truth scares the living hell out of most of the civilized world every Monday morning.

But not everyone is down on Mr. Fraudulent:

Sunday, August 29, 2021

Sunday Music: A Thousand Miles


The debut single and Number Five Hit from one-hit wonder Vanessa Carlton, cut when she was just 21, and ironically, the video for which was all filmed within the famous TMZ, the film studio Thirty Mile Zone centered on Hollywood, inside which radius all locations are considered "local".

Saturday, August 28, 2021

Meanwhile, In The West Wing...


New Mask Mandate


To anyone in the impact area for Ida, Best Wishes, and take care, y'all. Stay safe.

And remember who's in charge of FEMA now.

FWIW, if you leave now, you could probably be in Iowa before Ida gets to the coast.

And even farther away before the feds get there to really screw the pooch.


 h/t Sal

Bad Doggie: Nazi Cunts Gonna Nazi Cunt

I posted that title deliberately, lest I be misconstrued.

Kudos to SSGT Cindy Rena Bronson (AKA Army Karen), from El Paso TX, for outting herself (not the way you might think), by informing 330,000,000 Americans via video that she "will shoot you" civilians in a martial law scenario in America, if you come out of your house, because "you're the enemy".

The offending video, with the info given, is already findable in about 2 seconds all over the 'Net, if you care to apply the effort.

Dear disloyal fascist peawit: You are a No-Go at the stations marked Oath Of Service, ROE, and Basic Common Fucking Sense, and are Too Fucking Stoopid to wear any stripes, except the prison variety. Your recruiter should be crotch-kicked for about 3 days straight, by a conga line of prior service former drill sergeants, just to make the point. How you ever got past basic training highlights the sad lack of any standards for military service in this country, and getting all the way to staff NCO rank shows that the Army gives out promotions to fucktards like they couldn't find such unredeemed shitheads fast enough. You are the poster child for abolishing a standing army, and throwing the lot of you into prison until your initial enlistments are up, or for a term commensurate with your time in-service for people like you. If they drummed you out afterwards, and marched you at bayonet-point across the Bridge Of No Return at Panmunjon into North Korea at the DMZ, and tore up your American citizenship papers behind you, it would be too good for you, and far too light a sentence.

But be advised, if martial law is ever declared in America, Motor Transport Operators (that would be truck drivers) like you should be informed that under such likely unconstitutional eventuality, the range will be hot in both directions, and you won't get your weapon out of its holster before you get popped right between the running lights. They won't name any bridges after you, but you can bet your body parts will be used to decorate one. And what'll go on any grave of yours, if anyone bothers to shoo away the pigs feeding on whatever's left, won't pass for flowers.

But after recent events, you'll understand why precisely no one in the entire nation is quaking in its collective boots at the fear of what you, or even the entire Army, think you'll do. You won't get what you like, and you won't like what you'll get. (cf. Lord Cornwallis) {Yet another strike against Common Core grads like SSGT Bulldyke, is that she probably couldn't come up with the significance of the reference, even with a cellphone, three lifelines, and a shout-out.}

So put away your finger gun, and stick your thumb back into your cockholster, you would-be-Nazi stormtrooper cunt, before you beclown the entire U.S. Army more thoroughly than the events of the last two weeks have already done.

THIS twatwaffle, and her ill-conceived retarded rant, is exactly why women don't belong in the military, including the US Army, especially not whiny-voiced authoritarian little bitches that wish they were men. (I find it passing hilarious that a significant number of posters hither and yon commenting on the video thought that was a dude. Well,...maybe in North Beach, or Berzerkley.)

And it would probably be best if her chain of command restricts her to quarters indefinitely until her inevitable separation "for the good of the service" as "unsuitable for retention", lest someone more offended and local to her takes umbrage, and decides to end her military career rather more summarily, while she's out cruising lesbian bars in town, or the female enlisted barracks.

It's even odds she has as much to fear from troops on base as from the civilian population, and at this point, witness protection isn't out of the realm of wise courses of action from her chain of command.

Unless she was trying to get kickedTFout, the entire situation is unbe-fucking-lieveable.

Thanks A Pantload, Joe



Worldwide service since 635 A.D.

Friday, August 27, 2021

Trump Won

This is what you get when you humor and empower
sociopaths. It only gets worse from here on out.


Trump won.

You know it. I know it. Yellow Dog knows it.

Whereas this demented and senile assclown couldn't win a medal for falling down if you pushed him off the rim of the Grand Canyon, and he couldn't lead ants to a picnic. Even the tongue-bath media only listens to him out of morbid curiosity.

It's time for everyone to admit the obvious, which we've all known for months, stop the charade before it gets any worse, and swear in the real and true President.

Before the damage to the nation is utterly irreparable.



Now goRead.

Dunkirk Kabul: How And Why We Got Here

 h/t ASM at BorepatchPeter , and Lady Lake: GMTA

It's instructive that the scene at Kabul hasn't been even
this organized for even one minute in the last two weeks.

The DemoCommunist Party, enemies of the United States since, frankly, ever, was always pissed that Dubbya got to deal with 9/11, rather than putting Al Bore in there to placate, appease, and embolden our enemies, while deriding and hamstringing what was left of Reagan's America, so in this debacle, they've finally gotten the outcome they would have had, but for some hanging chads in January of 2001.

This is all a long-planned served-cold revenge for Dubbya and Trump, twin unpardonable sins for which the country must be punished, in their entirely hostile-to-the-nation worldview.

We are now, belatedly in their view, exactly where they wanted us to be in 2001. They were thwarted at every turn, with Carter, Clinton, and Obozo, but at last, with Gropey Dopey, they can finally strip away any attempt for America to do what is has always done: rise to the challenge.

They want the entire nation, figuratively and literally, on its knees, with someone else's pistol it its mouth, while they dictate terms and we beg, "BEG!", for mercy from our enemies. They want us to be the French facing Hitler in the railway car at Compiègne in June of 1940.

There is no other explanation for a denouement so totally opposite all other efforts, so long-considered yet executed with such ham-fisted monumental incompetence. At some point, mere mental retardation and even profound dementia is not sufficient to explain, and naked malice alone suffices to give answer and explanation to what has transpired so rapidly and completely.

This is EXACTLY where the Woketard Left WANTS the nation: vulnerable, defenseless, and entirely at the mercy of our mortal enemies.


The answer to that sort of behavior can only come in rivers of blood and mountains of skulls, and until that is accomplished, one way or the other, this country will never know peace nor prosperity ever again.

When you have a faction that would rather burn the country to the ground than let the rest have it, despite their own serial failures at governance in every endeavor attempted for a century and more, it's time to begin the culling of those enemies, in a Roman fashion, and with Carthaginian finality.

Nothing less will any longer suffice, as if it ever could or would have.

There will be no Appomattox this time.

When it's over, one side will exist, and the other side will be - and must be - wiped off the face of the planet. With a fearsomeness and exactitude that will be retold for 10,000 years, and frighten the children of generations as yet unborn.

Leftardia delenda est.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

First You Ostracize, Then You Stigmatize, ...


...Then You Euthanize.

"And as a bonus, the ones who got the vaxx before they realized
what was really up will be too embarrassed to speak out either!"

Why build camps, which are a PR disaster, when you can just get people to drive in on their own, voluntarily, and then just wait for Nature to take its course afterwards?

Or did anyone think that getting rid of the rankest woketards right along with those who resist was just a happy coincidence...??

More bad news for Vaxxholes: Natural Immunity 13x More Effective Than Not-A-Vaxx jab.

The Vaxx wagon has no wheels.

Non Compos Mentis


New CDC Announcement



And BTW, the FDA did NOT grant full approval to the Pfizer Vaxx jab.

They only granted "approval" to extend the EUA to use for 12-16 yr olds, and to grant Pfizer the naming rights of their version of the Vaxx jab.

You could look it up.

Kudos to American Thinker for pointing this out. The utterly abysmal English comprehension skills of the Enemedia at ABCNNBCBS, coupled with a deliberately mendacious press release by the FDA, combined to put out a completely fraudulent narrative on Monday.

People who can read, let alone think, should not be fooled.

None of the shots are "approved", and ALL of them continue to be used solely under an Emergency Use Authorization.

Period. Full stop.


Comirnaty is approved, but there's none of it in the US, and anyone harmed by it can sue.

The Pfizer vaxx jab that is available in the US is still only authorized under the EUA, and may be legally refused, as can the JandJ and Moderna brands of experimental poison.

Shopping Cart Ethics

h/t  Angus

With very little effort, and complete self-respect and actual legitimacy,
one could create and teach an entire upper-division university
class for the Philosophy, Law, or Religious Studies departments'
curriculum, based entirely on the humble shopping cart.
And we are being completely serious. It may already exist.

Angus is an obviously intelligent guy whose mind works in interesting ways, which is why, despite a few go-arounds, I still read his blog, and hope he still reads mine. We need not agree at all times and places, and to skip visits there would be a mistake for anyone. Having reached a more or less truce status between us, I commend the following thought he posted, and my reply, to generate further rumination from one and all. And because it has nothing whatsoever to do with the Current Craziness, here nor abroad, yet is nonetheless something worth considering.

Um,...No. Not so much.
It's complicated.

@G. Danzig,

Natzsofast, Shopping Cart Socrates.

Isn't it true that the carts were provided in the first place as a none-too-subtle subterfuge by the store to generate more revenue, particularly more impulse revenue, by making it easier for people to cart off more goodies than one could comfortably carry in their hands and arms, and allow them to shop for longer periods of time unhindered and unencumbered, and isn't the store therefore wholly morally responsible for their safe and convenient retrieval, as part of the cost of them doing business in this manner, thus making any effort contributed to return the carts a boon to them purely at the whim of one's own beneficence, and not instead an absolute moral obligation non-consensually laid on everyone else's shoulders??

Return it where?

Isn't it just as much their property anywhere in their lot?

(We're not attempting to justify stealing it outright from the premises.)

To the front of the store?

Inside, or outside?

Am I morally obligated to sanitize it after use as well?

Why or why not?

To the cart return rack?

To the cart return rack that is 200 yards from the only available parking spaces, because management was too lazy or cheap, or both, to put the return collection rack(s) spaced equally about the lot, rather than all the way to the front door?

Stipulating that when it's only a 20' walk to Do The Right Thing it ought to be done, what about when it's 100' away? 300'? 500'? 

Where is the line between "moral duty" and "undue burden"? And why, or why not?

What about when it's a busy shopping season, and every minute I'm cart jockeying the Jericho Mile to the return rack rather than departing expeditiously, it's another interminable minute of torture laid upon someone else, who's frantically searching for the parking space I could have already been vacating?

At that point, doesn't doing anything become the Kobayashi Maru scenario?

Is that fair and just?

What about when it's 105°; or during a torrential downpour; or when people are driving through the lot like it was qualifying heats at Daytona; or when it's after dark, and the local Yute Diversity Association is holding a victim selection meeting over by the cart rack?

What about when I have to get home to pee, because the store has thoughtfully closed the required customer restrooms, and posted a "No public restroom" sign? Can't I return the cart, and pee in the corner by the locked restroom door, and retain my moral credentials?

What about if they employ a flunkie to collect the carts left all the way yonder?

Is it right to deprive them of employment?

Don't I merit a piece of their cart jockeys' salary for doing their job for them? (Don't get me started on "self" scanning my purchases, and doing my own price checks, because they'd deliberately rather not hire enough cashiers for the customers they attract, yet offer no discount to me for performing workmen's job functions uncompensated.)

Is there any moral discount for age, disability, or infirmity?

It turns out, yet again, that this morality is just as gray, and no more absolute, than any number of similar questions.

And I'm not sure, but it looks like the umpire in charge of calling out Virtue Signaling has his hand twitching over his penalty flag.

Just saying.

Inquiring minds want to know.

That said, there is some room for common ground on the topic of Shopping Cart Ethics beyond simple piracy of same: leaving your cart totally blocking a parking space out of easily mitigated laziness, turning it loose with wanton disregard to damage other people's cars downhill or on windy days, leaving it blocking the driving lanes, or leaving your entire ploughman's lunch leftovers, discarded alcohol containers, and/or wadded up overfull baby diapers remains unquestioned douchebaggery deserving of a brief but motivated flogging and time in the public stocks.

Truth Gets Off The Reservation: Oopsie!

h/t Voxday via WRSA

Widest dissemination possible, please:


 The UK government just reported the following data, tucked away in their report on variants of concern: 

Less than a third of delta variant deaths are in the unvaccinated.

Let me say that another way - two-thirds of Delta deaths in the UK are in the jabbed.

To be specific:

From the 1st of February to the 2nd of August, the UK recorded 742 Delta deaths (yes, the dreaded Delta has not taken that much life).

Out of the 742 deaths, 402 were fully vaccinated. 79 had received one shot. Only 253 were unvaccinated.

 UK report


Follow the links, read 'em, and weep.

The Vaxx jab isn't working. So tripling down will not-work harder...how, exactly?

One highly-respected specialist MD where I work already asked "How many times more are they planning on shooting us up with untested mRNA therapy? Three times? Fifteen? Daily?!?" And then, after I suggested he push that question up to TPTB, he said, "I can't say that publicly, or I'd lose my medical license!"

RELATED: 52% of Nevada COVID deaths were fully vaccinated. h/t I Hate The Media feed


h/t Angus


Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Blow That Out Your @$$, Satanists


Then the hospital staff was dragged by the Chicoms into the wilderness to be tempted by the Devil. After working ceaselessly for three-hundred-forty days and three-hundred-forty nights, they were hungry. The Tempter came to them and said, "Take the Vaxx, and you will always have bread."
They answered "It is written, 'Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.'"
Then the Devil took them to the roof of the hospital.
"If you are truly righteous" he said, "take the Vaxx, for it is written:
"'He will command His angels concerning you, and they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone, and the plague shall pass over without harming thee.'"

They answered him, "It is also written: 'Do not put the Lord your God to a foolish test.'"

Again, the Devil took them to a very high mountain, and showed them all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. 
All this will I give you," he said, "if you will bow down, kiss my ass, and take the Vaxx Jab."

They said unto him, " Away from me, Satan! For it is written: 'Worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only.' And stick your vaxx jab where the sun shineth not."

Then the Devil left them, and angels came and attended them.

- Matthew 4: 1-11, Aesop's Topical Version

It's fine with me if you don't believe life begins at conception. Think and believe whatever you want. It's your right. But it's also MY right as well.

I, however, am bound to the dictates of my own conscience and religious understanding. You can't answer for me, nor decide how I shall act. All three not-a-vaxx offerings were developed from, and/or tested on, the tissue strains of aborted children. This is not up for discussion, it's a scientific and historico-legal fact. For me to therefore receive such a concoction, knowing its source, would be as repugnant and morally impossible for me as it would be to force a shot grown in pork into an observant Jew or fundamentalist Muslim. No government may abrogate the right to refuse that, ever. It's a natural law, pre-dating and overriding even the Constitution, which is why it's enshrined within it.

Telling me that even though the number of deaths and permanent disabilities from this one vaccine eclipses and dwarfs all similar effects from all vaccines in history, but is nonetheless a fractional chance at a bad outcome, is like telling me I should take it because God will (probably) protect me.

And telling people to trust you about the long-term safety of a jab that's only been out a few months, because if they don't take it you'll take away their professions, careers, paychecks, food, shelter, and all their material possessions on earth because you think you can, is a guaranteed way to start making people actively plan the best way to lop off your head, frolic in the blood, and mount your head on a fence post on their way out the door. And then do it a few hundred thousand more times, until all your jackassical minions get the idea folks are as serious as a heart attack.

Telling me I've got 6 weeks to change my tune, or else?

F**k around and find out.

You think you might have a Norma Rae problem.

I'm telling you to start thinking in terms of  Curtis Lemay. And Robbespierre.

Monday, August 23, 2021

Be Careful What You Wish For

 From a particularly thought-provoking post over at Zero's blog, this response:

"As I type this my wife has been in a local hospital emergency room waiting for a bed for the past 12 hours. She has Covid and is struggling to breath. She has been treated like a leper an not even offered an food. Her ER Doc walked out and slammed the door after she asked to be given a vitamin C IV. He said he wouldn’t treat her with something not proven and she was free to leave."

My reply, which Cdr. Zero may or may not elect to publish there (his choice. And the graphic aids are just for you, Gentle Readers):

My sympathies on your wife's plight. Really.

Just curious: When you take your car to the mechanic, do you tell him how to fix that, too? Or not? If not, how many years of education did your mechanic get, after his college degree?

Have you ever hired a lawyer? Who handled the legal work? You, or him/her?

Just wondering. Let me know if the penny drops.

FWIW, the time to bulk up on Vitamin C was probably long before coming down with COVID, and shockingly, there aren't too many doctors amenable to letting their patients run their own treatment regimen.

It's got a lot to do with losing their own medical license for letting patients practice the medicine. States are kind of sticky about letting passengers fly the airliner, for similar reasons.

So the bigger question is, why did you go to the emergency room in the first place?

My second is, how much is orange juice selling for at the local market?

My third is, where d'ya suppose she got COVID, and how regularly do folks thereabouts wear masks, and how often does she use ordinary hand sanitizer?

And regarding getting fed, did you see a menu at the ER drive-thru window? Or not?

I ask that last one, because as a rule, if you need food, it's probably not an emergency; and if it's an emergency, you probably don't need food. Unless she's been there at least overnight, and/or her blood sugar is less than 70mg/dL, as a rule. 12 hours is largely meaningless, because if there's no food to offer (which is most days, or in my case, nights) there's no point in making such an offer. But if you're admitted and there all day and overnight, we'll generally put in a breakfast order for a tray the next morning. I've yet to see anyone starve to death my entire career for missing a meal or two, but I suppose it might have happened, somewhere.

If being treated "like a leper" is being put inside a sealed isolation room, that's standard of care for COVID for, oh, about 18 months. We're not really big on hand-holding and wet sloppy kisses with infectious diseases, and speaking personally, a COVID patient (I had two more last night) involves getting gowned and gloved up before I enter the Giant Ziplok Of Isolation, and I'm required to wear an N95 at all times in my department. Some people add a face shield or powered respirator. If any of this is news to you, you haven't been watching any since about February 2020.

If you meant they marooned her on an island for life and poked her overboard with sticks, then you have my sincere apologies for the misunderstanding.

But even then, lepers should expect to be treated better than COVID patients: leprosy, unlike COVID, can be cured.

I'm sincerely sorry your wife is sick enough to need a hospital admission.  Ain't nothing good about this bug, and even mild cases suck. But waiting to drive the bus until you get to that point isn't really a great plan, as you're both finding out about now.

Best wishes on your wife's full recovery and return home to her world, rather than spending time in the hospital. I don't recommend it to anyone unless they have no choice, because most people have no wild idea why it isn't run like a billionaire's ski resort or a fast food drive thru, especially for the last year and a half, and are shocked and dismayed that unlike House or Scrubs, or any number of fantasy treatments, things don't all get resolved in 42 minutes, plus commercial breaks, and it becomes very frustrating and disorienting to not be the bright center around which the universe revolves. Illness annoys people, because it rubs their noses in the fact that everything they thought about being in control of their life was pure fantasy. And that's a jarring shock every time it happens.

And particularly among a burgeoning pandemic, short on staff and long on patients, we don't generally have a lot of time to break it down in detail for everyone, every night.

The short story would be for folks to ponder why, going back centuries, it's called being a "patient". All of us in the health care biz are generally working pretty hard lately, but try as we might, we can't be everywhere at once, and we can't make things happen that simply aren't possible. And if people aren't swarming around you in droves, cheer up: it means you're not the guy whose heart has stopped, while we try and bring you back from the dead. So if that's not you or yours, it's a pretty good sign that things aren't really so bad.

And I'm telling you this because you're a good enough guy to be concerned about your wife. (You'd be shocked how many people aren't even that decent.) But what you don't know, not being around nor familiar with the strange new world she's visiting, involuntarily, is that usually the best way to help us do our job, is to let us do our job. Even when and if it makes you feel impotent and out of control.

And if you don't trust us to do that, you probably should leave, and go find someplace where you do trust the people there to do that. As a rule, it doesn't hurt our feelings, especially if you figure that out before you ever walk in. We only get ticked when we waste 5 or 10 hours on someone, who then bails out anyways, wasting the time we could have spent on someone who wanted to be there enough to stay.


I frequently make mention, in my workplace travels, of a salutary tidbit of medical history, from James Burke's excellent The Day The Universe Changed concerning a seminal point about the era when medicine departed from witchdoctory, and became science.

One of the brilliant improvements in the life of the average Frenchman under Napoleon (and there were many such) was that after deposing the king and nobility, there was suddenly a lot of wealth to spend on the peasantry. Consequently, Napoleon set up dozens of free hospitals throughout Paris. And for a real change, they each specialized in one thing. IOW, one hospital treated just gun shot wounds (Napoleon's conquests provided a lot of those too); another might only do broken legs; yet another might do nothing but treat eye injuries, or skin infections, or sick babies.

As Burke points out, medicine before this time was myth and hokum, and if any physician found something that worked, he kept it to himself, lest the other quacks find his secrets out, and steal his best-paying customers.

Under Napoleon's hospital system just the opposite. In the Gunshot Wound Hospital, for example, they might treat 20 gunshot wounds to the legs of as many patients. Five would be treated with boiling tar applied to the wound. Five others might receive a poultice of dog crap and urine daily. Five more would be wrapped, and left to heal or putrefy on their own device. The last five would have the wounds washed daily, and the dressings changed with fresh clean ones. Unsurprisingly, all of the first 15 would get gangrene, and lose their legs to amputation, and the last five - or perhaps only 4 out of 5 - would heal nicely and make a full recovery. But now, the doctors would discuss and publish the results, and tell all their fellow doctors, and the next 20 gunshot wounds would all get the treatment that worked, and the others would be discarded forever. Withcdoctory meets statistics, and transmogrifies into actual science. Voila!

There were only two inviolate rules under this system:

*Everything was free to the patient.

*Anyone who didn't comply absolutely with the doctor's treatment regimen had his sleeping pallet lifted up, carried outside, deposited at the curbside, and given the benediction "God be with you monsieur!" Because the uppity presumption that you, Peasant Scum, knew more about medicine than Le Doctor, brilliant graduate of the medical university, quite reasonably and rationally meant that your ass got kicked the fuck out, with a smile and significant alacrity. You got exactly what you wanted: to run your own case. "Bonne chance, Mssr. Cerveau!"

Fuck off, Bumpkin. We're doing science. And you're fucking up the data.

It's a custom begging to be re-introduced, with a vengeance.

And it's also why people in any science, who lie, or fake data, are the cardinal sinners in the whole edifice, because they're not just screwing the pooch for you, they're dynamiting the entire foundation the whole machine runs on: honest data. Truth.

It's why liars get harsh penalties in courts, and why bearing false witness got its very own Commandment.

You're not just being selfish, or evil, you're crossing the streams. 

And fucking it up for EVERYONE.

Which is why people doing that, for Globull Warmist religious reasons, or COVID Is A Hoax, or the Not-A-Vaxxes Are Safe and Effective, or anything else, should be staked out in the sun all week, then beaten on the back with a dry swim fin, then skinned alive, and lowered an inch at a time into a vat of rubbing alcohol. For openers.

And why people trying to run their own case should be turned loose to do so. At the curb.

Something To Look Forward To


I've Got Your "Mandatory" Right Here...


No reason. Why do you ask?

Oh, sorry, I was just reflecting on my last "informational" with H.R.

Looks like I won't need to worry about retirement planning after all.

Sunday, August 22, 2021

Sunday Music: I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)


The Proclaimers , which is essentially the Reid twins seen in the video, looked like the kind of guys you'd meet at a computer BBS geek-meet IRL when this song was released in the US in 1993, after being featured in the soundtrack of Benny and Joon. It's impossible for me not to like, and the louder it is the more I love it. It hit #3 in the US. It takes on an even deeper meaning for me currently, as I'm looking at going to work 500 miles or so away from where I am now (not by choice), depending on how things roll in the next month with the Covidiocy Posse. For now, I'm just digging the tune. I hope you do too.

Saturday, August 21, 2021

Get Used To This


Maybe you can just hire illegal Mexicans at Home Depot.
Let me know how that works out for ya.

Go read McThag's off-the-cuff ER observations from FL at his blog.

And nota bene, at an ER that was anything but overwhelmed by Kung Flu cases. This was just a normal night, in an average ER.

Get used to the New Normal, kids.

It's why I and most of my colleagues (99.9999%, give or take), doctors, PAs, nurses, techs, and all other staff, are all out of fucks to give.

Last I heard, I'm out of a job in perpetuity as of the end of next month, because I won't be getting any not-a-vaxx jab under any circumstances (including not even if they magic-wand-wave one of them into "fully approved" status. This is called "pen-fucking" in the dotMil. It is not a term of approval.) So too a goodly number of my much younger co-workers, including plenty of Never Trumpers.

Latest polls show that the smarter and/or more highly-educated a person is (they're not the same thing, believe me), the less likely they are to want to experiment on themselves with Not-A-Vaxx therapy. Hmmm. How curious.

We'll see how hard TPTB want to play chicken. 

The company, for their part, and apart from governator's and pretend-presidents' medical dicta, appear to be willing to compromise on the point, and allow me to simply be tested for Kung Flu, weekly or so. I'd sit still for that, barely, but I'll tell them why they're fucking the pooch every time they do it, as I've manifestly managed to use N95 masks and hand washing flawlessly without a jab for 18 months and counting, without missing any time for so much as a sniffle. Time will tell on that score, and we'll see if I'm working at an ER in a state next door, or at Target, etc., in short order. (FTR, Gropey Dopey's remarks mandating Not-A-Vaxx for all staff "in any facility that receives Medicare funds" is a de facto nationwide jab mandate, for everyone in a hospital from janitors to the CMO. IMHO, it's a good way to start a nationwide medical strike, at a guess. But we'll see if he can make it stick.)

I also observe that the number of my female colleagues, single and married, who've suddenly become pregnant to avoid the jab has hit record numbers, including some doctors old enough to qualify as "high risk pregnancies".

That's commitment to a position, kids.

And we've been short-staffed since ever, everywhere I've worked, my entire career, since before this latest batch of sh*theaded utter foolishness over the experimental Not-A-Vaxx.

So you're going to get even slower and shittier medical care going forward, most places, to a certainty.

Best wrap your heads around that, for several years, if not indefinitely.

If I told you what I now make per hour, you or your kids would rush the nursing schools to get in (too late; the current wait for entry is accounted in years to get in, statewide, and has been so for decades.) And then 3-6 years more to get out, if you make it. And that's to not even keep up with bare replacement numbers due to normal retirements. So things are only going to get worse everywhere, not better.


This, Right Here.

h/t WRSA


Or this.

Dealer's choice.

Some people just have to Fuck Around and Find Out.

Fair enough. Satisfy their curiosity.

And to drive the point well home, these can be made as a craft project in about 10 minutes. Ask me how I know.

And if asked to leave, be polite. But be sure to give the proper Vaxx Nazi salute, loudly and continuously, on your way out.

Holding your left index finger under your nose in a fake moustache, right arm held extended, and goose-stepping out optional, but highly recommended. Bonus points if you and your party hum a suitable Teutonic air on the way to the door.

And then, always, show them what to do with their jab:

You're not out to make friends, you're making a point.

They want their noses rubbed in what they're doing? Oblige them.

It's possible you may shame some of the more pliable sheep, if this becomes more common than traffic lights from sea to shining sea:

First guy to sell that as a stencil
in 8"x10", I'll take a dozen.

It would be a real shame if those started showing up, not just on walls and flat spots everywhere, but on store windows of the offending parties, wouldn't it? The Kristallnacht othering of people can cut both ways. And it should. It's probably time the Vaxxholes found that out, personally. And I'm totally not responsible if someone spray paints a swastika over the word "Vaxxhole!" on anyone's ride. The "Just following orders..." crowd needs to feel the pain as much as the ones pulling the strings at the top, and their staff cars should be properly marked. Tyranny gets a lot less fun that way, don'cha think? By all means, make them own it.

Screw Godwin's Law: The Vaxxholes want to go there.

The hardcore Nazis will require something a bit more kinetic to get their attention. But every little bit helps.

If not you, Who? If not now, When?
Just do it.

And let no one alive ever say again, "I can't understand how Nazi Germany happened."

Now you know.