Wednesday, September 26, 2018

When Insanity Reigns, Parody Becomes Impossible

Posting this now, because in five minutes or so, it'll be the headline on Drudge...:


dmv gringo said...

Oh, shit, I might actually have to get off
my ass, kit up, and go to the mattress in the next 24 – 48 hours.
Drudge has posted that NBC is reporting
that a fourth “woman” has accused.

dmv gringo said...


George True said...

All the Pubbies had to do several weeks ago was to say very firmly, "NO. We are not going to play that game."

Bikermailman said...

Memetastic idea. After 9/11, there was supposedly a camera found in the rubble, with the owner doing a selfie from the observation deck. Incoming plane just behind. (Look up 9/11 Tourist Guy) 1G memesters shopped him into pictures of all sorts of famous tragedies. You could place Kavenaugh at Dealey P!aza, Hindenburg crash, Chappaquidik, etc.

Btw, I'll follow your suggestion RE: email addy for pictures and/or video of Dallas apt building. Week after next is when I'll be there.