Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Opening Soon?

Go and watch this entire video at the Vlad Tepes blog.

It's only about 2 minutes long, and the brighter among you will have the gist in about 10 seconds, but watch the whole live section.

Note also the crowd. Mind, there's a few skinheady types, but only a sprinkling. The vast majority appear to be accountants, bankers, university students, clerks, secretaries, stock boys, and housewives. The essence of good Deutsch volk.
Just like the last time around.

For the younglings, here's a wee bit of historical reference:

If this sort of thing had happened in 1948, or 1968, or even 1998, we'd probably have responded, "Oh dear God, they're going there again?"

Happening now, in 2018, our first thought was "WTF took you so long?? They've been literally raping your womenfolk in the street for years!"

The boxcars in Deutschland didn't start rolling in 1942. That's just when they finally left the station. They started queueing up in 1919, at Versailles.

After being merkeled non-stop by their own leadership for half a decade at least, they're lining up again. Whether they stop at the departure docks, or the showers remains an open question.

And this time, when they roll, couldn't happen to a nicer bunch.

No one's going to intervene on their behalf.
No. One.
In fact, if anything, the trend will catch on and spread across the continent. Bigly.

And just to be clear, the fellow in the linked speech from this month, stirring up the volk: he isn't going to militarize the Rheinland, annex the Sudetenland, or seize the Polish Corridor. And there's no mutual defense pact covering this. The worst that will happen is some tut-tutting at the UN blabbershop, or in the crumbling EU offices in Brussels. Perhaps even a sharply-worded non-binding resolution. Ho hum.

The people in the video won't give a rattenarsch; they're simply going to roll up their sleeves, and start cleaning house.

The problem with those soirees is that once they start, they take on a life of their own, and there's no telling how far they go before they run out of steam. Or (forgive the pun) gas.

Team Mo has finally begun arousing a sleeping wolfpack. Despite some direct lineage, I don't pretend to have some secret insight into the Germanic mind, but I would suggest, historically, that if you wait until after Kristallnacht to GTFO, you've already let it go until too late.

I put it to you: there's one helluva lot of Young Turks (and Yemenis, Saudis, Iraqis, etc. ad nauseum) in Germany now who quite simply aren't going to live to be old Turks (et al), unless they unass that entire continent, and in some haste. Word to your mother.

This isn't going to end well for them. Oh, and they've got it coming.

I'd also be rather surprised if the premiums on Fraü Merkel's life insurance aren't about to spike sharply upwards. She's about to find out what happens when the pressure cooker you've been sitting on with the relief valve cranked shut finally blows a gasket.

Just spitballing.


Firecapt said...

"From zero to jackboot." Ahhh,Europe...

lineman said...

Question do you think it will have to get as bad as it is over there before people wake up or is there a little more gumption and proactive people over here? I go back n forth in what I think on that...

Aesop said...

I personally know people who were armed and gearing up for that party three or four years ago.
They reported reliably that there were no guns nor ammo to be had in most of Germany, as everyone was stocking up for what they believed as coming.

I don't think they'll sit back and do nothing indefinitely, and as I said in the post, I'm frankly astonished they haven't taken a hand in things already.

dmv gringo said...

98 percent of families who illegally entered the US in 2017 are still here

Aesop said...

And of course, that takes into account the scrupulous truthfulness of illegal aliens in responding to surveys, and accurately, and the government's extreme attention to detail in following their cases right?

If to go to that actual story, and take 0.5 seconds, you'll read that the only thing the government knows for certain is that they were "never deported".
And that number is consistent since, oh, roughly forever, not just 2017.

Whether they're still here, went back home, were swallowed by tigers, or kidnapped by space aliens, no one in Washington can state with any certainty or accuracy. Neither, therefore, can the Examiner. So they're simply bullshitting in print.

So thanks, but you've been click-baited by shitty pseudo-journalism.
The writer should have been fired, and the editor who allegedly reviewed that story should be beaten with stout rods about the head and shoulders until he can explain the difference between fact and wild speculation, but in any case, for not less than an hour's time.

When illegal aliens are smarter than newspaper editors (an admittedly abysmally low bar to begin with), you've got bigger problems in society than how many Salvadoran nannies didn't show up for their deportation trial.

Getting back to likely reality, is it likely that most of them are still here?
Of course.

So fire the incompetent Immigration f**ks that let them go, and hold their hearing the day you catch them, then kick them the eff out.

If you can only hold them for 20 days, write the laws and regs such that if they can't demonstrate within 19 days the inarguable right to be here, they get booted, and require them to be held in custody until disposition either way.

Now 100% of those here illegally are deported, and the word goes out from Tijuana to Trashcanistan not to even try coming here.

Second offence, bar them from ever entering legally for life, collect all their biometric data, cane them, tattoo "Illegal alien" on their forehead, and set them at hard labor for six months. If it's summer, breaking rocks in Texas or AZ.
If it's winter, shoveling snowy roads in Alaska, North Dakota, or Maine.

Third offense, execute them. They're obviously criminal incorrigibles, and can't be educated despite two earnest attempts.

Problem solved; next case.

BigCountryExpat said...

People seem to forget that it was "Der Deutsche Volk" who INDUSTRIALIZED Mass Murder... yeah, I know that genocide has existed for millennia, but it was the Krauts who literally adapted the 'mass production/assembly-line' to killing wholesale lots in a short time period. (Stalin was pretty good, but he was content to let starvation and the cold of Kolya do the work for him).

It's like a roach infestation... Once you have a roach infestation in your house, you don't 'negotiate' with them, you don't offer them 'sanctuary', you gas the fuck out of them, leave poisoned bait out, and clean up the corpses after the fact. And like you said Aesop, it's a housecleaning that's needed... worldwide.

And when the Visigoths, Ostrogoths and Vandals start cleaning house, it's going to be HIGHLY entertaining...


If you would study the real history of post WW1 Germany you would learn that a similar faction of societal destructors was infesting Germany. Pornography of the vilest kinds were being openly displayed. Provocateurs and Purveyors of the vilest filth were running rampant (hmmmm, just like in the good ol' uSofA). Promoters of children learning masturbation at as young as 3 yrs. This was the Weimar Republic. Do your homework!

Aesop said...

Read more widely. That was the entire western world from 1919 onwards, not just Weimar.
Surviving a world war will do that to people.

Look up Prohibition and the Hays Code.