Saturday, September 29, 2018

F**k Zuck

Apparently, the zampolits at Facecuck have 30-day banned Matt Bracken (for the sixth time in nine months), for posting absolutely factual information, and photographs published in MSM stories.

The horror.

Dear Leftard Narrative Hall Monitors: Captain Universe called, and left a message for you:

The Captain has requested that you observe the "fasten seatbelts" sign, and re-post the offending meme as often and as widely as you may.


And if anyone's listening, Zuckerpunk and the little walking Tw*t that runs Twaddle are the top two most deserving recipients of this years' "What's The Frequency, Kenneth?" moment, IRL.

When it inevitably happens, drinks are on the house. Bring your own ladder.
As to whose house, where, you're gonna need 4Chan, and GPS. We're not tellin'.


Dan said...

Surprised they only gave Bracken a month off.......At the end of June I got the banhammer from FarceBook for posting a cartoon that was 'unflattering' to camel
fuckers.....I STILL can't post anything.

Unknown said...

Who is buying and supplying those RIBS, fuel, and outboard engines? Same for staging at specified locations.

You'd think some enterprising lad would commandeer one of those to take sportsmen out to sea to shoot 'pigeons'. You know, somewhere along the route between, say Algeria or Moroc and Spain.

Aesop said...

You might could get away with that off the Gulf Coast of the U.S.
In the Western Med, not so much.

The boats are directly and indirectly funded by Soros bux et al, and the refugee relief importation cartels religious and non-, whom he funds second-hand.
As was ever thus.

Anonymous said...

A UK health care worker already infected.... makes me wonder about further weaponized invasion, nooo, imavasion, immigration.

billrla said...

Back in elementary school, they used to show us a film strip (remember those?) of Africans suffering from elephantiasis. That was then. This is now.