Friday, September 21, 2018

Barbara Boxer Unseated As Stupidest US Senator Of All Time!

And in a field that includes such prior luminaries as Shrillary Clinton, Al Gore Jr., and Joe Biden, this is really quite an accomplishment.

Celebrity Match-Up: Gilligan vs. Gillibrand


MMinAR said...

WTF would the FBI investigate? The liar can’t remember when this took place, where it took place, who else was there, how she got there & back home and who else was at this “party” and were the imaginary participants drunk, drinking or what?

Is the FBI going to go door to door? Asking everyone that lives “near a country club” if they remember a party 35 years ago?? Or 30 years ago or sometime in the 90s??? Get fookin’ real dude.

And of course up pops another liar who says Ford told her of the incident. But hey, hang on here, she’s not going to, yaknow, actually defend that tale cause…reasons.

Fact is, any male(that would be real men, not soiboyz) that votes for a REgressive after watching what they are doing to Kavanaugh should just hang up their manhood, what little if any remains.

Woman(real women who love men and appreciate them) who claim to love their grandfathers, fathers, husbands, brothers, sons, uncles, nephews…and vote dem are lying.

Anyone who cares about real men and due process needs to vote for conservatives. REgressives have lowered the threshold to destroy a man’s reputation/career and life to “remembering” an encounter 30+ years ago.

Just let that sink in for a moment - this is having and will have a trickle down effect-a man will not get promoted, get raises, or jobs, if a “woman” makes a sexual assault claim against him-even without proof! All she has to do is suddenly “remember” Unfuckingreal.

Just look to Duke, that poor guy from Long Beach (missed out on full-ride to USC to play football)-innocent lives destroyed-something you can’t recover from. I could cite dozens of false allegations that scummy liars have made.

And conversely when a woman makes similar allegations against REgressives, rug meet swept under.

dems want to destroy this country at all costs to regain power because it ain’t about saving the earth or equality for the sexes or sustainable energy or AGW or any other REgressive bullshit-it’s all about controlling normal people.

I pray Kavanaugh is strong enough to hold out against these REgressives because this is now page #1 in the REgressive playbook. And tolerating this nonsense will only encourage REgressives to continue.

Anonymous said...

My 19 year old son's takeaway from all of this: Don't trust women. Ever.

He's even thinking of joining (casually) the MGTOW movement. Says Riggs in Lethal Weapon 1 had "the perfect lifestyle". As for sex, he's saying that what these new robots are for. (It's no wonder the women at the Mustang Ranch are yelling about these robots now). I asked him about companionship, love, all of that, and he said, verbatim, "Yeah, and 35 years from now some crazy girl I date says some BS about me and ruins my life? No thanks."

He's saying that he's never going to marry (he wants to keep his house when he buys one), he's not having kids (if she ever cheats on him or does anything wrong she gets custody anyhow and he's the bad guy even though he's a stand-up, inherently kind person), he's just not interested in getting involved with the shrieking harpies calling themselves women now, especially in his generation.

Let young women ponder this. My son is NOT ALONE in having enough of the crap, and no, they don't need women. He was raised in a happy house with a happy marriage but he says "You guys are unicorns." Most of his friends parents have divorced and in EVERY SINGLE CASE, the father has gotten the shaft in court.

Women ask why they can't find good men? Because the good men are not interested anymore in this sort of garbage. They're willing, able, and happy to be confirmed bachelors for life. My son is not bad looking either, a lot of young girls are interested. He's not. I mean he would be, but he said to me "Not worth the drama." And no, he's not gay. He's just not interested in drama and now false allegations years from now. He has other things he wants to do with his life other than get caught up in some bullshit brought on by some histrionic nitwit.

Might be time for WOMEN to take a good look at themselves and how they've conducted themselves. Because as I said, my son is NOT alone. Might be time to start stocking up on cat supplies, girls.

Suz said...

I have said for years, decades, that the feminist movement did more to hurt the life of women in this country than anything else, ever. I stand by that to this day.

And Kristin Gellibrand made it into Congress with help from her mentor Hillary Clinton, and that shyster Schumer. That tells you all you need to know about her.