Sunday, September 9, 2018

Drowning Snowflakes

Today's Water Survival Pool-cold dose of reality is administered by OldNFO

Gravity Works.
Life Isn't Fair.
Mother Nature Is A Cold Heartless Bitch.

Write those life lessons on your palm with a laundry pen, lest ye forget.

(Also, a gentle note to all would-be memesters out there: I fixed this one, and I don't think that was the fault of my source on this, but if you can't spell, don't meme. You're just walking around in public on the internet with your @$$ cheeks flapping in the breeze.)


Adam said...

I'm a helicopter underwater escape trainer, (HUET). You should see the regularity with which so-called tough guys melt down and turn into weeping piles of puke at having to do this.

It's always the quiet and small guys who make it look easy.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that you have to do it blindfolded twice. Once out the nearest exit and then everyone out the main cargo loading door. That's after you've already done it twice without being blindfolded. At least that's how it used to be done. This coming from a guy who was in lucky #7 seat, far right back corner and supposed to be the last person out on the final 'ride'.

Anonymous said...


All that us 12Bs got was the pie-rack dunk-tank treatment before air-lifting to the Big Island...

...Where we had rucks so packed with stuff it took a half-minute to unwedge them off our laps, with crew help.

I'm sure they would have jostled loose if we pancaked into the Pacific, where we would have all executed exacting extractions, and bobbed around on our water-wings until safely retrieved, right?

Anonymous said...

no visibility, turnouts and full SCBA on while inside burning structure. I think I can relate.