Saturday, September 15, 2018

Weather Channel: Fake News

And from The Weather Channel??

This goober, Mike Seidel, doesn't know it, but he just retired. Stick a fork in him.
(Ask Dan Rather, Peter Arnett, and Stone Phillips how that works.)
Every station on the planet is going to have that on its Jackass Collection, when he goes shopping his resume for his next gig, and they're going to laugh him right out of the building if he ever shows up.

He should start thinking more about radio, or maybe doing reality and game shows.

Hey, it's a frickin' hurricane if it's at or greater than 75MPH.

60MPH ain't even close, and gusts of 60 means an average far below that, so leaning into it is jackassical. We don't get hurricanes here, just Santa Ana winds, and 60MPH gusts is simply good kite-flying weather.

Stop the mock heroics and trying to gin up drama with this sort of fakenews bullshit.
Just report the news, idiots.

The most amazing thing about this clip?
No one at HQ or the control truck cut the feed for "technical difficulties" and the cameraman didn't drop the camera from laughing so hard when those two locals boned the whole faux drama fest going on.

So I'ma guess Mr. Weather Liar is pretty much a grand prize-winning DICK, of the kind last seen in the first half of Groundhog Day, or else the other staff wouldn't have hung him out to dry like that. Brilliant.

Well-played, support staff.
Troll level: Jedi Knight.

Reporter Award: The WJM-TV/Ted Baxter Biggest Blowhard Memorial Award

Bonus points: If Every reporter who comments on this story inside each local news station newsroom leans into the camera during their report, like the wind in the studio is gusting to 60MPH. Raingear optional, but highly recommended.

That would be fan-effing-tastic!

Bonus: Katrina flashback fraudulence starring CNN's Anderson Faker.
From Daily Timewaster.


SiGraybeard said...

Epic video. Reminds me of the one where an NBC reporter was in a canoe talking about the epic flooding (in New Joisey, IIRC) when two guys come walking by showing the water was barely deep enough to float a canoe - like 3".

I almost posted it last night.

Welcome Black Carter said...

The station defended the indefensible left leaning reporter today stating he was "exhausted" and trying to stand on grass while the passers by were on concrete.

Anonymous said...

And leaning away from the wind instead of against it, no less... wind that is shown to be 29mph according to the top left of the damned video itself.

lineman said...

Exactly problem is they get away with it(in there is no big outcry) because of the GDP...

Anonymous said...

iOpener said...

Sorry, you are wrong, his willingness to distort reality, ie Lie, is exactly what will recommend him to all media outlets. He'll never want for job offers.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious video.

re: iOpener. Unfortunately I think you are dead on.

Popular Front said...

fyi folks that clip is doing the rounds in Australia to widespread amusement.

Aesop said...

Happy to hear it.

If I had the video production facility set up, I'd already have done a skit like I mentioned, with the weather guy doing a mock lean in a raincoat, inside the TV studio. Have guys off-camera holding a lawn sprinkler, another flunkie banging a big sheet of tin for the thunder and pointing a fan for the wind, and somebody with a strobe for lightning... then have the camera pull back so it was all visible in frame.

It'd probably go viral in about a day.

Will said...

There was a clump of grass that was blowing the same direction he was leaning: WITH the wind, not against it. I was tired, and I kept looking at the grass, then at him, and wondering what was wrong with the scene. Duh!