Monday, September 17, 2018

Let's Call This What It Is

Just as I've done with multiple posts covering the murder of her neighbor by a grumpy Dallas copette, Gateway Pundit has done with the 11th hour fairytale of smear allegations against slam-dunk SCOTUS nominee Bret Kavanaugh:

Kavanaugh denies that alleged incident ever took place

In that one, he publishes Kavanaugh's complete refutation.

Writer of confidential Kavanaugh letter is a far left activist.
Here GP  notes, via Mike Cernovich, that the moonbat making the accusation spent the last week scrubbing her social media history for life, to hide the fact that she's a barking SJW moonbat with credibility and sanity issues. 
Lawyer for Kavanaugh accuser is a major Democrat party and MoveOn donor
Agenda Politics 101.

Fineswein refuses to be on conference call between Sen. Judicary chair and accuser
This is Mob Hits 101:"Drop the gun. Take the canoli."

When you "suddenly" remember the son of the family you've got an axe to grind against molested you 35 years ago in an incident both other parties deny ever happened, for which any shred of credibility evaporated 34 1/2 years ago, with no witnesses, and no possibility to establish anything but your level of current animus and mental instability, and you're a barking moonbat, described by your own student's reviews as "crazy", and prone to hold a grudge, and you work in the psychology field, (where the 90+% whackdoodles there to self-diagnose give the other 10% a bad name, since forever - and I'm rounding the 90+ percentage downward to give them every benefit of the doubt), and you were anonymous until you'd scrubbed your entire sad frothing leftard life, being represented by another moonbat as counsel, and pimped, in secret, by the Den Mother of communist lunacy in the Senate, who won't have anything to do with you after she's used you to try and shoot the nominee in the face,

you aren't peddling truth, you're pimping an agenda, and you're quite simply a wagon full of bullshit.

This is the part of the multi-course dinner where we bring in some fine vintage Kurt Schlichter to wash these accusations down:
"Victim status, whether based upon truth or lies – because people do lie, and all the time – does not give you any special privileges or special rights. Instead, it gives you duties and obligations, whether that is cosmically fair or not. See, if you propose to inflict damage upon someone, even if justifiable, you bear the burden of proof. You have to prove it; the accused doesn’t have to disprove your amorphous innuendos. You have the duty to back up your claims, in public, and subject yourself to the greatest engine for the ascertainment of truth humanity has yet invented, cross-examination by a zealous advocate for the accused who is doing his best to show that you can’t be trusted.
Take the stand and the heat, or shut up.
Is it hard? Yeah? Is it tough on real victims? It sure is. Is it unfair? Maybe, but the only people who think life can ever be fair are little kids and socialists, and only fools design their society around the insights of either bunch. 
The sliming of Brett Kavanaugh by a Bernie donor is disgusting and disgraceful, and if Democrats had any shred of decency they would hang their heads in shame and spend the next two months ahead of the midterms doing penance to atone for their scummy act of cheap political theater. But they don’t, so they won't.
That’s why I hope that after he is confirmed, Justice Kavanaugh remembers and spends the next 35 years making the liberals sorry they ever pulled these skeevy shenanigans."

This lunatard accuser should not only not be heard by the Senate, Fineswine and her cronies in the minority should be censured by the entire Senate for withholding this information from the whole committee while it was in session, and then attempting this obvious and ham-fisted hit-job of waiting to leak it about five minutes before the confirmation vote, which vote should be held on schedule, without any reference to this utter mountain of bullshit, and Kavanaugh confirmed and sworn in to join SCOTUS as if it had never been attempted.

This sort of bullshit grenade should be thrown back at the Dem agenda-pimps who burped it out, and it should get the harshest official smackdown available to the Senate, the same day as the vote to confirm Kavanaugh is held.

In fact, I'd be fine with suspending and tossing the minority members of the Senate who were party to and complicit in this scam out, for cause, for the duration of the debate and vote. Kavanaugh will be confirmed without them either way, so all including them in the proceedings henceforth does is remove any consequences from their behavior.

Putting them in the penalty box, for real, and denying them the opportunity for any further grandstanding is not only justified, it's completely appropriate. If any crimes were committed, they should be fully investigated.

If they do it anything like this again, they should be put on notice that they'll be removed from the Senate for good. When you perpetrate this sort of crime against the people, you deserve the harshest remedies available. Up to and including unseating you, and throwing you out of the club.

This is what the Leftards did with Clarence Thomas, and now with Kennedy's replacement.

Imagine the shrieking and antics when Ginsburg finally strokes out, and the next justice President Trump appoints has the chance to undo any hope of leftist judicial activism for the next thirty years.

That poo-flinging pants-wetting chimp-out is going to be epic.

GMTA: Miguel at Gun Free Zone has the same prognosis:

"Do you understand it?
Having evidence of your innocence is solid evidence of your guilt.
You: “I didn’t do it, I have an alibi.”
The Left: “Only a guilty person would think about having an alibi.  Guilty!”
We are approaching the cartridge box fix at breakneck speed.  Once this perversion goes from court of public opinion to actual court, or in the case of Kavanaugh, a hearing, justice in America is doomed.
The courtroom will become a Chinese Finger Trap where the more you fight to prove your innocence, the more the prosecution says that proves you are guilty.
Supporting free speech makes you a Nazi.
Believing in equality under the law makes you a white supremacist.
Providing evidence of your innocence is evidence of your guilt.
They have turned every principle of our foundation upside-down.
This is a purely evil as things can get."
Same take from Peter at Bayou Renaissance Man, with Silicon Graybeard and Nitzakhon, AKA Red Pill Jew in comments. 
And at Diogenes' Middle Finger.
And at 100% F'ed Up.

And finally, Bill Whittle's video on this:

Forget me; that's a lot of common sense and IQ horsepower in one spot.

"War is a continuation of politics, by other means." - von Clausewitz

Sportiness cometh.
Prepare accordingly.


Anonymous said...

There is (and ought to be) legal recourse to such character assassination. I hope Judge (Justice to be) Kavanaugh avails himself of them.

Anonymous said...

Obvious smear campaign is obvious.

Reading the posts by the leftist lunatics in the Washington Post just adds to the hilarity of this bumbling hack job. "If you're accosted, you won't remember a lot of details!" said one lunatic.

I WAS accosted. I can remember the year (month, and day) in the 80's, how it happened, how I got there, how I left there, how I BROUGHT THE MAN UP ON CHARGES (some other leftist twit tried to excuse this con job's lack of talking about it for years because "Only recently have women been told to stand up for themselves." - bunch of bed-wetting Millennials saying that about a generation of women who had the sack to actually report crimes and have something done about it), and I can remember every detail. Sorry, it doesn't fly that this flaky-assed accuser can't remember where the house was, how she got there, how she left, etc. etc. etc. Horsepuckey in ALL ways.

All of the other "coincidences" all add up to the fact that this woman is one HUGE con job, and as a person who WAS accosted, I'm sick to death of these women trying this crap and saying they were "almost raped" when a man wolf whistles at her, let alone the ones just outright LYING about it all. Screw these women to hell and let them all burn in eternity. This lady should be sued to the ends of the Earth and back for character defamation by Kavanaugh. EVERY man wrongfully accused at this point should start taking these women to court.

June J said...

It's a real shame that spineless weasel Republican'ts join with the DemonRats in delaying and possibly derailing Kavanaugh's appointment.

If they are successful, I hope Trump nominates the most right wing judge "on the record against Roe vs Wade" and everything else the left holds dear to their cold, heartless souls.


Thank you so much for the mention! :)

We've been systematically cut off - thanks to the enemedia and the tech gulags, from the Soap Box.
We're being undermined left, right, and center - thanks to the Left, the Deep State, and the RINOS - from the Ballot Box.
We've been hampered by jury instructions on the Jury Box (
What's left? Just one. The Cartridge Box.

I remember, from the movie short "Prelude to Axanar" (still wish it was a full movie; I'd pay to see it - there's a quote: "Don't push the pink skins to the thin ice."

Don't push Americans who love America and revere the Constitution to the thin ice.

Hmmm. I sense an essay forming. :D

Aesop said...


I'd be happy if Pres. Trump announced his next SCOTUS nominationa would either be Andrew Napolitano, Jeanine Pirro, or Ann Coulter.

@ Nitzakhon: no problem.
The unanimity on this clown show is blisteringly obvious.
Thanks for piling on.



First, remind me to add you to my blogroll if I haven't. :)

Second, maybe Janice Brown. Find a solid Conservative minority woman. They've got to exist somewhere. And when the Left attacks - and they will - say, OPENLY, that they're racists and sexists and what-not.

Pat H. said...

Let's see.

Question: When did this take place, that is, month and year?
Accuser: I don't remember the exact year.

Question: Why did you delete your social media accounts?
Accuser: I don't know that I did that.

Question: Have you been active in the counter-Trump movement?
Accuser: No comment.

In other words, you really are a shitbird, aren't you?
Accuser: I don't know.

Badger said...

Q: Did your parents know that your 15-yo ass was at a liquor-serving house party with older high-school boys?

As Flounder would say, "This is gonna be great!"

neal said...

Everything I have come to expect from a gubmint education.
Money, Jesuits, and suburban existence.

They should have just run away when they had the chance.

The Freeholder said...

She's Anita Hill with a couple of decades of product "improvement". She should be dealt with accordingly.

The simple fact behind all this is that they want us dead. Until we start believing that and acting on that knowledge, this nonsense will continue.

Aesop said...

She's not product improved, but rather a last desperate gasp, after even the most futile gestures have long since been expended.
Not Lyin' Anita - She's a Hail Mary pass.

Bezzle said...

The Democrats's best (lame) effort at a "mob hit", or kabuki theater political kayfabe selling the fall-back propaganda?

--Let us not forget that Kavanaugh was the "Republican" Ken Starr's errand-boy during the Vince Foster whack-job cover-up, and that's about as deep Shadow Party as it gets when your tongue is wrapped around Bill Clinton's balls. Very little has been written about this in the third-tier press, and all of it painting Kavanaugh as some sort of villain polyp who convinced his boss (Starr) to "re-open" the investigations.

How many coats of lacquer is one of the biggest cons in American politics going to receive? Right...

Here's what I want to know: Who whispered this man's name into Trump's ear that he'd be just the peachiest Supe evah?

"...An environment of saturation fall-back propaganda successfully deployed over decades creates an oxymoric fictional reality in which fake scandals and "conspiracies" supplant real ones, and almost nothing that an individual thinks he has finally figured out is actually true. A yin of official press allegations and yang of alternative media bury the listener under an avalanche of widely diverse theories to the point that jaded veteran observers can credibly rationally conclude that the actual truth can only be that one thing that none of them are willing to talk about....."

*slap c-note on the table*

I bet that, after appointment to the Supreme Court, re-opening the Foster case (as prelude to sending the Clintons to the firing squad) will be the very last thing on his agenda. --Any takers?

Aesop said...

Wow...the voices do talk to you...don't they?

Anonymous said...

This whole smear campaign begs some questions: Where was this woman when he was being confirmed to the DC Circuit? I know that that process is not as well publicized as that of the lower courts, however there is an investigative process that takes place delving DEEPLY into the candidate's background. Yet, none of this came out then.

If, by some odd chance, Kavenaugh is not confirmed, are the Dem's going to start impeachment proceedings against him when he returns to the DC Circuit, the second highest court in the land behind the SJC based on this smear campaign?

Clarence Thomas said it best and most succinctly: This process has been a high tech lynching. I guess history does repeat.

The more I read about and listen to the supposed Senior and Junior members of the Senate and their grandstanding and the MSM Senior Political Reporters, the more I'm convinced that Matt Bracken's assessment, in one of his books; that all of these people need to be cleansed from the planet in order to convince their successors that they need to clean up their act, is correct and probably prescient.


Bezzle said...

Aesop> Wow...the voices do talk to you...don't they?

C'mon, my brother man... know very well that that's the *exact* jibe the commies would drop on you should they swing by and glance off one of your Vegas shooting threads.

Aesop said...

Not likely.
They'd be far more upset that their amateurish attempts at a cover story were demonstrable codswallop, in about five minutes.

Much like this Democrat version of Amateur Hour antics.

Look up the screenwriting caveat against "double mumbo-jumbo", because it's exactly what you're doing in that prior comment.

Bezzle said...

"Amateurs"? Be charitable, good sir! --It takes *years* worth of training to put on performances as earnest as these, as if any of them gave two runny shits who Kavanaugh is or was., or how and why the Democrats went along with making him a D.C. Circuit judge back in '06 when the Clinton Impeachment wasn't even a decade out of their collective memory, and their boy Frank Marshall Davis, Jr. would do jack all about it during his two terms shortly thereafter.

-- There are basically two political careers for you within the Shadow Party: 1) drone functionary: you are an unknown intestinal polyp who faces decades of loyalty tests following orders explicitly. If you pass these, you inch upward; otherwise you remain stuck sidelined in permanent irrelevance, are fired, or, in rare cases, get "Vinced" or "wised-up" (as Seth Richards might posthumously attest) if you fly to close to the flame or the flame finds you. 2) Face/Heel wrestler. Congratulations! You've made it! You get to be famous now as one of 535 + Asst. Others in the federal government that wee weebles are taught about in skool, and whom the establishment press endlessly blithers about as faint pretense of journalism. Half the sportspolitic fans will love you, half will hate you. What's important is that the fans think that you're going to make a difference in the lordings over them, and that a large fraction think you're going to be on their side.

But none of them are on your side. It's just a professional game to suck you dry. If it hurts, at least you know you're not empty yet....

Anonymous said...

Sad. If the communists are successful I don't know of any better reason to get off the porch. It's now or later. If they take the House you know what the next 2 years will be like. If they win in 2020 the 1st and 2nd Amendments will be toast. Lot of "ifs" in there but look at the probabilities. TINVOWOOT.

Aesop said...

For everybody who posts TINVOWOOT, I ask only one thing: if that's true, explain Trump.
Show all work.

What you won't do is vote your way out of this in one election.
You didn't get here in four years, and you won't get out of it that easily or quickly either.

And then the usual attention span of voters on both sides kicks in and...SQUIRREL!

What you can't do is retard your way out of this, or expect it to solve itself while you sit on your hands.

If you aren't monkeywrenching the douchebags all the time at every opportunity, you're fucking off when you should be working.

No slack.

Bezzle said...

(I'll address those backwards.)

> "If you aren't monkeywrenching the douchebags all the time at every opportunity, you're fucking off when you should be working."

-- Been at it since '82.

> "What you can't do is retard your way out of this, or expect it to solve itself while you sit on your hands."

-- Polymath historians are the only people whose judgment I implicitly trust, and there's maybe half-a-dozen of them who aren't me. To move without deep certitude is to be the pawn of others (and this describes most people, even those who are otherwise quite bright and assured of their anti-establishment bona-fides).

> "And then the usual attention span of voters on both sides kicks in and...SQUIRREL!"

-- Target-lock! Morons moo. Yes, yes they do. (For God's sake, why won't they stop?) They are encouraged to vote, and outnumber us like a Biblical locust plague. Their maws are ravenous, and antennae ever alert to which pretenders to the throne promise the most bounty (unless the swag is not delivered, in which case the swarm angers).

> What you won't do is vote your way out of this in one election.

-- Voting is exactly how we got here. (See above.) Not only is it not the solution, it was *never* the solution to encroachments upon liberty. It has always been the tool of the predatory leech class craving power. "Let's have a vote!" it hisses when it knows it wouldn't have its way otherwise -- and the moment a freed people agree to it, they're doomed. Hell, they don't even have to agree if the decision has already been made for them by their exhausted ancestors choosing not to get off their duffs and stretch necks during the should-have-happened-but-didn't scouring of the shire aftermath of the American Revolution.

Presuming that standard-deviations of voter IQ are as immutable as evolutionary biology would seem to suggest, it would tend to imply that Occam's Razor be applied to any seeming fluke result. I.e., it either was a fluke (one likely canceled by reversion-to-the-mean with the next), or that what seems like a fluke (e.g., a Trump victory) actually isn't. I.e., it was the intended result.

The trick, therefore, is: *knowing* that now, what do you and I do about it?

Dan said...

It's reached the point where if Mother Theresa herself were to run for office or be nominated for a position by a NON Demonrat politician the DNC and their media whore accomplices would magically dredge up claims, allegations and pseudoevidence that she was evil reincarnated. It's pretty much the standard MO for the left now to smear a non Demonrat candidate with allegations of immorality, abuse and perversion. And it works. Why? Because the idiots on the GOP side buy the BS and think it matters. Meanwhile the Clinton Body Count climbs past 60, Joe the Molester Biden insults most of America and countless lib politiicans engage in perversions of all description on a daily basis with no repercussions.....because the liberal left HAS NO MORALS and HAS NO STANDARDS.

Bezzle said...

> "I ask only one thing: if that's true, explain Trump. Show all work."

1) Trump is a New Yorker who knows the game, and the name of the game is make-a-deal(-and-sell-your-soul).
2) Trump is *the* consummate professional narcissist and shameless publicity-hound. Hell, he's proud of it.
3) Trump is an actor with a flair for dramatic extrovert theatrics.
4) Trump was a liberal democrat right up until the split-second he announced his candidacy.

--And that's just the short list of everything that everyone already knew about him circa January 2015. At that moment in time, would you be excited about this person becoming your President? Of course not. Yet two years later, you'd be cheering your throats raw. (The production-values are going to be high with this one, folks.)

5) The commie press (firmly under Shadow Party thumb ever since the Vince whack, and re-affirmed with McCain/Feingold) gave him roughly $500 gazillion dollars worth of free advertising during the race, ensuring that he'd be the only candidate on the Republican ticket with any name-recognition. --The way presidential races have gone since the early 80s is for the race to already be over halfway through the primaries when the only candidates with any chance left are those wearing their saddle. If you think that's wrong, then you need to explain why none of the Shadow Party's precious crockery is ever smashed by any administration -- the only things its Leftist minions are instructed to scream about are the things it actually doesn't care about (unless the aspect in question is a political figure in a "heel" role); the really important things are never talked about at all.

6) Post-election, in command of two of the most powerful ruling privileges of any democratically-elected executive, namely Executive Orders and the Presidential pardon, Trump has accomplished very little in two years, both in terms of fulfilling his own campaign promises, as well as getting the government's fangs out of America's neck in general. For example, McCain/Feingeld is still law, Obamacare is still law, the FBI hasn't been converted into a smoking hole, the US educational system remains a bastion of high-octane Leninism committed to enslaving youth with six-figure-cost worthless degrees they're told aren't absolvable in bankruptcy, SJWs are not only not stymied but have accelerate their run-amok throughout industries large and small because Title VII is still a reek mandating quota hires, and, last but not least, the Federal Reserve has quantitatively-eased the most stratospheric stock-market bubble in history and is now baking in the imminent Keynesian crash after five rate hikes and strangling the money supply, all the while Trump keeps crowing about 4% annual growth.

Funny how that wacky Fed would carefully orchestrate all of this happening while a "Republican" was in office. Heaven knows it wouldn't be right if a hard-core socialist like Hillary (that Manchurian Queen of Diamonds, the greatest "heel" role in history) were at the helm when mushroom clouds rose over Wall Street while Main Street sank into the abyss.

"Oh, but haven't you heard? He's the ZFG alpha shitlord breath-of-fresh-air lifting us above all that RINO cuckery! He's got the Demonrats on the run!" yells everybody on the national-socialist alt-right. Well. that audience is certainly sold on the act. They're eating out of his hand, regardless of what's in the hand. Never mind that their precious wall hasn't been built, [i]won't[/i] be built, and would mean fuck-all anyway even if it were built. (To make an Ebola analogy here, a built wall is like shutting down the airports after half the country is already infected with vampire teeth vice-clamped onto the tax-teats.)

Bezzle said...

Dan> "...Meanwhile the Clinton Body Count climbs past 60...."

Exactly. So, again, why are we putting Kenneth Starr's errand-boy on the Supreme Court>

Vince was last seen alive inside the White House, the most heavily-surveilled building in the world. There is no video record of him leaving.

Aesop said...

You've killed a metric ton of electrons without addressing the question:
Explain Trump.

If TINVOWOOT, then Trump shouldn't matter.
Not to us, and not to our would-be overlords.
Because if he doesn't matter, they should be sitting there like Palpatine, muttering
to Luke Skywalker "Good, good. Everything is going as I have foreseen."
But they're not.
Instead, they've become totally unhinged.

If Trump doesn't matter, why the hysteria?

And worse, he's de-railed the pseudo-cons who pretended to be "our guys" as nothing but socialist socks puppets, by undoing more rot in two years than they've accomplished in 20.

So we can either believe TINVOWOOT, or our lying eyes.
There is no other choice there.

TINVOWOOT is a cop-out for the lazy, to excuse their non-participation, and a forty year lack of any due diligence about those whom they've handed the reins of power.

Those choosing it are trading one stupid idea for another.
Note that took 15 lines, not 15 pages.
Socrates, Plato, John Locke, William Hobbes, and William of Ockham say I win.

Pat H. said...

Here's the current letter from the Judiciary committee.

Anonymous said...

Even more bad news for this lying turd and her handler, Feinstein: