Friday, January 31, 2020

Point Of Order

(GOMORRAH) Fox Network won't show abortion survivors' Super Bowl ad...
So what?!?

1) Why are you wasting your money by putting it into the coffers of Fox and the National Felony League?

2) Why are you even still paying attention to the National Felony League? Didn't the Crapperdick take-a-knee fiasco teach you anything??

3) When has a commercial ever convinced you, or anyone with an IQ above that of plant life, to do anything? (Or do you still smoke because you believe "doctors recommend it"?)

4) Have you ever considered that politicizing sports is exactly what's pissed off more people than anything else, and cost the National Felony League BILLION$ OF DOLLAR$ already?
How'd that last campaign work out for Jillette: Razors For Little Bitches™?

If your group is still that butthurt about it despite those four solid reason to STFU, convince people at the game to wear t-shirts in the crowd that say "Abortion Survivor", with coathangers appearing to be sticking out of their heads.
That will accomplish far more than any silly-ass ad ever would, get covered for days, and it would be Sabo-funny to boot.

It will also cost you $0.00, unless you spring for the t-shirts and faux coat hanger headgear.
I'm just spitballing, but I'm pretty sure the price of 30 seconds of airtime during the Toiletbowl would pay for you to be able to hand that gear out for free to every member of the crowd in attendance, if they'd take them.

And if you're not savvy enough to run a guerrilla media war in the first place, but can only whine and whinge that your philosophical enemies won't play by your imaginary Marquess of Queensbury Rules, and they're being mean to you, you're probably not big enough for this ride to begin with.

And your diapers are lumpy, and issuing a distinct odor.

The Impeachment is Faili...ZOMG! Coronavirus!

h/t Odd Job

Turn everything off, and go enjoy your weekend this week.
(Be revolutionary: skip sportsball too. You won't miss anything, and you're not getting a ring no matter who wins.)
Go be a tourist in your hometown, or get away and visit someplace new.
Tell me how it felt on Monday.

You will miss ABCNNBCBS about as much as you would miss blisters on your private parts.

Or shock the hell out of yourself, and meet with someone local, Local, LOCAL, about how to deal with potentially spicier times coming, anywhere on the spectrum from from losing a job to losing your country. Break some bread with them. Talk a little treason. It's as American as...America.

Dollars to donuts you'll be smarter, happier, better rested, and better adjusted than if you sit staring at a tube.

And everything will still be there when you get back.

Aaugh! Shocking.

h/t Herschel

(RALLYTOWN, VA) Virginia’s Senate Judiciary Committee passed several gun control bills Monday morning. 
Those bills tackle everything from universal background checks (S. B. 70- Background Checks), one gun a month limit, (S.B. 69- One-Gun-a-Month Limit), red flag laws, firearms and ammunition to be controlled by localities (S.B. 35- Local Authority), as well as firearms being restricted at public events.
Waitwaitwait...I thought there was just a wildly successful 2A rally...?
Just ten days ago.
In the same place these bills passed.
Everyone was talking about it.
Gosh, it's almost as if that had absolutely zero effect on anything in the real world.

O, if only someone - anyone - had warned them of that.

Meanwhile, it's a month later in 2020.
So, how many VA citizens have lobbied their own sheriffs, and used that time since New Year's Day to form citizen reserves to halt illegal weapons confiscation efforts, and fight and/or block all implementation of these unconstitutional laws in the Commonwealth, both legally and physically?

Would that too


Why could that be?

Keep having Gun Fan Woodstocks, and bravely protesting the War On Guns.
That will totally work.
Like it did in the '60s.

Explanations of how that happens are invited in Comments.
Butthurt and bile will either be cheerfully mocked, or rapidly obliterated into the ether of electrons, solely at our own amusement.

They would not listen, they're not listening still.
Perhaps they never will.

Anybody who's met IRL with so much as one other new person, in VA or their own state, since Gun Woodstock, to actually organize anything substantial, rather than imaginary, gets a pass on the past month's pop quiz.

The final exam will be graded pass/fail, and far more strictly.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Don't Be Those Guys

Kindly pay attention, folks.
Some stuff I know because I read...nearly everything. Always have.
Some stuff, because I've studied it intensely, either from necessity, or avid interest.
Some stuff I know because my analytical skills are pretty finely honed, and even more so doing it for a living.
And some stuff I know because I not only read about it, and practice analyzing it ever other day, but because I've been doing it for twenty-five-plus freaking years. M'kay?

You can't short-circuit that to get to the answer you want just because you, too, have a keyboard and an internet connection, no matter how much you wish it were otherwise.

I put out what I told people last week regarding corona virus.
And using the same informed judgement I did during two different Ebola outbreaks.
(Where, if I was doing random blind guessing, I had a 3/4ths of 1% chance - .0075 - of getting it exactly right, which I did.)
But the reaction of the Headless Chicken Posse in all three instances can best be summed up as follows:
"We sang a song and you didn't dance,
we played a dirge and you didn't mourn."
In short, some people are so deliberately contrary, owing to an inability to digest logic, that if they fell in a river and drowned, you should look for the body upstream.

So what?

Well, so this kind of happy horsesh*t:
 and any eleventy versions of it on the intarwebz. To Paraphrase Jayne Cobb's math:
"...bullsh*t, times bullsh*t, carry the bullshitsh*t...equals bullsh*t."
Two twats twittering about what they don't know they don't know, then forming opinions about things far beyond their paygrade is not the same things as wee little things like data, analysis, or reasoned conclusions. It's like getting your stock picks from two retarded kids based on how the windows of the respective companies taste when they're licking them.

So, once again, for the brighter lights out there:

1) All data from China is based on information received from one of the most managed and controlled infolie-formation sources on the planet.
The exact number of how many cases of corona virus, when and where they happened, and how many fatalities they have noted, from China, may be expressed with maximal accuracy as "a lot".

No further precision is possible.

Not by me. Not by you. Not by the CDC. Not by ABCNNBCBS, or the lesser minions of media fucktardation who are hard-pressed to discuss nuclear anything without pronouncing in "nuke-yuh-lar", let alone grasp the finer points of anything as scientific as freezing water to make an ice cube. You'd think you might have learned what utter morons most reporters and editors are by now (let's be serious, these are the kids who were too stupid to get into engineering, business, medicine, or legal graduate studies, which should have been a big clue). And sure as hell not by Tweedle-Dumb and Tweedle-Dumber on sociopathic media. Fucktards gonna fucktard.

2) Blair Witch Project shaky-cam YouTube videos, with sensational build-ups, and breathless "I'm sitting here in my hotel room and I'm scared shitless" color commentary by Suzie Stupid whose visit to the Great Wall was interrupted this week tell you Jack and Shit about anything. It's noise and heat, but no light.

What you can say about this outbreak boils down to pretty much what I told you before:

1) There is an outbreak. It appears to be a corona virus.

2) The Chinese have known about it for at least a month-plus before they deigned to let anyone else in on the secret.

3) Anything they tell you about it now has been pre-digested, sanitized, altered, spun, folded, and mutilated beyond all recognition, and no one from the king to the village idiot can tell you the who, what, when, where, why, how, or how much, anywhere on the planet. You would get more information if they had released it via barks from Lassie, while you tried to interpret the statement from collie to English.

So srsly:  fuck off with telling or extrapolating anything from that steaming pile. You're trying to predict pony location and quantity based on a mound of horseshit.

4) The "quarantine" in China started after half the local population had self-evacuated. Unlike, say Liberia or the Congo, the number of Chinese who can afford international air fare is literally legion, as 30 countries and as many U.S. States can attest.

5) Pointing an IR FLIR at people's faces for 30 seconds, for a virus that can incubate for 2-14 days is like trying to stop a football team from scoring by putting all 11 defenders on the line of scrimmage, and then looking stupidly surprised when Team Virus lobs a 2 to 14 yard pass over their heads, and scores a touchdown every play.
This is the "genius" response of the CDC to the outbreak.
(cf.: Ebola 2014. Different presidents, same assholes in charge of the communicable disease chicken coop. SSDD.)

6) Yes, the Chinese admit to having bio-research facilities in Wuhan. Like cops and counterintelligence agencies, I'm not a big believer in coincidence, but beyond that, no one who says, knows, and no one who knows, is saying. So park the Speculation-Mobile in the Bat Cave (which is probably where this virus, like Ebola, came from originally too. But even that, nobody knows.)

7) If you get Ebola, somewhere between 6 out of 10 and 9 out of 10 times, you're going to die. That's only based on every outbreak of it since the 1970s.

7b) But, the experimental (because doing double-blind placebo testing is unethical to the same degree as Dr. Mengele's concentration camp science experiments) RSV-ZEBOV Ebola vaccine is 95+% effective against Ebola. Unlike ever before.

8) Corona virus, OTOH, will kill you between 3 and 5 times out of 100, not 10, by contrast.
That's bad - especially for the dead ones - but not planetary extinction bad, m'kay?
Now, look and find exactly nowhere where I said it's not a problem at all, then STFU.

8b) But there's no vaccine for it. Like always, and for most viruses.
(Hey, kids, good with chemistry, biology, and want to help mankind and make a great living? Medical school awaits!)

9) And, like influenza and other viruses (all of which are currently epidemic in the U.S., and will be until after Easter, when the sun comes out and people go outside instead of staying inside and coughing and slobbering their germs all over their entire families, co-workers, and fellow students), corona virus is much easier to catch than Ebola is.

10) Especially when it's had a two-month head start, and "control" measures best described as idiotic, bordering on moronic.

All of which means that since school started in September, you should have been washing your damned nasty hands frequently, particularly before you eat or drink anything, and should also stop touching your face. (The average person touches their face 250 times a day and touches surfaces and their cell phones 2000 to 5000 times a day). Gee, I wonder where the problem could be? And let's remember that youngsters don't just touch their faces, they go deep-mining for booger nuggets, sticking half their hands in their mouths, and their friends' mouths, and suck their thumbs.

What about handwashing? Take this as a reliable indicator: every touchscreen at 8 McDonald's locations in the UK tested postive for fecal bacteria (that would be sh*t, boys and girls). Which means people don't even wash their hands after they wipe their asses. Think about that when you grab a store or office door handle, shopping cart, or use an ATM.

Let me know when the penny drops.

And corona virus is smaller than fecal bacteria, and easier to transmit.

I repeat, yet again, wash your goddam filthy hands, you hairless baboons.
They don't beat this rule into doctors and nurses with a zeal usually reserved to Jesuit priests for nothing. It saves lives and prevents millions of infections every day.

Handwashing has saved more lives in hospitals than antibiotics and surgery, swear to God.
You could look it up.

Washing your hands, provided you have intact skin, obviates the need for gloves.
(Proper glove use requires handwashing before and after, in hospital protocols.)
But if you want to indulge your OCD, go for the gloves.
(And stop touching your face.)

An N95 mask in public situations, if the virus becomes a pandemic here, will be more than sufficient for most of the droplets you're worried about.

Now, for the half-informed Anonymous keyboard commandos in comments, in 3, 2...:

Yes, the N95 won't filter out viruses per se, which are far smaller in size than what it's intended to stop.
But, my little half-informed wingnuts, the virus isn't floating around free, it's contained in droplets from sneezes and coughs, and those vapor droplets are big enough to handily get trapped by the N95 filtration. If you're panicky, get an N100.

And you're free to wear goggles if you're an utter maroon, but unless you're standing toe-to-toe with someone sneezing and coughing, droplet to eye transmission among the general public is so low it can't be measured with existing instrumentation.

The CDC recommends eye pro for medical personnel, who routinely deal with hordes of the infectious all day long, and perform close proximity procedures, some of which generate even more aerosolized virus loads, whereas Joe Average does not. But no one's stopping you if you're hyper-spastic paranoid. At the end of the day, it's your ass, do as you like. And if you're caring for a sick relative with a suspicious infection, then, by all means, you have become "medical personnel", and the rules apply to you.

Corona virus is here. More of it is going to get here. It will kill between 3 and 5% of those infected.
Most will overwhelmingly be under 12, over 65, or immune-compromised (transplant patients, chemo patients, etc.).

And I remind you, yet again, that from 1/1/2019 through 12/31/2019, common garden variety influenza, just in the U.S., probably killed between 8000 and 20000 people, as it has annually since fucking ever, and no one lost their collective minds, nor did breathless around-the-clock live broadcasts of how many bodies hit the floor.

Learn a freaking lesson, would ya please? Breathless hyperventilating panic isn't going to help you, and it's pissing me off.

Now, you want to make sensible preparations, for any one of a dozen possible problems, in case this thing gets to full-blown pain-in-the-ass level?

Like having a few months' cash on hand in case you can't go to work for a month or three?
Like having food, water, and all -all!- the other necessities of life, to deal with three to six months of being self- (or mandatorily-) quarantined in your domicile?

Now you're talking.
Common sense.
Thoughtful planning.
And not being a headless chicken.
Which are only good for digestion, not cogitation.

Nota bene, when Noah was charged to build an ark, he started collecting wood. AFAIK, he did not, for one example, make graphs to explain to his neighbors the dangers of a sudden flood.

None one gets out of here alive anyway.

And the CDC is right there, saying "More cowbell."

Proof that some unknown percentage of people will grasp none of what I said will follow along presently. I have every confidence that the 10% of those of you determined to be That Guy will demonstrate your lack of common sense in comments. Like always. More cowbell, geniuses.

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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Sunday Music: Margaritaville

Monster hit from a monster talent. Ruled the airwaves '76-'77.
It gets turned up if it comes on, and it'll still be getting played in 2076.
Because it's five o'clock somewhere. Even if you don't drink.
If you can't sing along to this from memory, you're not from my country.
In vino veritas.

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Pure Genius

h/t WRSA

Ever notice how the people who want to kill babies are always also the exact same ones who want to take your guns away and put you on boxcars, just like Gov. Blackface Babykiller?

Almost like there was a script or something.

" History doesn't repeat itself; but it rhymes."

And they left out "Red Flag" Laws.
Anybody thinking you might want an abortion can get you locked up for evaluation for 72 hours for mandatory psych exam.

Give them their own back. Sauce for the goose is good for the gander too.

And when we do it, it'll be funnier.

Friday, January 24, 2020

In Case You Missed It Earlier

Re: Coronavirus

1) Its family includes SARS. It's not "just the flu".
2) Treat it like FluBola and you'll do fine.
3) It's got about a 5% fatality rate (compared to 66-80% for Ebola virus).
4) It's about ten times easier to catch than Ebola.
5) Wash your hands, and if it gets nearby, disposable gloves and a N95 mask should suffice.
6) If it becomes a transplanted epidemic, stay home if you can, and minimize contact if you can't.
7) Wash your hands before you eat or drink, and don't touch your face.
8) Wash your hands.

That concludes your coronavirus briefing. were shocked to hear the media hyping this like it's the end of the world, while gaslighting the legitimate threat of Ebola, which makes the Black Death look about as deadly as granny's casserole leftovers?
You mean to tell me there's fakenews at ABCNNBCBS??
Would I lick a petrie dish with coronavirus?
Hell, no.
If someone was in the room with it, I'd leave, and wash my hands.
That's about it.
The problem's gonna come when we fail to quarantine potential carriers, and there are 50,000 cases here.
Then, it's liable to become a pandemic.
It's annoying, it might kill some people (for whom it'll really suck), but it's not as bad as drug-resistant TB, or flesh-eating bacteria.
But the hype is more about selling papers than the actual risk.
Rules to remember:
1) China lies abut everything to everyone, including themselves.
(If this turns out to be something far worse than just corona virus, it'll be because the Chinese lied to everyone. Like they do.)
2) The CDC needs help finding their own @$$ with both hands and a map.
3) "We're from the government and we're here to help." are still the most frightening words on the planet.
4) You take care of you.
5) Canned food lasts quite a while, and you should have that, water, other supplies, and an emergency cash stash for a minimum of between 3-6 months of living and expenses. Period.

Thursday, January 23, 2020


Herschel nails it.
"Listen.  The second amendment sanctuary movement is a God-send.  This provides structure.  This provides the ability to turn national politics into local politics. 
Bloomberg wanted to go local.  Very well.  He’s won some of the battles.  But by going local and getting everyone on board with the 2A resolutions, that affects not only local, but national politics and policy as well. 
Do you understand?  This is your chance to become involved in local politics and have a national effect. 
That’s why the communists are scared of the movement.  They should be.  It’s grass roots.  It’s organic.  It’s local.  Most of all, it’s righteous."

I've disagreed with Herschel before. I can disagree with anyone. I've seen me do it.
But he parked that one out over the bleachers.
Truth bomb. Delivered on target.

Take it to heart.

Tyrants absolutely panic over the Liberty corona virus. Because they know once it becomes epidemic, there's no stopping it.

And they know what happens to them afterwards.

And Then...?

Some people still think last Monday in Richmond was a success.
Others still think it was a failure.
Some few are probably nuanced enough to recognize aspects of both.

I think it was three days ago, and I'm pretty certain I no longer give a shit, or even a wet fart, for what anyone else thinks or says about it. It's history. Move on. Get over it.

What is starting to emerge, for parties on both sides (and hopefully, the good folks in Virginia) is the dawning realization that whatever it was, it wasn't enough to do anything, let alone everything, so everybody's asking "What's Next?"

For some of them, I humbly recommend the 74 posts I put together a couple of years ago, with the keywords : basic training.

Start here.Then here. Then here. Then here. And so on.
They were put up, on average, one or two or even three a day, from the end of April through early July of that year.

Someone with better google-fu on Blogger than I can probably post a link to the whole series using the keyword. However you do it, start at the beginning, and work forward from the earliest post.
UPDATE: Courtesy of G-Man:
Needful Things
Ground Rules
Course Syllabus
Basic References –
PT – Physical Training
Nutrition, Hydration, Electrolytes
First Aid – Intro and Overview
First Aid – Airway, Breathing, and CPR
Wounds – Stop The Bleeding, Protect the Wound
First Aid – Shock
First Aid – Bandaging
First Aid – Orthopedic Injuries and Splinting
First Aid – Burns
Hygiene and Rest
PT – Day Two
First Aid: Environmental Emergencies
First Aid: TCCC I : Care Under Fire
First Aid: TCCC II – Tactical Field Care
First Aid: TCCC III – Tactical Casualty Evacuation
First Aid: First Aid Kits – IFAK and Beyond
First Aid: IVs
First Aid: Medications
First Aid: Nuke-Chem-Bio
First Aid: Improvisation
First Aid: Prevention
Basic Training: Marksmanship – Preamble
Basic Training: PT
Basic Training – Rifle I
Basic Training – Pistol I
Basic Training – PT
Basic Training – Rifle II
Basic Training – Pistol II
Basic Training – PT
Basic Training – Rifle III
Basic Training – Pistol III
Basic Training – PT
Basic Training – Rifle IV
Basic Training – Pistol IV
Basic Training – PT
Basic Training – Rifle V
Basic Training – Shotgun
Basic Training – PT
Basic Training – Fieldcraft Intro
Basic Training – Fieldcraft: Gear and Levels
Basic Training – Gear (cont.)
Basic Training – Gear SOPs and Location Standardization
Basic Training – On The Move
Basic Training – Patrolling
Basic Training – Team Formations
Basic Training – Hand & Arm Signals
Basic Training – Danger Areas
Basic Training – Reaction To Contact/Ambush/ Break Contact
Basic Training – Camouflage, Concealment, and Cover
Basic Training – PT
Basic Training – Your Pace Count
Basic Training – Magnetism
Basic Training – Compass and Protractor Basics
Basic Training – Maps and Map Reading I
Basic Training – Maps and Map Reading II
Basic Training – Basic Celestial Navigation
Basic Training – GPS
Basic Training – PT
Basic Training – Patrol Base
Basic Training – Noise, Light, Litter Discipline
Basic Training – Sanitation
Basic Training – Challenge/Password
Basic Training – Fighting Positions
Basic Training – Range Cards
Basic Training – The Ambush
“But Aesop,…!” Basic training question
“But, But, But…” Part Deux
Basic Training – PT
Basic Training – Phonetic Alphabet

For those to whom the military, and its training regimen, are only known via Hollywood movies, they will provide a solid foundation for future study and application.

{Hint: If you're not going to do the application, spend your time instead with some hand lotion and a link to PornHub, because you'll gain more from the latter if you won't be bothered to get out of your Barcalounger. Just saying.}

For those who've got a handle on the baccalaureate degree, move up to the master's course of study, from even earlier: Military Organization For Dummies
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6

The barest bones of an outline of the hardest part of anything worthwhile: making it work to accomplish your mission. 
If, however, you're well familiar with that course of instruction, and don't need the refresher, or all that militarism is just too butch for you, move along to some other ideas I've posted:

Common Sense Resistance

Read it, glean what you can use from it, and if something therein won't work, drop it, and move on with what does.

Which seems to be nearly exactly what this home-grown VA group is all about, as BoatGuy and I noted in earlier Comments, and as Concerned American front-paged at WRSA today.

{Hint: This ain't just for Virginians. Your state's on the menu too.)

And then go read other people's ideas, on any dozen blogs, and in books, but then, FFS, get together with anyone and everyone in your LOCAL area, and start making things happen. Whatever county you live in, you are the catalyst for your own modern-day Committee of Correspondence. Host it. Break bread and jaw about it. Share ideas amongst yourselves, talk with other groups, plan, organize, unite, and do something bigger, better, and more hardassed.

That doesn't mean burn everything down and start throwing bombs.
You're still not there. Yet.
Doing the things above will be a lot harder, and more effective, than any destructive spazz-gasm you could imagine.

How do you know a small group of committed individuals can change the world?
Because it's the only thing that ever has.

77 men on Lexington Green.
56 delegates in Philadelphia.
12 disciples.

There is magic in a small hard corps.
Ask Easy Company of the 506th if that formula works.

But the Lone Ranger is a fictional character.

So meet and greet. Go shooting together. Teach a class or three. Go on a hike. Make friends over the back fence, at the local hall, in a bowling league, or over at the Legion Post or Elk's Lodge. If there isn't a local group, make one from scratch.
If needs be, with just two people. Or even just one.

If you could pull 22,000 into Richmond on a cold holiday, there's no reason you can't pull 200 from every 2A sanctuary county in VA, right now. And that's just this week.

And once you get something  or anything going, go find the group the next county over, and keep in touch with them.
Lather, rinse, repeat for every contiguous county.

You're now really a Committee Of Correspondence.
Which really f**ked up an awful big slice of King George III's tyrannical empire at one point.

The match you strike today can light a candle.
Tomorrow, it may light a torch.
And the day after that, a fuse.
Best get going on being ready for that day.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


h/t Peter

It's not nice to fool Mother Nature.

A Swing And A Miss

So a few days ago, I noted that Tam had rather grossly overstated the argument against the above holster.

Being busier here with another topic, I hadn't noticed her reply.
If you hadn't seen it either, by all means, RTWT.
She takes me to task for this statement of mine:
"We won't even talk about ... where your appendix carry muzzle is pointed, sitting in a vehicle seat." - Aesop
with this response:
"If you're carrying AIWB correctly, it should be pointing at the seat. If it's pointing at anything else, you need to fix yourself." - Tam
And icing on the cake, posted the following video to "help" me see the error of my ways.

I thought my vision was pretty good, but maybe I'm off and it's time for glasses. Any guys out there, go to the 1:21 mark in that video, and tell me where this guy's got his muzzle pointed.

I may also have different anatomy than every guy on the planet (I haven't seen you all, so I'm being scrupulously scientifically accurate), but I'm almost metaphysically certain I have different anatomy where that muzzle is pointed than Tam does. Which was the exact point I made about appendix carry. The muzzle in the video she chose for an example is pointed at the car seat all right...after passing through a few bits I (and presumably, shortbarrelshepherd in that video) are rather fond of. So if I could offer a few brief rejoinders to her observations:

a) I'd need to "fix" myself - like tomcats get "fixed" - to not be pointing at the danger zone previously, scrupulously, and accurately identified. Tam might like that, but me, not so much.
b) The parts in question, being anatomically attached to me, don't move very far from the designed anchor point, just like they're right in the kill zone in the video. Anyone in the class remember what Rule 1 is? Anyone...?
c) The proximity of the muzzle (not to mention a blade) to two separate femoral arteries, which allow one to bleed out in about 10 seconds if well-punctured, probably needs no further explanation. Nor does what happens when airbags go off or one's body flies into the restraining seatbelt in a collision at speed. I'm morbid like this, but it would strike me as an annoying irony to wear a gun for protection, and have it discharge into my vitals because I placed it directly in the impact zone of vehicle safety equipment, because Gaston Glock or Bill Ruger didn't think to crash-test it for me beforehand. Just saying.
d) If you're going to school someone with a video, probably best to watch it first yourself before making the other guy's points for him.

To be fair to Video Guy, he says he has a G19, but never entirely draws his gat, so it's possible, if he has a custom 12" slide and barrel on that piece, that it points only at the car seat. (It would be an awkward draw at that point though, would it not?)
Otherwise, while making some solid points about better carry while driving in terms of prepping your personal battlespace, this is a great video how-to on how to attempt accidental castration under stress or by accident.

You watch the video, and you decide.

I had also noted
"We won't even talk about where that IWB is digging into you all shift" - Aesop
Garnering in response
 "Oh, please, Aesop! I've driven on I don't know how many all-day-long cross-country roadtrips with a strong-side IWB holster. IND-to-ATL, IND-to-MSY, IND-to-OKC, IND-to-ABQ, IND-to-FOE, and that's just in the last couple years, and not counting shorter ones to TN or OH... Make sure you don't buy crappy belts and holsters and that they fit properly." - Tam
Noted, Tam. I don't buy crappy belts and holsters, and yet in some, even many vehicles, IWB simply doesn't work if you want accessibility and comfort. Comfortable is generally less-than-ideal for accessibility, and accessibility runs less-than-ideal for comfort. There are hundreds of makes and models of cars, and 100M weapons owners, probably something approaching 10M of whom carry concealed or open in vehicles.

So yet again, I'm going with the notion that for any number of combinations of them, they might be built differently than me, or Tam, and find other options than belt carry a better fit, unless they're willing to give up one or the other attributes, if not both. Including the drop-leg originally profiled. As opposed to "dumber than an acre of fungus, dude."

But the real poser was a video linked in her response, which post and embedded video you'll have to watch there to see. Please, do.

First, mad props to any school working inside a vehicle, even briefly, but let's be fair.
1) It's a junker for shooting training, so no seatbelts used nor trained with.
Train like you fight, fight like you train. Well, maybe not so much.
2) The tussle portrayed is great for a shooter inside your vehicle, in the passenger seat.
For someone in the back seat, or outside the car, again, not so much.
3) I watched it several times, and have yet to see Tam (in the driver seat, evidently) draw anything from anywhere to prove her point about her car seat draw. Maybe she did, maybe she didn't, but damned if I could see anything like. I saw her wrestle with a passenger for his gun on his left side, so if you're a cop, your partner is a southpaw, and he decides to cap you, and while you were unarmed, that video would come in real handy. But I didn't see her draw anything from anywhere at any time.

Anyone, watch it yourself, and feel free to tell me where she drew a weapon, when, and from where.

Otherwise, the takeaway seems to be to practice taking the gun away from the bad guy, because you didn't bring one...? Whatever. I'm stumped.

And then, what I assume was supposed to be the rhetorical kill-shot:
"Now mime moving your hand backward from the holster like you're trying to draw the pistol. What happens to your elbow? Hits the seat before the muzzle is even clear, doesn't it?

Can you see why dudes who were issued dropleg Safarilands would use vest mounted holsters for mounted patrols?" - Tam
1) Looking at the drop-leg in the OP, my draw stroke wouldn't be so deep and straight back that my elbow would be impeded by anything. I'm not getting my wallet out of my pants pocket, I'm pulling a compact pistol out of a holster that's already halfway down my thigh.

2) And exactly as noted in comments to my post, my shoulder, elbow, and wrist all cleverly pivot and rotate, as OEM equipment, to allow me to pull and draw a pistol on my mid-thigh with minimal muss and fuss. Not so much for a Desert Eagle or a custom long-slide .45 auto from The Terminator

but no problem at all for an LCP, a G19/26/30, a PPK, or any number of short-barreled revolvers. Problem non-existent. Maybe it might be worse if you're tall and riding in a sports car with wrap-around bucket seats (paging Tam), but for average me in a pickup truck, no trouble at all. Which only goes to prove my point, yet again, that YMMV, and there's a lot of ways to do some things in a world full of variables.

3) Of course I can see why a vest-mounted holster would be better than a drop-leg Safariland for mounted patrols. Which is nice if we're talking about someone doing a mounted patrol, or where anyone is issued that sort of gear.
I don't know how they do things in Indiana, but around here, Lyft, Uber, Yellow Cab, the trucking companies, and the pizza delivery shops don't usually issue load-bearing vests or holsters at all. So that's not really a very good point, is it?
(It might be more applicable in Chicongo or Baltimore, but hereabouts, not so much. )
So once again, getting something comfortable and accessible without going all Tactical Timmy is probably a bit better choice for Joe Average.

Which makes a dropleg holster, like the one pictured, not-so-dumb for a pretty notable demographic among the population who carries a weapon for protection, as opposed to issued for duty. Not necessarily the only choice, best choice, my choice, or yours, but for a non-zero number of others, probably very non-dumb.

That was all I said then, and Tam's reply does absolutely nothing to make any points at all that it's anything different now.

She's away this week, so I hope she enjoys the SHOT Show, whether she sees this or not.
I suspect we can both agree that that's always a fun week.

Some Things We Should Be Able To Agree On

Nota bene, "Should" is not "Will". Take a breath, and work with me for a minute or three here.

1) The Bill of Rights ought to be inviolable. Not "is", but damned skippy "ought" to be.
If you can't get there on your own, I don't know you, and I don't want to. The rest of that paragraph ends "...and the horse you rode to town on, sideways, with a rusty chainsaw."

2) Evil SOBs would - and have, and will continue - to try and dismantle it, brick by brick, and letter by letter, until there's nothing left of it.

3) There is no compromising between the people who believe in Point 1 and the people described in Point 2. None whatsoever. One may argue, change, or abandon tactics, and be a general. But one who changes or abandons principles is a soulless saboteur. "...and the horse he rode to town on, sideways, with a rusty chainsaw."

4) That means that at some point (and ideally, at every opportunity), the people in Point 1 are going to have to oppose the people of Point 2, and that when all else has failed, that will come down to force of arms and bloodshed, because some people don't take "No!" for an answer until you shoot them in the face.

5) In the entire recorded history of the world, the number of wars that have been won, let alone avoided, by peaceful non-violent protests, can be counted on one's thumbs. (and even those just postponed the violence until a wee bit later. E.g., ask India how things are going with Pakistan. QED) In fact, violent warfare has been the cast-iron rule, not the rare exception.

6) So, with even a grade-school diploma, and knowing 1-5, now that you've had your public gun love-in in VA, and the Democrats in the legislature have declared publicly that they're not impressed, what will you do next? (To spare the feelings of some, we won't talk - for the moment - about previous efforts.) What have you done for yourselves lately?

7) Some few of you like to try taking cheap shots at us here in California, which is now Califrutopia. So you should know a few things, unpleasant as they may be to face, for you.

A large part of our problems here now are due to four things:

a) Your toothless banjo-playing kinfolk, who came here for decades because they weren't welcome in your little patch, and the carpetbagging opportunist pols they voted for. For the 95th time, google the origins of such upstanding examples as Nancy (Alzheimers) Pelosi, Barbara (Stupidest Senator Ever Until Kamala Kneepads Harris) Boxer, and Gray (Impeach Me!) Davis, let alone Ahnuld Schwarzenegger, and DiFi's husband. I'll own Gov. Moonbeam, and Jane Fonda, if you own the tide of Okies and Commies that preceded them.

b) The senators and representatives from 49 other states, who couldn't see a problem with making California the Wetback State (and don't get me wrong, I'm equal opportunity with that appellation, whether they swam the Rio Grande, or shipped themselves here from Asia, Africa, Sh*tholia, or Trashcanistan) until it was too late to fix. Some 10M+ illegals here, and 40M in the U.S., and folks elsewhere have just started to think it may be a problem, in relative terms.

c) The illegal aliens in question, who in California alone outnumber the population of any one of 42 U.S. states.

d) The people here who decided that when the going gets tough, the tough beat feet to happier places.  You took care of you, no doubt. You f**ked everyone you left behind too, without a second thought. Spare me your excuses if that's you. it's too late for that. Own it.
When you returned to your native states, or made new homes in new lands, you were either reviled as "Californians" (which most of you never were) every time things got more liberal, even if you voted anything but; or once in a blue moon hailed as one of the few "good Californians" if you were more conservative about your most recent home turf than the locals were. So you were pretty much damned if you stayed, and damned if you left. The lyrics and chorus to Bob Dylan's Like A Rolling Stone come to mind in your cases.

The combination of people that weren't from around here, and an overwhelming horde of transplants, legal and illegal, suddenly electing communist douchebags conspired to flip the state from solid (R) to puerile (D) in less than a generation. If you live in VA, stop me if you've heard this one. If you live in NH, FL, or TX, let me know when the penny drops for you too.

As I told four fine people, several of whom you've read in comments here and elsewhere, over dinner last week IRL, you'll get California from my cold dead hands, and not without one helluva fight. My line in the sand is still here, and so am I. If you run from the fight, you'll never fight the fight, and you'll never win.
My plan for California is like Poland's: when the state goes bankrupt (and it's headed there like a freight train), the wheels come off that wagon, and the statues of Marx come down. It's going to have to be that drastic, here. But communists always run out of other people's money. They can't help it.
You should also bear well in mind that there are more 2A supporters in CA than in any other state, even now, and more gun owners here than there are people in any state in 80% of the rest of the country. So maybe think about walking back the lazy snark that would diss an army 10 times the size of what the U.S. can currently field. And that goes for 2A supporters in NFY, MA, NJ, or anywhere else you don't like. If "just showing up" really counted for anything serious, we'd have had this knocked here thirty years ago. But the truth is it gets you nothing but a big target, unless you have more of a plan than getting together. We'll come back to that point in a bit.

Those of you who left, best wishes when the same thing happens again there. Where will you run next? And then? And then?

My gentle suggestion is to stop running and start digging in, if you have any self respect.

Forgive me if thinking that perhaps Virginians, and Southerners in general, might have a better understanding of those sentiments than those who've never experienced living in occupied territory, but clearly some people's memories are shorter than their wedding tackle. But there it is. And it's coming to your state too. Look around if you doubt me.

8) So having said that, you might show just a dash more understanding when I tell you that playing in the street is pointless. It changes no votes, it delivers no votes, and it sways no votes. And even when voting works (or used to), a federal judge will simply overturn the vote. This is how Pres. Jimmy Peanut gave California back to Mexico, long after he was out of a job himself, and turned it into the Califrutopia you, and I, know and loathe. One judge, one vote, one state.

It happened long before this became just about guns, here or anywhere, and between people coming in and people going out, it was over before it started for us. We didn't lose our state in November, and face a fight over guns the next month. It was a long, slow slide into where we are now. The so-called Republican Party in this state was gutless and spineless long prior, and rolled over on assault weapons over one incident, and the "Republican" governor lacked the guts to veto the bill. And within a couple of years after the floodgates were opened to illegals, there weren't any Republicans anywhere who could stop anything, even if we could have found one or put one in office with a functional spine.

And holding public rallies would have accomplished nothing.

So put a sock in that noise, swallow some braggadocio, and learn a hard lesson:

9) There's what you can do, and what you can't do.
So if you're going to do something, DO IT.
Stop yakking about it. Stop marching for it. Stop wishing for it.
Think as long and hard as it takes.

Cheerleader b.s. pep rallies aren't going to get it done.
I'm sure your high school won every pep rally they held, because nothing was on the line.
What mattered was the score on the field, and whether your team moved the ball.
So please, for the love of all that matters, stop playing with your balls, and move the ball.

a) That means stop grandstanding for the cameras, which will never love you, never help you, never tell the truth about you, and never help you win.
The revolution will not be televised.
And get cracking on firing up your neighbors and friends, who will do all of those things, but only if you can get together with them on doing things that matter, things that count, things that WORK.

You are not going to stupid your way to victory.
You are not going to rally your way to victory.
You are not going to talk your way to victory.
You are not going to wish your way to victory.

You're going to have to recruit hard-hearted, like-minded, tough-headed people to plan your way to victory, organize your way to victory, and work  your way to victory, if you want to win a victory.

And dollars to donuts, the only marching that's going to work is going to be done with a pack, not a placard. PR may set the table, but bullhorns don't win battles.

You are not  going to be the first army in history to fly to victory on unicorns spewing strawberry-scented farts and pooping rose petals and happy gas to conquer the people in Point 2.

b) Propaganda, however, is a tool, and a weapon, if you would wield it as such, in the dimming twilight before the night of any actual war. So if you're going to get 20,000 people together, don't do just that.

But you would have needed the wit to have someone on the podium announce 
"Governor Northam, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!"
Right before you did it yourselves, on cue, just like Berliners did.

If those 20,000 in Richmond had dismantled that fence, rolled it up, stacked it in neat pieces, announced that free speech means everywhere, peaceful assembly means everywhere, and keeping and bearing arms means everywhere, and then peacefully walked away, you would have been more effective than if you'd pulled Gov. Babykiller onto the stage live, peeled his underwear off, and paddled his behind.
Your cell phone video of that would have gone worldwide viral.

So FFS, if you do what you did again, and TPTB put up a fence again, Flip The Friggin' Script, Will Ya?

If you'd all shown up with no masks, but all in blackface, you would have made the rally about shaming him, instead of shaming yourselves by providing photo ops for the EneMedia at ABCNNBCBS.

If you'd all been in coats and ties, instead of camo, you would have looked like the Sunday School teachers whose manners you displayed on Monday, and not like the bitter gun-toting clingers of liberal fever-dreams.
Unless and until things go hot
Write that on your hands in laundry marker.

But it's only a weapon if you wield it like one, deliberately, with more of a plan than "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if we all showed up?" and no actual control over your own people beyond best wishes. Hope ain't a plan.

None of this after-game quarterbacking. It just demonstrates that there was no leadership at the goatrope with actual no sh*t contingency plans ready for
* How we co-ordinate this thing from bottom to top
* What we do if 50 people show up
* What we do if 500 people show up
* What we do if 5000 people show up
* What we do if a whole Army shows up, and we outnumber the cops 20:1.
No one thought about any of that, because no one thought about much beyond showing up.

Let alone
* What we do if someone (or a lot of someones) get(s) arrested
* What we do if someone gets injured
* What we do if someone gets shot
* What we do if shooting breaks out all over, and it goes pear-shaped

Failure to plan is planning to fail.
That's why Monday was a fail before it ever happened.

And you have to have another plan (or five) for what happens when it switches from a war of words to an actual war (like it will), because you won't propaganda your way to victory either, by itself. And you need to tell that truth to every Swinging Richard who shows up, until they can repeat it from memory. At some point, you'd better be ready to pick a fight.

11) You're going to have to get to the point where they either flee before your actual hardass forces, or get to where you shoot m*****f*****s in the face, and string the survivors up to lampposts in droves.

(Option Three is, you're getting loaded into boxcars. I would counsel avoiding that.)

Which leads to everything you need to know from here on out:

12) Anything that doesn't clearly and directly help you do #11 is a waste of time, energy, resources, and everything else you need to win. And you have none of them in such abundance that you can afford to squander them, for even a moment.

That's the topic.
Flame away on it. If you can.

Want MOAR! good ideas?
Go here. Read this.