Sunday, September 9, 2018

Mean Machine

h/t Chief Nosewetter

Or any other day.

Knee-taking Nike-wearing traitors?
Not even if Hell froze over.

Enjoy your Sunday.


lineman said...

They are at war with humanity and most still are buying them weapons...Sad that so many are so dumb...

Stealth Spaniel said...

I was fond of football in the time of The Gods: Montana, Young, Lott, Rice, etc. When people like Eddie DeBatolo Jr., loved football and considered it a privilege to be an owner. We had 30 points on the scoreboard before the wine could breath, accumulated by men who played like winners and conducted themselves fairly well. They were dressed for Gentlemen's Quarterly going on the plane, and if they grabbed ass in their hotel suites, it was quiet. I feel like an other worlder, but it really was civilized then. Now? Fools, thieves, and murderers are on display.

MMinAR said...

No longer even a pang of missing watching.

Plus today I got the men's US Open finals-actually took a half day off.