Friday, September 21, 2018

Time To Deal With Scut Farkas

With nothing more to go on than the dubious, vague and flatly ridiculous hallucinations of a psychotic hardcore Democrat activist (but I repeat myself) with delusions of grandeur, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Planet of the Apes){Yes, I went there} now thinks - and is actively planning - a full-on witch hunt inquisition of Judge Kavanaugh at any future repeat appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee, of a type not seen since Dr. Zaius went after Col. Taylor at a show trial in Ape City in 1968. Not to find fact, of which there can be none, since this never began with any. But simply to strut, preen, grandstand, demagogue, and accuse, without ever being called to account for such reprehensible behavior, no notion of the function and role of the Senate, nor the basic meaning of the Constitution, nor of the most fundamental concepts of jurisprudence that date back to before Magna Carta. Drama first descended to melodrama, and now finally to farce.

And Sen. Grassley needs to find a pair:
Subpoena whackjob Ford, and tell her attorney Ford either appears to testify, or not, like any other witness, and that's that. If she's to be given a forum for her psychoses, 30-something years after an incident is alleged to have ever happened, she either conforms to the rules that have always applied, with full penalties for perjury and duplicity, or she stays her ass home. When you concoct out of thin air a completely unsubstantiated account such as she has, you bear the entire burden of proof, and you take your chances, with all the legal trimmings. And let's be clear here: there is nothing "heroic" or "believable" about wild and likely delusional imaginary crimes, designed to derail the workings of the republic, permanently defame the character of a federal judge, and aggrandize your own lunatic political beliefs. That's not heroism. That's sociopathy.
Being a sociopath may garner one a comfy Bay Area professorship to strut their ramblings before the ignorantii, but on the whole, it should engender you the exact scorn and opprobrium Ford has received for this entire vile spectacle, and she should take delivery of that recompense in the committee hearing room, both for her own edification and sins, and pour encourager les autres.

And the minute Harris or one of her fellow moonbats starts turning the hearings into a circus, the chair ought to throw them out, on the spot, and refer them to the entire Senate for further disciplinary action, that week.

The only thing these @$$holes understand is getting a nose full of fist.

Oblige them.

And regardless of the vote outcome on his nomination, Judge Kavanaugh is a sitting federal judge on the DC Court of Appeals, the penultimate court of the republic.

He should sue Ford and multiple US Senators for slander and defamation of character.
Their comments on the floor of the Senate are protected by law.
Their grandstanding comments and shout-fuelled contra-legal tirades away from that protected spot and in front of national TV cameras are not.

I'm thinking a legal case something in the mid nine figures might suffice to drive that point well home, and put a serious crimp in their re-election efforts, even in supposedly "safe" states.
At this point, he'd only have about 500,000 lawyers who'd take the case on pro bono.

But after rolling over on Bork, and having Clarence Thomas squeak past similar high-tech lynching shenanigans, the time has come to give these shrieking bullies the ass-kicking thrashing that is the only way to end this nonsense. Beat them so bloody and so humiliatingly harshly, that they never dare show their faces again.

Profanity-laced pugilisim optional, but highly recommended.

BONUS ROUND: Announce immediate Senate Judiciary hearings into the sexual assault allegations regarding Rep. Keith Ellison (whose accuser has actually filed a criminal complaint!), Sen. Al Franken, and the conga line of accusers (the ones still living, at least) of President Clinton.
If 30-something-year-old vague allegations are on the table, set the placemats, and let's open the feast to all comers.
The Senate seems a bit hazy on recent history, so dragging a former president and his serial felon enabling wife through it all again might suffice to jog their memories, just a wee bit.

This horseshit would cease so fast it would look special effects movie magic.

But if they really want to play ball, play for keeps: throw fireballs.


Jess said...

From my understanding of warfare, which this is, laying back in a defensive position only prolongs your eventual defeat. That's why the Republicans need to start an offensive, take advantage of flanking maneuvers, and take no prisoners.

Anonymous said...

the publicans are pussies. they have been losing so long it's in their DNA.
the Trumpmeister needs to send some serious messages to those dopes. a horsehead or something?

June J said...

You are assuming there's anyone on the Repubic-hairs side with the balls to take action against their esteemed colleagues across the aisle, or anyone in the DC swamp who will actually indict and arrest any of these assholes.

Now that blubbering twat Rosie O'Donnell says the old RNC guys need to go away, while ignoring all the old senile bats like Feinstein, Pelosi, Watters, et all.

These days the only people who infuriate me more than the Democrats and their cronies are the Republicans who are complicit in the shafting of America at the hands of the communists.

Aesop said...

Not assuming anything.
There are no victims in D.C., just volunteers.

Anonymous said...

These Democrats are now absolutely, unquestionably batshit insane. I mean we all knew that, but it's spread into the "mainstream" Democrats now. I'd have to have a lobotomy to ever vote for a Democrat at this point. And attention - I'm a woman who was raised in the Bay Area in a liberal stronghold. If I can see through the lunacy, how many others are starting to? "Blue Wave" my ass.

Anonymous said...

A common mistake, but penultimate means next to last.

Aesop said...

And where's the mistake?
The DC Court of Appeals is the next to last court of appeal for Washington, DC and the entire federal apparatus, the ultimate being SCOTUS.

If you're going to grade my papers, you have to know the subject, okay?

Mightybison said...

Ding ding! Winner.