Friday, December 31, 2021

R.I.P. Betty White

This pic was for a recent interview, where she revealed the secrets
to a long life. I'm pretty sure one of the top three tips would be "Don't die".

Also undisclosed is whether White, a few weeks shy of her 100th birthday, recently received a COVID booster, or simply had some dirt on the Clintons.

Well, at least we know she won't be watching the Rose Parade tomorrow.

But she could sling it and bring it right up until the end:

The Horror. The Horror.


Thursday, December 30, 2021

Jack-Booted Thuggery

 h/t 100% Effed Up

NYfPD Diversity Hire ThugPig in action.

Blue Bloods is great television. But it's entirely fictional.  The video at the link is the real NYfPD, up close and personal, with all the lipstick off the pig(s).

And Ofcr. BLM Jackboots clearly has no idea the significance of the phrase "just following orders", nor why it's always a poor defense.

But she's demonstration that once you start wiping your ass with the Constitution, it's nothing at all to walk all over the US flag for sport.

Fuck any good will from 9/11.

If the jihadis had taken out every building in that miserable rotten sh*thole, they would have qualified for a medal for public service.

Pity the rest of the state doesn't cast the Five Boroughs adrift, and wish them luck, as an independent city-state with no further voting privileges in the rest of the state's affairs. It would be an excellent precedent for the entire country, and put every blue hive sh*thole on notice that they were about to gain their total independence, and get to pay for the privilege out of their own pockets. Communism is a lot less fun without everyone else's money, and has a life expectancy measured in months at that point.

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Just Wanted To Beat The Rush


Game Over


The most entertaining sportsdope since Yogi Berra has finally been spiked into the end zone of life. Besides Madden's grieving family, this leaves comedian Frank Caliendo saddened, now without 25% of his material. Hopefully, he'll perform at Madden's memorial service.

Sorry/Not Sorry

If you're among those snookered by the early bluster and bullsh*t about the Vaxx, or forced to knuckle under later on with one arm twisted up behind your back, we feel for you, truly. And we sincerely hope no harm befalls you if that's the circumstances of which you were a victim, knowing or unknowing.

But what is, is, and what is to be is beyond our power to undo.
The only choice left you at this point, is whether to settle for mere victimhood, or to aspire to righteous retribution.

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Kleine Nazis: Grosse Nazis

h/t eatgrueldog

 Brooklyn Burger King calls NYFC cops on patrons who refuse to show COVID vaxx proof

Fair enough. You want to carry water for The Man, you can use it to put out the flames that follow.

As in:

Bluff: Called. Your move, chief.

If you like your jackbooted fascism, you can keep your jackbooted fascism.

Mind the third-degree burns.

Day Three story:

(NYFC) In a stunning development, the only burger joints left standing in the five boroughs after a day of 472 unexplained grease fires, are the 87 of them still open who never call the police about people who don't show their vaxx cards.

Authorities have no explanation for this puzzling coincidence. The business owners could not be reached for comment, as the lines of customers waiting to order food now wind around the block. 


 h/t 100% Effed Up

100% Vaxxed US Navy warships suffer 25-33% COVID infection rates

I thought Bob Denver was dead, but obviously the squids have resurrected him and made him either the Chief of Naval Operations, the Secretary of the Navy, or the head of the Bureau of Naval Medicine. Most Likely: All of the above.

I think they were getting jealous of how big an assclown Gen. Milley is, and decided they needed bigger jackasses running their shop to stay in the running.

And which, once again, makes the SEALs who refused the jab the only ones in the whole lash-up who don't have sh*t for brains.

Monday, December 27, 2021

As 2021 (Finally, Thankfully) Oozes And Swirls Towards The Bottom Of The Porcelain Thinking Bowl...


Let us give credit where it's due, and remember the important things this year:

This is no mean accomplishment in these times, and to those of my fellows who pulled it off, it's an honor to be counted among your ranks.

Sunday, December 26, 2021

The Plural Of Anecdotes Isn't Data, And Yet...


Got my first COVID patient since September today. So I guess that means that mini-vacation's over. (We've gotten maybe one or two a week overall, but it's been pretty sporadic, and our outside COVID isolation tents came down for good in early fall). This one came to me.

(Mind you, this is supposed to be at a time when "cases" are rampant all over So Cal, and rising like a rocket launch. Maybe they are, somewhere. In a galaxy far, far away. A year ago, we were carpeted wall to wall in those literally deathly ill, with COVID, and because of COVID. Now, no such thing is happening hereabouts.)

So was this pt. unvaccinated? Like the drumbeat the idiot media (but I repeat myself) has been beating endlessly and crying "Wolf!" about breathlessly for weeks, eleventy times an hour?

O Hell no.

Fully vaccinated. And boosted.

Did a rapid COVID test. Supposed to wait several minutes to read it. Except he/she/it* popped positive in about half a minute.

Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner!

Probably will get hospitalized, for a host of reasons. But it's kicking his/her/its* ass too.

So maybe since the first three shots didn't work, he/she/it* should get a fourth one, if he/she/it* survives this?

Why stop at four? Why not just make auto-injectors, like COVID Epi-pens, and have everyone inclined just jab themselves 5-10 times a day, forever, right? Maybe make a COVID vaxx salt lick, or COVID Lifesavers, and people could pop them like Skittles 24/7/365.

Meanwhile, still among the hardcore refuseniks at work, I self-test 2x/week (apparently, until Hell freezes over), and remain completely uninfected after 2 solid years of working amidst the plague throng.

Including this guy/gal/thing*, who had been un-isolated and seen by several staff members for two hours before we did a routine test prior to admission. And it's a pretty safe bet his/her/its* spouse has got it too.

I have a suggestion about what TPTB can do with the Not-A-Vaxxes:

UPDATE 12/27:

And two more COVID patients last night, all fully vaxxed and boostered, including one patient in their twenties, who has now nonetheless gotten full-blown COVID twice. And who, btw, describes this bout, after three shots, as much worse than last year's round, acquired after just two vaxx shots. 

Clever readers may deduce a trend here.

*(HIPPA, bitchez. You can't identify any of these patients from anything I said. I may have made it all up. This blog may be a figment of your imagination too. At any rate, no actual patient information has been disclosed, because you don't know nothing about nobody.) 

Sad, Yet Hilarious

 If you haven't yet seen it, Emperor Poopypants is seen here so gobsmackinglyly senile that he was trolled by a caller into self-parody (not that he needs any help to self-parody, and yet...)

"Let's go Brandon! I agree."

You're literally watching his brains (of which he hadn't any to spare decades ago, when he was still relatively mentally functional) melt before your very eyes, like an ice cream cone on a hot day in July. If he wasn't sitting behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office and answering the phone there, it would be comedy.

But no, we're supposed to believe >wink wink< he pulled more votes than Obama.

Pull the other one, it's got bells on it.

As it is, it just underlines what a doddering and mentally helpless old fool he is, and you have to wonder how much actual day-to-day control of the entire government has devolved to his chief of staff, Lady Macbeth (pictured), and the other cast of junior assistant assclowns, all with their hands up his ass or pulling his strings most days, and just how totally cluelessly and easily he could be encouraged to launch nukes at American soil, proclaim eggplant a breakfast cereal, bomb Cleveland, declare himself Emperor, or hop around the West Wing in a giant pink bunny suit, convinced it's April and he's the Easter Bunny.

Never mind. Question answered. h/t Irish

Sunday Music: Everybody Wants To Rule The World


Tears For Fears' signature song, effortlessly smooth and crushing it as a #1 song in 1985, and popping up on the closing credits for the summer flick Real Genius. Also a good summation of The Regime of our would-be overlords for the last year. We can only wait in rapt wonder to see what fresh hells and new nonsense they attempt to inflict on us in 2022.

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Friday, December 24, 2021



Blogcation is in effect.

I would suggest turning off your computer the rest of the weekend, and enjoying time with your loved ones. And before you go, enjoy this classic, masterfully done, and so apropos.

Merry Christmas.

A Visit From St. Nicholas


The post title is the original one of probably the best-known poem in American history. You know it by the following title:

And more than its equal in prose, the best-known and most beloved work of Dickens' entire life, done best by George C. Scott at the height of his powers, and with a stellar supporting cast, here in its entirety (with a couple of interludes):

"It was said of Ebenezer Scrooge that he knew how to keep Christmas well, if any man alive possessed the knowledge."

Wednesday, December 22, 2021


 h/t 90MFT

UK study: Triple-vaxxed 4 1/2 times more likely to get
infected by Omicron than unvaxxed.

And from Sal the Agorist:

But for the record, and to help out the Special Children, y'all need to remember this:

This Is CNN


Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Au contraire, Mon Ami

 re: WRSA: The First Hundred Things That Go In A Collapse

Sorry CA, we beg to differ.

Allow us to provide you the correct list:


If you're keeping score at home, I just won the internet for the day.

Monday, December 20, 2021

Jawohl, Herr Plagueführer


As we and many others keep telling you, their masks are off, and they're not even using ham-fisted pretenses anymore; they're just going full-on tyrannical fascist overlords.

Concentration camps for the unvaccinated are coming to NYFS

Fair is fair: 

If you're going to treat me like a Warsaw Jew to be loaded into a boxcar at your whim, I'm going to return the favor and treat you like a Nazi. In my crosshairs.

Just to be absolutely clear, I am in no way whatsoever speaking figuratively.

I mean literally blowing their brains out by the careful application of therapeutic lead injection.

Drop a nickel, and let's play that game.

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Sunday Music: Do You Hear What I Hear


It's not about snow, presents, shopping, Santa Claus, elves, trees, yule logs, silver bells, reindeer, department store sales, getting home, being home, family, or any superficial nonsense.

It's a celebration of the story that almighty God set aside his heavenly glory to be born a mortal man amidst the lowest of the low, which unfathomable mystery makes any subsequent miracles not simply possible, but rather expected: it's the mass of Christ incarnate, as a gift from God in heaven to the entire human race. Hence the name.

It's your business whether you believe any of that or not, or what you do with that knowledge. But that, and that alone, is what all the fuss is about, and has been for over two thousand years.

Merry Christmas to one and all.

Best Wishes for you and yours for this Christmas season, in spite of any and all that the world and its inhabitants may do to spoil your joy this season.

Saturday, December 18, 2021


 h/t Irish

Elon's on a troll...

"Logic" For the Braindead


Sixth Circus Reasserts The Rule Of Decree By Fiat

h/t WRSA

It's not hard to find a couple of stupid people in Appalachia,
if you look in the right place.

Who needs the law when you've got an agenda? Certainly not the Sixth Circus.

For the most masterful deconstructionist rant of the recockulous overturn of the unconstitutional vaxx mandates I've seen, I direct you to bad cattitude, before whose efforts I stand awestruck, and deliver a richly deserved Slow Clap.

This is masterclass on fisking judicial activism, kids.


Possible silver lining? Other than the two braindead black-robed assclowns who overturned the stay on OSHA's mandate, the rest of the Sixth Circus has apparently voted to hear the case en banc, with a view to overturning it, and reinstating the original nationwide stay, by majority vote.

If that happens, Emperor Poopypants' judicial record will drop to 1-3, and he won't make the playoffs even as a wild card.



Just Like We've Told You All Along Department:

Turns out PropTwat, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, future felon for manslaughter on Rust, comes by her ineptitude and total incompetence naturally, as the stories flow in from her prior gig, on The Old Way with Nicolas Cage.

(Getarope News)'You just blew my f**king eardrums out!' Rust armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed 'discharged weapons without warning and infuriated star Nicolas Cage' on her previous film

  • Hannah Gutierrez-Reed was the subject of numerous complaints while working as the armorer on her previous, and first ever, movie The Old Way
  • Nicolas Cage, the star of the film, reportedly yelled at her after she fired a gun without warning for the second time: 'You just blew my f**king eardrums out!'
  • A crew member from the The Old Way said she 'put the cast and crew in several unnecessary and dangerous situations'  before he reported she should be fired
  • In a podcast interview after filming ended, she said she wasn't sure if she was ready to be a head armorer on a movie set
  • Two production sources claim Rust armorer Hannah Gutierrez-Reed previously gave a child actor a gun without checking it on set of the The Old Way film
  • The rookie armorer was named as the person who loaded Alec Baldwin's prop gun that killed cinematographer Halyna Gutierrez-Reed on the set of Rust 

Word To Your Lawyer, PropTwat:

End the farce. Cut a deal and plead out, while you still have a shot at some leniency for killing someone. You'll be out in 12-18 months, tops, and thankfully, never be legally allowed to touch a firearm the rest of your adult life, which will save as many lives as a cancer cure at this point, based solely on your demonstrated performance on one and a half movies.

So, total shocker, untrained and incompetent non-union PropTwat was a walking disaster with weaponry, and only by some miracle took until her second movie gig to kill someone, in a way no one has done in Hollywood in...lemme see, carry the zero...ever. (Neither Brandon Lee nor John Eric Hexum were killed by live rounds on set. Gutierrez-Reed is thus the only propmaster/armorer in recorded cinematic history, AFAIK, to screw that pooch right out of the gate, and managed it on her sophomore film, which was yet another low-budget piece of crap.)


And for those spring-loaded to the stupid position, there were multiple producers on Rust, and she wasn't hired by Baldwin (who had no such hire/fire authority), but rather by line producer Gabrielle Pickle (who has a documented history of firing camera crews when they complained that safety corners were being cut), and/or by Unit Production Manager Katherine Walters.

The locus of stupid on this disastrous film aren't Hollywood people at all, but in fact a bunch of cut-rate indy film bumpkins from Georgia, trying to do everything on the cheap, and think of themselves as scrappy, but are in fact crappy, right up until they killed someone. These cheapskates are working overtime to live up to ever stereotype about producers that exists, and bringing them to life before your very eyes. Wannabes will get you killed every time, even in movie-making.

Gutierrez-Reed, total newb to guns, and yet serial fuck-up armorer

Dave Halls, 2d AD, the guy supposedly double-checking Guttierez-Reed, and previously caught violating weapon safety rules on another production (and as a member of the production department, not the prop department, he should never have anything to do with weapons on any set, yet here he was screwing that pooch again too)

Gabrielle Pickle, line producer, already found guilty of violating federal labor laws for firing a previous camera crew on another production when they complained about unsafe practices on-set 

This movie was being made by a complete rogue's gallery of incompetent assholes, and for the motion picture budget equivalent of peanuts.

"When you pay peanuts, you get monkeys." - Aesop 


*{Hot tip, kids, when I use "non-union" derogatorily in the context of movie and TV productions, that's because it's true. I was dragged, kicking and screaming, into two unions over two decades in Hollyweird film production. The point isn't, as you imagine, because union membership confers infallibility. Anything but. As an elected officer and member of my union's executive board, we spent 90% of our time on the 5% of our union members who were nonetheless stone-cold f**k-ups. The point, in Hollywood, is that getting union membership for behind-the-scenes crafts and guilds is that it takes 30 days working on either a union show, or non-union show that organizes, to get it. And getting that, usually takes 1-3 years, on average, meaning no one on a union show with their shiny paid-up AFL-CIO card is a freaking incompetent rookie, because they'd never last. Hannah Gutierrez-Reed never got those 30 days, nor 1-3 years, nor took the week's worth of mandatory union classes the producers - that would be Universal, Fox, Warner Brothers, Paramount, Disney, Sony, et al - require before you can be in your job. Which, in Gutierrez-Reed's case, would have included not just general set safety classes, but for propmasters and armorers, she would have had an entire class devoted solely and entirely to firearms and ammunition safety. She would have had to pass at least a basic test, before being allowed near any set, to do the sort of f**k-ups she did on both of the one and a half movies she worked on, right up until her multi-incompetence manifested itself in killing someone - by deliberately violating 50 or 60 of the most basic on-set rules for the job for which she was hired, after representing herself as an expert, rather than a farking novice and junior moron, which is what she was and is. A non-union member in Hollywood is one step above an absolute rookie level moron, whereas anyone with a union membership card has at least enough acquaintance with their job to not do anything as stupid as the plethora of screw-ups she pulled off, let alone killing people. Which exact lack is why she took on too much job, for too little money, with too few brains, and committed career-ending manslaughter. People on set sound like the kid in The Sandlot - "You're killing me, Smalls!" , and they say that to their co-workers all the time, usually jokingly, for making their job harder. When they say that to Gutierrez-Reed, they mean it literally.}

This Is CNN

 h/t Miguel

This just in:

Friday, December 17, 2021

Anything But...

h/t C.W. 

If C.W.'s daily timewaster blog isn't a regular stop, you're missing out.

His weekly Friday Open Road post alone is worth the price of admission.

I don't know where he finds his pics, of everything under the sun. But I know where I find them: at his blog.

Emperor Poopypants: Official Portrait

h/t WRSA 

Props to Skyler the Weird in Comments for captioning!

FTR, I have no idea how this might end up on handbills pasted to every vertical surface far and wide...

Commenter Lost_Dog had a go at one too, with Poppypants' iconic gape-face...thumbs up!

Three Books


A shamelessly-stolen-from-KDT perennial favorite, and it's been a while since I've seen it trotted out.

At the end of The Time Machine (MGM 1960; we shall brook no reference to the atrocious 2002 remake) inventor H. George Wells returns to the distant future, to attempt to rebuild society from scratch amongst the vacuously braindead Eloi (think of a freshmen history class at Berzerkley). He takes with him only three books.

Your turn. "Which three books would you choose?"

Rules: The Dictionary (any dictionary), any multi-volume encyclopedias, and the Bible are off the table. So are any other multi-volume collections of books. You want a one-volume Complete Works Of Shakespeare, and I'll let it slide. Trying to slip in the Durant's Story Of Civilization will not fly.

Any selection violating those few rules will never appear. Otherwise, it's all fair game in Comments.

Bear well in mind that sooner rather than later, this may very well prove to be far more than merely an academic exercise.

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Every Morning At The White House

h/t Odd Job


Cold Fury Cross-post


From Big Country Expat at Cold Fury:

Ok Y’all

All bullshitting aside.

Mikes in the Critical Care/ICU. I’m waiting to find out -where- exactly.

Hit me up if’n you have wants needs questions and I’ll do my best as the ‘gatekeeper’ to keep y’all up to date. Currently, they got him in Caromont Regional Medical Center. In lieu of flowers and other assorted phaggotry, donate at the GoFundMe I set up for him. Ladies, Nude pics and such will be forwarded as deemed appropriately, as well as panties and other such ‘morale boosting’ stuff.

I just got word that my brother-from-another-mother Mike Hendrix, late of the famed rockabilly band The Belmont Playboys and more recently of the Blog “Cold Fury” has gotten seriously hemmed up medically speaking. Last Thursday after a slightly prolonged absence from his blog, I reached out to him to find out WTF was going on and I heard back that he’d come down with a nasty case of food poisoning.

Since then, apparently something faaar MOR serious happened.

His brother (actual) Jeff called me tonight as I left one of my more ‘colorful messages’ on his phone (in possession currently by his sainted lil ole Lady Mom) who apparently when she recovered from my diatribe, had Jeff call me to fill me in on what’s up.

Essentially Mike’s seriously fucked up.

Food Poisoning turned out to be a MAD infection. His diabeetus didn’t help the issue, so they had to lop off his foot, then his leg, as the infection was/is spreading. They’re fixin’ to make it even MOR stumpy as the infection still isn’t under control. He’s in critical/ICU level condition, but NOT COVID related thank the Gods.

So, My brother-from-another-mother, henceforth now known as “Peg-Leg Mikey” is gonna have some serious medical bills and life altering needs. So hence Ye Olde GoFundMe Fundraiser.

I’m starting the ball rolling with the remainder of my ‘raising Christmas’ fund, and ask you please to help in any way, shape or form. Mike is damned fine people and has entertained people from all walks of life, either musically or through his magnificent acerbic writing and wit.

As they say, step up and help a brother out.
Spread the Word gang. Mike needs us and has never asked for anything.

The Go-Fund-Me is here:

I Remain The Intrepid Reporter,
Worried as all get-the-hell-out
Big Country

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

They Never Learn: Glitter Bomb 4.0


Absolutely brilliant Evil Genius Mark Rober upped his Glitter Bomb game this year, and porch pirates pay the price. Half a million views in less than a day. Enjoy.


h/t I Hate The Media 

(Reality's Bitchslap) 'The situation is dire'; Salvation Army facing toy, donation shortage ahead of holidays'

 Get Woke, Go Broke.

When the @$$tards running that lash-up publicly fires outright every single one of their communist knuckleheads who wrote, greenlighted, and/or promulgated their idiotic White Guilt Apology Manual, get down on their knees and beg forgiveness from the entire white world for ever uttering it, and unconditionally repudiate the entire socialist woketard doctrine as Satanic evil, entirely inconsistent with Christianity, maybe they'll see another cent from me.

Not one minute sooner.

BTW: If anyone thinks they've rescinded their original documents, no such thing is so.
They pulled only the original pamphlet, but the Commie Progtard Study Guide On Racism is still exactly where it was left, by the same Woketard minions who brought out the retail version.

UPDATE: Great Response Letter. Heartily approve. I'm still dropping skidmarked TP in their buckets, nonetheless. Or, you can print these up, and drop them off around town as you see fit.

Never, Never Give Up...Your Guns

h/t WRSA


Sunday, December 12, 2021

Sunday Music: Moonlight Feels Right


#3 in the summer of '76, from one-hit wonder Starbuck. 'Cuz Southern belles are hell at night.

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Nuclear Shade Bomb: Detonated


These weapons of war have no place on our streets.

Cue the laugh track. I knew this wouldn't take long, but the speed surprised even me.

This is what happens when everyone everywhere acts like the Four Good Ideas for actual guns are actual laws for all guns at all times and places.

Concrete-thinking autism is never a good strategy.

Hoist by your own petard. And without a leg to stand on to argue to the contrary. Well played.

Maybe stop acting all self-righteous about ignoring actual common sense and context just because you're on a jihad against someone you don't like. If this had been Alec Baldwin's kid, you'd be cheering now instead of whinging about jack-booted thuggery. Enjoy your free thousand extra views.

Cue the "But Baldwin was different!"
response in 3, 2, ...

Early Christmas presents are never an unwelcome thing.