Sunday, September 16, 2018

Breaking: Mueller Investigation Discovers Proof Of Collusion

White House reeling at list of charges and mountains of evidence uncovered.

Breaking: Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller's press conference announces wide-ranging charges under further investigation, just in time for mid-terms.

This is going to be devastating, impeachment and firings are now on the table, and the blood is in the streets now.

{Yes. I'm an evil man in the service of a vengeful deity. didn't think there would actually be anything there, did you??
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!}


Lunarman said...

You rat bastard... and I mean that in a loving fratneral way.

1chota said...

you dirty dog!
now go over to The Burning Platform and tear into Fred.

Skinnedknuckles said...

If it had been real, it would have happened on Friday night.

Aesop said...


Friday is when the reporters are anxious to get out of town, so you dump all the news you don't want them to talk about on Friday afternoon, with a ton of other non-important crap.

As covered in TWW, the term is "taking out the trash."

When you break things on Sunday afternoon/early evening, it gets breathless non-stop coverage on an otherwise "slow news day", no one can be reached to debunk or spin it, and in the morning, with the media in a proper feeding frenzy, it's got ten thousand reporters all over it, looking for a scoop.

"A lie will travel a thousand miles before the Truth has even gotten its boots on." Winston Churchill


JC said...

A$$hole!!!! :D

RandyGC said...

I second the sentiment that you are a right proper bastard!

But at least your our right proper bastard1 ;-)

DAN III said...

Whew !