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Civic Nationalists, Nero, and The Foxes

Both directly and via link-posting at WRSA, our attention was drawn to Z-man's latest.
It isn't all right, and it isn't all wrong.
But for reference purposes of the discussion, RTWT. It only takes about 2 minutes.

The current state is gravity, working, since the Immigration & Nationality Act of 1965, and the Amnesty of 1986. The floodgates were opened for "Diversity", not merit.
Everything else is two generations of proof that demographics are destiny.

White South Africa was doomed the minute they didn't treat their indigenous problem the way everyone else in world history did.

In case no one told you, no one builds a nation composed of part terraforming colonists, and part acid-blooded Aliens. But only in sci-fi is reality placed so starkly. And Paul Reiser's character has been the Dem leadership and the GOPe CoC types, since ever.

If Oz let aborigines become 98% of their population, or lets the Indonesian muzzies get to that point, they'll suffer the same fate as the SAfricans.

So will we.

There's nothing wrong, per se, with civic nationalism.
There's a problem pretending it exists when you both raise and import a huge and fecund demographic that neither believes in it, nor holds allegiance to it.

It becomes even more manifest when they seek to vote their way into power, and you stand around watching right up until Kristallnacht.
(And nota bene, if your collective response at that point is to form an orderly line at the train station, and sew yellow stars on your jacket, you deserve everything that happens to you afterwards. Everything.)

It's also why democracies never work, but republics do.
Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what's for dinner.
A Republic is the sheep with an AR reminding the wolves to sod off.

At some point in that example, the population either drops to one, or by one.

We're almost at the point.
Which way our history forks is an open question.

The biggest mistake of the democracy-pushers is assuming that real life is the analogy.
Because we aren't sheep, they aren't wolves, we can count, and we're perfectly willing to try this experiment again, minus any wannabe wolves. And two headshots, and democracy is a whole new ballgame, henceforth.

If you want it non-PC, if this nation was only the white 'burbs, the crime rate is Lichtenstein. The biggest issue is what to do with the wheelbarrows of cash, and all that leisure time.

If it becomes the Diversity Ghettoes, it becomes Brazil, or Mogadishu. The issue becomes surviving another 24 hours.

Ain't nobody sitting still for that.
The only issue is whether the still-majority waits until the machete-wielding Hutu mobs start showing up to culturally enrich us all, before they take an active interest.

You will find no enthusiasm hereabouts for wearing a white hood and burning crosses. That idea is a non-starter. And there are, in fact, quite a number of Americans who didn't happen to be born here. We've met them, and they're really a thing.

To quote Sgt. Buster Killrain, "Any man who judges by the group is a peawit."

But if the other side insists on acting like a tribe instead of a republic of free individuals, they're going to jump start things in an awful hurry, your skin will become your uniform, and voting lists will become a weapon. Mark my words.

Anyone too stupid to see the lower elevation of this slippery slope deserves the chance to explore its nether end first-hand. Unfortunately, many brighter than that will too.

Anything you can do to level that slope, or backfill it, is a service to the republic.
If you have to finally fill it in with the corpses of those pushing you and yours towards it, so be it.
And that includes those who want to burn everything down now, just to jump-start what comes next.
An arsonist is an arsonist, not a friend, nor an ally.

Samson famously tied torches to foxes' tails to create chaos and destruction amidst the enemy.
It's a valuable military and political lesson, and one helluva funny tactic.
Oh, and they burned his wife and father-in-law in response.

But pay further attention: he did not afterwards gather those foxes into his arms, dote on them, and put them in his chicken coop as a valued member of the household.

Those of you itching to tie a torch to your tail, and turn yourselves loose on society, mark it well:
I'll be just as happy to nail your hide to the barn door come morning, just like always.

The lesson of urban renewal via Nero burning Rome is a warning, not a handbook.
And anybody itching to napalm a country to save it is not your friend nor mine.

If you can't wait for civil apocalypse to throw out the baby and the bathwater, you've come to the wrong shop, and you're not going to like what happens to you after that.
The impatient, the small-minded, and the half-assed revolutionaries aren't going to fare well, now, or hereafter. If you aren't smart enough to fight smart, best stay on the porch, and behind the keyboard.

A Blast From The Past

(It turns out, with recent events, that it's time to re-post this one, from June of 2014, when our yearly average was fewer posts than we've done this month. But it's still dead-on balls accurate. It's an industry term.
The original genesis was a couple of posts and responses over at American Mercenary's blog - all of which which he obliterated shortly afterwards (probably to preserve his career as a field-grade Army officer selectee, in the tres-PC Army of Uncle Obozo) - and the back-and-forth garnered me no little amount of shit, including from Tam, for my temerity in pointing out what I'd seen with my own lying eyes, and which evidently was at odds with the Official Narrative Of The Sisterhood Of The Groped Pants. Sorry, but I calls 'em as I sees 'em, and when AM's blog went away, the grief from commentary there went away too. It was offered in the context of sexual assaults in the military, but the greater point, that most claims in or out are utter b.s., remains 24K truth. As 55% of the Senate Judiciary Committee could verify.)

Lies, Damned Lies, And Statistics

Amidst replies to a post elsewhere regarding rape, a discussion arose.
Since this deals with rape, let's set out a baseline:

1. Rape is bad.
2. Nobody raped was "asking for it".
3. In what is purely MHO, the penalty for a first-time offense should be rather simple:
nothing more or less than what was done to Mel Gibson's character in the last 10 minutes or so of Braveheart (not including a visit by Sophie Marceau).

What follows may offend or annoy some people, so just in case one of them is you, refer to 1-3 above in case you get confused or upset.

What sparked my comments was the contention that "reported rapes are only 10% of the actual total" or words to that effect, oft-repeated in many other contexts.

Which is, quite simply and categorically utter bullshit.

For comparison, please let me know how many fish a fisherman didn't catch.
Follow up with the number of deer a hunter didn't shoot.
Conclude with the total number of home runs all major league baseball players didn't hit, from 1900-2013, inclusive.

That's what the number or percentage of "unreported rapes" totals up to be:
absolutely unknowable with existing technology.
(Unless somebody surveys enough women to get a statistically valid sample of actual rape victims - tens of thousands of women to get say 1200-1500 or so victims - and then determines how many of them reported it or not, and then factors out how many of the non-reporters and/or reporters were lying about the allegations, which brings us to...)

But wait! There's more!

I observed, based on my anecdotal experience, that probably 90% of the allegations of rape that are actually made are bullshit as well.

Note that I'm not arguing that my experience is so comprehensive that it must be that way everywhere at all times. Anything but. What I am saying is that when I started in emergency medicine as a nurse, I assumed someone alleging she'd been raped, had in fact been so mistreated.

And then watched "rape" after "rape" turn out to be:
daughter caught coming in late by parents, throwing BF under bus;
girl caught by BF, throwing BF-du-noir under bus;
girl deciding upon sober reflection that she really didn't like last night's hook-up, so she must have been raped;
GF who'd been dumped by BF despite make-up sex deciding to throw ex-BF under bus;
and numerous other permutations on the theme.

To the point that less than 1/10th of the allegations were sustained for longer than 2 hours, even as we went through all the proper steps and treated it as legit. And time and again, was recanted by the supposed victim, within a few minutes to a half-an-hour's gentle and tender interview by (mostly female, but not entirely so) police officers and detectives detailed to speak with the victim by the local constabulary. As opposed to, say, confessions beaten out of them with rubber hoses. Who, in most instances once the truth came out, politely closed their notebooks, and left to file their reports.

The first instance, frankly, shocked the crap out of me. I wouldn't have imagined it under any circumstance. I'm certainly not happy about it having happened, even now after having done this much digging around over it. The next one or two dozen generally just rise to the level of pique that someone's drama queenery would waste valuable time and resources. And I can't un-see what I've seen firsthand. So if the reality upsets you, twist your panties the other way back until the pain stops.

Now is that universal? I don't know. It's anecdotal, not peer-reviewed research.
It's possible that I saw the only 20 or so rape fakers in the county because I'm lucky like that, and they only came in on my shifts.

Do unreported rapes occur? Certainly.
How many? I have no effing clue.
And neither do you, nor does anyone else, nor can they, ever.

So how many times do women falsely allege rape? Well, going back to the Book of Genesis, I recall at least two examples. Then there was the McMartin Preschool trials Inquisition, followed by Tawana Brawley, and the Duke University lacrosse team case. So it's a number upwards of five, so far. Those three cases could be the only times in history that the claims were demonstrably false, and somehow, serendipitously, all managed to land on top of the news pile at the time. Sh'yeah, when monkeys fly outta my butt.

But how many allegations are false, really?
No clue anywhere on God's green earth.
The Sisterhood certainly doesn't like to talk about that. It undercuts the meme that we live in an oppressively misogynist rape culture. (We know this must be true, because all men have penises. Which is the same reason every one with a gun always robs banks, and everyone with a lighter sets buildings on fire.)

So, TPTB go along with this line of b.s., lest the shrieking and caterwauling begin in earnest, and everybody parrots the "90% of rapes are unreported" line. And does nothing to document how many times allegations are false. They don't even want to know the actual number, and it's politically incorrect to even ask.

Nota bene that I'm not talking about the times when rape is alleged, but there is insufficient evidence, and it devolves to little more than he-said/she-said. I'm sure that happens, as in any crime.

But there is clearly a non-zero number of times where a woman has, and will, decide to play the rape card, when none has occurred, and she and the accused both know it for a metaphysical certainty.

The problem in the McMartin case, for those of you unfamiliar, too young, or so old you've forgotten it, was when the basic and overriding assumption was "Children would never lie." Thus the mere allegation is tantamount to proof of guilt.

Except I've been a child, and been around children, both as a kid, a daycare worker, and an adult medical professional. And the truth we all know is, kids lie like the little shits they (we) are, for any number of reasons, from the practical to the sublime. It is one of the skills no parent ever had to sit down and explain how to pull off to any child since Cain.

It took dozens of similar trials to beat that level of stupidity out of the justice system for the most part. But for rape, it's still there. Didn't anyone see To Kill A Mockingbird, for fuck's sake??

But so what? Women lie about rape sometimes.

So this: Pentagon releases 2011 report on military sexual assault.

In FY2010, there were 3,158 total reports of sexual assault in the military.  The DOD estimates that this number only represents 13.5% of total assaults in 2010, making the total number of military rapes and sexual assaults in excess of 19,000 for FY 2010.


"In excess of 19,000 sexual assaults for FY 2010"??
There were only 203,695 women in the military in 2010. Total. All four services. So that means that virtually 1 in 10 was sexually assaulted that year. It makes one wonder how the military found any time to fight wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, what with all the raping and assaulting that must certainly have been going on. Extrapolated over a 4 year term of service, it means nearly one woman in three is raped or assaulted in the military. (Or some poor woman is getting far more than her share of unwanted attentions.) And the DoD and the Service Women's Action Network said it on the Internet, so it must be true, right?

But waitanotherdamnminute!
According to the US Dept. of Justice and the FBI, the rate of sexual violence against women in 2010 outside the military was 1.1 per thousand completed, and 2.1 per 1000 attempted.
So somehow, the military, despite screening out drug users and criminals, has managed to have a rate of sexual assault nearly 100 times higher than what the national average is in a population that includes literally every miscreant in society. Seems logical. NOT.

Somehow also, the military rapists have not created any such tell-tale spike of sexual violence perpetrated against the women outside the military, at dozens of towns outside bases, posts, airfield, and navy ports. (Unless we want to just go ahead and assume that 100% of those rapes aren't reported either. Stop me when this level of "science" approaches the level of arguments for anthropogenic global warming.) Then again, if not for the fact that I've been in the military, we could also think this must be because the women in the military are so much more attractive than their civilian counterparts.

Service Women's Action Network further decries the fact that the military only took 529 of those 3,158 sexual assault reports to trial at courts-martial. Ignoring the number that may have been dealt with by non-judicial punishment, let's look at that a little deeper.

Possibility A)
The military is peopled by thousands of rapists, even serial rapists, such that they would basically have to be recruiting from the sexual offenders wing at every state prison just to maintain such a steady supply, and senior leadership thinks that much rape is a good thing for order and discipline, otherwise they'd have prosecuted all 3,158 allegations, and fostered an atmosphere where the other 16,000 or so victims wouldn't hesitate to come forward.
Possibility B)
A vast majority of the assumed (based on zero facts and a boatload of biases) 16,000 imaginary assaults never happened, and of the 3,158 allegations, nearly 5 out of 6, or 83%, were unsubstantiated, unprovable, or completely fabricated hogwash (which they still investigated fully anyway, wherever possible). And 529 cases among 203,695 women in the military comes a lot closer to the rate of sexual assault in the population at large (2.6 per thousand, rather than SWAN/DoDs farcical rate of over 93 per thousand). Color me shocked.

I'ma go with "B".

I'm trying to remember where I might have heard a number close to 83% referring to baseless claims of rape, but the source eludes me at the moment. But at least, in the military, they track the claims as well as the prosecutions. Funny where their correlation ends up, i'n'it?

I repeat, Rape is bad.
It's not trivial, and I'm sure cases go unreported. But there's a significant number of known cases where the charge is b.s. and the official policy of TPTB, inside the military or out, that "Better ten men arrested falsely than that one rape go unimagined" is morally wrong, civically unhealthy, and utterly jackassical.

And the Sisterhood needs to own up to what they know for real, before they whip out their Ouija boards to tells us what they imagine, whatever the pretense or pretext.

You can thus guess my greater shocked surprise when there wasn't an unending stream of battered women coming to the ER on Superbowl Sunday, a sad parade of children with fingers blown off and eyes gouged out by fireworks every New Year's Eve or Fourth of July, nor a conga-line of folks shot by the family gun. Ever, at any point in time.

But the number of people SOCMOBing* at 3AM when randomly attacked by Sumdood,** and the number of jail inmates who nightly fall out of their bunks continues with a predictably tedious monotony.

*Standing On Corner, Minding Own Business
** With a hat tip to Ambulance Driver, who coined the name, Sumdood is a criminal mastermind and the most legendary perpetrator to never end up on the FBI's Most Wanted List, despite having beaten the stuffing out of tens of thousands of upright citizens at 3AM, and planting literally trash dumpsters full of heroin, cocaine, crack, meth, pot, pills, and assorted weaponry in the homes, cars, and pockets of otherwise blameless individuals.
To wit:
"Ah wuz jes' standing on the corner, minding m'own business, when Sumdood jumped out, whacked me with a crowbar, and shoved that stolen gun and that crack into my sock ,Officer, Swear to Jesus!"

Look who else has recently opined on a related part of the topic, and noted that the math doesn't add up -
George Will

Related tag-along thoughts on a parallel track: Miguel @ Gun Free Zone.

Then this video (h/t IOTW) by Michelle Malkin:

Saturday, September 29, 2018

More On That Border Wall Ann Coulter Thinks We're Not Building


Along with the two locations in our previous recent post on the topic, that makes three places where we're very clearly building a Great, Big Beautiful Wall.

So you can either believe Ann's harpying incorrect tweets on Twaddle, or your lying eyes.

Ann, seriously, get it right, or just STFU. The lamestream media has FakeNews© copyrighted at this point, and getting in the game late won't get you anything you want.

And an apology from you to the president is in order, and in all fairness, it must needs be every bit as loud and front-and-center as your previous caterwauling on the topic has been. In time for the mid-terms would inject some much-needed class to the discussion.

Just saying.

F**k Zuck

Apparently, the zampolits at Facecuck have 30-day banned Matt Bracken (for the sixth time in nine months), for posting absolutely factual information, and photographs published in MSM stories.

The horror.

Dear Leftard Narrative Hall Monitors: Captain Universe called, and left a message for you:

The Captain has requested that you observe the "fasten seatbelts" sign, and re-post the offending meme as often and as widely as you may.


And if anyone's listening, Zuckerpunk and the little walking Tw*t that runs Twaddle are the top two most deserving recipients of this years' "What's The Frequency, Kenneth?" moment, IRL.

When it inevitably happens, drinks are on the house. Bring your own ladder.
As to whose house, where, you're gonna need 4Chan, and GPS. We're not tellin'.

This FBI Investigation I Want To See

h/t Gateway Pundit

Not even two days since testi-lying under oath to Congress, fake-rape victim Brassy Fraud lied within moments of opening her mouth to the Senate Judiciary Committee, and with virtually every statement she made.

As we told you last week, Gateway Pundit was all over this like white on rice:

Brassy Fraud lied about her professional and educational status. There's no record of a doctorate nor licensure as a psychologist anywhere in the records of the state of California.

She lied about the remodel and additional front door that supposedly necessitated couples therapy, where she pulled Kavanaugh's name out of her ass; the remodel was completed years before her sudden Kavanaugh recollection moment, which actually occurred just as presidential candidate Romney put his name out there as a possible SCOTUS pick, in 2012. The door was put in in 2007-8.

She lied about her "fear of flying" and claustrophobia, since she's flown around like a rock star, for years, apparently suffering no ill effects of the experience until there's a candidate about to join SCOTUS who would undo her pet Leftard cause.

This is on top of the lies about Kavanaugh, and an imaginary party, which are not he said/she said, but rather she said, and every alleged witness, five of them, in fact, including her lifelong female friend, all deny ever took place anywhere, anytime, in any way.

Her response to that last, under oath, was to throw her friend under the bus on national television, insinuating that her friend's "health issues" were so severe that it has caused her to lose her mind, and all memories that would substantiate Brassy Fraud's recockulous allegations. Like it does. Said no one telling the truth, ever.

"Ah, but the strawberries! That's where I had them! They laughed and called me names, but I proved beyond the shadow of a doubt and with geometric logic..."

In the hamster-wheel recesses of her swiss-cheese mind, Professor Catlady Brassy Fraud is telling the truth, and everyone else is lying. How...convenient.

So when the FBI 302s detailing these realities come to light, and are presented to the Senate Judiciary without commenting nor making a conclusion about what happened sometime in the summer of 1982, somewhere in Maryland, any such imaginary and unreported crime which became moot, and unprosecutable in any way 35 years ago, when the misdemeanor statute of limitations expired even in the highly unlikely event that anything whatsoever the deranged pussyhat moonbat serial liar alleged ever happened in reality, we can but hope that Chairman Chuck Grassley remembers that the Senate has within its power the ability to refer federal perjury charges to the FBI and the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, particularly in a case that happened less than a week ago, under oath, before Congress, and in front of the entire nation on live TV. If a blogger can uncover this much in less than 48 hours, surely the investigative powers of the FBI can stumble over it in a week, right? RIGHT...???

And we'd also like a pony, and world peace, the winning powerball lotto ticket, and the cell phone number of Playmate of the year.

We leave it to the readership to judge which will likely happen first.

UPDATE: To those of you who think "nothing will happen", nota bene: Chuckles has apparently reached the point of "This sh*t isn't funny any more." and invoked the long-standing "Fake an allegation, go to federal pound-you-in-the-@$$-prison" Rule.

We did, indeed, laugh out loud in response.

Cue the Leftard shrieking in 3, 2, ...

Word To Your Mother, Leftards...

h/t Gun Free Zone

Words by Matt Bracken.
Meme by yours truly.

Rule 308:
Not subject to congressional revocation nor amendment.


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What...? Where...? When...?

From Sal the Agorist, the Eric Clapton of memery, via Borepatch.

We re-post this, because we recognize when we're in the presence of greatness.

"Ridicule is man's most potent weapon." - Saul Alinsky

BREAKING: Flake Channels Sen. McCrazy From Beyond The Grave

h/t IOTW

Apparently, His Accidency, Temporary Senator Jeff The Flake, wants to delay the Senate floor vote on confirming Kavanaugh for a week for a worthless FBI investigation of Dr. Brassy Fraud's imaginary delusions.

(As if, in the intervening week-to-a-year, a conga line of fifty-seven more hookers and whores won't come out of the Democrat Clowncarnucopia of Fake Allegations, and drag this out until after mid-terms.)

And in the Seventh Circle of Hell, Sen. Gloriously Aflame McCrazy gets a glass of ice water, while Satan laughs.

Well played, Flakester.

You've out-backstabbed the biggest buddy-fucker in Senate history, in less than a month, and all it cost was your immortal soul.

WTF is it about Arizonan shitbags, and sabotaging the entire country "because they can"?
Is there something in the water there, or should we just nuke Phoenix now and avoid the rush?

And BTW, here's future (and now former-) Vice president of the U.S. in 1991, on FBI investigations regarding recockulous allegations regarding SCOTUS nominees:

So apparently, fucktard Flake was asleep that year in American history, and doesn't have WiFi. Maybe someone could send this clip to his office.

And hopefully, Bitch McConjob could call him in for a little chat, and some wall-to-wall counseling, and discuss a thing or two. Like consequences, both for him and Republicans in that state from now until Hell freezes over.

Horse's head optional, but highly recommended.

If you live in the Grand Canyon State, I'd be alternating calls to the Capitol switchboard with some serious work on a backyard fallout shelter. The rad count in your area is about to spike sharply.

Operation PEAK SMEAR becomes Operation SOGGY DIAPERS

During today's opening statements by Sen. Grassley, Sens. Dick Bloominidiot, Crazy Mazie Morono, Cruella Hairass, and Sheldon Outhouse all stomped out to the hallway to have a good whiny cry and sit in their piss-sodden pampers.

Besides a benediction to them to DLTDHYITAOYWO, Grassley should toss them from the Judiciary Committee for the balance of this Congress, and they should all be censured for their childish behavior by the full Senate.

Fineswine, Durbin, and Leahy ought to be impeached and thrown out of the Senate entirely.

"Suck it, crybabies!"

And a great idea from Miguel at Gun Free Zone:

Go On, Twitch...

Pussyhat Riots? Pffft. Don't even think about it.
You won't like us when we're angry.

The Democrat Party Is A Terrorist Organization, And An Enemy Of The Republic

Yesterday's antics, aptly and understatedly described by WRSA as a "shitshow", seems to have finally put the last pieces in place on the board.

The long-somnolent Sen. Lindsey Graham, one-time proponent of illegal alien amnesties, came out at yesterday's hearings pissing pure lava, and Woke As Fuck. One can but hope that's a trend, and not just a lucid moment in his career.

It now appears the weak sisters in the Senate will vote to confirm Kavanaugh:
Reports: Manchin, Collins, Murkowski, Donnelly will support.
(That's two Democrats right there who're washing their hands of this public crucifixion.)

All that leaves to nail down is the vote of His Accidency, the aptly named Jeffie Flake, to finally come to Jesus and cast his placeholder vote to confirm as well,
(looks like Flake has changed his mind too, and will also vote to confirm)
and this entire Democrat By-Any-Means-Necessary shitshow will have been all for naught for them, serving only to transform and anneal Brett Kavanugh into someone whose rulings on SCOTUS will take up the mantle of Scalia, and give him a lifetime to pay the Leftists back in depth and detail for their thuggish brutality and the reputation-smearing debacle they inflicted on him at the last minute in this process.

If he fails confirmation, God help them on any issue in his court at the DC Court Of Appeals.
The have made a lifetime foe here, and no jurist, however they tried to be impartial, would forget this disservice, though they lived to be 100, and issued rulings until the day they died.

Diane Fineswine should be not just censured for holding this despicable smear back and then leaking it at the last possible moment, but impeached and tossed out of the Senate for the balance of her term. If it were Sen. Graham's choice yesterday, he'd have taken a flamethrower to the entire minority side of the Judicial Committee, and he'd have been well within the sensibilities of most of the Senate had he done so. They all have it coming.

Committee Chmn. Sen. Grassley nearly came out of his chair at Dickhead Durbin's suggestion that the nominee, or the FBI, or the White House was running this process, in a way Gentle Bob hasn't acted in decades in the Senate, if ever in his life or career there.

Sen. Leahy's calm demeanor was shown for the façade it is in a few minutes of snarling, contentious utter disrespect and badgering of the man he's helped to smear and besmirch, and one can but hope there's a well-deserved gibbet in his immediate future, or a handy bus to be thrown under.

After watching Sen. Graham going volcanic, we confess to having turned off the feed of further antics. Some acts simply cannot be followed, nor need be. If his Republican colleagues had possessed the slimmest wit, they each subsequently would have yielded their time to Graham to continue his magnificent righteous fury. The last time the Senate saw anything that level of wrathful, someone there was caned. If the Democrats had possessed the sensibility God gave a jackass, they would have declined to offer further questions to Judge Kavanaugh, and either simply apologized to him for their deliberate mishandling of this confirmation, or simply asked the Chairman to excuse them from further attendance at the Inquisition, and slunk out.

If any so much as one of the minority there had had the slimmest glimmer of humanity, offered his or her apologies for what was unjustly afflicted onto the nominee, repudiated the entire sorry debacle, simply asked to be excused from further deliberations, and then walked away from the whole shitshow, that senator would be marked as a statesman for the ages, be the next lion of the opposition party, and been assured of the Democrat nomination for president in 2020.

But these are Democrats, not human beings.

Being as politically tone deaf as they are morally bankrupt, they just kept trying to scoop another bucket of amalgamated mud and shit, and keep trying to fortify their tissue-thin veneer of lies, baseless accusations, and despicably outrageous shitballs, in vainglorious hopes they could somehow pull out a pearl from a wagonload of collected offal, and in testament to their absolute lack of character, dignity, propriety, decency, or basic humanity.

Much like the fictional Mos Eisley, the U.S. Senate has long been a wretched hive of scum and villainy. But with this utterly reprehensible display of sheer frothing partisan moonbat insanity, they have sunk to new and unfathomable depths of vileness, and self-identified their entire party as nothing but the enemies of a free people, and the republic for which they nominally stand.

They have used the Constitution as toilet paper, wiped their ample chairborne asses with the previously sterling reputation of a federal judge, and called down the whirlwind with their gleeful charade of anything approaching justice or decorum in opposing a good man for an office to which he is magnificently and manifestly qualified, and without so much as a hint of actual or demonstrable blemish.

They might be forgiven for being misguided, or merely partisan, had they showed the barest modicum of fairness or decency in their deliberations, or the manner in which they conducted their inquiries into his qualifications. But in dignifying the most transparently ridiculous charges, lacking even the slightest molecule of substantiation, and parading the nominee's reputation through this well-stirred sewage trench full of the vilest and foulest stench and fecal matter imaginable, they have betrayed that their only concern is nakedly to grab the power denied them at the polling booths, by any means necessary, and far beyond the pale of anyone honestly occupying the offices into which they themselves have been mistakenly elected.

They have deliberately, consciously, repeatedly, and conspiratorially acted with nothing else but pure and undisguised malice aforethought, with reckless disregard for truth, honor, or respect for the institutions they are sworn to protect and serve, and with the vilest contempt for the people they were elected to represent. In short, they have moved from mere petty partisan bickering to full-throated lawlessness and indecency, the full equal of the most thuggish and brutal Antifa riot, couched in the sinecures of political power and office.

They have moved, without remorse or restraint, beyond the bounds of office or law set forth by their forebears, and when one moves so ruthlessly and relentlessly past the limits of civilized behavior, there are and ought to be consequences, both permanent and draconian.
When one decides to live their life and administer their office extra legem, the duty of the state, and failing that, of the people, is to accord them the treatment they explicitly and manifestly deserve.

These Democrats, leaders of their party, have gone far beyond the point at which claims of partisanship gone amok can suffice for excuse.

They have terrorized not only the current SCOTUS nominee, they have set forth the standard that the same fate awaits any decent man or woman whose political views do not accord with their warped view of reality.

They are therefore terrorists, despots, and would-be tyrants of the vilest sort, and nothing short of their removal will any longer suffice.

Whether that happens peacefully or not is no longer within their control, nor any concern of mine. In any event, removed they must be, from the public square, from the halls of power, and if they resist forcefully, from the precincts of the republic, or even of life itself.

If these sick sonsofbitches want to hound people out of restaurants, they need that back double and treble; they shouldn't be allowed a moment's rest or respite anywhere in public, at anytime, until they slither back to their dens, and if they hiss or try to bite in response, they should have their heads smashed under heel, and cut off, exactly as befits the poisonous reptiles they are.

Take that any way you like, metaphorically, or no.

We have a constitutional remedy to the problem of their occupation of the halls of power; that would be my first choice, and I hope it sufficient to the needs of the moment.
I make no predictions it can or will avail.

But if Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed, and they go into full frothing lunatic mode; if their imagined blue wave turns redder than a sunset at the spectacle of these latest despicable and fully treasonous antics, and they throw the Mother Of All Infantile Shit-fits, causing 2016-present to pale to relative insignificance, then it may become necessary for more forceful means to remove them from any positions of influence, and water the tree of liberty in a way we haven't had to do for more than a century.

It isn't like they haven't had warning after warning after warning about what dynamite they've been playing with could unleash should they manage to detonate it, and gravity and physics will not be perpetually thwarted simply because it's inconvenient for their delusions.

So, President Trump is "not your president"?
The Constitution "isn't your law"?

Fair enough.

Wait until it's decided the United States "isn't your country", for all values of that phrase, and the body politic vomits you out like the vile diseased venomous putrescence you clearly are.

By your own admission, you're terrorists, enemies of the state, and in resistance and open rebellion to the laws, mores, courtesy, and basic human dignity which govern it.

There's a simple historic cure for that sort of nonsense and perfidy, and you're going to get what you deserve, good and hard, not only in spades, but followed by them.
You won't get what you like, nor like what you get.
But everyone else will cheer.

And if you're a Democrat, a leftard, a proud wearer of the pussyhat millinery, then that shoe fits you to a "t". As will the rope that's coming, at your own oft-repeated requests.

Sic semper tyrannis.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

USGS Reports Moderate Volcanic Eruption In Washington D.C.

GPS reveals the Capitol was the location of a moderate volcanic eruption earlier this afternoon:

I repeat, to Whomever sent Sen. Graham a spine and set of testicles: my compliments, and many thanks.

I don't think I've ever seen that man piss lava so hard and far as he did here.
He almost sounded like a Republican today. Somebody seems to have taken him out of the deep freeze; he keeps this up, and his stature as a statesman could get above C-level.

Hearing Highlights

America has had many great courtroom scenes, but you won't see any of them live today.
So enjoy instead these far better examples of high courtroom drama, and legal farce.

If only for seeing farce that's at least believable, and to hearken back to a time when basic legal principles were better understood by the common person.

UPDATE: To whomever sent Sen. Lindsey Graham a backbone and a set of testicles, my sincere thanks. I don't believe I've ever seen him piss lava like that before, for any reason.
I don't want to get too optimistic, but there may be a shred of hope for the republic yet.

Squadron Property And Cultural Rubicons

Vietnam was a helicopter war. Amidst the slow-rolling serial trainwreck that was most of the US participation in the Southeast Asian Wargames of 1965-1975, we had a plethora of helicopter squadrons deployed to the Republic of Viet Nam (for Common Core kids, that would be the southern one at the time), and as is liable to happen during such a war, a number of them were battle damaged. Many of them shot to pieces, hauled out, and reconditioned even after being 100% inoperable, to the point that we lost more helicopters in that war than the total we ever built, as some hulks were pieced and patched together multiple times after total loss. And the rest were salvaged for parts.

The apocryphal tale is told of one such repaired helicopter. As a standard procedure, once one puts a non-salvageable airframe back into service, by dint of some hellaciously skilled and dedicated airframe and powerplant mechanics in-country, it was a regulation that the resurrected bird be test-flown to demonstrate airworthiness and safety of operation. War is harsh, but seldom deliberately stupid, at least at the operational level. So it was under these parameters that one such salvaged bird was being test flown.

Given that most of the bases were in the coastal country, and most of the enemy main forces were inland, the best place to test-fly a helicopter and minimize getting it all shot to bits again was out over the South China Sea. This is a double-edged sword, but generally provided benefits that overrode the obvious drawback. Mostly.

But for the pilots and crew of one such helicopter, the law of averages caught up to them, and the helicopter, being test-flown well out over the ocean, disappeared without a trace. No mayday, no clue, just a helo and several souls gone, amidst a war that was eating both like a ravenous beast.

Enter the flexible and utilitarian morals and institutional larceny that allows the best-run military machines to cope with the insanity of war. Because a squadron, roughly comparable in size to an infantry battalion, is several hundred men, and even at 1960s prices, multiple millions of dollars worth of machines, tools, parts, equipment, and miscellany, from nuts and bolts to aircraft engines, and everything in between. Canteens, machine guns, flak jackets, toilet seats, high explosive ordnance, and everything else you can imagine, and a million things you cannot, in quantities normally only encountered at a Wal-Mart or Target store, or aboard a 100-car freight train.

And not to put the point too finely, 8000 miles away from home, in a war zone where things were destroyed daily by tons of bombs, rockets, mines, shells, bullets, and of course, the finest pilfering skills of one of the most thriving black market economies of all time. Anything not guarded 24/7 would disappear in minutes in Vietnam, up to and including entire aircraft and other major end-user items. (Think things like APCs, tanks, artillery pieces, jeeps, etc.)

And senior NCOs and junior officers are responsible for all that stuff, as well as every commanding officer having to personally sign for and accept responsibility for everything down to the last door knob and belt buckle. Which, amidst such widespread theft and combat destruction, was sheer insanity coupled with practical impossibility.

Until the helicopter went missing.

Because after a dutiful search for survivors yielded nothing whatsoever, a report had to be filed, and items accounted for. Whereupon some shifty but brilliant NCO or senior NCO pointed out to a junior officer that it would be rather convenient to cover for all the tons of things blown up, stolen, lost, pilfered, etc., to just include them on the manifest and equipment carried on that now gone-forever helicopter.

And so, in rapid order, every crew chief, maintenance shop, and officer from warrant to XO certified, in detail, the manifest of tools, spare parts, and military miscellany that had been aboard the doomed flight, and the CO signed off on it, immediately bringing the reality of property on hand into line with what was actually able to be found, touched, and wielded by that squadron.

This boon to military accounting had, of course, the obvious flaw.
Someone higher up in the hierarchy, presented with the dozens of pages of missing gear on the missing aircraft, did some napkin math, and observed deftly that the weight of the missing items would be roughly twenty times the maximum lifting capacity of the helicopter in question, and the only way a craft actually so burdened could have achieved aerial flight was if someone had detonated an explosive device under the skids in the mid-teen kiloton range. Otherwise, it would have been like trying to get an elephant off the ground using a pair of hummingbird wings.

But the military being the military, no one wanted to rock the boat, and so the obviously fraudulent work of fiction was funneled right back to the gaping maw of Pentagon reports, where it disappeared like the Ark of the Covenant at the end of Raiders Of The Lost Ark, and the cosmic scales were in balance.

I bring that story up, because with the daily Clown Carnucopia of Fail that is the Noah's Ark of counterfeit accusers of Judge Kavanaugh, and the growing scale of recockulousness that they spiral into with each new fakenews "J'accuse!", it's only a matter of time before some cold-case weenie, or weenies, realize the golden opportunity this circus provides.

Judge Kavanaugh is about to find himself blamed for the Black Plague, the Chicago Fire, the Lindbergh Kidnapping, the Great Depression, being D.B. Cooper, causing Three Mile Island, Apollo XIII, the Exxon Valdez, turkey burgers, and the designated hitter rule. Then Interpol will pile on and tag him for annexing the Sudetenland, the Jack the Ripper murders, Vesuvius consuming Pompeii, setting Rome ablaze during Nero's reign, putting three seconds back on the clock in the 1972 Summer Olympics basketball finals, and the continued high regard in France for the films of Jerry Lewis. They may even drag the pope into this, and blame him for publishing Galileo's Dialogue, reconvening the Inquisition, and burning Kavanaugh at the stake for rank heresy. At this point, it's all simply the next logical step.

The serial lunacy of vague, obviously fabricated, and totally preposterous stories coming out hasn't merely jumped the shark; they passed jumping some days back, and are now strapping JATO bottles on that bitch, and trying to traverse the Grand Canyon, lengthwise, or possibly skipping straight to a low earth orbit.

And it would simply be desperate farce, except for the actual toxic and corrosive damage these asstards are doing to the country. Senators with the IQ of houseplants are literally setting the Constitution on fire in pursuit of a momentary partisan advantage. The only step lower than this is actual open hostilities.

They've finally gone full-on Captain Ahab barking lunatic batshit crazy, in their ceaseless pursuit of overturning an election whose simple reality they cannot rationally process.

"And he piled upon the whale's white hump the sum of all the general rage and hate felt by his whole race from Adam down; and then, as if his chest had been a mortar, he burst his heart's hot shell upon it." - Herman Melville, Moby Dick
They have casually trashed the sterling reputation of a sitting judge on the DC Court of Appeals, on the word of drunks, whores, and psychotic sociopaths (besides the former who are already in the Senate itself). After more than half a century of looking the other way at philandering, murder, and a presidential rapist and serial sexual predator while on duty in the West Wing, they have decided that only now, lacking anything else to try to stop the president from executing the duties of his office and filling a Supreme Court vacancy, this is the time to go all-in on gutting eight centuries of jurisprudence in place since Magna Carta, and doing it overnight.

There are at least four sitting senators who should not simply be censured, they should be impeached for breach of oath, and kicked right the f**k out of the Congress, and then prosecuted to maximum extent of civil and criminal law. So too the slanderous accusers in this ongoing epic charade.

And worst of all, they've happily set lying whores, and their baseless allegations, above the actual damage done to the nominee's family, a wife and two daughters, and irreparably harmed the cause of women who've suffered actual assaults, by reducing them all to the same calculus, in tarring them all with same presumption that every allegation is just a cheap stunt for political gain. And the defective delusional leftard harpies of the chorus, who couldn't get laid at a nerd conference even if their tits were Xbox controllers, are happy to sell their shriveled carbonized souls for the merest whiff of a chance to derail a slam-dunk SCOTUS nominee who doesn't share their beliefs in the disposability of unborn babies, whose antics can provide them the fifteen minutes of fame they treasure above actual accomplishment, and the attention they could never get from a lifetime of fatherless upbringings.

We're witnessing the destruction of the entire rule of law to salve the tortured psychoses of sluts with daddy issues, and to pander to their impotent ravings.

The only way this stops is to stop catering to it, and failing that due to a surplus of invertebrate RINOs, this is going to be rectified in the traditional manner.

When a man's reputation is sullied so casually, it ends with someone's teeth on the pavement, or a bullet hole in their liver on the dueling field.
Dulce et decorum est.

When you try to do the same thing to half of society, expecting it'll stop anywhere short of heads on pikes is a pipe dream. And I'm not speaking metaphorically in the slightest.

Because this is no longer just about Kavanaugh and his confirmation, though even Bitch McConjob finally seems to have found his voice - and spine - over this latest outrage.
This effort is nothing less than the permanent Othering of the entire species of soy-free meat-eating conservative males.

This is the Left finally working themselves up to the frenzy of a Kristallnacht.

And there's only one answer to that sort of cultural jihad:
Challenge accepted.

We wanted fair play.
The moonbats want to play Cowboys and Leftards.

As Timothy Turtle told Harry Reid when the Senate dropped the bomb on cloture by simple majority:
"You're going to regret this. And soon."

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

When Insanity Reigns, Parody Becomes Impossible

Posting this now, because in five minutes or so, it'll be the headline on Drudge...:

Plan 37: Every Time Leftists Lose

Leftism 101:
Election doesn't go the way they wanted? Fling poo.
Confirmation isn't going your way? Burn the Constitution down.
Can't sway voters? Shop for a friendly judge. Case in point.
Can't move Congress? Let a Deep State bureaucrat rewrite the rules.
Get caught cheating? Fling poo.
Get the media to throw up a smokescreen. Accuse your accusers. Deny reality.
And fling more poo.
It's so transparently obvious they aren't even bothering to be artful, or make any pretense about what they're doing any more.
It's time to change their mascot from a jackass to a poo-flinging monkey.
It's just who they are.
And you can't lecture a poo flinging monkey.
You cannot shame a poo-flinging monkey.
Either get used to poo-face spa treatment.
Or get a loaded shotgun, and sort the problem out.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Sooper Genius, Right There...

David Brinkley made this all look so easy, didn't he, Georgie?
Probably helps to have a brain, and not be a sad little partisan hack...

Breaking News: Newest Kavanaugh Accusers Come Forward

I'm not absolutely certain, but I'm pretty sure I win the Internet for the day.