Monday, September 10, 2018

Quote Of The Week

h/t Scratching To Escape

For ordinary folk, there are two distasteful options for mid-terms in November:

1) The Leftards lose, bigly.

2) They don't.

Imagine where we'll be in either eventuality.
Plan accordingly.


The Gray Man said...

This is why I tell people things aren't going to back to the way they used to be. Ever. Both sides have come to the conclusion that each opposing political position and each opposing political candidate and each opposing ideological point is an absolute threat to their own way of life. And people on the left are really starting to fight, actually fight, against each and every opposing movement. Will those on the right do the same, with the same vigor?

Anonymous said...

Gotta say I prefer option number one; if only for the entertainment value. Gray man may be correct and I will not underestimate our enemy's passion and vigor. I may even spot them some TTP's; but we're back where we were last week, folks presuming because we haven't thrown tantrums and torn shit up that we're just gonna go butt-up in submission.
That would be an error in logic. That's OK though, I'll just reiterate; every day it doesn't happen is a day to prepare. We just took our pack on a quick little jaunt to stay loose.
Boat Guy

Aesop said...


I have two settings:

1) Minding my own business, live and let live, kittens and butterflies and rainbows.

2) Kill Them All, then their families, their animals, burn their houses, salt their fields, and shit in their wells after dumping the corpses in them. Then do the whole village.

Mattis' famous Iraqi peace meeting speech "I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all." is a clan mentality, and I'm a blood brother in that clan, from the pointy end of that mindset.
And I'm the artsy-fartsy open-minded liberal edge of that spectrum.

In war, "heads on poles" won't be metaphorical.
Because once you make the decision, everything after that costs you absolutely nothing extra.

My conservative estimate is that there are anywhere from 5-150M people out there who, if push comes to shove, will decide the exact same thing.

Audie Murphy was 5'5", and turned down by every branch of service. He killed a few hundred Germans in about a year and a half.
Simo Háyhá was one little Finnish guy, who whacked 500 Russians in 100 days.

The truest scene in The Patriot, I think, was when Mel Gibson's character had the choice to do nothing and see his sons hanged as traitors, or step in, against his deepest wishes to do anything else. So he wiped out a platoon with every weapon he had.

If, God forbid, this ever gets to the shooting stage, it's going to go way past just shooting, and rapidly at that.

Anybody wants Marquess Of Queensbury Rules, they should try abiding by election results. That's not too hard, and it's why we have them.

If someone thinks they're ready to play at war, they're going to get treated like John Pershing treated Moro Muslims in the Philippines. And the guy left alive afterwards to tell the tale is going to look like Peachy Carnehan at the end of The Man Who Would Be King before he's turned loose.

People who think "war" is going to be anything like a Call Of Duty video game are in for one helluva rude awakening.

I absolutely hope it never happens, but if it does, the best course is to end it as quickly and decisively as possible, and everybody you kill up front, when they're fat, slow, and clueless, is one less person you have to kill later on, after they've had a chance to wise up.

If the idiots on the other side are crazy enough to start any sort of war, even a half-assed one, I want the few (if any) survivors to wake up bathed in sweat with screaming nightmares five or ten times a night forever afterwards, re-living what horrors they got for their troubles, lest they ever think of doing it again.

If it's not sheer unrelieved terror and horror, they'll learn the wrong lessons, and try it again.
But life is full of lessons, and if the moonbats try to open the ball on armed conflict in this country, school is going to be in session.

RandyGC said...

I have the same default settings, which is why, since an early age, I've learned to never, ever go to option 2 unless it's a life/death situation, as it is too easy for me to go there and I prefer not to be in prison. Fortunately I've never had to go quite to option 2, yet.

I think Kipling's "The Grave of a Hundred Heads" sums it up nicely.

AB.Prosper said...

Aesop I don't think the Left will respond to anything less than #2 for a lot of reasons. I'm not even sure they can learn from terror and atrocity given the hundreds of millions killed by the Left without a qualm

It might have to be all "There will be no survivors."

I just hope that me and mine can come out mind and body intact is all.

A Texan said...


My default setting is also #1 - I prefer rules where everyone is treated in a roughly equal manner, I like knowing what to expect (even if things go against me for a while), and I'm not real keen on going to prison.

However, I also know history, and because of my family's history in Europe I know an awful lot about how the Lefties operate...and of what they are capable of doing. Recently, I found out that one of my great grandfathers was effectively murdered by the Russian Leftists in 1937, after having been beaten rather savagely (at age 73, while sick from cancer) and imprisoned in rather less than cushy conditions. So I have not one microgram of sympathy or tolerance for their kind - whether Russian Leftists, German Leftists (who murdered many dozens of my relatives, and dozens on my wife's side also), or American Leftists (who haven't mass murdered ONLY because they haven't yet had the opportunity). Rest assured, there is a revised default setting that I have which very closely resembles your option #2. I don't really want to go there for a lot of reasons, but I will be damned if I or my family is going to end up like my great grandfather (not just dead, but with all of his property seized and living a miserable life for well over a decade for the "crime" of working his ass off and making a success of himself) or my European distant cousins. That is simply NOT going to happen without any weapon that I have or can gain access to (by any means necessary) being used to its fullest potential. My grandfathers didn't escape - at great inconvenience and risk - from Leftist, or soon to be Leftist, shitholes to come to a country that would turn out the same way a century later for their grandkids, etc.

The soft American Leftists had better pray that the Jolly Rodger never flies in this country - literally or figuratively - over the homes of average people in every city, town and village in this country. They will simply not like the result.