Monday, September 10, 2018

Why Yesterday's Border Fence Post Matters

h/t Captain's Journal

If you visited Herschel's CJ website yesterday evening, you'd have found the above video.

"25 Straight Minutes Of Illegal Aliens Crossing Into The U.S."

It's four days old on YouTube, but it's an aggregation of video shot just in AZ, over the past couple of years. Some of it is even ham-fistedly repeated, probably accidentally by its editor(s), but not very much. It's all 100% legit, and remember, that's only what was seen where trail cams captured the pics. There are 100 times as many trails as there are trail cams down there. And FTR, private citizens see 10 times as much illegal activity as Border patrol sees, every day of the week. Multiply .Gov official arrest/apprehension figures any given year times 1000 or even 10,000, therefore, and you'll have a pretty good idea of how many people are walking into America in any given year since 1986 or so.

It's what the late Paul Harvey used to call "the rest of the story" on his weekly radio program.

So what's the importance of the video above, in regard to the two I posted links to yesterday afternoon?

From a decade's experience myself at the turn of the millenium, including placing the same sort of trail cams that caught that kind of video, in both CA and AZ, a few pointers:

1) Note that virtually all of them are now wearing camo.
Yuuuge change from, say, 2000-2010.
Pedro has always been a slow learner, but your enemies will not stay stupid forever.

2) The ones going the opposite way, carrying radios, binoculars, etc., are cartel coyotes, crossing back for another load another day.

3) The ones with just daypacks and water bottles, and esp. with women, are the folks coming here to wash your dishes, clean your motels, and in their spare time, drive drunk, kill your family, shoot your wife at the wharf, or rape your daughter while she's jogging. Just because they can.

4) The ones with the large square burlap bundles are the cartel drug mules, hauling 80# bundles of pot, along with methamphetamine and precursors, cocaine, heroin, etc. (Libertarians, don't worry: I'm sure they'll only sell it to legal adults of consenting age, in states where pot and meth and heroin and cocaine are already legal. Not to kids or anything. That would be criminal, and we know you don't want a war on drugs, which is why they're just walking this shit in here by the ton daily, and have been, forever.)

5) Almost all the ones in #4 are armed, and will draw and shoot at anyone without hesitation and on sight, because to lose the load is to go back for a cartel beheading party as the guests of honor. They won't hesitate to shoot BP, or any LEOs, either. If they wound you, they'll walk up, and empty a mag into your face, same-same. Nothing personal, just business. Then they'll take anything of value from your corpse: weapons, ammo, radios, badges, ID Kevlar vests, binoculars, money, credit cards, etc., because they can. Defacing your corpse afterwards is optional, but highly regarded by some varieties of cartel goons. Fred Reed tends to gloss over the finer points of Mexican culture in his essays from Cartel Utopia.

6) The mounted guys with ARs, AKs, and Motorola radios are hard-core cartel mules, enforcers/security for their loads, and/or bandits, should they bump into a rival cartel, or anyone else.

7) The guy at 18:18 or so was (pay attention here) scoping the area with Gen I or better night vision, which is how they find trail cams that emit active IR, or anything else putting out light, whether visible or IR. So if you place a hidden trail cam with active IR illumination, they'll find it, to stop videos like this one. And if you didn't have your face covered, and left your pic on your own camera, the cartel will ID you. Then things can get very bad for you, since they already have people in every city.

8) So you've got armed cartel folks, with battle rifles, night vision, binoculars, and radios, in camo, operating on your southern border, and have had such since 2000.

Now, tell yourself this isn't a national security issue, requiring the military - active duty - and with wartime ROEs, to secure that border as of twenty years ago. Like three presidents and 10 congresses have told themselves for the same period.

We shouldn't send Border Patrol to round those folks up; we should assign AC-130 Spectres to simply eradicate them on sight.

Oh, and just for giggles?
We were regularly finding Korans, prayer rugs, and discarded boarding passes from flights from everywhere from Tunisia to Pakistan, among the debris in the lay-up trash sites, way back in the early 2000s. Our little security band also turned over some apprehended trespassers - folks that didn't speak Spanish nor look or dress like anyone from Latin America, nor from anywhere from Tijuana to Tierra del Fuego - to BP, whereupon literal MIB showed up in .gov black Suburbans (at 0-dark-thirty, guys in unmarked 5.11s and shades, at night, mind you) the OTMs were whisked away, and a follow-up call regarding their identity or disposition was met with "we have no idea to whom you refer, and we show no records of any such incident or persons taken into custody".

You have been getting invaded, infiltrated, and culturally replaced in plain sight by enemies of the state for now going on three decades, and entering decade four, at minimum.

What's been happening in Sweden, Germany, France, and formerly-great Britistan is not just a warning, it's a template.

Sleep tight.


Unknownsailor said...

We are in much worse shape than them. They are not approaching majority minority status yet. We are less than 2 decades away.

The US has seen the greatest migrant invasion the world has ever seen since 1965. Short of sending everyone back who has entered since then, there is no recovering from that.

DAN III said...

In the meantime our fedgov rulers are incessantly attacking POTUS 45 while ignoring the invasion of our southern border. But hey ! Let's shed blood and treasure conducting military operations throughout the African continent. Never fear....neocon politicians like Ted Cruz will be handing out Teddy Bears and soccer balls to invaders attacking our southern border.

Yep....time is LONG overdue for putting American combat arms on the Mexican border with orders to shoot to kill. Wouldn't hurt to conduct MOUT ops in the District of Criminals too !

The Gray Man said...

"Our little security band"... Who the hell is this "little security band" and how do I get in touch to ask them "could you use an extra hand from someone who did a little LRS in 'Stan?"

Anonymous said...

Rancher Jim Chilton compiled 25 minutes of nonstop footage of smuggling activity from hidden cameras at his ranch in Arivaca, AZ. Of particular interest is footage of what is believed to be a mix of Mexican Law Enforcement and drug cartel members who take a break in front of a camera placed 100' north of the border. (from a BP source)

SiGraybeard said...

The more I hear, the better the AC-130 Spectres on patrol sound.

Lord of the Fleas said...

"...and a follow-up call regarding their identity or disposition was met with "we have no idea to whom you refer..."

Now THAT is nice to hear.

The Gray Man said...

Maybe, unless the people that the MIB picked up were on the US government payroll, and THAT is why they came out to pick them up.

Aesop said...

They weren't on the government's payroll, but we were given to understand, backchannel and not OTR, that they were still enjoying government room and gruel somewhere even sunnier than SD county, where Spanish was also spoken.