Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Every Day Is 9/11. That's Exactly The Problem.

9/11/2001: A resident of NYFC gets culturally enriched by the Diversity.

I'm a guy. And while I assent to cultural tradition, if you're one too, or you've got a husband, boyfriend, son, or father, you've probably caught on that we really aren't built to care a helluva lot about anniversaries and other such dates.

Saber-tooth in those bushes? You have my full attention.
Hot steak dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy? You had me at steak.
Same spot on the calendar as one 365 days ago, or some multiple thereof? Zzzzzzzzzz

You're fighting upstream against the way our brains are wired on all three levels: human, monkey, and lizard.

And the fact is, at all three levels of my brain, every day is 9/11.
Yesterday was.
Tomorrow will be.
Today is just a happy conjunction of reality and the construct of the Gregorian calendar.
Nothing more nor less.

Because the murdering, semi-literate goat-humpers who perpetrated the act we remember are still out there.
We (you, me, Western civilization, etc.) haven't delivered to them the Third Punic War level of recompense they richly deserve, because reasons. Mostly bullshit ones, at that.

It's too much.
Hey, fuckwit, they wiped out international air travel for months, vaporized billions in the economy of every nation in the world, including the ones least able to absorb that, not just ours in the U.S., engendering a decade-plus series of wars and thousands to tens of thousands of casualties, that really hasn't stopped since they started circa the 7th Century, and won't until we end the problem, by ending the problem children.
Sorry if that unvarnished reality spoils your breakfast, but shit happens.

It's mean.
Really, dipshit? Meaner than destroying the lives of thousands of strangers in the service of your child-molesting leader, and his fanatical devotion to an imaginary death-cult deity?
Meaner than setting buildings on fire, and subjecting thousands of strangers to slow torture by fire, smoke, and worst of all, the time to contemplate the full hopelessness of their situation, such that they'd rather, in hundreds of cases, try flying from the 80th floor of a skyscraper rather than burn to death, or wait to be crushed under hundreds of tons of smoking rubble, screaming all the way to the impact at the bottom?
Okay, you win. I hereby concede that justice demands that every fanatical follower of theirs, including their bomb-toting children, should only be lit on fire, and kicked out of an aircraft at altitude, to scream in unspeakable agony the entire way until impact. Call it Hammurabi 2.0.
Happy now?

That's not who we are.
You got a mouse in your pocket, soy-boi?
Who we are is a disgrace. Who we should be, are the guys who nuked Mecca and Medina, same day, then slaughtered everything left after that, in a feat worthy of Genghis Khan, and then introduced endangered species to graze there in perpetuity, so as to have enough lions and crocodiles handy to feed any stragglers to for the next few centuries.

They aren't all like the terrorists.
Really? That's why the "moderates" cheer and hand out candy when the "fanatics" kill your fellow citizens? How many times will you have to be jihaded by "moderates" who experience Sudden Jihadi Syndrome™, in San Bernardino, or Ft. Hood, or Tennessee, or a hundred other places, before the penny finally drops for you?
By their own doctrine, they're either fanatics, or apostates.
Moderate is a western invention, like unicorns and the Easter Bunny.
You could look it up.

Have a nice big steaming hot cup of Reality, Snowflake:
Fanatical Muslims give the other 1% a bad name.

When we should have been whole-heartedly focused on depriving their civil rights, with high explosives, until there wasn't even a single breeding pair left in captivity, we instead had undisguised opportunists waiting to violate our civil rights, submitting us to indignities and violations that would have made Heinrich Himmler and his acolytes salivate, if not progress to actually lewdly abusing themselves in public. Groping my underpants and forcing me to walk shoeless to board a plane hasn't stopped a single terrorist incident ever, nor ever will.
Meanwhile, the recidivism rate for those granted a new .223 caliber third eye in their foreheads is still running at a flawless perfect 0%, every single time it's tried. Suck on that mathematical reality, and get back to me.

We have the spectacle of entire nations self-destructing under the onslaught of "refugees", suspiciously all military-aged males, minus women and children, streaming from every not-at-war Turd World Shitholia and Trashcanistan, raping entire populations in plain sight, for decades, with the full approval of the authorities, and pillaging the cultural heritage of the entire civilized world. And Stockholm Syndrome times Battered Wives' Syndrome is alive and well; but not just in Stockholm, but in Berlinistan, Londonistan, Paristan, Romistan, Rotherham, Chemnitz, and every other future no-go zone in the caliphate that's spreading like cancer from Spitzbergen to Sicily.
To Syracuse.
To San Diego.
Let me know when realization dawns for you.

Charles Martel, Ferdinand of Spain, Vlad The Hero, and the entire interred Knights of Malta are twirling in their graves so hard it should be gyroscopically spinning the planet out of solar orbit.

And we elected an illegal alien jihadist here, who spent most of a decade denying the obvious truth before everyone's lying eyes: we know who the problem is, we know where the problem is, we have the means to solve it, but none dare speak that, or they'll be fact-shamed for their truthiness, and banished from the public square.

When Ann Coulter nailed it on 9/12 or so, the shrieks hit pitches that were heard by dogs in space.
"We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity."

I'm far less missionary-minded: I'd settle for 2 out of 3, and add "kill them all, burn their homes, slaughter their livestock, salt their fields, and throw the corpses in their wells, after we crap in them." If they have spiritual aspirations, that's just fine. And the sooner we arrange that meeting for them with God to be face-to-face, the better for all concerned.

But I'm sentimental like that.

Remember 9/11??
You must be joking.

The half-assed, half-witted, half-stepping pseudo-response to 9/11 has ensured that every day is 9/11.

Ask a thousand English girls enslaved for sex in their own country, and passed around like so much white meat. For a decade, while Britistani officialdom watched.
(Dear British pussies: you should be hunting down like Adolph Eichmann, and beheading, on YouTube and LiveLeak, with dull rusty saws, every public official who did that, and putting their freshly-severed heads on London Bridge, but you're all women now, the best part of your DNA ran down the legs of French ladies of your grandfathers' era in the countryside outside Verdun, and you deserve the butt-raping you'll be getting in your own towns until you fix that. If ever. If you're too squeamish, maybe you can hire it out to the Gurkhas, but it still needs getting done. Sorry about the shoe fitting and all.)
Ask numbers beyond account stabbed, shot, or run over in France.
Ask the women of Germany and Sweden and Norway, gang-raped in 100% of cases by the very same swarthy "Asian" hordes of rapefugees they foolishly welcomed into their homelands.

So far, outside of a few divisions of veterans of places like Samar, Mogadishu, Fallujah, Anbar province and the like, and a handful of Americans armed with rolled up newspapers and butter knives on a flight over Shanksville PA until it ended as a smoking hole in the ground, we haven't done nearly enough, and until we do, we're going to keep remembering, and re-living, the unspeakable agony of that day, until either there's no one left who cares, given that they're all bowing five times a day facing Mecca; or until there's no one left to do it to humanity again, ever, for all time.

When someone tells you they're coming for you, take them at their word.
If it's going to come down to that, it's always better to be the one twisting the bayonet, rather than the one impaled on the end.

Sooner or later, you're going to figure that out.
Hopefully, the light will dawn while you still have the means to make a choice in the matter.

Mo doesn't like Western civilization? Wants to bring about global sharia?
I'm your Huckleberry.
I'll see your jihad, and raise you the Last Crusade. I'm all in, in fact.
So quit dicking around, and flop that last card.

"Let's roll."


Anonymous said...

"The half-assed, half-witted, half-stepping pseudo-response to 9/11 has ensured that every day is 9/11. " No change, no change no change; battery six repeat.
Well done brother.
A friend, (retired NYPD) maintains that the only adequate response to 9/11 woulda been MIRVs over mecca on 9/12. He's right.
Boat Guy

The Gray Man said...

Just FYI, the recidivism rate is also 0% for those granted a third eye of the 7.62x51NATO variety. However, rather than just a third eye, the top of their head also receives a brand new sun roof. Well, they're Muslims, so I guess it'll be used as a moon roof.

Ask me how I know. Actually, don't.

By the way, have I told y'all lately how much I enjoyed operating a M240B in Afghanistan? Too bad I couldn't have operated it in Saudi Arabia too...

The Gray Man said...

You know what sucks though? Team Mo isn't the only team who doesn't like Western Civ. There is another team, made up of about 40% of the US population, that feels the same way. I don't know what that team calls themselves this week, but you know who they are.

Aesop said...

Hence the similarity of solutions, in both cases.

Anonymous said...

9/11 hijackers came from where? and did we go there to extract revenge?
all a diversion. globalists, power, oil.

Aesop said...

They came from Shitholia.

It stretches from Morocco, down to central Africa, and across to the Southern Philippines and Indonesia.

The only diversion was the response, not the sentiment.
As you might have noticed, I suggested a more direct approach.
You can fix the blame, or fix the problem.

I suggest the latter is vastly more productive.

Suz said...

I was born just outside of Boston, and grew in upstate NY, lived there for 50+ years, had a father, father-in-law and a husband who were firefighters, let me tell you what 9/11 means to folks who knew folks who were in the Towers, or went to work on the Pile after. I am a fairly easy going, ready to give you the benefit of the doubt kinda gal, however, as a nurse, I have a broad streak of practical in me as well. As a New England Yankee, with Irish, and Scots heritage, Forgetting is never an option.

I think, and I have said it since the 2nd plane strike, that we should turn everything in the Middle East, except Israel, into glowing glass. Radical, maybe...nope...not after what was done to the US. The only way to be sure it doesn't happen again, is to do what was done to Japan. The dropping of 2 atomic bombs led to a rather speedy surrender, and the Japanese reformed their ways, and quit invading everything in sight.
Doing so saved easily over a million lives, and untold millions in treasure.
The folks behind 9/11 didn't hesitate to kill innocents, or children, or civilians, so obviously they don't treasure them the way we do.

So, yes, bomb them all and let God sort them out. Turn it all back into glass. Plow it up and sow it all with salt. So there is no way in the next 10,000 years anyone still alive will be able to think about anything other than where their next meal is coming from.

The Bible does say visit upon your enemies tenfold the damage. I have no problems with that whatsoever.

As far as the 'immigrants' scattered across Europe, maybe they would catch a clue, if not, hunt them down and dispose of them appropriately. I am sure finding volunteers would not be difficult.

Glenda T Goode said...

When an organism is infected with a malignant virus the only way to cure it is to destroy the virus. This is the proverbial bad seed.

I found the ongoing lack of outrage from the 'non-militant' islamic people to be very problematic. The claim that 1% commit the atrocities is meaningless if the 99% do nothing to stop them. Think about that for a minute.

The remainder of the world has risen up numerous times to suppress a minority that was persecuting differing populations. Millions of lives of Christian lives were shed to suppress hatred from other nations.

The fact that the non-islamic world has joined together to maintain peace and protect innocent people from harm as opposed to the 99% of the so called peaceful muslims who sat back and ultimately forced the west to take on the Taliban speaks volumes as to their character.

9-11 lives not as an anniversary of tragedy but as a potential threat that continues today. The violent hordes are still out there wishing for a means to kills us and to cause another 9-11 is their fantasy.

Islam is either a cancer or a virus that must be eradicated or, those who are not infected with the virus of violence who are islamic must rise up and end the violence of their religious brothers themselves. Nothing else would be a guarantee of safety from radicals in their religion. Nothing else will prove their nonviolent beliefs as the majority of islamic people claim

Anonymous said...

Too much of our effort has been on nation building, and we've forgotten the most important point about building: Before you can build, you have to tear down and haul away what's already there. Just like building a house, if there's already a house standing there you have to tear it down and remove the debris, if you don't do that you're not building, you're remodeling.

Want to build a new nation in Iraq (for instance). Tear the old nation out root and branch (if I can mix my metaphors). Then set up a new government for the new nation and brutally tear out anything hearkening back to the old nation.

This is what we did in Japan, and in a bit over a generation they went from sworn enemy to valued trade partner. Now we lack the sack to do so, so we half-ass it and we're engaged in the longest war in American history with no end in sight.

Mark D

Aesop said...

^^That right there.

We were captivated by asstards like Colon Powell (not a typo), who pulled "you break it, you bought it" out of his fourth point of contact as a national policy, when the correct policy should have been "We broke it because you're murderous fuckwits, and we'll keep breaking it until you stop being murderous fuckwits, or because we've run out of your murderous fuckwits to kill. Your choice which way it goes."

Anonymous said...

Agree wholeheartedly except for the bit about we British (and after fighting alongside Americans for the last three decades I … 'disagree' and believe most of them would too).

OK firstly, you appear to be guilty of believing the press about us (whilst, rationally, doubting everything else they spout).

Secondly, 'we' aren't in London, Manchester, Rotherham, etc. - care to check the population stats? Most of the population of London isn't even white, and the vast bulk off that minority white population is foreign (excepting the rich in secured enclaves). We stopped thinking of London as being part of our own country decades ago.

Thirdly, all those victims came from (female) single parent and/or council care homes.


'We' aren't all Hugh Grant character types, or chavs – the only groups the press show you. About the only difference between an average rural Brit and a 'flyover' Yank is … the accent.

Oh there are diverse groups who move into rural areas and small towns but … they never stay long because they don't 'feel safe' – the very reason London, etc. is full of them is because they all 'have' to be the majority or they have … problems. (Last year we had a diverse immigrant attempt a machete attack in our city centre … which lasted about thirty seconds before he was beaten to a pulp by a few farm lads out for the day. Wont see that in the press will you?)

Many women here, now throw themselves at the 'fashionable', 'exotic', 'diverse' well-off (on benefits) immigrants, not deigning to even sneer at native men. Just why should we line up to protect them? We look after our own, only (those girls main issue was that they 'didn't have a father to protect them from the consequences of their own idiotic choices'). You, rightly, didn't feel sympathy for those cyclists in trashcanistan – so why for all those who throw themselves at any diverse man, and then complain that they act diverse?

Just, don't judge us, or what it's like here, by the lies and obfuscation in the press or … I could point out that unlike the last decade or so here, and a few thousand girls in a few cesspit cities, 'you' have had hundreds of thousands of white assaults, rapes and murders by your own (home grown/converted) racially/religiously 'diverse' group … for decades, across the entire country. Yet I haven't heard of a single American starting to deal with that (still) ongoing atrocity. It isn't because the best part of your DNA ran down the leg of those SE Asian ladies did it?

I get that you're angry that more hasn't been done here, but maybe ... just maybe, you should deal with your own (much larger, more extensive, and going on for much longer) problem before you start hurling aspersions.

Oh, and wouldn't it be better to be recruiting allies here instead of alienating people who'd otherwise line up to agree with you?

Just askin'

Anonymous said...

I'm with all of you in the glass making department. It was time to stop carrying the stick on 9/12. Here we are, 18 years and how much more American and other allies blood later, not to mention the Billions or is it Trillions (it's been so long I've sort of lost track) of Dollars and Pounds Sterling and Euro's later, we're still there fighting and dieing when all of this could have been OVER in a day, two at most.

The USA made a big mistake when, under that imbecile Milquetoast Carter, we didn't go into Iran with 10 divisions and laid waste to the country, after the Iranians took the U.S. Embassy hostage. Had we done that the Ayatollah would have rolled over like the pussy that he was/is and we wouldn't be being subjected to nut sack and/or vagina searches every time we want to fly to the next state over.

Here's the thing with stone age mentality people and some others. They understand one thing. VIOLENCE. Give'em a degree of violence such that they'll never make the mistake of underestimating the resolve to use it again. Then repeat the lesson every fifty years or so when the next turd world country or dictator starts feeling his/her oats and wants to test the resolve, again. What's the sense in having a weapon that'll kill a city in one shot if you're not going to use it occasionally, just as a gentle reminder to be nice. As Suz up above said (paraphrasing), Japan jumped right in line after their second "lesson" and has been a bunch of nice guys ever since. Some people/countries just need to be reminded of that fact occasionally. IMHO, it wouldn't even take a nuke to reiterate the lesson. An unarmed ICBM digging a large crater somewhere in the vicinity of whose ever capital, followed by a nicely worded diplomatic message to the effect "shape up or the next one will be live", would serve the same purpose.


Aesop said...

@Anonymous Archie,

I feel your pain, truly I do.
When you all take matters well in hand, I'll grant your points.

Throw the WOGs out, and the Leftards who enabled them, and by all means, with the heads of each separated from the corpses by several yards' distance.
There's some precedent for that sort of thing over there, when last I looked.

You got Britain out of the EU; good on you.
Now it's time to get the EU out of Britain.

And no, we've had no such thing as Rotherham here, nor would tolerate it.
There are crimes here, as anywhere.
The Diversity is over-represented among the perpetrators of it.

But we don't hire people in authority to shill for it institutionally, pretend it didn't happen, or punish those who speak up about it, let alone sacrifice 8- and 10-year-old girls for a decade to service that codswallop.

Sorry, but that's all on your countrymen.

Torches, pitchforks, clubs, and sickles, otherwise, I cannot help that shoe fitting so precisely.

I don't expect you to come over here and help with our problems, but I do expect you'd have sorted your own out in this respect, and done so some years ago.

When Achmed and Hadji's heads start appearing on London Bridge daily, with the occasional Basil and Cyril from the local council, and the exodus of "Asians" begins, give a holler, and I'll raise a cheer. Make it a pattern, and the media won't cover it up; they'll wet their pants telling everyone about it, from hell to breakfast. At least until they realize we're cheering you on, not clutching our pearls.

Hereabouts, it's been the random one-off, usually with all parties dead at the scene.
There's only about 100M people here waiting to play "cowboys and muslims" if they ever tried 1/10th of what happens there daily. "Mosque" would become a synonym for "abattoir".

If you can't listen to friends tell you you've got a problem, don't expect your enemies to say anything about it.
That's why they're so happy to move into the neighborhood.

Sorry if the pride of days gone by is slapping you in the back of the head.
I'd love to be recounting your successes, and not damning your failures.
But failures they are.
Individually and collectively, we're aghast.
Sort it out.
Excuses aren't even worth a brass farthing.

lineman said...

There's only about 100M people here waiting to play "cowboys and muslims" if they ever tried 1/10th of what happens there daily. "Mosque" would become a synonym for "abattoir".
If there wasn't Law Enforcement protecting them the game would of already been played and there wouldn't be another Moslem in the US for a long damn time...

Anonymous said...

We should have turned most of the middle east into a sheet of glass on 9/12/01


Anonymous said...

I have no problem with you pointing out our problems, 'we' already know but it doesn't hurt to show others recognise the same (perspective and motivation, both) … and if nothing else you always seem to phrase things in a pithy manner I enjoy quoting.

“There are crimes here, as anywhere.” Semantics, from you? There were crimes here too, and as you point out they were covered up by those in power in the local government, social services, police, judiciary and press. Now whilst some few of those 'people' were dyed in the wool lefties the majority were members of that very 'community' committing the crimes – and 'that' was why they were covering them up (amazingly how the press always chose a token spokesperson 'not of that community' to represent the organisations to the public isn't it?). There was no 'organisation' involved, just every member of that 'community' singing from the same hymn sheet. (There were younger children, thankfully rarely, but overwhelmingly, most were 'teenagers' with some agency – still all abhorrent in the extreme that this occurred to any, yet in every case those in charge of their 'care and supervision' were members of that very community – and no I wasn't minimising the seriousness, if I had my druthers 'everyone' involved would be hanging from a lamppost)

There? “... we don't hire people in authority to shill for it...”. Hmm, so you don't have members of the community committing these 'crimes' as bureaucrats, Mayors, Heads of Social Services, Police Chiefs, Senators and Congressmen, and crucially the Press who “shill”? They never defend, excuse, protect and even laud and reward such 'criminals'? Average members of that community don't routuinly 'assume' the innocence of 'one of their own', and act to protect and hide them? I guess I must be talking about a different country.

You haven't had a Rotherham … that you've been allowed to know about, but you've had decades of one sided warfare committed against one section of the population … but it's alright as it's just 'normal, random, crime'. (You do realise you're just parroting the 'shills' when they defend the jihadis, don't you? It's not a concerted campaign, it's just some random criminal/radical types. Right?)

(You'll know better than I the numbers, but having seen some of the seedier sides of your cities I wonder how many drugged up young girls working as prostitutes for their dealer/pimp are from one community, and he from the other – it certainly, at a glance appeared diversity divided).

Do I think my country is in dire straits? Yes. Am I ashamed of what has been allowed and wish to 'hoist the black flag'? Hell yes! (I've fought in every conflict this country has, or has not, been involved in since 82 and ... I wonder why I bothered. I sure as Sh*t wouldn't fight for what we have now … but to get back what we had ...) Do I think you're in a better position to save your own country – well Duh. But denying that you have a serious problem whilst saying an almost identical one here is the apocalypse is not being quite as honest as you normally are.

Me? Whist I like to keep up with what's happening there (to friends and colleagues, and hopefully one day me too), my main reason for following 'the blogs' is that they're/you're a good pointer to what's happening here. It's easier to see a fault/failure in other, and then hopefully recognise that the same, or similar is happening to self. I just wonder why so few there can take that second step?

Nevertheless, keep up the good work!

Aesop said...

Things here have in no way reached the level that the concerted multi-year atrocity that was Rotherham did.

Not ever, and not even close.

That's why the event is an international poster-child for dhimmitude, and cultural bankruptcy.

Otherwise the whole affair would've been "ho hum, just another acid attack/car running twenty people over on the sidewalk/five nights of rioting event."
You know, "the usual business".

Feelz are nice, but the time for harsh language passed into the rear view mirror some good amount of time ago. Our lefty feel-good wankers here are always on about "If it saves just one child..."

Fair enough, two can play.
What if some strapping lads decided to start beating up the Diversity that's causing all this. Just one a day.
If that's not enough, start breaking limbs.
What, they're still not getting it?
"Well, sorry Mustafa, but it looks like you're going swimming with a block around your ankles. Bloody sorry, eh, wot?"

"What are you prepared to do? And then what are you prepared to do?"

There it is: that's what it's going to come down to.

500 (or less) active Provos ran your entire security forces on both islands ragged for 40+ years. My high school class was bigger than that.

And we're not there yet over here, but it's coming here too, and people know it, and there's a quiet rage building you'd have to see to believe. They don't like being pushed around, cornered, and told what to do, how to talk, or what to think.
In the sort of way that gets pool cues and bottles broken, and applied to people's softer bits, in small scraps.

On a bigger scale, it looks like Committees of Vigilance cleaning up entire towns, overnight.

If we had a Rotherham here, or ever do have one, the guilty needn't worry about the authorities' response. Witness protection and a valid passport would be a higher concern, because they'd be beaten to death serially to the last person long before cases got to court, and anyone responsible for that would be found not guilty on all charges. Even with video proof of guilt.

I spent an entire essay pointing out the manifest failure of everyone, mainly over here, to deal with reality as such, and threw a short paragraph of heat at a country that frankly should already know better. The excuses for inaction are reminiscent of asking good Austrians to this day what happened to the former residents of Jüdenstrasse in every town, when they shrug and say "Oh, they moved away...". Yeah, to Treblinka in 1944 they "moved away".

When something like that is well-known, you can't make excuses.
You do what you can.
And when it's not enough, then you do what you can't.
Like I said, the day the Great Reckoning arrives there, I'll rejoice.
But right now, absent that, what it is, is what it is.
When you can't stand the smell, pull the chain in the loo, and fix that problem.

TPTB aren't the only ones who can make lists.
Sort it out, and best wishes.

Anonymous said...

FYI I was Det before moving to E Sqdrn, so the Provos 'is' a good example .

The security services here 'could' have shut down the Provos at any time … if TPTB had allowed it. We laughed in despair when the whole “shoot to kill” controversy was manufactured because … if it had had the slightest basis in reality there simply wouldn't have been a single one left alive on day two. Fact! If we'd done it (just once) anyway we’d have been court martialed, cashiered and crucified in public (but sometimes I still wonder, what if).

We weren't allowed to do so. We had to 'protect their rights' – hey, screw the rights of all those they maimed and killed. Now they're lauded and feted and we're, yet again, being 'investigated' for 'crimes against WTFK'.

Here and now? The exact self same thing yet again. Both your and our intelligence services know (almost to a man) who, where, how and what every single one of the jihadis in the west is up to (and yes the very same radicals who plant bombs are those that did this). Given the go ahead the only jihadi left would be cowering in a cave in shitholeistan … but (ooman rights, laws, and just as you say 'not who we are' FFS). Here a jihadi attacks with a machete – result 'we' all are banned from carrying a penknife, whilst the jihadi can keep his machete because 'culture' and ensures anyone even looking askance at one of them is arrested too. There a jihadi tries to blow up a plane – result you get felt-up on every flight, whilst they get to waltz through because of 'racis'.

I, restate, agreed with you wholeheartedly. My one caveat was 'please don't assume we're all just peachy with what happened'. As I stated, in small village Britain those unofficial committees are already in existence, it just hasn't reached wholesale SSS (as long as they move away) … yet (and yes that rage is almost palpable here too).

I have no doubt what you say about the reaction there would be but … one: you don't 'know' there hasn't been similar there because we never suspected until it finally escaped the press/police/judicial blackout (you really think they wouldn't cover it up? Look at the Church scandals and say “it'll never happen here, we'd know”). Will you then face certain imprisonment, possible death and guaranteed vilification, leaving 'your' family undefended and vulnerable for someone elses child in a city far away? Or will you take heed, watch and protect your own. Remember TPTB will not be on your side, they will actively attack anyone who even says something 'mean'.

I (more than) suspect there will be one (or more) brave soul there who'd do it anyway, but when they're imprisoned for life (or more likely their bullet-riddled body put on display), their assets seized and family persecuted (if not killed by 'no one saw anything') ... how many will be lining up to follow their example?

Honestly! What would you (really) do here in this situation? You'd do what most here have already done. Protect your own family/friends/local community because anything more (failing a countrywide, mass movement) means the end of your, and possibly those very friends and families lives.

I'm not making excuses, I'm being realistic. Doing, as you say, what I can – which is currently protecting what I got. Maybe (probably) it'd be different if it had been local. Definitively if it was someone I knew, and positively (there isn't one left with non-thermited gonads – thermite suppositories ya think, within a hundred miles) if it had been my family … but not 'yet'.

(Lists? I'm already on more than I can … list, why I was turned down to emigrate there apparently – being white, Christian, hetero, male and former military - my specific work history was just the icing on the rejection [with added hysterical laughter from the INS guy] I suspect. Sigh!)

lineman said...

Come over on Visa and just accidentally forget to go back...

Aesop said...

1) I don't assume you're all peachy with it; far from it.
I only despair that no one has decided the time has come to color outside the lines.
Not that you haven't, but that literally no one has.

2) I don't assume no such problem could arise here; I'm simply certain that if it did, the bulk of police activity would be protecting the defendants from getting defenestrated in about an hour by the community, who wouldn't give up until they'd accomplished that mission.

3) I wouldn't go across the country to address a problem, but then again, I live in a country where my just my state is larger than your entire country, and then some.
And I don't (yet) have to contend with 400K surveillance cameras covering every square inch of my Orwellian existence from the moment I step out the front door, unlike you lot.
Nonetheless, waiting for a problem to land on your front porch means that when you do something, you'll be on your front porch. I'd be looking for ways to relocate that squabble to their front porch, by any means necessary, and for any value of "their".

4) And looking to instigate a countrywide mass movement.

5) The point I was making about lists wasn't about getting on one, it was about making some of your own.

I recently finished reading The Ministry Of Ungentlemanly Warfare, an historical biography about an eclectic collection of assorted lunatics in GB's industry, the military, academia, etc., 1939-1945, and the thousands of ways they built a literal cottage industry dedicated entirely to monkeywrenching Hitler's war machine, just because they could, and it saddens me to note that no one's picking up that legacy and taking care of business now, at a time when you most desperately need it. They needed only Churchill's tacit approval, a few pounds, and a garage or three, and they did things that literally helped turn the tide of the war, and completely outside the MoD control or purview, and largely unaided. Simply turned loose, and told to "set Europe ablaze".

So, imagine you and a very few trusted mates had been pulled in, sworn to secrecy, and told to get cracking on this.
Think about what you could do, and think about why you (or they, or bloody somebody) should or shouldn't.

One rogue ex-police officer hereabouts tied the entire state in knots for days, and had literally 100,000 police officers looking for him fruitlessly. One guy.
If he hadn't helpfully sent them a signed manifesto, but rather just begun his little game, he'd still be a free man years later, and they'd be no closer to catching him now than on Day One.
Whether we want to talk about the Manson family, the SLA, or the DC snipers over here, absolutely tiny groups of utter halfwits gave The Man conniption fits.

So knowing that, and what you know, tell me what happens when even a few trained folks, not stupid, or crazy, decide to start balancing the scales a bit.
And how hard Detective Ham Sandwich is really going to look for that guy, or that band, given that 95% of all apprehensions are of people with a mean IQ below 83 points.

I think a committed band of men can change the world, because it's the only thing that ever has.

I didn't write what I wrote to pee on anyone's heads just because, but with military service, you know what it looks like when something gets completely bollocksed up, and Colours sees it happen as he walks past. And what's coming next.

If that's not you, carry on, and best of luck.
But give your mates a nudge, and perhaps a bit more thought to what can be done, and what should be done, when there's "nothing" that can be done.

Ward Dorrity said...

One of the best insights into what passes for the Arab mind was written almost as an aside by the late historian Carroll Quigley. In the course of his examination of the failure of most Latin American / South American nations-states, delivered an astonishing analysis of what he believed to be the root cause of these failures in the first edition (1966) of his renowned Tragedy and Hope. Here, in almost an aside, he defines what he calls the "Pakistani-Peruvian axis" - a combination of Asian despotism and Arabic outlook (key word, that - outlook), both of which have their roots in Bronze Age antiquity, that pervade what Quigley calls the shattered cultures that dwell on its axis from Pakistan to the mountains of South America. This analysis makes an appalling sense out the cultural train-wrecks that persist to this day from the Arabic East, through the southern Mediterranean and Spain to South America - and in corporate boardrooms in Paris, London and New York.

If his analysis is correct - and I believe that it is largely so - it provides the perfect framework for the triumph of the greatest evil of modernity - the will to power as the dominating and driving force of those who would exterminate most of the worlds population and rule the remainder of humanity like cattle.

Here is the link to this material and some excellent commentary: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/2807571/posts

Badger said...

First.Rate. (or "full stop" as an old Botswana guide used to say)

Fred said...

I'd like to suggest a re-frame on what constitutes a radical muslim. My take is that the jihadists are the devout ones. The radicals are the ones who don't engage on jihad. We call them moderates, but we shouldn't, as there is nothing moderate about islam.


BTW, love "trashcanistan". It will join goatfuckistan in my lexicon. I may have to make an entirely new map :)

Unknown said...

My hope of a peaceful solution to those folks diminishes every day.....

Unknown said...

I just read today the total of people died, injured or now mentally ill is about 400000. If they would’ve told the week leadership that number in 2001.... nukes might’ve been on the table.

Stealth Spaniel said...

"Winter is Coming", should have been your title. Per usual, you nailed the hide up on the wall, cleaned and defurred, and I assume that skinning sheds everywhere will be filling up. I remain, angry and frustrated, that the Ninnies In Charge did nothing but get our side murdered-over and over. I don't want to win hearts and minds. I am all out of compassion.I want countries and Muslims dead. I do not want to understand or sympathize with or explore feelings with these bastards. If it was good enough for the Japanese..........then the solution has already been written. I keep praying that the English find their inner Rebel. Any quiet evening will do to dispatch some old age answers. What's the saying? First you kill all the lawyers.....

Anonymous said...

I AM sentimental like that too. Everyday is a day to be remembered and then forgotten, for a while. However, when we remember those days’ worth remembering is the thing we never forget, at least for some. They never forget.

The issue is a pound of flesh. The most we can hope for is a quarter pounder with cheese and if we should splurge, we add bacon. It is still only a quarter pounder with fake cheese! The bacon, at times make up for the deficiencies of flesh pounding, ¾ to go. The price is about eight dollars per quarter pounder, less bacon, yet you get fries and a drink, the cost can never be too much to be forgotten.

Likewise, I do not make preparations, like a boy scout, I have always believed, be prepared. Medium well mostly and I like to add a little red pepper to my salt and red prepper, just for kicks. In other wordz, shoot forst and questions can be asked later and then answered with one to forehead, yes sir.

The problem is, you can prepare for anything, but you cannot prepare for everything. The one thing in question is human action, which is unpredictable at best. The best of the situation is you live to breath another day and take another shot

What will set it off, is the shot heard around the world, Rebel Yell, straight Kentucky bourbon all the way to Pakistan. Pour yourself one, it tastes good, I think you will agree. It is that time again. Ya all should belly up to the bar, ya know?

Joe X

Unknown said...

The radical muslim wants to kill you. The moderate muslim wants the readical muslim to kill you.

Which one is truly radical. The ones doing all the beheading, bombing, and killing arent radical. They are the only ones following thier holy scripture.

Hegemony said...

I said after the contractor's burnt bodies were left dangling from a bridge in Fallujah it was time to go full Roman on the lot: line the road with crucified bodies and heads on pikes, and sow the ground with salt. Vanquished peoples may have hated the Romans, but they bloody well feared them. This 'hearts and minds' bollocks imposed on 7th-century tribal inbreeders has never worked, nor will it. The mohamadeen will either be at your feet or at your neck, and we in the west have given them no reason to curtail their baser instincts. They need to fear us, truly fear us.

kirk said...

Q: why is the u. s. fedgov allowing hundreds of thousands of muzzies in this country?

A: they will become the perfect agitator producing chaos which those who caused the problem will rush in to 'solve'.

all they will need to 'solve' the problem (of their making in the first place) will be to remove the few remaining freedoms we have in exchange for 'safety' they will provide.