Saturday, September 29, 2018

More On That Border Wall Ann Coulter Thinks We're Not Building


Along with the two locations in our previous recent post on the topic, that makes three places where we're very clearly building a Great, Big Beautiful Wall.

So you can either believe Ann's harpying incorrect tweets on Twaddle, or your lying eyes.

Ann, seriously, get it right, or just STFU. The lamestream media has FakeNews© copyrighted at this point, and getting in the game late won't get you anything you want.

And an apology from you to the president is in order, and in all fairness, it must needs be every bit as loud and front-and-center as your previous caterwauling on the topic has been. In time for the mid-terms would inject some much-needed class to the discussion.

Just saying.


MMinAR said...

The normally excellent American Greatness has a column bemoaning the same thing. I sent her all 3 links and recommended a rewrite. We shall see.

billrla said...

Ann is promoting the Ann Coulter Franchise. It's like Starbucks selling coffee. It's what she does.

Lee Van Queef II said...

Texas has 1250 miles to go assuming total new emplacement and upgrades. If there isn't a clearly-defined human and vehicle barrier along its entire length, then any sufficiently resource-intensive domestic disturbance in the US will see that line collapse too quickly for military assets from El Paso to Port Isabel and much of sea access via South Padre, to stop waves of starving humans without resorting to lethal force. In other words the Feds will not stop it.

Ortega, Castro, Maduro and every other commie will be sending wave after wave of shitholians into Texas. They will open the prisons, lunatic asylums, starve and dekulak the rest.

It's a black swan, but we've seen this demographic bomb exploded on us already.

The Wall is a titanic job, but it can not be half-assed. So I would like to see those "special exceptions to the Constitution" like a 100 mile 4th Amendment Free Border Zone balanced with a lowered threshold for citizens' arrest powers, use-of-force laws and civil protections for landholders in the same 100 mile zone. Federal funding of a Border Citizen's Civil Defense Corp to be included. Texas needs mammoth defense-in-depth.

Ann, it's time to stop complaining and start cheerleading progress, new solutions.

George True said...

I am still unimpressed. So four miles of wall in El Paso is being built. Only another one thousand nine hundred ninety six to go. Another 20 mile stretch in Texas 'about to be started'. And how many years will it take for that section to be built? In the meantime, the invaders are walking over the border everywhere by the millions every year.

I do get it. Trump is effectively stymied in this by both Dems and Pubs. And if he does something radical like directing the Army Corps of Engineers without congressional approval, both parties are liable to unite and impeach him. Hopefully, after the mid-terms, if the Pubbies have been dragged to victory by us Deplorables, Trump can get the ball rolling. We will see.

Aesop said...

Then you should re-think your position.
They built ten or so miles, IIRC, in San Diego: it cut crossings in California by 90%.
We (as in I and some compadres) got 5 miles put up in eastern SD County: we went from 150K-200K crossings/yr to 2. (That's a 99.9999% reduction.)
So expect that 4 miles in El Paso gets you some commensurate gains.
(And see if you can guess how little I care if that section means 100 or 1000 more illegals now die out in the barren surrounding desert because they can't hop across right in town.)

While I want all 2000+ miles built, it won't be instantly.

Recall that under Obozo, 0 miles were built in 8 years.
Dubbya built a total of 5 miles (guess where) only after 20 videos on Lou Dobbs in prime time, and 8 failed attempts to sneak Amnesty 2.0 through Congress.

Take yes for an answer, and go from there.

They're building about 4-5 miles/month, at present. With no funding.
And any hope of further funds goes away if Congress flips in November.

Politics is practical, not magical.

Pat H. said...

The "wall" you continue to post about isn't the wall Trump guuaranteed

Aesop said...

Yes, it is.

What it's not, is the even bigger and better prototype versions demonstrated after he was elected.

I've seen what's going up; it's literally main battle tank-proof when completed, and climbing it is extremely problematic. At a minimum, anyone attempting to breach it takes so long that a BP agent using a elderly person's walker could get to them and catch them before they could cross.

You want impenetrable barriers, we need to use neutron bombs along the southern side of the border.