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RIP Christine McVie

Aged 79, in hospital after a brief illness, with her family in attendance. Perfect singer, perfect song. Her maidean name: Perfect. She used to sing this at the end of every Fleetwood Mac performance, and Mick and John would listen off-stage, in tears. This time, as this final curtain rings down, it's millions of fans around the world.

It Had To Be Said

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Shocked! Shocked, I Say!

The Usual Gang Of Idiots are astonished that anyone could think the Russian Army has failed, repeatedly, because of a centuries-long practice of both corruption, and official lying to cover it up, and suffering real-world consequences when they face an actual opponent willing to contest the struggle. (They should look up how well this systemic drawback served Russia from Sept. of 1941 until 1943, or from 1914 until the Russian Revolution.)

As the video above belabors, this is hardly a new thing, and once this became more than a 3-day war, and Russian leadership, political and military, realized they'd been caught believing their own press releases, Reality started bitch-slapping them around pretty hard.

The cardinal problem is that modern combined-arms warfare is the ultimate trust-based system, and it depends on brutal honesty to make decisions, penetrate what Von Clausewitz called "the fog of war", and overcome its "friction" in order to achieve victory. (In American forces, "friction" is called Murphy, and he's a sonofabitch to the foolish or careless, with the subtlety of a JDAM dropping in your foxhole.)

Commanders, as the video notes, don't get perfect God's-eye-view intelligence, at least not until it's too late to help, in most cases. So they have to be flexible, and at some point, if they want to win, they have to trust downwards, and let lesser ranks at each level have the freedom to work the problem in order to win. But the reports back up the chain have to be scrupulously truthful to inform decisions, logistics, and follow-on actions.

One Courtney Massengale being the douche he is fusterclucks the whole system. One fouled up company screws up a whole attack. And when units don't know what they don't know, think they know it all, and believe their own press releases, the outcome is generally unforgiving, and people die with surprised looks on their faces.

The Russian army is made up of an entire hierarchy of Courtney Massengales, bottom to top, and they haven't faced a near peer since 1945. And all of NATO, with 20 years in the sand box for combat ops experience, has been feeding first rate intel to Ukraine, while the Russians can't even organize getting fuel to the vehicles on the attack, or socks and boots to their men at the training depot. That's third-world level competence, right there.

Russia has spent eight months proving that to the world, day after day.

And the certified idiots yapping about "any minute now" sound like Hitler in the bunker, ordering units to attack that don't exist. Except less sane than that.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Potemkin Military: Chapter 2,075

 Like We Keep Telling You Dept.:

Behold! Russian military excellence explained, in 20 minutes:

Fielding as front-line gear such things as 130-year-old bolt action rifles, pot metal and foam body armor, cardboard and plastic helmets, broke-dick 60-year-old rust-bucket tanks, and endless further examples of Russian endemic corruption, manufacturing mendacity, and bureaucratic incompetence all combine to explain Russia's underwhelming military performance since February. It also explains where those Putin-crony oligarchs with mega-yachts found the dough. And belatedly, why, with a nominal 5:1 advantage over NATO in tanks at the height of the Cold War, the Russians still felt inferior and under-armed. It was because they knew 80% of those tanks were vaporware, and the 20% they did have other than the annual May Day Parade dog-and-pony show examples were total p.o.s.

The main differences between Putin-philes and Cubs fans are that once every 108 years, Cubs fans have something to cheer about, and the Cubs never tried to take over Indiana.

If Mack Sennett had written the script for the Moscow Military Morons, he couldn't have done any better serial comedy.

I'm Sure It's Just Wild Coincidence


Just a random anecdotal sample of patients over the four-day:

58♀  Stroke-that wasn't-a-stroke, Dx with Bell's Palsy - Vaxx x3

61♂ Sudden cardiac arrest, massive coagulopathy - Vaxx x 3

15♀ Chest pain x 2 months - Vaxx x 2

42♀ New onset Bell's Palsy - Vaxx x2

24♂ chest pain, elevated troponin - Vaxx x 2

Total ER-wide COVID patients - 1:  94♀ - Vaxx x 3, slight SOB, totally stable

Total ER-wide unvaxxed COVID patients - 0

I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop, when my vaxxed co-workers start dropping. Oops. too late:

One nurse, on shift: 36♂ Chest pain, tachycardia, elevated BP, became a patient mid-shift. Vaxx x 3.

That's after screening out any cases where meth or any other illicit substance use was onboard as a factor. I also don't know what my co-workers dealt with, so that's only my 4% of our total patient load.

And we're just one hospital in the county, seeing maybe 2% of the daily patient load.

Nothing to see here; move along.

Looks like I'll have job security here until I'm 90.

FTR, pre-COVID, a diagnosis of Bell's Palsy happened maybe once a month in any ER I've worked in the last quarter century. Currently, it's daily to every other day. Wee uptick, wot?

AFAIK, the staff is about 25% unvaxxed nurses, but there's not a single unvaxxed doc. Gonna be a bitch until they start training pureblood doctors, from a vastly reduced pool, maybe a decade on from now, once we start losing docs.

Factor that into your Boogaloo calculations, kids. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

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Sunday Music: Use Me

Rock and Roll Hall Of Famer Bill Withers' classic 1972 funk hit that reached #2 nationwide.

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Happy Thanksgiving


We will be working as a lifeguard in the shallow end of the gene pool most of the weekend, so posting is expected to be light, and hopefully light-hearted.

In which vein we offer our annual favorite TV moment ever, which still cracks us up as much as the night we saw it, when first broadcast. Enjoy.

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New DNC Fundraiser

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Saw the original at the link this morning. It was almost perfect for a meme, but like the main subject, it needed to be punched up. So to speak. So I fixed it.

Natzsofast, Dipsh*t

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Just because neither some drooling crayon merchant at the Hartford Courant, nor any of his woketard editors, know anything about how every tribe in the Americas got here from somewhere else, it doesn't change history. FTR, there's no one on either continent of the Americas who qualifies as "indigenous peoples", since ever. Everybody here, from the Arctic to Tierra del Fuego, came here from somewhere else, or descended from those who did. You could look it up. History here didn't start in 1492, nor 1620. Only idiots make that mistake. And they keep doing it, over and over. We're not a nation of immigrants. We're two continents of immigrants. Anyone who doesn't like it is welcome to go back where they came from, and nobody has first claim on anything here, except by current possession.

No Regrets

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Parry. Riposte.

Tam seems utterly convinced, due to "insider experts", that Twatter is imminently in danger of crashing and burning.

Alongside the minor malfunctions, the Twitter engineer believes that there’ll be significant outages on the horizon, thanks in part to Musk’s drive to reduce Twitter’s cloud computing server load in an attempt to claw back up to $3 million a day in infrastructure costs. Reuters reports that this project, which came from Musk’s war room, is called the “Deep Cuts Plan.” One of Reuters’s sources called the idea “delusional,” while Alan Woodward, a cybersecurity professor at the University of Surrey, says that “unless they’ve massively overengineered the current system, the risk of poorer capacity and availability seems a logical conclusion.” 
Meanwhile, when things do go kaput, there’s no longer the institutional knowledge to quickly fix issues as they arise. “A lot of the people I saw who were leaving after Friday have been there nine, 10, 11 years, which is just ridiculous for a tech company,” says the Twitter engineer. As those individuals walked out of Twitter offices, decades of knowledge about how its systems worked disappeared with them. (Those within Twitter, and those watching from the sidelines, have previously argued that Twitter’s knowledge base is overly concentrated in the minds of a handful of programmers, some of whom have been fired.)

Followed by patented world-class Tam-snark. Fair enough.

We repeat for emphasis:

1) How much excess capacity does Musk and Twatter require, once he whittles back the unwanted and unnecessary input of the 90%-of-Twatter-posting Wokebots?? Get rid of 90% of the traffic, and you can function until Hell Freezes Over on 10% of capacity, and hire talent long before it ignites.

But let's say he does run it into the ground. That begs the bigger question:

2) Who Cares??

Since Twatter was nothing but a wokebot fool's paradise, if all Musk accomplished was to buy the ginormous P.O.S., just to run it into the Lakehurst Naval Air Station and dock it exactly like the Graf Zeppelin Hindenburg: gloriously aflame, with the survivors tuck-and-rolling to safety while the smoking hulk of the superstructure crumbles into a memory, the response of about 60% of America would be "Hallelujah! There IS a God!".

3) What makes anyone think that the programming "institutional memory" provided by the hordes of fired SJWs is irreplaceable except by other programming SJWs???

I'm pretty sure that writing code is writing code, and if he outsources the whole silly enterprise to Bangladesh, and Silicon Valley starves to death this winter, the cries of delight from most of the country would remain "Hallelujah! There IS a God!".

Heads he wins, tails they lose. 

He either saves this P.O.S. on his terms, or runs it into the wall at 200 M.P.H., leaving poor Elon with only Tesla, unquestioned dominance of space transport for the next decade, and a spare hundred billion dollars or so to fall back on. This is not the catastrophe portended.

Pick on Fedora Jesus all you like. You're missing the point, and the only ones getting themselves into a tizzy over the fate of Twatter are the people who ran the bots, the fired woketard deadweight staff (but we repeat ourselves), and you.

Most people in America wouldn't have given two sh*ts if Musk simply dropped a Falcon Heavy module onto Twatter corporate HQ "by accident" the day after he bought it, because they rightly regard most social media as both unconscionable revelation/intrusion into one's private life and/or a colossal NSA Trojan Horse, plus a waste of bandwidth to begin with.

It's Musk's toy to play with now. If he succeeds, the naysayers look foolish. If he slams into the ground and leaves a smoking hole, the people who hate the naysayers cheer. And at that point, the people carrying water for the woketards' jeering are hard to distinguish from the whiny woketards themselves. Just saying.

Let him play with his toy. Even if he smashes it. It's what his toy means, i'n't it?

Inflation? What Inflation?

 h/t Peter

Monday, November 21, 2022

You're Doing It Wrong

Someone did some back-of-of-the-envelope calculations and figured that to replace half of their multi-billion dollar advertising revenue with $8/month subscription fees, Twitter would need TWENTY MILLION paid up annual subscribers.

 Maybe true, but largely irrelevant.

Anyone interested in understanding things should be looking at things from the other end the situation, and doing some entirely different napkin math.

1) How much of this pull-out is whiny woketard virtue-signaling chickens coming home to roost, when it turns out they were squandering hundreds of millions of their company dollars on a venue that's 90% Lunatard bots auto-spewing Green Deal talking points, rather than reaching actual, y'know, breathing spending CUSTOMERS? I don't see this as anything but butthurt 20-something cubicle warriors getting out one step ahead of corporate finding out they sold real cows for magic beans, and trying to save their own hashtag ricebowls, before they get bounced onto unemployment. Musk is doing for fake social media what FTX did for crypto. With a flammenwerfer, and a smile.

2) If Twatter was always a vaporware venue of mostly non-existent Leftard troll accounts, why would anyone advertise there?

3) How much ad revenue does Musk need to generate to keep the lights on, after cutting employee deadweight overhead by 75%, overnight?

If Musk purges the bot accounts and fake like checks from Twatter, and transparently shows his users are 100% real, then puts them on an untouchable worldwide Starlink service that can't be censored by any government, and simultaneously purges all the Lefatrded wokeholes and useless eaters from his own payroll, he gains a commodity that no one else has (ask around about how full of b.s. Arbitron and Nielsen ratings are, if you ever want to push over two other houses-of-cards): a transparently legit and unblockable way to reach real people all over the world.

The dumpster fire in question was the Twatterverse before Musk started throwing the deadwood into the dumpster. Now the dumpster fire is the woketarded  minions suddenly aflame themselves, on unemployment, with future career prospects largely centered on either the retail food service or custodial maintenance fields.

Boo frickin' hoo.

Counting Musk out to lunch so soon is largely on par with telling people Trump could never get elected president in 2015. Elon may be a little off in many ways, but he didn't inherit his wealth, or bumble into it. I'd cut him a bit of slack.

Just Another Day


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Sunday Music: Skating


Cartoonist Charles Schulz' choice of virtuoso Vince Guaraldi for the musical background for the Peanuts gang on TV, and the incarnation of Schroeder, for generations of kids and parents watching A Charlie Brown Christmas, was simply inspired. Every year, long before the networks start beating us to death with Christmas TV specials, really the first day the air turns that perfect fall crisp temperature, I want to hear this piece. In fact, on my bucket list, because it lends itself to it so well, is to loop this, head to tail, for an hour or two's worth of Guaraldi's keyboard magic. It makes your day better just to hear it.

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Your "Come To The Jesus Nut" Moment

"Pay attention, meatheads. This is the M-114 155mm towed howitzer. It dates back to WWII. Its nickname is 'The Pig'. It's called that because the rumor was it's made of pig iron. It's not. It's made of steel, and it rusts, but it is definitely heavy as hell, as you'll find out one fine day when you try to move it in a field of mud. You see this nut here? That's the Jesus Nut. Whatever else you do, you'd better make damned sure that nut is secured in place, rust-free, and safety-wired in place, as it is here."

"Uh, Sgt.? Why do they call that the Jesus Nut?"

"Pvt. Smuckatelli, they call it the Jesus Nut, because if it ever comes off, you better pray to Jesus you're nowhere nearby." 

True story. But like most parables, it has a wider application. And I told you that story to make the following points.

Some @$$hole (which is the kindest thing anyone's probably ever called him) decided that what the internet desperately needed, was his brave anonymous prognostication and fortune-telling of everyone who reads this blog, and anyone that readership might consider like-minded, chiefly by reading the tale told from deep inside his own diaper spackle. Which mainly consisted of chickensh*t. Besides giving that the appropriate mocking, I nonetheless read such nonsense most days, provided it isn't from one of the few wastes of skin and oxygen pre-selected for auto-delete by an add-on program. I do this just in case the usual retards too chickenshit to post here under their own names may accidentally stumble onto some greater truth, or really, any worthwhile thought, probably without realizing it.

There was, in fact, no such thing there, which left me shocked for all of about zero seconds. What there was within, however, was a revelation of the poster as a self-loathing little cretin, whose mewling whinge was, in so many words, condensable down to 

"Waaaaaaah!!!!! Life sucks now, but I haven't done anything, because everybody else hasn't done anything, and that's why nobody's ever doing anything about that. Waaaaaaaaah!!!!!!" 

Well said, Brave Anonymous Troll.

But your fundamental error, typical of mindless sheep, is to assume anyone else's actions are necessary for you to act in any way, shape, or form. You would be the sort of jackass to let a bear eat you if no one else was smart enough to run away first, to show you how to do it. Best wishes with that plan.

How it really works, for people with a spine and a set of testicles, is that they simply decide what has to be done, and they go do it. With or without help.

No one knows your name, Brave Anonymous Whiner, but hundreds of thousands to millions know who this guy was, and what he accomplished all by himself:

Millions who'll never read your screed with anything more than scorn, disgust, and gales of derisive laughter have read what this one guy wrote:


Millions more who couldn't give a wet fart if a meteor ended you with a sizzling squish don't know the name of a single one of these guys, but they know exactly what they did:

And a like number know, without a single hint, exactly what this is, who built it, and what he did with it:

Every one of those people was heroic in their own way, at their chosen moment, in ways your pathetic and feeble (your words) whinging will never accomplish, because they figured out what needed to be done, and they did it, without anybody else holding their hands, or giving them permission. Usually just the opposite, in fact.

You can't figure that out, let alone do it.

But even you aren't completely useless: your exact bassackwardness can serve as a negative example, and teach other people to succeed, simply by not being like you.

And the way they're going to do that, is because they, unlike you, realize that life and society, in a complicated modern world, is absolutely chock-full of actual Jesus Nuts: single points of failure in a complex system that makes all the problems you're worried about blow up in the faces of your would-be overlords.

Stop me if you've heard this one...

If somebody goes after world leaders, they'll be hunted to the ends of the earth. Unlike some idiots, all of us know that.

But the guy who goes hunting the transformer a block from an important building, whether it's the Capitol, the Senate office building, or city hall, is probably never going to be found. it's just as illegal, mind you, and the federal attack dogs will bust a gut looking, but nobody can be everywhere, and the failure nodes on this civilization are literally legion.

No one can shut down the border, singlehanded. But imagine what happens if someone pulls over the traffic control boxes for the last five intersections before and after the border checkpoint?

Not advocating anyone should  do that, because after all, it's illegal (kind of like stealing elections is illegal), so it's baaaaad. So definitely don't do that. Even if any yahoo with a pickup truck and 50' of tow chain could git 'er done, times five, in about 15 minutes.

They also could find the water main for some important edifice of your would-be overlords, spin the water valve shut, and pour in 100 pounds of Ready-crete on a Sunday, so that it sets up good and hard by Monday morning, and there's no bathrooms or water there for days. That would be mean, evil, and highly verboten.

Is there a bank that's so woketarded they need a reminder of where their bread is buttered? Do not, under any circumstances, shove a metal credit card shape into the ATM slot, wired to a car battery, or a welding arc generator. That might damage the bank's property. It would be serially bad to hit 20 or 50 ATMs in a single night like that. Don't do it.

What's that, you say? The local college is a hotbed of woketardedness and Antifatarianism? How curious. Imagine the hilarity when someone drops a few tons of dirt and rubble in front of the student parking lot entries in the pre-dawn hours of a Monday morning, with caution signage and orange cones, and signs their work with the anarchist "A", some red and black posters, and a couple of rainbow warrior flags. Stick it to the manchildren, yo. Represent.

That's four small examples of what a slender thread life runs on, in a nation filled with soft targets, none of which require ammunition or body armor, let alone James Bond levels of gadgetry to pull off, yet no one will be shooting at the person doing it, and at 3AM, most will never even know it's happened.

Everybody's noted the literally hundreds of fires at food processing plants the last couple of years. Why should the WEF have all the fun?

That's all I'm suggesting might take place.

Brighter and motivated people could make a list of people, places, and things, that are the Jesus Nuts in any number of enterprises, none of them with Secret Service levels of protection. Wondering about whether the lemon is worth the squeeze? Call Mr. CARVER to do an analysis.

Someone serious would probably try to pick things that hack off and hamstring TPTB, without pissing off the Normies. If you find the right leverage point, you can move the entire world.

Someone so inclined could make a list. Scratch off one target every couple of months. Start small, and easy. Go forth randomly. Don't ask anybody, Don't tell anybody. Now it doesn't matter what "everybody else" is up to. Just what you decide to do. Which leaves only the same two questions that have always faced you (not you, Brave Anonymous Keyboard Do-Nothing, but the people not you, who aren't too chickenshit to do something, and smart enough not to fedpoast what they did last summer):

(Which, incidentally, is why one of my memes is worth hundreds of your snivveling whiny wet-diaper screeds.)

Friday, November 18, 2022


FFS, his Secret Service code name is "Brutus".



The Lumpenproletariat Explosion


Anyone who does this for more than two minutes per day
can rightly be regarded as a thoroughgoing moron.
Every single time. There, I said the obvious.

Amidst a breakroom discussion with co-workers the other day, I had occasion to pause at the blank looks from most of them regarding a cinematic moment in Scent Of A Woman. (For Common Core grads, as I'll illustrate, it's the movie - phenomenally good, btw - for which Al Pacino won the Best Actor Oscar in 1993). It's not exactly trench warfare at Verdun, Magna Carta, or even Stonehenge, let alone the late Pleistocene Era, but it may as well have been for the vacant stares going on.

Al Who...?

"Wait a minute, show of hands: For how many of you is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1993 "before your time"?"

Every single hand in the room but one.

Christ on a pogo stick. I grew up with average kids who knew the plots of TV shows from 10 years before they were born, because they were still re-running them every day. I'm even pretty sure SOAW might have been on TV a few million times since '93 too.

I'm conversant on both cultural phenomena like movies and music, and actual historical events that happened long before I was born, even long before my grandparents were born, and it's not a rare feat, I swear. FFS, they make kids take history for about 10 years, even in the idiot academies that pass for public schools.

Or so you might have thought. You have to wonder WTF they cover in those classrooms, but quite frankly I'm afraid to look. I'm pretty sure that the Kardashians are an AP Class for college credit.

Apparently, if it didn't happen on Netflix or Twitter, or since 2010, it never happened.

This is why Jay Leno could ask basic grade school questions at malls and on college campuses and never fail to find 99% dumbasses, from wall-to-wall, every other night for over twenty years on The Tonight Show. At this point, having been off it for 8 years, it's a wonder anyone under 40 even knew who he was when the story came out last week that he was injured in his garage. And if anyone did the same bit now, no one would get it, because they wouldn't know the answers either. Unless they asked their grandfathers. Which is as it should be for people who think Rosetta Stone is just a language app for their computer, because those are the Top Ten search results on Google. ("Wait; you mean there's an actual Rosetta Stone? Did they name it after the app?" Kill me now.)

That we have suffered to produce such utterly but proudly ignorant and wholly uncurious generations (plural!) of lackwits, and raise them past majority, completely unaware of anything that doesn't come up on their YouTube queue, is a national scandal.

But clearly, I've reached the awkward age: not as old as old people, and not as blisteringly dumb as young people. 

For the 95% of the Baby Duck Generations to whom it applies: Get off your goddamned phones, and crack a friggin' book, FFS! Life started before you were born, and some of that stuff is actually kind of important. Like, even more important than Taylor Swift's new album. For reals. Crazy, right?

Yes, I'm shooting Baby Ducks in a barrel. Because they're not going to shoot themselves, however much we might wish otherwise.

A Perennially Inconvenient Truth

 h/t Theo Spark

The OP doesn't source those numbers, but I have no reason to doubt them. I first saw official FBI stats that backed this up in about '89, in either National Review (When WFB still ran the joint) or American Spectator (I forget which), when they were both still actually conservative house organs rather than RINO rags.

They noted that without black crime stats, the American violent crime rate was lower than Luxembourg, and that if you also factored out Latino violent crime from the "white" numbers, the crime rate for the other 70% (then) of America was lower than Liechtenstein.

Which also tells you why everywhere south of Brownsville and the entire continent of Africa are permanently basically nothing but sh*thole countries always waiting for the next disaster headline.

The rate above is actually even lower than it looks. Realize that over half of those US gun deaths (at least for whites) are suicides, and that many whites shot by another are shot by latinos or blacks, not other whites, and without those deaths, the white death rate by guns functionally drops to numbers that barely even register on that graph.

We've had gun control in America that has worked flawlessly, every time it's tried, long before 1934: we call it PRISON.

The best way to keep guns out of the hands of bad people, is to fill their hands with cell bars instead.

Remember that the next time someone starts sobbing about how unfair it is that Latonkwaneeto or Chuy are still doing almost 50% of their time before getting a shot at parole, after their seven-body crime wave was pled down to concurrent sentences for improper discharge of a firearm within city limits, and littering.

No points for guessing what open-floodgate illegal immigration and no-bail no-prosecution for less than mass murder D.A.s are doing to violent crime and murder stats, but people will start to clue in when every city from Maine to Maui is just like Chicongo, Philthydelphia, San Franshitsco, or the District of Criminals. The only real check on that now is 40+ states with must-issue open- or Constitutional-carry laws.

Committees of Vigilance didn't spring up for no reason the last time, and it won't be for nothing when they return, either.

Monopoly Money


Bearing in mind the difference between FTX and
US fiatbux is merely a matter of time.

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Vlad's Going To Need More Mobilization Guys...


Apparently, things continue to go so well for Russian forces, that Sr. Col. Vadim Boyko, above, one of the military masterminds behind Putin's wildly successful mobilization earlier this fall, went to his office, where he then shot himself five times, using four different Makarov pistols. Quite a feat normally, but under Putin's regime, one far too easily accomplished every day. Not to worry though. Crack Russian criminal investigators have ruled it another tragic suicide of another heroic Russian senior mobilization officer, heartbroken over the continued Russian success in Ukraine.

This appears to be much like the "suicide" by hanging some weeks back of the officer who then apparently cut himself down, and then dumped his own body in a nearby field.

It's now anyone's guess whether Ukrainian artillery or Putincide are killing more Russian soldiers every week. But it is fun to watch.

And clearly, Russian Roulette rules have now been changed to using multiple bullets in multiple guns, all at the same time. Who thought that was sporting?

No Quit In Them

 h/t Davydov

You can't beat people who won't roll over and quit.

Things are going to get hard here too. Two more years of Mr. Fraudulent, Emperor Stumblefuck Poopypants I. So you're going to have to deal with your own tough times. Tough times weed out the pussies. Don't be one.

From The Ministry Of Weaselwords

Translation: No nuclear war today, thanksverymuch. NATO took a vote, and they're not going to start Armageddon over one Russian "Aw shitski!" 

Because sometimes, it's better to be a live sh*tweasel, than a vaporized truth-teller floating to earth as radioactive fallout particles.

So much for the ongoing line of horsesh*t about anyone trying to poke Russia into a nuclear war. Vlad just got a mulligan, and some fuck-up missile programmer in Belarus just got a dirt nap.

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Forget "October Surprise". Try "November Miracle".

In the entire history of Major League Baseball, there have been, to date, over 220,000 official games. Despite that plethora of examples, in no season ever recorded has any team won every game by a come-from-behind victory rally in the bottom of the ninth inning, by getting just enough runs to win every single time, in every single game of the season, and then gone on to win the World Series in exactly the same way.

And then, on the other hand, we have Democrat candidates in biennial elections. And it just keeps happening, over and over and over. (Kirk Gibson, eat your heart out.)

It first happened in 1960, when the Daley Chicago political machine "found" just enough previously-undiscovered ballots late on election night to swing the entire state of Illinois, and secure a JFK victory over Richard Nixon. (Yes, it was that ham-fistedly obvious to the entire country, even back then.)

But those were gentler times, and Nixon didn't want to put the country through the crisis of a questioned presidency. In a double-karmic epic blunder, Nixon gave George McGovern the electoral drubbing of all time in 1972, and yet lost it all because his idiot minions broke into the DNC offices at the Watergate Towers, not realizing they and the GOP had the election in the bag by Labor Day after 7 years of LBJ's war, and chose loyalty to their minions over common sense, and turned the whole affair into a massive criminal enterprise. Easy come, easy go.

But even that pales in comparison to a Democrat Party now that inexplicably can lose almost no election. The voting machines always fail. The video cameras quit. There are sudden 3AM spikes in 100%-pure vote batches, in every key precinct, and city, and state, and it just keeps happening over and over and over. And Democrats win. Every. Single. Time.

Mirabile dictu!

Which of course, is Trump's fault. Because Americans, who keep flocking to his rallies in numbers that shame Superbowl turnouts, month after month, two years after he left office, obviously hate Trump so much, they magically vote for Democrats in droves.

Hard to believe? Just ask the Democrats.

Independents too. In batches of ballots that magically come up 100%-0. It's the damnedest coincidence in recorded history. Statisticians are jumping out of windows as silly things like mathematics are disproven daily. Democrats could win at craps in Vegas by rolling endless sevens. With only one die. They're that good.

Democrats are so fervent, it seems, they are packing 400 to a single apartment to vote for their party, in state after state. People in comas vote Democrat. Even the dead rise, and cast votes. In several states, the highest Democrat demographic is voters over 120, who turn out year after year, and vote a straight Democrat ticket. The dedication is incredible. No, really.

Miracles like this haven't been seen so regularly since Moses And The Red Sea Pedestrians was playing two shows a night at Pharoah's Palace.

So surely, this sort of serial conga-lines of anomalies must be a sign from no less than Almighty God who (along with a numberless heavenly host) must also be voting Democrat, in every precinct, county, and state. Praise be to St. Xerox and St. Kinko, the patron saints of truckloads of thousands of identical ballots, which accidental boxload sightings always start cropping up by August or September in any year with a November election, like manna from heaven at DNC HQ. And whose tender ministrations explain Democrat sanguinity in the face of poll numbers lower than whale droppings at the bottom of the Marianas Trench. And then, suddenly, it all comes out all right. After days of counting, long into the night, days after the polls close. 

And what mere mortal can argue with that?

Clearly, it's another November Miracle.

Inner Child Pleads The Fifth


Statistics For Leftards

 h/t B

It Needs To Be Said


Put any butthurt and reservations aside for a minute and consider: Nothing in that meme has changed. Not. One. Thing. If anything, it's worse.

Cheetoh Jesus is still pissing off all the right people, on both sides of the political aisle, and causing them to shriek at frequencies only audible to dogs.

The convention of people with a serious shot in 2024 about whom you could ever say that could be held in a Volkswagen Beetle, and probably inside a phonebooth, and includes no other former POTUS, nor (R) candidates for same, since ever.

The cast of characters on the Right, even the non-RINO Right, all wants to be gangsta, until it's time to do gangsta sh*t. Then they're all AWOL. As usual.

Trump has Been There, Done That, and Got The T-Shirt.

The new bar for entry is "Has your house been raided by the FBI?"

Call me when anyone running next time has the balls to get into that club and come out standing up.

The next Selection will still be a formality. That's baked into the cake even now.

But the revelation of that fact is going to black pill one helleva lot of Norm Normies out there. And believe me, that needs to happen.

So give the Leftards a lit M-80 enema. Because you can.

And that's why Trump should be the nominee, for the same reason the World Trade Center should NOT have been made a hole-in-the-ground memorial, but rather should have been rebuilt exactly as it was, except with a Patriot SAM battery put on top of one tower, and a 100-foot tall bronze hand with the middle finger extended, facing exactly towards Mecca on the other one:


Change my mind.

Monday, November 14, 2022



If conflict is unavoidable and you must engage, do it on your terms, not your enemy's terms. One mark of a great soldier is that he fights on his own terms or fights not at all. - Sun Tzu, Art Of War

How some people survive to reach adulthood is a mystery for the ages.

For those more plentifully supplied with political acumen than the average amateur punditry, kindly bear well in mind that the entirety of the hype-men pimping the current tulipomania that "DeSantis Is Political Jesus!" are either the paid minions of the Democommunists media mouthpiece empires instigating a "Let's you and him fight" scenario, or else the RINOs still trying to wash the soil out of their underpants from the sh*t-frights they suffered the last several times they tangled with Trump either in the primaries, the general elections, or day-to-day politics during his administration. (Bitch McConjob, call your office.)

They're not pimping DeSantis now because they want him to win and believe him the best choice for the presidency. They're pimping him to the public because they feel he's the candidate they'd most like to run against in the primaries or general election.

Learn a lesson form the Trojan priest Laocoön in Virgils Aeneid:

"Beware of Greeks bearing gifts."

In plain language, stop lapping up the boob bait for the Bubbas perpetrated by the same Never-Trump RINOs and communist pigs that have put the republic in its current predicament. None of them are your friends, nor have your best interests at heart, and listening to them won't do you any favors.

And when you parrot them, your Never-Trump panties are showing.


Does that mean I think Trump will win in 2024?

No. I think you saw your last mostly free election in 2016, and even that was an unplanned accident. 

I also think that if he secures the nomination, it will mean Trump's run, and the massive election fraud that will ensue, will be the Scottish terrier that pulls the curtain away from the men hiding behind it, busily pulling all the levers of hokum and horsesh*t dumped on you nonstop since at least 2015, such that everyone will see the undeniable truth of it.

And at that point, we can get down to the rat-killing, with 20/20 vision, and clear consciences.

It's going to take that to kick it off. Nothing less will avail.

And at that point, much like Rodney King in the Los Angeles block party held in his honor, even Trump himself is liable to argue against doing it. It may not even be the majority opinion of the land by that moment.

But as anyone born here and over the age of 40 can see, this isn't the America in which we were raised. At some point, we're either going to reset that course, or resolve to live forever as bondslaves in an endless dictatorship.

I would not counsel adopting the latter course. The retirement plan sucks.

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Sunday Music: Deacon Blues

Steely Dan's Top 20 hit form their 1977 album Aja.

Saturday, November 12, 2022

Free Day


As the pic above demonstrates, even Califrutopia has seasons. (Just not at the beach.) There's nothing pressing for my attention today, so barring anything earth-shattering, I don't expect to post anything this side of tomorrow. I'm off to enjoy the day. Viewership always drops on the weekends anyways, so I trust you're all off and enjoying the time and season as well.

Dulce et decorum est.

Friday, November 11, 2022

The Usual Suspects

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The Line


Besides myself, and two tours with the guys whose birthday I talked about yesterday:

Neice who pulled a tour as an Army medic during the GWOT.

Younger brother who served as a Cold War tanker in the Fulda gap, and punched one Baader-Meinhoff terrorist's ticket on guard duty one night.

Older brother who served in Da Nang, and a string of outposts in the farthest reaches of I Corps in Vietnam in '66-'67.

Cousin who led a rifle company of Marines in Vietnam, same time frame, and eventually put in decades in both Marine and USAF reserves.

Uncle who was killing communists with the Army on the DMZ in 1951, and brought back some Nork- or Chinese-carried Japanese Arisaka as a war trophy.

Father who was ground crew in the USAAC in WWII. During which time he met mom, which is how I came to be here.

Grandfather, who left the backwoods as a boy, and sailed around the world on a light cruiser in Teddy Roosevelt's Great White Fleet a decade before WWI. I have his Shellback certificate from crossing the equator festivities at the Galapagos Islands in 1908.

Those are just the ones I know about firsthand, but per the genealogically inclined relatives, the line apparently stretches back to at least the late unpleasantness of the 1860s, to both sides.

Surviving US military veterans all. Just one family's contribution to the maintenance of the republic, and like all the rest who did their part, the reason for the US holiday today.

Those of you who never served, and never will, owe them a small debt of gratitude for the country you enjoy today. If you get the chance, pay a little of it back to the ones you meet, as the opportunity arises.

Deja Poo

 h/t Eatgrueldog

deja poo: n. 1. The feeling you've seen this shit before

GOPe Bonus points for blaming the voters for this.

Double GOPe Bonus points if you also blame Trump and those pesky MAGA voters.

And "single-issue abortion votes"?

Every GOP governor that signed an abortion ban was re-elected. Suck on that, and stop gaslighting yourselves.