Saturday, September 22, 2018

And The Hole Just Keeps Getting Deeper

Well, despite her best efforts after being booked and released, killer DPD cop Amber Guyger seems to have missed scrubbing her Pinterest page, unlike all the other social media she scrubbed after murdering her neighbor earlier this month.

OK, true, but no points for you with the black community.

Got it: special rules for people with badges.
That one's hilarious, in a
kind of way, especially when you actually KILL people.
Killing is your business, and business is good, eh? This one
should be a barrel of laughs at the grand jury hearing.

So, it's always nice to know the long-standing mindset of a defendant on trial for manslaughter (and hopefully that morphs into murder, which it was), especially when the jury is deliberating, and judges are pondering sentencing and your level of remorse.

One other graphic for now, this one from AP, which published this look at the path Guyger took that night.

So just spitballing here, but if the average apartment unit in the complex were 50' wide, and she walked around 500' from the parking garage to the door, she walked past at least 10 doors per side of the hall, or twenty total, ALL displaying, in dazzlingly bright electric numbers, the obvious fact that she was on the wrong floor. I still haven't seen (but would love to) whether there were floor markings on the walls, intermediate fire doors, or the door from the parking structure to the hallway itself, though I suspect there were as well.

So once again, that's not "fatigue" and an "honest mistake", that's either catatonic zombie-shuffling, or deliberately going to the guy's apartment as all other evidence indicates she knew she was doing, and then shooting him dead.

So we've not only got murder beyond a reasonable doubt, and more mens rea from scrubbing her own social media accounts, we also have, in the one she missed, multiple instances of what a prosecutor will have no trouble painting as simple racism, and a homicidal streak a mile wide.

Amber Guyger's antecubital vein.
Intravenous catheter.
Valium, succinylcholine, and potassium chloride.
Some assembly required.

This works for cop killers and killer cops, with equal simplicity. Texas justice, don't let us down.


Anonymous said...

they ought to bring back public hangings.

iOpener said...

Noisy upstairs neighbor?

Dis the cop loser shit over a noise complaint?

Anonymous said...

Understand what you're saying, but I tried to enter the apartment one floor below my apartment...twice. I actually had the key in the lock and took a couple of seconds to realize why it wouldn't turn. Distracted...thinking about other happened.

Anonymous said...

ok, self closing doors don't always close all the way. She did not turn on the lights?
She did not call it in when noticed the door was not closed?

Bikermailman said...

I'll be in DFW in a couple of weeks, if you don't have garage photos yet, I'd be happy to take a looksee. I think you can see email address from your admin position?

Aesop said...

The building is new. The mechanisms are in fine working order, and if you refer to previous posts, you can see independent video showing that fact.

Everything about this smells, starting with witness testimony from adjacent neighbors that she couldn't get in, and was heard pounding on the door and demanding entry just before the shooting. That's not a door "ajar". And she would have plainly seen the victim when he opened it, because the hallways are light up light Christmas trees at night.
That's why this was murder, not mistaken identity.

@St Louis Arch
Sadly, while there may be some form of Google-fu where I could see your e-mail, I do not possess it.
But you can make a free account at Imgur (which is how you get the pics I post, because then they're no dependent on someone else hosting them, and they don't get bandwidth-limited blackouts) or a number of other pic-hosting services.
You could upload the pics there, and then just open-post the imgur addy, and anyone can see them, without seeing who you are.

Were it in my power, or within a reasonable drive from here, I'd get a GoPro, and film the entire path Guyger would have taken from street to Jean's door at about 10PM, and then the correct one to her door, and put them both on YouTube.
I'm frankly amazed no one has yet done precisely that, but I'm pretty certain I know why the investigation from the Texas Rangers didn't post any such thing.

The video would show exactly how guilty she'd likely be.

The Gray Man said...

Cops used to wear light blue, but now wear mostly black. Why? Because their job is different than it was back then. Their job is now to intimidate people, and black is an intimidating color. My brother in law, a young cop, actually thinks that they need to be wearing multicam and carrying AR-15s as their primary weapons. He doesn't need to be wearing a badge, but he is. He has abandoned all concepts of liberty and thinks that our rights are meaningless compared to doing what it takes to make his job easier.

Before he was a cop, he was a college student here in the South, and supported gun rights all around. Now, he barely thinks anyone at all should be allowed to carry.

Anonymous said...

What the news dosent tell you is he lived directly above the cop,and was an avid clog dancer.

Wayne said...

Forget the Valium or Versed. Shoot her butt up with the Sux and/or KCl and let her suffer.

No 8th amendment for her.

Tactless Wookie said...

And after weeks of this snot DPD finally fires Killacop.