Saturday, September 22, 2018

They Comin' To America

Newsflash: pointy heads admit the numbers thrown around on illegal immigration have been fudged downward massively, for a long time:
CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Sept. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- There are roughly twice as many undocumented immigrants in the U.S. as commonly believed, according to a sweeping new study by MIT Sloan School of Management's Mohammad Fazel-Zarandi, a Senior Lecturer in the Operations Research and Statistics group, and his colleagues, Edward Kaplan and Jonathan Feinstein, both from Yale School of Management.
The study, which is published today in PLOS ONE, estimates that there are about 22.1 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S.; the most prominent current estimate is 11.3 million.
Our take?
Well, while doubling the old estimate is mighty white of the folks at MIT, the reality is that illegal immigration was running at over 1M/yr when the old number was promulgated...19 years ago.

So now? It's probably a minimum of 30M.

Call it Migra Metric Math: take whatever number the Left throws out, and double it; then double it again, and you'll probably be pretty close.

And our SWAG inclination is that if MIT is willing to concede 22M, then the real number is much higher, and may be as high as 44M.

When Reagan signed amnesty, we were told there were nearly a million(!), and it turned out to be over three million. And that was in the mid-1980s. It's swollen a wee bit since then, we reckon.

Build the Great Big Wall, and start shoveling the f**kers back over it with both hands, and we'll stop quibbling about it.

Get it down to a few hundred thousand non-permanent ones who come up here, pick fruit for a day's wage, and return home, and you can send all you want, every harvest season.

It became a problem when they came up here, brought the whole extended 27-person family, dropped eleven anchor babies, and moved in permanently, turning vast swaths of  formerly America into Trashcanistan and Sh*tholia in the process. And the only thing they're picking these days, is picking up welfare checks, by the metric f**k-ton.

That b.s. has got to cease.


Anonymous said...

under Reagan's amnesty there were considerably more than 3 million here, but two things:
he was told 1 million would apply which morphed into 3, and there was a metric ton of illegals that did not apply because of fearing the ole gubment switcheroo.
The vast underworld of illegal aliens here in the U.S. is inestimable.
we has been invaded out the yaya!

Anonymous said...

Everything within 200m of the border should be a free fire zone.

George True said...

I have been saying for years and years now that the real number of illegals in the US is at least 30-35 million, possibly even 40 million or more. There is almost no place you can go anymore where you don't see Mexicans everywhere and hear Spanish being spoken all around you.

Yesterday on Drudge the headline said that 67 million households in the US speak only Spanish at home. Let that sink in. That is 67 million households, NOT individuals. Since a household is usually at least two people, that means that at an absolute minimum about 134 million individual people in this country, or about 40% of the total legal and illegal population of the US speak ONLY Spanish at home.

The 90% White population of America that won WWII has now had its children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren largely replaced, demographically and racially, by third-world Mestizos. The ONLY way of even beginning to roll this back is to get the Wall built and the Southern border absolutely enforced, and simultaneously begin MASSIVE round-up and deportation of literally MILLIONS of illegals every year until the remaining numbers left here are less than 10 million.

This is exactly what we Deplorables elected Trump to do. This was THE ISSUE upon which he won the 2016 election. If he is unable or politically unwilling to get it well on its way to being done during his eight years, then the future of this nation will be Mestizo and Communist.

Anonymous said...

Exactly as Ann Coulter has stated
as fact, time and time again.

The Gray Man said...

I too believe the number to be in the eight digit range, starting with a 4. I also don't have any faith that we are capable of sending even a quarter of them back. We're stuck with that big, fat brown albatross around our necks.

Anonymous said...

Just my POV from my tiny corner of the universe:

I was building networks and unscrewing windows systems right around (before) the 9/11 event for a 3-letter agency in Florida. Agencies that would be soon aggregated into "Homeland Security," that is Customs, INS, Border Patrol were polled, queried, audited, whatever to come up with a real, workable number of illegals total, that is illegals as well as their offspring within the US. The estimated numbers for 1999 data were 31-33 million. In 1999. You think maybe that number is a wee bit higher now, 19 years after the data set used came up with something more than the 2-decades long "factual number" of 12 million illegals?

We've ben fed the BS line of 12 million illegals for this entire century - we're now over 1/6 through the 21st century - and yet that number has not grown a bit from the stupid party, the evil party or the media freaks.

Aesop - we being lied to?

Bill Cthulhu

Aesop said...

Ya think? ;)

Anonymous said...

To add to what anonymous above said about the free-fire zone. We should be issued 81mm mortars, and Browning 50 cal. mounted machineguns. Either would work wll in the bed of a pickup truck.

Anonymous said...

That was "Either would work well...