Saturday, March 31, 2018


Don't just "spend" your time this weekend.
Invest it.

Work some recreation in, by all means.
But "prepare" is a verb.

Do what's needed to ensure that you're better at something worthwhile come Monday morning than you were on Friday afternoon.

The time to improve your skills and capabilities is not the moment when you wish you'd already done it long ago. And disasters large and small don't make appointments.

Since ever.

Friday, March 30, 2018

American Epic

Learnin', incoming. At about 3200fps. Keep pushing.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Ex Libris: Butchering Livestock

Butchering Beef: $21 (352p., softcover) on Amazon
Butchering Poultry etc: $22 (456p. softcover) on Amazon

The point in your life may arrive of necessity when knowing how to turn anything from a rabbit to a cow into dinner without buggering it up is no longer an option achieved by going to the meat department at the local Sack O' Grub supermarket.

Whether you've done that before, or not, it's always best not to learn how not to do it when you're cold, hungry, and only have one animal to work with.

It's also a generally handy skill to have, because you can't lose it once you've learned it.

Learn it right and learn it well, in fabulous photo detail from these two textbook equivalents on the subject. They are both yuuuuuuuuuge, comprehensive volumes on the subject of turning anything from Fluffy to Ferdinand into dinner.


This is the sort of detail you can expect in each volume, and once you know how, you can pass it along to someone else, and keep the knowledge handy whenever it's needed. It's the next best thing to standing beside the guy while he shows you the cuts.

You may also be able to get the hardcover versions at a brick and mortar B&N, like I did, for $35 new, vs. Amazon's $50 list. YMMV.

These two volumes should go on everyone's survival library bookshelf, if at all possible.

Convince Me These Aren't All Tide-Pod Eaters...

h/t GFZ
And then, Reality dawned on her...

Plus Ca Change...

Artwork stolen shamelessly from Gun Free Zone

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Schnell, Untermenschen

Why You're Getting Rolled, Lesson #2,087:

For baseball players, it's "Keep your eye on the ball."

For fighter pilots, it's "Lose sight, lose the fight."

Different ways of saying the same thing:
History's gut pile is assembled from the body parts of the witless and clueless.

At its root, the Parkland shooting, except for the dozen-and-a-half unfortunate victims, was nothing surprising or newly dreadful, and nothing functionally different than any of the other mass shootings enabled by the concentrated stupidity of Gun Free Victim Zones. It's what happens when you ring the dinner bell, chum the water, and push tourists into the pool with predators created by the Left, sharing the same amoral outlook as hungry carnivorous sharks.

FFS, that's been the entire point of the exercise, indeed the very raison d'etre for the Evil Party to enact it: precisely to keep up a steady supply of outrageous acts, to feed their Political Hate Machine with a never-ending supply of still-warm victim's blood, for their faithful party hacks to always be dancing in, until they achieve their goal:

the total disarmament of anyone who would oppose their totalitarian control of the population.

They already have full Astroturfed fill-in-the-blanks scam campaigns ready to go when each Next One happens, like they did this time.  Just shake and bake, add in some useful idiots to be the face of Stupidity du jour, and Presto! Instant Pudding!

They aren't even shy about this now.
They say it right out in public, outright, openly, explicitly, unashamedly, with pride, and malice aforethought.

Let's review, kids, with their own Playbook 
("Rommel, you magnificent bastard, I read your book!")

"#8.: Keep the pressure on."

This is why they never stop.
This isn't football, or baseball. It's Rollerball, final game.
No timeouts, no penalties, no substitutions, and no time limit.

You're either Jonathan E., or you're roadkill in this game, on the way to the final goal.
There isn't any other option, and you can't get out of the game.

The other side either gets beaten to insensibility, or you do. Winner take all.

So what happened with Parkland?

You. Got. Rolled.
Look at that opening photo.
That's where the phrase comes from.

The douchebadge deputies dropped the ball there thirty-nine times.
The shitbags at the Federal Bureau of Incompetence dropped the ball another half-dozen times.
The assigned School Resource Officer was a gutless coward, more worried about preserving his own fat ass and pension, than about protecting the lives of teenagers. (That fat assbag should be hounded and catcalled every waking moment from sunup to sunset every day of his miserable life, including by people with bullhorns outside his house from 7AM to 10PM daily, until the day he eats his gun.)

At your service, you chickenshit bastard.

The cowardly Broward Sheriff's deputies violated every rule of Active Shooters, and listened and watched while a 19-year-old weakling massacred other people's kids, because they lack the requisite moral character to put their lives on the line when it matters, and give him a new problem to work on, flying at his head at 1100FPS, times the number of rounds in all those magazines they tote around on their donut-fattened hips.

Those multiple failures should also be the narrative 24/7/365, from every person on the internet to every talking point in every bit of media, until Hell freezes over.

But you don't have the patience, perseverance, or stomach for that kind of fight.
So you lose.

The Florida legislature turned back gun control catcalls initially, and ignored them, as should be the default response every time they start, but their worthless Senate, including twelve fat bastards given obviously-bogus A-ratings by the perpetually worthless NRA, stabbed you in the back. Like they will.

This is what always happens when you hire some lazy rent-seeking @$$holes to do a job you should be doing yourselves, because it's too hard, too icky, or you're too lazy. And being demonstrably lazy, no one will recall those backstabbers, nor boot the ones not already termed out, so there are no consequences for such perfidy.

Michael Corleone was willing to whack his own brother for taking sides against the family, and you won't even dump out of office a legislator who sets the Constitution on fire in front of your face, and then spits in yours.

So what would've been the usual three-day ejaculation of nonsense was given new life, and seeing the faltering cardboard-cutout "army" in their path, the Soros-bux flowed in, then more from the Usual Suspects and Useful Idiots in Hollyweird, and you got the Florida gun bill.


And now, the FakeNews narrative of shrieking harpies running a new Children's Crusade.
This should be getting beaten like a rented mule. It should be getting clubbed, 24/7 like baby Harp Seals, non-stop, until their blood is caked up to your armpits, and then repeated for effect.

"#5.: Ridicule is man's most potent weapon."
"#6.: A good tactic is one your people enjoy."

Hence the memes I've cheerfully contributed on the subject.
Shills like Hogg, Gonzalez, and their army of middle-aged Leftard harpies, and their Astroturf funding sources should be the stuff of ridicule every waking moment until they become the poster children for National Joke, and the default punchline of every comment on the subject of gun control, for decades to come.

But you don't have the patience, perseverance, or stomach for that kind of fight.
So you lose.

The same is true on the Omnibus Spending Bill.
The president's job isn't to propose a budget.

If that fact is news to you, you're simply a retard.
If you take that in, learn a lesson, and stop falling for that nonsense, at least you're an educable retard.

The Congress - you know, the 435 shitweasels you have the most concrete, firsthand, undeniable control in sending to, or recalling from, Mordor on the Potomac, and their 100 money-guzzling House of Lords betters in the Senate - made this year's Frankenstein Monster budget-busting porkfest. Because they can.

Did your elected douchcanoe(s) vote for it?
Will you give them rivers of lava at every townhall meeting you can about that?
Will you give your time, money, and invective every waking moment to turning their fat, stupid asses out this year for that sin?

No, of course you won't.

You don't have the patience, perseverance, or stomach for that kind of fight.
So you lose.

That's why TINVOWOOT: There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of This.

60% of you, at minimum, don't even show up when all it would cost you is a buck's worth of gas, and 15 minutes of your time. That's why cheating helps the other side, and elections are such near-run things. Would that America on any Election Day had one voter in ten who sleeps through it actually show up. So you sure as hell won't do it just because the future of the country hangs in the balance every two years.

So, being too fucking lazy, going back decades, to pull a lever when that's all it would cost you, you'll get another actual revolution/civil war/zombie apocalypse, because somehow, waiting until it's actually that horrible appeals to you more than regular maintenance, and throwing the bastards out of office decades hence did.

Best wishes with that plan.

Because you don't have enough ammo.
And you don't have enough of anything else, including allies, to think that plan is going to work out the way you'd hoped.

Maybe society and civilization will survive your laziness and stupidity long enough to write a history or two of how everything went to shit because you lacked the intelligence, character, or endurance to preserve civilization, and sustain it when it was your turn.

So you can fix that.

Or, not.

Fuck up in haste, repent at leisure.

Monday, March 26, 2018

They Write Themselves, I Swear...

h/t Irish

Seig Hogg

This fucktard and his fellow useful idiots are the poster children for 70 IQ dumbassery.
Stay in school, kids. Don't be this kind of jackass.


Sunday, March 25, 2018

Junior Dumbass Of The Day

You Don't Like The Budget? Take A Number, Bitchy Crybabies...

Here, lemme help you deal with your problem:

Because OMG, Holy F***in' Reality, Snowflake, you just this minute realized POTUS only answers to you once every four years!!!

And you want to pitch a bitch now?
Hang on a second, Baby Ducks, let me bring up another few material facts:

"Hi! We're the Flying Dumbass Douchecanoe Quadruplets! Remember Us?"
"J'accuse! It's HIM, Officer! THAT's the man who was raping my puppy!"
"Which one, ma'am?"
"You idiot! ALL of them! They're ALL HIM!"

So thinking back on the last 28 years of soopergeniuses, versus the most recent one, tell me again about how you just noticed things in Mordor are somewhat askew.

And for you Common Core grads, let me remind you of a salient point probably not covered for you at any point in history, unless you first arrived here from a foreign country, legally, and they made you read this thing a time or three:

So, bearing in mind the above, whose job is it to present the national budget?
I'll wait.
If this question perplexes you, because it was too hard...

return to the high school which granted you a diploma, and seek an immediate refund of your tuition.

For those of you who passed that little pop quiz, you know that Pres.Trump isn't the problem, these guys are:

Bitch McConjob and Quisling Ryan
If you know which is which without a hint, their real names, their actual titles, and why they're the ones with whom you have a beef, you are already smarter than 99.9% of everyone who voted in 2016. Tremble for the future of the nation.

Don't take my word for it; ask any ten people the above questions, and see how long before you find even one who can go 4 for 4 on those queries. And it's not much better in most newsrooms, since forever.

Besides that, you have a federal budget with 1300 pages, at a $Billion in spending per page. According to the last census, there are only 308,745,538 people in the US who have a bitch about any given page of the spending bill. Take an effing number, Jack.

We'll overlook, for the moment, that after eight years of HopeyDopey's hand-picked monkeywrenchers gang-raping the Pentagon pooch non-stop until it's bleeding, we have a Department of Defense where the Air Force has bought a plane which can't fly, the Navy has built ships that can't do anything, and carriers that can't launch airplanes, while the Army can't prosecute actual traitors, deserters, and open communists within its ranks, and the Marines couldn't fight off the Girl Scouts to hold the line on basic physical standards for infantry combat, which is quite simply the only reason to have a Marine Corps in the first place, and then tell me that the president was putting too much emphasis on rebuilding the military to be able to, y'know, actually do it's g**d****d JOB!

We'll also overlook the fact that the president never ran as a conservative, would still be a Democrat in at least 35 states, isn't my guy (as I noted here in some depth), but has nonetheless governed  as the most conservative US president bar none since Calvin Coolidge, leaving even Ronaldus Magnus himself a distant second, and achieved that status after only one year.

No, I see your point, you're right, none of that matters:
Let's bring back the stumbling, pathologically lying, mentally crippled alcoholic Lady Macbeth, Felonia Von Pantsuit herself.

Yeah, let's do that.

Or, just maybe, you could slather some Vaseline around your collar, get a good grip, and a well-forged crowbar, and pull your heads out of your sphincters until you hear a satisfying "POP!", your head goes from blue to pink again, and you feel much less mentally constipated.

Just a suggestion, mind you, if it applies to you, but no points for guessing where I think you probably ought to put your chips.

For the rest of you, you knew the vacation wasn't going to last forever. The honeymoon is over, and you aren't going to topple Mordor with one well-placed blow.

So maybe getting back on that plan to stockpile your own strategic necessities: beans, bullets, band-aids, bullion, etc., as well as make personal connections in meatspace with as many like-minded and well-heeled friends as you can personally amass, might be a more profitable investment of your time and energy.

If we have a pressing shortage of low-information fucktards throwing their diaper spackle at the internet like a gatling-trebuchet of poo, we can always download the comments page of HuffPo, or just call over to the green room at MSNBC.

Don't be Those Guys.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Turning Over The Compost Heap, We Find...

Paddock accompanying 15 cases into Mandalay bay Hotel. BTW, none of these cases is long enough for any of the guns, so now we're supposed to believe he disassembled every one of them, then assembled them all, in a few minutes when he was actually in the suite, or else not until the actual day of the shooting. Possible, but rather improbable.

A number of commenters, including Gerard VanderLeun, have pointed to the recently released video from MGM surveillance cameras regarding Vegas corpse Stephen Paddock's movements before the shooting at the music festival there.
My thanks.


My take:

The video commentary is distracting, because it adds little, assumes much, and opens entire acres of additional questions.

What we see is a man NOT meticulously planning a mass shooting, but instead doing everything but.
They tally up the number of cases he brought in, with no more idea of what was in them than the bellmen had.

More important, what was in the cases he took back out?

He wasn't even there long enough to soil his underwear - nor indeed, even to change clothes - so he's bringing things in, and taking things out, and nobody knows what was on either trips in or out.
I see a guy meticulously exchanging something.

Big cases for little cases.

Nobody brings twenty- or forty-something guns to a room where they're only going to shoot a few of them.
Nobody sets up video surveillance of a hallway, and then has no plan or intention of shooting it out with authorities, nor any more serious impediment to them than a locked deadbolt.
Nobody breaks out two windows when one will do.
No one would buy a gun they won't live to use the day before a mass shooting they're planning on killing themselves during.
Nobody settles a $100K casino marker the week before they go out in a blaze of glory.
Everything about Paddock points to a guy who expected to be about his business on planet Earth long after that fateful weekend.

As we expected, they have video inside all the elevators.
Who else was coming and going to Paddock's suite?
Who was taking cases in and out?
Did any of them match the ones Paddock brought in?
Money, drugs, and guns all ebb and flow around Vegas.
If he was "scouting out" the street festival, where were those rooms in relation to the festival there?
If they were on the wrong side, why assume he was scouting them at all?
What guy books a suite he doesn't need for a week, brings the supplies days in advance, and then does no actual prep until literally the last minute?

We have no motive, no rationale, no sense made of anything, and no reason to suspect Paddock was anything more than the Dead Guy conveniently found inside the suite after the shooting, and very likely, dead before the shooting began.

His own home-brew video camera wasn't pointed at the stairwell immediately adjacent to his suite doors.
Because he would foolishly assume no one was coming in that way??
Or because the shooter(s) who actually did it didn't want to be caught on their own cameras making a hasty getaway minutes before the first police (or anyone else) actually arrived on scene, after the last shots were fired at the concert?
There was not a single LVMPD officer outside his suite or the adjoining room to hear one single gunshot fired during the incident, including the supposed final one through the roof of his mouth, because the entire affair was over definitively before they got there.

Paddock was a patsy, not a psychopath. Nothing else fits all available evidence.

And whatever he was up to is probably well-known to the FBI, and deliberately concealed from everyone else.
They've had six months to cover all the tracks and concoct this latest (Number 12? Number 42? I've lost track.) narrative timeline, and only now do they release the video???

Sh'yeah, right.

Go back to Ruby Ridge and Waco, from twenty years ago, and tell me how the pre-event narrative turns out to have matched up when cross-examined in federal court afterwards.

The only thing we and TPTB can be sure of is that none of this is ever going before a judge and adversarial counsel.

And that it's likely 100% fairytale horseshit, to a metaphysical certainty.


Thursday, March 22, 2018

Riffs On A Theme

h/t WRSA

A few suggestions:

Commies gonna commie.
All you have to do is call them on it.

Oh, and stock up on ammo in days that end in "Y".
Because you don't have anywhere near enough.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

"Help! Help! We're Being Repressed!"


Economics From The Land of 60 IQs

To quote Kim DuToit and every other expat from that continent: "Africa Wins Again"
FTR, that's also every Democrat in this country since Woodrow Wilson, and a not insubstantial number of nominal Republicans, too.

Time To Troll The Sanctuary Asstards

h/t Kenny

(CALIFRUTOPIA)Border patrol agents are refusing to hand over illegal immigrants with felony warrants to police in California because they can’t be sure local authorities will return the criminal aliens to federal custody, according to a top border security official in San Diego.
Rodney Scott, the chief patrol agent in the Border Patrol’s San Diego Sector, said earlier this month that California’s statewide sanctuary law was undermining normal cooperation between his agency and local law enforcement.

Immigration authorities are chickenshitting this:

Turn the illegals on warrants over.
When local authorities don't return the favor, swear out warrants in federal court, and start arresting everyone from the chief of the agency down to the lowest-ranking turnkey for aiding and abetting, and charge and prosecute them in federal court for those felonies.

It will end their careers, and cancel their pensions, and after about...TWO, who get dragged off to the federal pen for five year pound-you-in-the-ass-prison sentences in general population, you won't have any problem getting 100% co-operation forever in CA, or any other state, forever.

The first two arrests should be the guy who opened the gate, and the head of the agency, and then work to the middle until you get everybody who touched them or had a hand in the decision process.
And if you manage to sweep up a few judges in the state Superior Court, so much the handier for the rule of law. Those judges should have ruled that the sanctuary law was unconstitutional in about 0.2 seconds, and nullified it the same day it went into effect. If they've now made themselves felons, we need them to serve time in federal prison too, to drive the point well home.
We have too many judges with sub-70 IQs anyways; it's time to thin that herd.

"Just following orders" as a legal defense, ran out of gas in Nuremberg in 1946.

That happy horseshit would cease in the span of lightning striking, and the two to twenty examples in federal prison would finally serve their communities in a most fitting way.

Out With A Bang

Pinned down by APD and self-detonated within minutes of authorities releasing the video of him dropping off the packages.

Yet, six months after the Vegas Shooting, we have not one single frame of video of the alleged shooter Official Patsy, or anyone else, entering, leaving or just being around the area, in the most heavily video-surveilled city in the world.

I'm sure that's just a coincidence, and doesn't indicate any official directed cover-up by the feds, who intervened in this case almost before the rounds had stopped landing on the concert.

And I have a bridge for sale, cheap.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Diversity Architecture: Good to The Last Drop

I get taking your daughters to work.
But if you're going to hire them, you might want to verify that they passed the math classes.

Otherwise, just let them answer the phones.

Color Me Shocked

This is why I can't even bother, just from various headlines so far this week.

1) FaceCrack is under investigation for stolen customers' data.

Look kids, if something on the interwebs is free, it's because YOU'RE the product.
Write this on your hand with a sharpie, lest ye forget.

2) A "self-driving" car from Uber has (predictably) had a catastrophic failure, killed a pedestrian, and Uber and everyone who touched that p.o.s. idea will be successfully sued for an amount sufficient to have bought a few hundred new cars forced to rely on their drivers watching where the hell they're going.

Tech fails. Like little incidents vis-à-vis RMS Titanic, LZ Hindenberg, and the Daichi Fukishima nuke plant should have clued you into. Self-driving cars are simply tree chippers with a handy conveyor ramp for pedestrians and drivers alike. Anyone deploying them or driving one should be receiving incoming small arms fire until they change shape or burst into flames.

3) A Democrat  Communist congress shitweasel has called for an armed coup against President Trump.

Commies gonna commie.

4) Every politician with an opinion is predicting racial genocide in SAfrica, in 3, 2, ...

Like twenty years of being both the absolute and black-on-white rape capitol of the planet weren't a subtle hint there. People who've spent 20,000 years with bones in their noses are not going to try peaceful co-existence when you hand them the country on a platter. Rwanda was not an anomaly, and ZULU was a documentary.

5) Juvenile drama queens attempting to opine about Constitutional laws should be muzzled, and/or beaten to a bloody pulp.

Taking your cues about the bounds of natural law from dumbasses who eat Tide pods is its own reward. But if their Soros-funded jackassery manages to provide the impetus to revoke the 26th Amendment, it'll strike a blow for sanity in the republic.

We've also heard tales about people worried about the bombs going off in Austin.
Given it's the libtard whackjob capitol of the state, no points for guessing who'll wind up discovered responsible.
But authorities may also have to reluctantly grant the possibility that there are only 27M possible suspects, who live in the normal part of the Lone Star State, who've had enough of Austin nonsense, and are clearing their throats on the matter.
That will doubtless complicate the search for a culprit.
You'll know it's rednecks when someone starts shooting at refrigerators full of tannerite at Antifa rallies.
Just saying.

Friday, March 16, 2018

FBI Crook McCabe *Almost* Retires

h/t WRSA

(MORDOR) Attorney General Jeff Sessions late Friday night fired former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe, a little more than 24 hours before McCabe was set to retire.

Sessions announced the statement in a statement just before 10 p.m., noting that both the Justice Department Inspector General and the FBI office that handles discipline had found "that Mr. McCabe had made an unauthorized disclosure to the media and lacked candor - including under oath - on multiple occasions."

Somebody at FBI has quite a wry sense of humor.
Well played, boys.

It's also surprising to see that Sessions was awake after suppertime, and still has a detectable pulse, let alone some vague idea of how to conduct business at the Dept. of Justus, but it was nice of him to finally make an appearance.

Oh, and "lacking candor" also goes by the less obfuscatory phrase "lied his ass off", and when it's under oath, the Federal Code has another clever term for the action:

Perjury. - 18 USC 1621

Let's see what he's willing to cough up on his minders in exchange for not doing the whole nut on 5 years in federal PYITA prison.

An indictment, which should be a virtual certainty, would pretty well kill his credibility for any testimony in front of Mueller, unless the special prosecutor wants to rack up a count of subornation of perjury himself.

No wonder Shrillary's getting drunk by noon every day.

National Education Association, Call Your Office...

h/t Kenny

Thursday, March 15, 2018

This Sign Took 3/5ths Of An IQ Point: All He Had

h/t to Gun Free Zone for the pics

But don't think the white kids were any brighter:

And those posters are proof that school teachers in the public schools should get an across-the-board 50% pay cut, and continue getting a 10% cut each year that their students can't think at grade level.