Wednesday, September 19, 2018

It's Not White Supremacy When We Do It

h/t Mike

Princess Castro and friend "Kleagle" keeping it real for their oppressed white homies.

As Crown Princess of Communism and poster child for why Puerto Rico should have been given independence and cut loose 20 years ago, congressional candidate and professional gadfly nothingburger Loopy Estupida-Tonto was spotted sending out coded hatespeech to her brothers-from-another-mother over at Stormfront on a WPO ("White People Only") flight winging her from a pig picking hoedown and klan rally back to La Guardia airport this week.
She'd apparently only dropped in on her way back from getting tips on graft, corruption, and incompetence from the mayor of San Juan PR, and apologizing personally for calling her adopted sort-of-homeland that she's never lived in a bunch of genetic retards, in her remarks earlier this summer, after winning her slam-dunk primary with nearly 7% of the registered vote.

A spokeshole for the United States Coast Tards stated that "As far as we know, she's never been a member of the Coast Tards, but if she was, we'd totally have thrown her out for this."

Her congressional campaign office refused comment, nor could they provide any explanation for why it was necessary for a never-elected unemployed former cocktail waitress to be jetting around, when, at last look, her entire potential district could be visited using nothing more high tech than subway tokens and a taxicab. And the requisite sizeable security detail.

They did deny that she had ever participated in any cross burnings, claiming "Those pictures were photoshopped!" and vehemently denied allegations that she had tried "passing for white", in the expensive suburb she was raised in, so that she wouldn't have to attend public school in the shithole neighborhood her parents clawed their way out of diverse neighborhoods that she now hopes to loot, pilfer, exploit for cheap political theater, shake down, and totally shaft represent in Congress, after party bosses in the 98% Democrat district finish filling out all the absentee ballots from party faithful, comatose in convalescent hospitals, or enjoying peaceful slumber in the surrounding cemeteries, and giving her the 112% victory margin that's she's expected to receive in the upcoming mid-term.

Speaking off the record, a number of her campaign staffers pointed out that the Democrat party enjoys a long tradition of having a "big tent", including "re-electing KKK members to history-making endless terms in the House and Senate, being the driving force behind starting the Civil War, maintaining slavery, enacting Jim Crow laws after Reconstruction, and turning police attack dogs and fire hoses on pushy busybody Jew and uppity colored hooligans during the Civil Rights Era, and finally, enacting enervating and family-destroying welfare programs and affirmative action quotas in return for their voting bloc, in order to destroy the black family for multiple generations, and handicap them all as nothing but under-educated malcontent grievance-mongers in perpetuity. Because otherwise, we'd have lost every election since 1932, instead of creating a permanent racial underclass to vote for a living, instead of working for a living, like those racist Republicans wanted."

Reading from her teleprompter, Ms. Mestizo Salmagundi-Cracker also reminded her potential voters that "After all, Martin Luther King wasn't just a negro, he was a Republican negro, which was why both LBJ and FBI Director-For-Life J. Edgar Hoover investigated and wiretapped him illegally him for twenty years. White Power and keeping those jigaboos down on the plantation isn't just something we do, it's who we are."

They then asked us to let Democrats know that they really need the party faithful to do their job, and show up this November, so their ballots can be harvested from the urban vote plantation that is the Democrat Party's most reliable source of unearned moral superiority, and suckers selling votes for welfare political support in her combat zone Turd-World shithole vibrant and diverse beacon of cosmopolitan life in her multicultural metropolis.


skybill said...

You're a Geek for sayin' that!!
The "Index finger/thumb with the other 3 fingers vertical is the old "ALL OK /ALL CLEAR/ ALL GOOD" sigh especially used in our military and of course "AVIATORS!!!!" In a "High Noise Environment" like around airplanes with engines running communicating situations is vital.. the 3 fingers and circle is ancient along with "thumbs up' for GOOD and "thumbs down" for Not Good!!
The only thing I can say is that there is "NO WHITE POWER SIGN" We who are WHITE could not give a rat's ass about "WHITE POWER!!!" We're too busy working, trying to support our families and paying taxes to support all those assholes trying to say we are running around trying to undermine their whatever it is that we are suppose to be tryin' to undermine!!

Sheeeesh!!! Give me a Break!!

You want a "WHITE POWER" sign, try my raised middle finger pointing at you and me sayin' "EAT IT!!!" Oh Yes, there is also the raised index finger making little circles then pointing at you.. this resembles Flight Deck Launch Officer rotating his hand above his head then pointing down range as he launches a F-18 Hornet to dump a bunch of "WHITE POWER" on your monkey ass!!!!

GOT THAT!!!!!!!!!

Audentes, Fortuna, Ivat,

idahobob said...

The mentally ill, libtard, dems, keep finding crazier dingbats to run for office all the time.

Aesop said...


Everyone knows you crackers use secret code. Stop making excuses for The Man keeping us down.

But I had a thought:
Perhaps today is the day you should learn a new word:

Yours for a larger vocabulary,

skybill said...

Thx -Aesop!!
as for "Secret Codes, Secret Pass words ad etc... maybe you are too young to remember the War in the Pacific... "Island Hopping" Our GI's had to have a "Pass word/secret code' It didn't matter if the Japanese knew it, they couldn't say it without f#(&!ng up......

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!!!!!

I doubt that ol' Walt minded!!

Funny how that goes.... but all this bullshit about the "index/thumb ad 3 fingers" being a "WHITE POWER" sign is just that.... bullshit!!!

I will continue to use the 3 raised fingers with the index finger touching the thumb to indicate "all A-OK" inspite of what our leftard think....

audentes, fortuna, ivat,

Mike_C said...

Ka nama kaa lajerama!