Friday, September 28, 2018

BREAKING: Flake Channels Sen. McCrazy From Beyond The Grave

h/t IOTW

Apparently, His Accidency, Temporary Senator Jeff The Flake, wants to delay the Senate floor vote on confirming Kavanaugh for a week for a worthless FBI investigation of Dr. Brassy Fraud's imaginary delusions.

(As if, in the intervening week-to-a-year, a conga line of fifty-seven more hookers and whores won't come out of the Democrat Clowncarnucopia of Fake Allegations, and drag this out until after mid-terms.)

And in the Seventh Circle of Hell, Sen. Gloriously Aflame McCrazy gets a glass of ice water, while Satan laughs.

Well played, Flakester.

You've out-backstabbed the biggest buddy-fucker in Senate history, in less than a month, and all it cost was your immortal soul.

WTF is it about Arizonan shitbags, and sabotaging the entire country "because they can"?
Is there something in the water there, or should we just nuke Phoenix now and avoid the rush?

And BTW, here's future (and now former-) Vice president of the U.S. in 1991, on FBI investigations regarding recockulous allegations regarding SCOTUS nominees:

So apparently, fucktard Flake was asleep that year in American history, and doesn't have WiFi. Maybe someone could send this clip to his office.

And hopefully, Bitch McConjob could call him in for a little chat, and some wall-to-wall counseling, and discuss a thing or two. Like consequences, both for him and Republicans in that state from now until Hell freezes over.

Horse's head optional, but highly recommended.

If you live in the Grand Canyon State, I'd be alternating calls to the Capitol switchboard with some serious work on a backyard fallout shelter. The rad count in your area is about to spike sharply.


Lee Van Queef II said...

He's looking for payola since AZ voted him out of the graft stream. He'll flip flop a few more times like his schnoz flapping in the wind until his freezer is filled with cash.

He's a bigger cunt than all the psychocommie denouncers combined.

G-man said...

Flake's DC office phone is (202)224-4521. As an AZ constituent, I just called and left a strongly worded response and opinion on his call for a delay. I'd recommend any other AZ folks reading this do the same.

Eagles Dare said...

Just reported by Micheal Savage and Info Wars that Chrissy Baby Fraud has massive CIA connections.

Her grandfather was a key associate of Director William Casey, her father also connected, and her brother Ralph was working for front groups and law firms (with connections to Fusion GPS) Factual connections that should be brought up at the new "investigation".

Here is the kicker, she runs the recruitment office at her college for CIA applicants and has these CIA/Google interns living at her house near Paolo Alto, CA.

Deep State Rising Big and Bad

Wxtwxtr said...

No need to nuke Phx. Everybody I know there hates him and the former McCain. I think it's all those Sun City, Sun Lakes and Leisure World invaders from everywhere else in the country that elected him. Bet he goes to CaliFrutopia after Nov.

Aesop said...

I'm not arguing for the nuclear option, but you have to know it's on the table.

Couldn't someone there just take him for a Fredo Corleone boat ride up at Havasu, please?
A boat anchor, a length of rope, a slippery rail, a few drinks. What could be simpler?

The conservatives here don't want him, and the communists don't need him.

T-Rav said...

Flake doesn't care. He's out of there in a couple months anyway.

The more effective thing to do would be to find out whichever think tank/advocacy group/media outlet will be hiring him the moment he's out of the Senate, and start melting *their* phone lines down, and threatening a boycott and/or PR firestorm if they don't drop him by the end of the day, today.

Make sure he knows he's losing his private livelihood too if he doesn't quit stabbing the rest of us in the back.

Aesop said...

Nobody's untouchable.
You find his buttons, and you push them.
Investigations, tax audits, kids, relatives, friends, family, whatever.
As a now and former senator, he's de facto crooked, without looking very far.

You let the guy know, this weekend, that he doesn't have the ante for the table stakes in this game, and come Monday, he has a sudden reversal of interest in the matter, the floor vote goes off, and it's over.

Or you ruin him, and anybody he ever knows or cares about, until the day he dies, and even long after he's dead.
Tell him you'll slap him so hard, his great-grandkids will pay for it.

Because we don't negotiate with terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Her lawyers (read, Leftists) are ALREADY WHINING about the FBI investigation that they ASKED FOR. Give these pudwhackers an inch, they'll take a mile. To hell with them all. Now no matter what the FBI finds (it'll be nothing, because her allegations are false), they'll say there wasn't enough TIME.

Seriously, anyone voting Democrat at this point is an evil fucktard hellbent on ruining this country because they believe in "free stuff", love victims more than victors because it makes them feel superior, are completely RETARDED, and NOBODY will ever convince me otherwise at this point.

As for Flake, indeed - find out who wants to hire this assbag once he's out of the Senate and absolutely SLAM them with mail, email, phone calls, everything. It's time to up the ante - the Left wants to get nasty? OUR TURN for the protests.

Mike_C said...

You know, all this drama could have been avoided if Kavanaugh had uttered but one sentence: There is no God but God, and Mohammed is his prophet.

Then whatever has been alleged would be part of his sacred Culture, and to even call attention to it would be RACIST. Plus he was actually under age when it supposedly happened, unlike the 35-yo "refugees" masquerading as 16-yos and raping away in Germany and Sweden. (I say that when a rapefugee's age is in doubt, we use time-honored methods to arrive at the truth: saw him in half and count the rings.)

Anonymous said...

It's simple really, next Friday afternoon have the head of the FBI reread Comey's declaration exonerating Hillary and just change the names. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. QED

Spin Drift

Old NFO said...

This will continue to drag on... Mark my words.

Pat H. said...

Someone needs to get right up in Flake's face, mere inches away, and explain to him that if he ever wants to hold a job again, he'll sit down and STFU, By the way, McCrazy has been replaced by Chris Coons, that sawed off, bald runt.

The FBI report should be on Trump's desk no later than Wednesday, 3 October.