Saturday, August 19, 2017

Back To Basics

 Basic. Functional. Primitive. You can do better, and you should.

As entertaining as the political follies have been, they aren't going to help you in the long run. And at the rate people keep leaving the White House, the current occupant's chances for longevity are somewhat in doubt.
So that respite from the nanny-state may be over early, or economic challenges may become a wee bit more important than other distractions.

1) You need a cash float. A month or three, for tough times. ATMs go down, jobs disappear, accidents happen, etc. Cash is king.
The first thing guys going on overseas details do is max out their ATM withdrawal, because American greenbacks (so far) are accepted universally. Have a branch of The Bank Of Average Joe in your abode, whether you have a safe, mayonnaise jar, or under-the-mattress stash, but work out what you'd need for 30-90 days of no other options, and start stacking up $$$: 10s, 20s, and 50s to get to that amount. While 100s are always nice, they piss off store clerks, and you might not get change in interesting times. Start at one month, work on having three. It gives you options nothing else will. And if you couldn't make a better plan with 90 days to think it over, you have bigger problems.

2) Actual savings, in an actual savings account. You should be shooting at having a solid six months' worth of paychecks, in an account you don't touch. Nota bene it's worthless in a bank run, but for a thousand everyday problems, it wins handily. While you don't have your eggs all in one basket, you still have a nest egg in a basket. Otherwise a disaster, illness, employment change, etc., turns you into survival roadkill. You can't realistically do this in your twenties, but if you can't do it by your forties, you're already surviving by the skin of your teeth.

3) Pay off your debts. Live within your means. Pay off your debts. Live within your means. Pay off your debts. Live within your means. Pay off your debts. Live within your means. Pay off your debts. Live within your means. Pay off your debts. Live within your means. Pay off your debts. Live within your means. Pay off your debts. Live within your means. Pay off your debts. Live within your means. Pay off your debts. Live within your means.

4) Once you've gotten 1-3 in control, you can think about precious metals. Gold. Silver. And lead. Gold doesn't appreciate over time - it merely eliminates inflation. You could look it up. An ounce of gold now buys just about what an ounce of gold bought 50, 100, or 500 years ago. But ounces are generally too compact a store of wealth. Get real minted coins, but in fractional ounces: 1/10th, 1/4, or 1/2 ozs. are always better than 1 oz. Krugerands.,Maple Leafs, or Eagles. All are better than bullion ingots, which are, to most folks, just gold-plated lead in times of crisis.
Silver should be "junk silver", i.e. circulated pre-1965 U.S. dollars, halves, quarters, and dimes, which are 90% pure silver. And those ridges on the outside edge? Ben Franklin came up with those, to keep people from getting away with shaving the edges. Funny how great ideas never go out of style.
Lead is ammunition, and gets stored in ammo cans, in convenient common calibers.
And if you wouldn't store your lead supply in safety deposit box at the bank, then your gold and silver shouldn't be stored there either.

5) Stored where? Where you live, and can get to it in under an hour, unassisted, and with minimal hand tools, if that. If you have a home and a separate bolt hole, no more than 1/2 at each place. Cash is king, but cache is king too. (And if you never learned this, they're both pronounced the same way.)

6) Home and/or bolt hole need to be defensible. It's better if they're the same single place, but reality is that most of us (not everyone, mind, but the bulk of US population) live in cities. Which are poor prospects in most problems, sooner or later.
Defensible would mean you can fort in, and it should take tanks and artillery to pry you out.
If one guy in an old beater sedan could drive through your patio glass door, you're doing this wrong. Look at old (I'm talking medieval/renaissance-era) homes and houses. One or two study doors (something that would give a SWAT cop with a ram a day's work, and not just a second's pause. All a ram is, is a 4" sewer pipe filled with concrete, with handles. Brigands have used similar things for centuries.) that'd stop a mob cold. Minimal ground floor window openings. Too small to get into easily. Overhangs, you'll notice, made it harder to climb the walls. Shutters were functional, not decorative. Outside windows sited to view all the walls is ideal. If you have decorative "planters" on all sides that are shoulder-height, and 3-5' thick, planted with whatever (my suggestion is herbs, veggies, and thorny berries near windows), you have a house that's proof against bullets, rockets, tanks and APCs.
Seriously consider some defensive improvements that won't piss off the neighbors, as you can do so. A prefab suburbia-box was designed to be quick and cheap, not secure.
Darker times than the 1900s in Anytown USA - which civilization dictated most urban/suburban architecture - may return; plan ahead. There's also a reason log cabins, and sod houses were the norm in injun country on the American frontiers. It's tough to shoot through or burn down either one.

7) Self-sufficiency. See/get/follow this book. The best $10 you'll ever spend. The spin-offs (except "Building projects", which was greedy publisher's sequel-mania packing a $16 book with $1 worth of information) are mostly four-star too.
Once you have defensible shelter, you need a way to keep it all going. Try this method out on whatever patch you're on, like your life depended on it. It just might.

8) Water. Food. Power. Tools. Weapons. Food production/procurement. Communications. Skills and trades. Every one of these have been post topics, or whole books. Even whole racks of books. If you thought education ended after you got your last diploma, welcome to the New Reality. You will be a renaissance man (or woman)/jack-of-all-trades, with lifetime learning tasks, or you'll be X-ed out of the gene pool. As Heinlein noted at the end of an always appropriate quote from the master: "Specialization is for insects."

9) Fallback occupations. The last item leads inexorably to this one. You should have alternative ways to survive, and even thrive. Gaining knowledge and skills gives you options, so that when - not if - changes come, you can adapt, overcome, and survive. If you can build walls, frame houses, run plumbing or wiring, drill wells, weld, etc. ad infinitum, you will never starve amongst your fellow earth-dwellers. And if you can raise enough food to feed a family, you can probably raise enough for two or ten more, and sell the excess for ready cash, even in the worst of times. Read FerFal's or Selco's accounts of bartering for things in former Yugoslavia and Argentina amidst civil and economic meltdown. Eggs and meat, for instance, never go out of style, and rabbits and chickens can even be raised in a spare bedroom in an urban apartment, or inside a relatively tiny industrial space, with a minimal investment of time, effort, and forethought. And people will always pay money for fresh eggs, going back only 6000 years. Hell, in 99% of cities, it's even legal (if that even appears on your radar screen of concern). So have something, either a commodity, a skill, or both, that you could do if your business/job went away, because of fire, flood, tornado, civil unrest, economic collapse, etc.
What you do with that extra cash you make from your "hobby" now is between you, and the IRS.
Items 1 and 4 come to mind, but YMMV.

10) Thrive. The purpose of survival isn't just to keep shoveling food in your face until the day you stroke out. (Although for some people, that's all they're doing, even now.) It's to live. So now, and even if things get seriously FUBARed, live. LIVE.
Draw, paint, play music or write it, sculpt, write books and poetry, teach, travel, explore.
Life is an adventure. Sometimes it's the really shitty, gritty kind. Okay, so deal with that when you must. But the purpose of survival is to carry, by your life and work the culture, technology, knowledge and wisdom that 6,000 years of written history have brought you to. Do succeeding generations a favor, and expand that treasure trove, while you enrich your own existence. And pass it on to the next generation, with the bag a little fuller than the one handed to you. Starting with making sure there is a next generation, and a you.

"If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

Friday, August 18, 2017

Lessons From The First Battle Of Show-asses, Pt. II

Dear racist Fucktards:
This was you. Friday night, and Saturday morning.
Not a "few bad apples". Y.O.U.
In Southern parlance, "All Y'all".
Period. Full stop.
(If you are one of the oblivious dipshits who showed up to protect monuments and heritage, and found out after the party started you were foolishly stumbling into co-starring in a Klan march, well, sux to be you, and shit happens. Learn a lesson, and don't get fooled again.)

You @$$holes do indeed have a right to espouse your vile toxic filth in the public square.
Just as every sensible person other than you is free to recognize it and call it vile toxic filth.
If that leaves a mark, take it as reality slapping you in the back of the head.
Your alt-right privileges are over. Get back into your cesspit, and pull the cover down.

You WhitePower national socialists represent nothing but a retarded adherence to the failed idiotology of your spiritual brothers, the anti-national socialists of Antifa. You are peas from the same pod, and co-turds in the same punchbowl. And you need to go away, never to haunt the public square again.

Now, to the nuts and bolts of the rat-killin'.

For those of you stupid - yes, I said stupid - enough to continue to play in the streets, in some misbegotten and manifestly false belief that it does anything but piss everyone off, (because, seriously, how's that tactic been working out for the loonie Leftards since last November 9th?) and sway no one not already convinced, while leaving you open to public ridicule and physical violence, try to muster a few wits in how you go about it.

If you cannot afford a legal team (nota bene that was "team", as in multiple constitutional lawyers, not some guy from The Matchbook Cover College Of Night School Law who does contracts for local landlords), to protect your group's interests like a Rottweiler on crack, before, during, and after - and no, the ACLU helping you out doesn't count - you are already too short for this ride. Get back on the porch.

If you don't have a media plan, including a media-savvy, literate, erudite, camera-worthy designated spokesperson, and cannot and do not promulgate your message, talking points, and produce your own media of the event before, during, and after, while instructing everyone who participates that they are NOT that spokesperson, and are to refer all media requests to your designee, you are too short for this ride. Get back on the porch.

If the leadership doesn't have a sterling reputation and documented history of support for right-wing causes, the event is a fail. (The two @$$clowns running Charlottesville were apparently connected to such Leftard nonsense as Occupy!, etc., until five minutes before launching this last week's stupidpalooza. And nobody knew, noticed, or thought that was a red warning flag last Saturday. Doh!)

You damned sure better put out the word that anyone who breaks out a Confederate flag, swastika, KKKlan hood, or any other jackholian paraphernalia will be ejected from the rally, and handed over to the tender mercies of the Antifa folks on the periphery, on the day.

For some of the salient other details, I refer you to a detailed post on the topic, exactly none of which was apparently easy enough for anyone stupid enough to do Saturday's rally to find, let alone heed. Well played. Starting with the total failure to know what was going on at the site, with the police, the Left's thugs, or on the streets in general, before, during, or after. Instead of walking zombie-like into the pre-located boxcars barricades, helpfully surrounded by the police and the communist mob, without any idea how they'd gotten there, nor how to get out once they got in. Genius, right there.

BTW, a dress code of polo shirts and slacks, or even business attire, wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings or your own visuals. Tea Party rallies seemed to conspicuously lack a body count, and got a rep for leaving the venue cleaner when they left than when they showed up. Learn a lesson.

If your clever plan is to take who you get, and "Just show up", and see how that works out, you're too short for this ride. Get back on the porch.

If you're going to engage in the general idiocy that is street theatre, you can be the Harlem Globetrotters, or you can be the Washington Generals. There is no third option, and no shortcuts to aceing the performance. Plan the work, work the plan. Practice, practice, practice. And you'd better science the shit out of it, because from here on out, showing up includes no guarantees that you're ever going to make it home.

So if you're contemplating showing up, and any of these points are hazy when you do due diligence, and ask in advance (you're gonna do that, right? RIGHT?) about the particulars, that's a good day to clean out your garage, or re-arrange your sock drawer.

Show up or stay to play, but FFS, Stop. Dicking. Around.
Amateur Hour ended last Saturday morning, at about noon EDT.

And you'd damned sure better get that memo.

Lessons From The First Battle Of Show-asses, Pt. I

There is a steady drip-drip of people who were at the Dumbass Rally in Charlottesville Saturday, now claiming "Victory!"

Um, no.

The rally was cleat holes in your dicks.
You can whistle past the graveyard all you like, but the actual effort has your crotches bleeding unstaunchably, and no amount of rah-rah gainsaying will cover up a clusterfuck the equal of Malheur, if not exceeding it.
Little planning, no forethought, no contingency plans, just feed your useful idiots into an Antifa meatgrinder, and watch them get the shit kicked out of them. "But the dog ate my homework!" Genius.

Until Cartard pulled his little stunt, it was just a clusterfuck
He took it to a biblical epic clusterfuck. With a body count.
So now we've cleverly also lost the "first blood" argument.
And gotten the entire right side of the spectrum nationally tagged with the Nazi flag, which was pure delusional horseshit - until actual swastikas and klan hoods came out en masse on Saturday.

The shortcomings of the idiocy in Charlottesville notwithstanding, the duplicity about the Antifa violence is getting out there, finally, and after gleefully tossing Cartard under the justice bus, where he belongs, people are realizing that this was a Leftard set-up, on the behalf of the mayor of the town and the governor there, with the local and state police, and the Notional guard as willing jack-booted allies.

None of that last is to the event organizers' nor participants' credit, any more than they could take credit for growing roses out of a bag of fertilizer.
All they can honestly point to is bringing down a big bag of shit.
And got played by a bunch of jackholes into walking right into their ambush. Good show.

The rally was an unmitigated  shit show.
Getting chased out before you even get your speakers up on the podium is not a win.
Deal with it.
Move on.

The bigger issue still remains: you re-energized Antifa, after they'd had a spring and summer of solid losses, which was a strategic blunder; but you managed to stumble into letting the president play rope-a-dope with the lunatic media, which was a tactical gain.
Settle for that, learn from past mistakes, and stop repeating them.
(And repeating them, and repeating them, and...)

Starting with
Stop Playing in The Street
unless a given group is going to actually put in the time, forethought, and planning necessary beforehand to win regardless of the opposition, and deal with any contingency.

And maybe leave the hoods and swastikas home next time.
They haven't helped one little bit so far, and they won't help anything going forward, either.

Some people (I hear) have little "Fifty Shades Of Grey" playrooms in their basements; others, evidently, have little Nazi/White Power shrines. No one needs to know anyone's secret fetishes, but the basement is the best place to keep that sort of behavior.

Instead of coming out in public, and waving your dicks around.
As you've seen, it never turns out the way you thought.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Reality Check

from Sean Linnane

A little moment of reality:
Confederate soldiers, sailors and marines that fought in the Civil War were made US veterans by an act of Congress in 1957. US Public Law 85-425 sec 410 5/23/1958. This made all Confederate military veterans equal to United States veterans. Additionally under US Public Law 810 - approved by the 17th Congress on February 26 1929: The War Department was directed to erect headstones and recognize Confederate grave sites as US war grave sites.

In other words, when you remove or deface a Confederate statue, monument or headstone, you are removing or defacing the statue, monument or headstone of a United States Veteran. Unlike burning or otherwise dishonoring the United States flag, this behavior is illegal.
Oh, Snap!
Looks like we've once again caught the left spitting on soldiers.
Like they do.
Like they've always done.

How long before the media has to dredge up this decrepit communist harpy to show 'em how it's done?

They've been trying to relive their glory days of the 1960s, and they're going to get a replay of Hippies vs. Hardhats.
(If that was before your time, no points for guessing who won that the first time around.)

And their sons are a little friskier and much less inclined to cut the other side any slack this time.
They're also looking for an excuse to make metaphysically certain there won't be a Round Three in a couple of generations.

Meanwhile, the other side only has one card to play, since the 1930s:

More Nanny State B***$#!^

Drivers aren’t the only ones who could be fined for texting or talking.Now, there’s a proposal to keep pedestrians safe that could set off a national trend.
Crossing busy Broad Street in downtown Stamford can be a challenge, even if you’re not staring down at text messages on your cell phone.
Texting or even talking on an electronic device may soon be illegal in Stamford CT if a proposal to outlaw ‘distracted walking’ is approved.
Besides the First Amendment problem obvious in about two seconds to anyone who passed grade school with at least a B average, this is just government busybody bullshit.

"Distracted walking"???

What next?

Arresting people for daydreaming?
What if you're eating a sandwich?
Talking to a friend standing next to you?

What about this?

If violence is speech, and speech is violence, the assholes who would propose such a law , let alone vote it into being should be dragged out of city hall by the hair, set on fire on the steps of the building, and their ashes thrown in the face of any media who'd condemn the act.

Then go after their families.

And I'm not speaking metaphorically.

It's clearly gotten to the point that it's the only thing they'll understand.

Jihad, M*****f*****s.

No Shit, Sherlock Award: NBC/BBC Discover Violent Facist Antifa At Charlotte

h/t Hot Air

After only five days, including three days of castigating President Trump for "racism" for pointing out what was obvious from only every account to date from Chrlottesville last Saturday, both NBC and the BBC decided to, y'know, watch their own effing video feeds from the scene and have discovered, that, um, well, y'see, there may possibly have been a few Leftard...uh, violent m*****f*****s swinging pipes, throwing rocks, bottles, paint, and shooting pepper spray into people's faces at Charlottesville, exactly as described by the President in the zoo of fucktards pretending to be reporters at Monday's presidential press conference.

Both NBC News and the BBC have put out videos offering fact-checks on some of President Trump’s claims about what took place in Charlottesville. Both agree there were violent anti-fascist protesters who came to the protest looking for a fight.

Here's your sign.

ABCNNBCBS: Too Fucking Stoopid to watch their own video until the President calls them on it.

NBC should just change it's name to the Duh! Channel, move to cable, and get it over with.
Here's their five-days-late-and-a-dollar-short half-assed mea culpa for stepping on their dicks and lying about it for the entire week prior, from yesterday:

After noting they stepped on their dicks, they rushed in to try to double down on their narrative, but they can't undo the lies they've already told, except to keep repeating what they have got, which is one retard in a Charger going lethal.

Well-played, shitheads.

Like that undoes the violence the president described on both sides, despite the fact that one side had a permit to demonstrate, and the police and Notional Guard, on orders from the race-baiting mayor of Charlottesville, and the race-baiting Gov. of Virgina, abdicated their duty, and refused to intervene, and in fact actually created the violence by unilaterally vacating the court-ordered protest, and forcing the protesters right into the opposing Antifa thugs, and achieving the violence it was their job to prevent.

The most violent thugs in Saturdays melee were the Governor of VA, Clintonista fuckstick Terry McAwful; the Mayor of Charlottesville; badged thugs on the Charlottesville PD and Virginia State police; and their goose-stepping communist supporters wearing the uniforms of the 29th Infantry Division and ancillary units of the VA Army National Guard.

Let's play a tape from Nuremburg circa 1946 about "just following orders" and see if it works in 2017.

Congratulations, Leftards: you wanted another Kent State massacre, and once again, it took the GOVERNMENT acting in concert to bring it about.

I'd bother to castigate the BBC in detail, but those left-wing limey sons of bitches have had their heads up their asses for so long, I'd need a megaphone shoved up their butts to get the message through anyways. Not So Great Britain deserves all the Awful that a state-run media delivers.

Lesson #10,627,119 in proof of the premise:

                                 ABCNNBCBS is Fake News.


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Absolutely Right: The Charlottesville Doctrine

From T. L. Davis, The New Normal:
The Charlottesville Doctrine
Further demonstration of the fact that the terms Republican and Democrat have no meaning is the way the cowards and traitors of the Republican establishment have come out in favor of Antifa, the new KKK of both parties. There is no other way to interpret the vehemence with which the Bushes, Rubio, McCain, Cory Gardener, etc, etc have attacked Trump for pointing out the simple fact that violence was unleashed on the white supremacists and Nazis at the Charlottesville protest.

Like 'em or not, the white supremacists and Nazi's had a permit to rally and it was the responsibility of the state to protect that right and to protect the demonstrators. Those who did not have a permit were the Antifa counter-demonstrators, who arrived with weapons and the intent to inflict injury on the protesters. This is a coordinated attack on other Americans aided and abetted by the state and city governments.

What Antifa, with the help of government officials, including the police department and state police, have demonstrated to the entire nation, is that if someone has a point of view with which one disagrees, perhaps even vehemently, it should be countered with violence.
This is the Charlottesville Doctrine: Protests held and engaged in by individuals with disgusting and socially objectionable points of view should be met with violence.
In the military world, the correct (and quickest) way to get a blisteringly stupid order changed, was to follow it to the hilt. Civilian PTB apparently want to learn that lesson physically and existentially, in a nose-ground-into-the-pavement sort of way too.

This will not turn out the way they think.

Some of us are too old for that shit. And if caught up in other people's nonsense, we won't be playing by Marquis of Queensbury Rules.

Hey, Antifa...are you bulletproof?
How about fireproof...?

So go ahead, idiots.
Bring a knife to a gunfight.
Or bricks to a Molotov fight.
Let us know how that feels the next day.
You really won't like what the other side means when they say "triggered".

You Leftards started this shit. Because you got out-argued, and out-voted.
Life is tough. It's tougher when you're stupid.
Go home now.
Or else, you won't be happy when the pushback from the Right finishes it.

And the Government thugs can either stop it from starting in the first place, and uphold their oaths, like they failed to do in Berzerkely, Charlottesville, and elsewhere. Or they can end up on the same gibbet for trying to keep things one-sided. Hint: If you stood down for the opener, you'd better stay on the porch until it's over, and lift not a finger afterwards; or you've effectively signaled which side you're already on. If you think gangs are tough, Officer Fuckstick, try taking on the entire civil population. You want to go home to your families, now might be a good time. Just leave the guns and badges on the desk on your way out.

The Rest Of The Story

h/t Cold Fury

It's taken a few days, but the one-sided narrative of the MSM of Saturday's riot in Charlottesville, driven by the visuals of one murderous asstard ramming Antifa with his car, is starting to unravel.
City Journal: Why did Virginia’s political leadership order the police and National Guard to stand down?
by Bob McManus
Why did the city of Charlottesville, and the state of Virginia, suspend the First Amendment for Saturday’s calamitous “Unite the Right” rally? And would the outcome have been different—one protester dead in a deliberate car-ramming, two state troopers killed in a demonstration-related helicopter accident, and a nation’s confidence in its institutions severely shaken once again—had the authorities vigorously defended all parties’ constitutional right to free expression?
I'm shocked! Shocked, I say: Leftists in power cheating people of the equal protection of the law.

 But what would have been the outcome had the police and the Virginia National Guard—both on hand in strong numbers—done their duty, enforced properly obtained demonstration permits, and preserved the right of the warring parties to make their respective points without being physically attacked, one by the other and vice versa? It’s worth remembering that Charlottesville did everything it could to prevent the demonstrations, issuing permits only after being sued by the ACLU. And when push came to shove—literally—on Saturday, police and National Guardsmen were to be found only on the periphery of the brawling. Indeed, the Virginia ACLU reported that police were refusing to intervene unless specifically ordered to do so.
“There was no police presence,” Brittany Caine-Conley, a minister-in-training at Charlottesville’s Sojourners United Church of Christ, told the New York Times. “We were watching people punch each other; people were bleeding all the while police were inside of barricades at the park, watching. It was essentially just brawling on the street and community members trying to protect each other.”
Almost at first contact, Charlottesville mayor Michael Signer and Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe declared a state of emergency and cancelled the demonstrators’ permits, whereupon police began funneling the alt-right protestors away from the designated demonstration site—and, some reports have it, toward the counter-protestors. The carnage followed in short order. Whether the breakdown in police protection was purposeful—that is, intended to quash a constitutionally protected demonstration and provoke a violent confrontation—is a question unlikely to be pursued in Virginia’s present political environment. As partisan eye-gougers go, Governor McAuliffe, a Democrat, is near the top of the list; Mayor Signer, also a Democrat, seems to be cut from the same cloth.
But deliberate or not, the effect was the same: when the sun went down over Charlottesville Saturday, the First Amendment was lying in the dust, and the civic ties meant to bind all Americans were just that much weaker.
In other words, the exact two-sided street brawl President Trump described in his press conference, the one that has the Usual Suspects shitting themselves and hyperventilating, and the disloyal Opposition from his own party trying to pay Pres.Trump back for kicking the shit out of them in last years' primaries, went down exactly as he described it.

Memo to race-baiting CNN: "Go f**k yourselves. Strong letter follows."

Ann Coulter, after watching Trump wipe the floor with frothing moonbats in the White House press corps, tweeted "We finally got our leader back!"

So much for the 57th thing, since inauguration, that they're sure is going to "really, finally, absolutely - no, we mean it this time - put an end to his administration, and undo the election that pissed all of us commie crybabies off so hard!"

By Request

From comments:
Now that it looks like we may be on the short march to national self-immolation, there are questions that keeps nagging me.

Specifically, if it really hits the fan, how would other powers (read: Russia, China) work to turn it to their advantage? Related: If things REALLY got bad, and it looked like real nut jobs (with the ones I'm thinking about being hostile to Russia) were about to get control of the nukes, how would THAT play out?

The apocalyptic part of me is thinking that pre-emptive EMPs and depressed trajectory SLBM strikes on political and military centers of power could be in our future. That's probably just some anxious BS that could be cured by Xanax, but my mind keeps going there. If you have some thoughts on this, would you mind sharing them?
Others would tread very carefully. The scariest scenario for every nuclear power is when the theoretically rational actors lose control of their own nukes.

It's a scenario of real life baby-with-a-live-grenade - for everyone.
That's why continuity-of-government and continuity-of-command operational plans are some of the most thoroughly detailed, closely-held, and codeword classified far-beyond-top-secret war plans there are.

For the same reason no one tries to sneak up on a crazy guy with a gun, no one (sane) is going to try to "take advantage" of us or anyone if things go squirrelly. Everyone goes to full defensive posture, but nobody wants to get clever when the finger on the button may be some twitchy fruit loop.

We've been through it several times during Russian coups, and on our own for times like when Kennedy and Reagan were shot. The way it plays out in real life is probably akin to the scenes in The West Wing when the president was shot, or when the planes hit the WTC on 9/11: the word gets put out quickly and clearly through diplomatic channels
"Don't screw with us right now".
For this reason, I strongly suspect (from nowhere near the inner sanctum) that if it looked like the NCA (National Command Authority) ability to launch nukes was compromised or about to be, the depressed-trajectory SLBM coming at whoever was attempting a launch would probably be one of our own Tridents from an Ohio-class boomer.
Bet on it.

If you can think of the scenario, there's an envelope covering it sitting in a file folder in a secure safe at NORAD, or whatever passes for it nowadays.

As for EMPs, I defer to former USAF targeting guy and occasional commentor, RandyGC, who noted that EMP effects are largely theoretical, extrapolated from one above-ground test 60 or so years ago. The reality could be far worse, or it could turn out to be Y2K: a giant non-event.

Obviously, no one's going to test it out.

But it would do functionally nothing to the guys on subs and sitting in MCC launch centers, except piss them off, while not doing anything militarily useful except announcing you were willing to play Global Thermonuclear War instead of tic tac toe.

Ain't nobody sane gonna go there.

The insane (Norks, Iranians, random jihadi @$$tards, etc.) are a constant threat 24/7/365, so no point discussing that in this context.

As for national self-immolation, we're a hardy beast. The Nazis going full-on couldn't bring down the Soviet Union. I think we're at least that tough, even now. And an internal crisis would have to get stupid crazy out of hand to become a problem. (Not impossible, just rather unlikely, IMHO). I would expect varying levels of local and regional sportiness if things start to unwind, with some places being pestilential post-apocalyptic sh*tholes right now (Chicongo, Debtroit, D.C., etc.).

As Remus says, "Avoid crowds."

Our biggest problems tend to come from simple stuff no one was paying proper attention to: a squirrel commits seppuku via transformer, and 5 states lose their power grid; a Cat V hurricane lands right on the rinkiest section of levees athwart a major city; and so on.

Invest in planning in two ways: the likeliest scenario where you are, and the most catastrophic scenario where you are. For me here, it'd be The Big One monster earthquake, on both counts. Not, for instance, a meteor ending all life in one hemisphere, or the Yellowstone Caldera ripping loose and giving us two years of unending volcanic winter.
Or China trying to improve their hand by lobbing nukes into space to turn off our grid.

They're all possible, but until my funding approaches infinity, I'll worry about what's most likely. And with rare exceptions, most preps for the likely stuff will also work for most of the sci-nightmare stuff, unless nothing will.

If the horrendous happens, just bend over and kiss your ass goodbye.
Nobody gets out of this life alive, so you do the best you can with what you have.

If you're still concerned about it, the reference you want to consult is

this one.
Straight poop, on just about every aspect of what it'd take to get through (provided you don't live inside the CEP from a missile silo or other major military or industrial target).

Thanks for asking, and I hope that answers things for you, or at least gets you pointed in the right direction.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Hollywood Sucking, Like It Does

Surprising no one who's caught a flick in the last few years, Hollywood being sucktastic is reaching new depths:

if things continue as they have, this will be the lowest box office in a quarter century. While there have been bright spots and surprises (“Baby Driver”) the failures have outweighed everything. 
Start with a total write off on “King Arthur” and go from there. Then go to “The Dark Tower.”
One terrible new failure: “Nut Job 2,” they say, is the biggest loser ever in  wide release (4000+) studio movie. It made just over $8 million this weekend. {That'd be an average of 13 - THIRTEEN - ticket-buyers or so per show, times 15 shows in a three-day period, for theatres that hold 300-400 or so. -A.}
Four years ago, at a USC symposium, famed and very successful directors George Lucas and Steven Spielberg warned the film industry that reliance on blockbusters– tent pole movies that failed would cause an implosion. At first no one took them seriously. But now maybe we’re seeing what they meant. 
Spielberg said at the time: “That’s the big danger, and there’s eventually going to be an implosion — or a big meltdown. There’s going to be an implosion where three or four or maybe even a half-dozen mega budget movies are going to go crashing into the ground, and that’s going to change the paradigm.” 
Other huge flops this year include “Life” — the sci fi movie no one saw, “Monster Trucks,” which was a monster disaster. “Ghost in the Shell” with Scarlett Johansson also came and went quickly. Plus Will Ferrell’s “The Office” was a total write off, and Sony’s “Rough Night” was an embarrassment. 
I’m not counting the $100 million plus lost on “The Promise,” because it was a vanity production. 
This year also brought Tom Hanks’s biggest flop in decades, “The Circle.” And of course there were the two misbegotten TV remakes– “Baywatch” and “CHiPs.” 
Even blockbusters that seemed like hits weren’t. “Transformers 5” was so bad that critics wondered why it was made. “The Mummy” also reeked of failure and desperation. 
Studios keep counting on international sales to bail them out. And it works a lot of the time. But continuing to send bad product from the US will eventually take its toll.
Anyone hoping or praying for a major studio to go tits-up can cool their jets. Nobody's gotten it that wrong since MGM died in the 1970s. But eventually, CFOs tell CEOs that making craptastic plotless rehashes, re-shooting classics because they're scared shitless of new ideas, and trying to turn crappy comic books and TV shows into big-deal movies, isn't working anymore.

Especially true when every fetid pile takes a big, fat, runny crap on the heads of most of America with every other line and visual, not to mention a conga line of talentless no-class baboons spewing their retarded pronouncements on traditional folks every time some breathless twit sticks a microphone in their face, or interviews them for another fawning puff piece in MeMeMe Moviestar News, and then shares their twaddle with people who work for an average income. Which audience will, and has, paid those retarded producers and actors back by staying home in the millions, with no end in sight.

No points for guessing how that formula is working out for TV and cable, either.

Couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch of talentless Left-wing hacks.

"If you want to send a message, call Western Union."
If you want an audience, stop crapping on them, find a good story, and tell it well.
The box office will take care of itself at that point.

Marine Corps Hemorrhaging Combat Experience In Droves

Marines awarded the Combat Action Ribbon (the equivalent of the Army's CIB), meaning actual ground combat experience, are bailing out in droves.
The number of Marines on active-duty who have been awarded Combat Action Ribbons has dropped by more than half over the past five years — from a high of more than 40,000 at the time of the surge in Afghanistan in 2011 to fewer than 17,500 in 2016 — according to data obtained by Marine Corps Times through a Freedom of Information Act request.
In today’s Corps, fewer than one in five Marines has a single deployment under their belt and the number of Marines who have deployed twice is now less than one in 10, according to Marine Corps officials.
Some of that is normal turnover, but the drop in recent years has been precipitous.
Marines with the award on active service went from 40,307 in 2011, to  only 17,436 (out of a roughly 182K-overall active-duty USMC).
The personnel weenie HMFIC in the article, predictably, dismisses retaining and promoting more REMFs and keeping fewer combat-experienced Marines as "promoting the best people", in the time-honored tradition of chairborne rangers going back probably to the Revolutionary War, because REMFs gonna REMF.

In testimony to Congress, Commandant Neller noted that repeated deployments away from home were probably 50% higher than they should be, because of overuse and under-availability of combat formations, which coincidentally happens to infantry, artillery, and air wing assets at about 10 times the rate it happens to support units, by definition.

Most troubling is that they're losing those in the middle ranks, the true backbone of enlisted leadership:
  “We’ve found out that more seasoned or older Marines — not old as in E-9, E-8 — but staff sergeants and gunnery sergeants are choosing to get out,” Green said. “That means you’re going to promote faster. That means your leadership is going to be younger with less experience.”
In fiscal 2016, the Marine Corps retained 2 percent fewer staff sergeants and roughly 4.5 percent fewer gunnery sergeants compared to the ­four-year average."

Left totally out of the equation in the article was things like deployments to fight pointless wars we've already decided to lose under the last CinC, the increasingly burdensome regime of PC happygas classes, lectures, box-checking, and ass-kissing that has nothing whatsoever to do with combat readiness, and the decisions of Ass Carter's DoD to open the military to gays, transvestites, and every other defective lifestyle generally incompatible with military service, as well as trying to force-feed women - biologically and physiologically unfit for the jobs every times the premise is examined - into combat positions, whether they can hack it or not.

Guys with too many combat tours, too much PC crapola, and a faceful of idiocy looking at the prospect of four more years of the same-shit/different day variety, are generally going to be a lot less inclined to sit still for that, or risk their lives to put up with that kind of happy horseshit.

And they're not surprisingly voting with their feet, and choosing to re-enter a newly booming civilian economy without a second thought. Because they can.

That there are still Marines who'll be ready next time is a minor miracle, not least of which because the last regime was surprisingly ousted before they could deliver a death-blow to the entire DoD, given a few more years like the last eight.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Black Death Matters

No, not the racist douchecanoes, we're talking about the actual Black Death, scourge of Europe in medieval times. Seems it's made a not-very-surprising re-appearance in a couple of AZ counties, per their county's Facedork page posting:
Taylor, AZ – Navajo County Public Health officials have confirmed that fleas collected in the Taylor area have tested positive for Plague (Yersinia pestis).
The tests were conducted by the Center for Pathogen and Microbiome Institute at Northern Arizona University.
NCHD have notified the residents and the burrows, which are located on private property, which will be treated. The area will be closely monitored to determine if further action is required.
Navajo County Health Department is urging the public to take precautions to reduce their risk of exposure to this serious disease, which can be present in fleas, rodents, rabbits and predators that feed upon these animals. The disease can be transmitted to humans and other animals by the bite of an infected flea or by direct contact with an infected animal. To limit possible exposure, people are encouraged to avoid rodent burrows and keep dogs on a leash as required by Arizona State law.
An abundance of active prairie dogs doesn’t indicate disease is present. However, a sudden die-off of prairie dogs and rodents, may be an indicator of plague. Persons noticing a sudden die-off of rodents or rabbits are urged to contact the Navajo County Health Department.
Symptoms of plague in humans generally appear within two to six days following exposure and include the following: fever, chills, headache, weakness, muscle pain, and swollen lymph glands (called “buboes”) in the groin, armpits or limbs. The disease can become septicemic (spreading throughout the bloodstream) and/or pneumonic (affecting the lungs), but is curable with proper antibiotic therapy if diagnosed and treated early.
Persons living, working, camping or visiting in areas where plague and/or rodents are known to be present are urged to take the following precautions to reduce their risk of exposure:
• Do not handle sick or dead animals.
• Prevent pets from roaming loose. Pets can pick up the infected fleas of wild animals, and then pass fleas on to their human owners. This is one of the common ways for humans to contract plague. Cats with plague can also pass the disease on to humans directly thorough respiratory droplets.
• De-flea pets routinely. Contact your veterinarian for specific recommendations.
• Avoid rodent burrows and fleas.
• Use insect repellents when visiting or working in areas where plague might be active or rodents might be present (campers, hikers, woodcutters and hunters).
• Wear rubber gloves and other protection when cleaning and skinning wild animals.
• Do not camp next to rodent burrows and avoid sleeping directly on the ground.
• Be aware that cats are highly susceptible to this disease and while they can get sick from a variety of illnesses, a sick cat (especially one allowed to run at large outside) should receive care by a veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment to reduce human exposure to plague.
In case of illness see your physician immediately as treatment with antibiotics is very effective.
More information is available at

Pretty straightforward stuff, as plague is endemic to rodents and fleas in the Southwest, and has been for centuries, making the occasional appearance there from time to time, including in humans. The current outbreak is unremarkable, but noteworthy merely to point out that it's still there, doing what it does.

Unlike in the 1200s, it's easily treatable now with multiple classes of modern antibiotics, which isn't a problem now.
With the grid down, things may be a bit less pleasant, in a quarantine and running-for-your-life sort of way, if you come into contact with a victim.

Nothing to panic about, just some information that's always appropriate.

USMC: 75% Of Women Weaker Than 96% Of Men

The new "gender neutral" Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) Classification Standards test is consistently weeding out 75% of female combat arms applicants in boot camp, while 96% of men pass without problems, according to Marine Corps recruit data released under FOIA to the Marine Corps Times.
So far this year, women account for less than 1 percent of Marine recruits who are showing up to boot camp with contracts to train for combat arms career fields, jobs that were restricted to men until the Pentagon changed policy in January 2016.
For the dozens of women who have tried for a spot in the combat arms, most of them are failing to pass the initial test.

And that's after they pass an Initial Strength Test, before they can even ship out for boot camp:
The new initial strength test requires prospective Marine recruits complete three pullups; run 1.5 miles in 13 minutes and 30 seconds; do 44 crunches in two minutes, and perform 45 ammo-can lifts in two minutes before they can ship to boot camp.
Link: What it takes to join the Corps
And what does the MOS Classification Standard consist of?
Male and female recruits going into combat arms jobs must complete six pullups; a three-mile run in under 24 minutes and 51 seconds; perform 60 ammo-can lifts in two minutes; conduct a movement to contact in 3 minutes and 26 seconds or less; and maneuver under fire within 3 minutes and 12 seconds.
And once they get past the screening tests, those able to meet the bare minimums face MOS-specific testing. Which weeds out yet another 10% of the wannabee Combat Barbies.

But it's not a total disasterpiece: in all of 2016, the entire USMC could only find six women to pass the tests. In 2017, that number was up to thirteen, before MOS-specific testing knocked a couple of more back out.

And to date, despite picking from a vastly better-prepared pool of candidates, there hasn't been a single woman (0 for 31 total from 2012-yesterday, when last I looked)  to pass the Marine Infantry Officer's Course. In fact, not a single one so far has even made it through the second week of the 12-week course {Update: there's now ONE who's apparently made it to the halfway point - one out of 32 - see comments.-A.}, which is given after female officerettes - and all their USMC male counterparts - have nominally passed the six-month long Officer's Basic Course, which is one helluva lot tougher than recruit training.

So, exactly as predicted, million$ for studies, trainloads of pointless turmoil for all the military services, and by the fourth year, they won't have enough to organize so much as a single Combat Barbie Amazon Platoon  if they drew it Marine Corps-wide, and not so much as a single female officer in the entire Marine Corps qualified to take command of it.

Stop the bullshit, end the social engineering, and let's allow our over-worked and under-funded military to concentrate on training qualified people to actually do the jobs for which we pay them, rather than endure any more of this PC fustercluck.

There are combat Marines, and there are women Marines, and there is no functional overlap in those circles, and wishing it were otherwise will not outsmart human physiology. But pushing for it is going to get young women - and the men depending on PFC Suzie Nonhacker - killed, in most brutal and unforgiving ways.

And it will happen totally needlessly.

And if they simply administered the male-standard PFT, there wouldn't be 10 women in the entire Marine Corps.

But the ones who made it then wouldn't be second-class citizens, they'd be fully-qualified by-God Marines. Both of them.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Goolag(c) Takes Another Round In The Pants

h/t GvdL at American Digest

Unlike teh stoopid in the previous post, this gag is genius in action, and it's going to leave a mark.

Kudos, sir.

As Communist rat-bastard Alinsky advised:
Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it.
Ridicule is man's most potent weapon.
Touche', Leftards.


Okay, so it turns out today was "B", not "A".

A lot of this is still hazy as I write.

What's clear is that somebody, currently identified as a white supremacist (whether it was or not), deliberately plowed the car in the above video into the counter-protestors out to harass the rally in Charlottesville VA today. The video above makes it clear this was premeditated homicide.

Either it was one of the main demonstration's monkeys (in which case they own it), or it was somebody trying to pin it on the main demonstration, (in which case, they still own it), unless like Dr. Kimball, they can track down the one-armed man who really dun it.

Best wishes on that. Not holding my breath waiting for the capture of that unicorn, but I suppose it's theoretically possible.

I've said, repeatedly, that rallies are stupid, pointless, rah-rah bullshit, which never get you anything you want, and frequently get you a lot of what you neither want nor need.
You can read - only about 5000 times in recent years - over on Remus' Woodpile Report, the perennially sage advice "Stay away from crowds."
You can read Commander Zero, in Notes From The Bunker, any number of times, regarding places where bad things happen: "Be somewhere else."
But no matter how many times some folks get a cluebat upside the head, they always think Things Will Totally Turn Out Differently For Me This Time, Because Reasons.

This incident, yet again, underlines that point.

If you went to this rally, you're now tarred as a murdering racist.
If you wished you could have gone to this rally, you're now tarred as a murdering racist.
If you drove the car in this video, you probably are a murdering racist.
And if you're not, you pretended to be one, and the victims are just as dead and injured, which would be the whole point of making it look like it does. (And I'm saying that last, hoping against likelihood that it wasn't exactly what it seems, and someone can prove it.)

And now the rally's organizers, and every speaker there, has succeeded in accomplishing nothing they wanted, unless they wished the entire world to believe they're all a bunch of murderous racists.

Nobody's going to hear what total shits the Antifa fascists were, because the video that's going to be played like Rodney King's beat-down is the clip of the Charger plowing into the counter-protest, and bodies flying through the air amidst the screams. If it bleeds, it leads.

You were playing the other side's game, and either you own the monkeys who did this, or you put yourselves in the position that everyone neutral or against you, and no small number of people who might otherwise support you, thinking your monkeys did this.
Genius forethought there.

Forget that the original fliers for this made it look like a Klan rally, with graphics design for the event  provided by Rahm Emmanuel and Donna Brazile. (Which, like seeing a rattle on a snake, let most people with any sense know to stay the hell away).
But you fixed that, toned it down, and tried to continue on with a rally to do...heaven knows what.
And now the entire event has blood on its hands.

Even if, someday, somehow, it comes out otherwise, the correction for that will not be issued by ABCNNBCBS, and the papers will put it on page D54, next to the foreclosure notices.

And you got the President, who you probably nominally support, in the position of hammering you for this shit. You've just provided rent-seeking douchecanoe Morris Dees and the SPLC with a tsunami of cash, starting now. And you've given real federal agents every reason to look at every frame of video, and start files on every person they can identify, and start infiltrating your groups, tapping your phones, and watching you like Al Qaeda, for the most noteworthy piece of domestic terrorism all summer. Usually it takes someone named Bundy to organize this many monkeys trying to copulate with a football; either Al on TV, or one of the clan from Bumfuck Gulch in NV in real life. But none of them are available this time.

Well-played, fucktards.

And what did you accomplish, before it turned into Death Race 2017?

Thought so.

And why do it in the first place?

Because the bunch of you were too stupid to learn the lesson most of us got from our parents when we were five years old:

Don't play in the street.

(Pray that God loves you, and they find out this was another nutjob Bernie supporter who pasted WhitePower stickers on a stolen car, and who had a multi-year blog crush on every Leftard cause since Lenin. Because if not, it's going to be a long, hot summer, all the way to Christmas.) 

Nothing Much

This is either going to be a nothing day, or something unexpectedly big will happen.
I'm betting on "A".

It's summer, it's beautiful beach weather outside, and I've got the day to enjoy it.

You should probably go enjoy yours.

Friday, August 11, 2017

There Are Only Two Genders: Men, And Not-Men

                 Stick to pin-up calendars, not combat, ladies.

Washington Examiner link : warning : auto ad-spam one, exactly, another attempt to infiltrate the SEALs by the estrogen-burdened gender commandos has failed:
A woman aiming to become the first female Navy SEAL officer quit about a week into the initial training, Task and Purpose reported Thursday.
The unidentified female candidate dropped out in early August during a three-week course in San Diego that began July 24. It was the first assessment of potential SEAL officers before they can be sent on to more grueling courses, according to the website, which cited "multiple Naval Special Warfare Command sources."
Two women, whose names were not released to protect their privacy, entered the famously difficult SEAL training program this summer more than a year and a half after the military allowed female troops to serve in combat roles.
The candidate who dropped out was enrolled in the Navy SEAL Officer Assessment and Selection program. If she had completed the program, she would have faced an officer selection panel and the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL program, or BUD/S, a six-month training course for the elite special operators.
Ensign Noload Couldnthackit couldn't even make it through a week - a farking WEEK! - of pre-BUD/S, which is merely a warm-up and conditioning program to get SEAL candidates barely prepared for the actual horrors of First Phase BUD/S training, which is actual SEAL school. So the chicklets are still 0/0, lifetime, and can't even reach the front door. How apt.
My compliments to the BUD/S Officer Selection and Assessment folks, officer and enlisted, for not greasing the standards to slip in Ensign Wannabee.

So, as only 30 years of military physiological studies, all human experience, and the testimony of hundreds of male and female military members have predicted, G.I. Jane was nothing but the pre-literate fap-dreams of Hollywood scriptwriters with a fetish for dominant women. In real-life, G.I. Jane turned out to be Private Benjamin. Thank heavens she figured it out before she got herself and her teammates killed.

Turns out the bell was mightier than the vagina.

So after how many attempts can we stop feeding the imaginary beast that women can cut this gig?

If women in the services want equality, there's a simple way to get it: eliminate the female PFT/PRT readiness standards, and have them pass the service-wide male tests. We can discuss what to do with the softball-team sized contingent we get each annum at that point, but combat won't even be on the table.

Until they're ready to walk in the door and stay in on a level playing field, they're nothing but Special Snowflakes who've been molly-coddled for half a century of social experimentation, and it's time to end the joke, and quit playing SJW games.

The boss isn't amused.