Friday, September 28, 2018

What...? Where...? When...?

From Sal the Agorist, the Eric Clapton of memery, via Borepatch.

We re-post this, because we recognize when we're in the presence of greatness.

"Ridicule is man's most potent weapon." - Saul Alinsky


RSR said...

ICYMI: "Communists Planning Armed Insurrection on Twitter"

Aesop said...

They're still a joke.
They won't stay stupid forever, but 99% of them won't live long enough to wise up.
And their references are 40 years behind the times, and well-known to COIN forces, including most of the people they'd be playing with.

They're going to mount a lot of suicide operations, and be one-shot Paddy, then take one in the neck.

Better yet, the kneecap; and then everything they know, you know.
CallOfDuty is lot less fun when you're bleeding out the knee, pissing yourself, and screaming at the pain.

They will lead short but interesting lives, come the day, and they've already overlooked that it's too late to "hide in plain sight".

They can't help blabbing on social media, and the data's been collected on them going back years.

They're gone by week two.

The time for the games they think they'll play was to start planning for it five to ten years ago. When most of them were in grade school.


Lee Van Queef II said...

RUMINT is select comrades in Austin Red Guards or whatever stupid larp-name they gave themselves were interviewed by professionals with regards to their accelerating end-of-life issues.

SIGINT: Been awfully quiet on the AK-toting tranny larp front in Austin recently.

Lee Van Queef II said...

Rabbit Boiler's nickname in high school was reportedly "Blowsey." Has anyone counted the number of personalities she affected just during her testimony? Her connections to the CIA?

The two play actors that cornered Senator Flake were clearly acting, maybe the entire encounter was rehearsed with Flake himself.

I will be keenly watching every play, every announcement, every move in this game. We're going to see who is really on Team Forgotten Man.

Stealth Spaniel said...

Flakey, the crustless quiche he is, wants to be loved & adored by the Globalist Citizens crowd. He never met a back down that he couldn't mount. And that is his winning point! It was almost like a seance when CBF was testifying. She kept closing her eyes and conjuring up more spirits to banish the naughty boy whom she actually wanted to fuck. I thought she would've done better if she had a crystal globe or a oija board. At least those props are known to all.