Thursday, September 13, 2018

It's Not Sexual Harassment When Women Do It

Looks like Florence isn't the only thing blowing her way through Camp Lejeune.
Turns out Sgt. Hotpants was looking for a few good men.
"Trailblazer" becomes "tail waver".
Who didn't see this coming?
(MCB CHICKEN RANCH) Remedios Cruz joined the Marine Corps in 2013 as a supply clerk. One year later, she completed infantry training, and in 2017, made history when she became one of three females to join 1st Battalion, 8th Marines at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.
Now, Cruz is awaiting separation from the Marine Corps after pleading guilty to maintaining a romantic relationship with a subordinate.
Cruz, 26, eventually married the person, who was a lower ranking Marine in her unit, according The New York Times.
“The biggest mistakes I’ve made in the infantry were from my personal relationships,” Cruz told the Times. “I really want to move on.” 
Cruz was reduced in rank from sergeant to corporal and restricted to the base after pleading guilty to fraternization as part of a broader plea agreement. The commanding general of 2nd Marine Division will now decide if she will be forced out with an other-than-honorable discharge, according to the Times.
Hey, that's great. After all the hoopla to force-feed this stupidity to the Corps, she's doinking a subordinate (or more) in her platoon within less than a year, court-martialed, and facing OTH discharge. Exactly as expected.

Because that couldn't possibly have been forseen  by making infantry platoons co-ed, and what harm could there be, say in combat, when everyone knows that Sgt. Hotpants is getting the weiner from one particular subordinate, or several, especially when assignments, duty rosters, or combat patrol assignments are being handed out?

Notably, now that we've proven for the 4,000th time since this silly stupidity has been tried that biology works, none of the people that crammed this nonsense into being are around to tell anyone why it's still not the most asinine thing ever attempted in human history.

Well played, SJW douchecanoes. And don't worry, mothers of America. The sergeant is taking good care of your little boy, if one value of "talking care of" is in a porno movie sense.

And nota bene, she was quoted as noting her problem was "relationships", plural.
So Mr. Hotpants wasn't her first dalliance, just the last one before she was caught.
And nobody's talking about those other ones. How...convenient.
With her out of the platoon, morale is low, and the troops will have to go out and find dates in town again. Nice of the Marines to start issuing each platoon its own camp follower.
Combat Barbie© meets Debbie Does Dallas. And Steve. And Mikey.

And hey, look, she blew through the ranks (pardon the pun) making it from recruit to sergeant in less than 5 years, and back a step, with good prospects for going all the way back to PFC: private fucking civilian. (In her case, literally!) At least now we can have a pretty good idea how that happened, just like it worked for a lot of women in the Corps 30 years ago. Biology is a constant. So too, institutional stupidity.

Imagine how all the men and women she passed up with those promotions will feel for the rest of their service, knowing they might have made rank too, if only their heels were a little rounder, and they'd been willing to put out when out of uniform as well as in it. But don't worry, all that talk about women in the military destroying morale and discipline on a much wider scale was all just a big, evil patriarchal smokescreen, right? I'm sure the Marines passed over to favor Hotpants will keep their mouths shut, suck it up, and not let it affect anything else for the rest of their time in the service. And no one would ever emulate it, seeing how well it worked for her, right? Right.

Firing squads should be in order for everyone from 2014 forward who initialed this project, from the SecNavs and Commandant(s) to her immediate enlisted supervisor.

But don't worry: no generals or other officers anywhere in the Corps resigned in protest.
Because it's not just an adventure, it's a job.

"Your whore,
my whore,
our whore,
the Marine whore! Oohrah!"
- #PoundMeToo

They should ditch the eagle in the Eagle, Globe and Anchor emblem, and just substitute the Playboy Bunny. Award the Expert Prophylactic Badge in boot camp. Back in the day, every time we got the big weiner of crap duty, we always joked the motto should be Semper Fuckus. Now we know we were right.

Sleep tight, America.

Women do not belong in combat arms units, and in most cases, with a few limited exceptions, they do not belong in the military.
But TPTB are going to keep on playing with fire until this idiocy fills body bags.


Anonymous said...

Yep. Saw that in the air wing back in the 1990s. Love triangles in the avionics shop...

dmv gringo said...

This BS is something that dogface land
is better at than the Corp.
Especially when it comes to the number
of junior soldiers passed over for promotion
to NCO.
Losing out on earned stripes to
some slot fucking the right senior enlisted,
living the life of Riley and skating everyday.

Stealth Spaniel said...

How many times have I said that women do NOT belong in the US Military? No.Not now.Not ever. Period. End of sentence. If my country is in trouble, I want Legions of FXXking Vikings shooting guns, plowing with tanks, and in short-acting like a GD terrorizing force. I do not want Pink Barbie and her friend Black Barbie trying to figure out which end of the stick goes boom. They should do that on their own dime in the bar.

Dinochrome One said...

I agree. Back in the eighties at Adak (AK), the sex ratio was 60M/40F mainly because Adak was the only sea-duty available for women. In spite of condoms and birth-control being handed out like candy, the pregnancy rate for single females was 25%. When the young sailorette was far enough along, she boarded the weekly baby-flight to Anchorage and NEVER returned. This was especially hard on the technical workcenters, because the sailorette might have had a critical job-code and no replacements would be available for several months if ever. This was a lesson the Navy didn't learn; since then, they've been mixing up crews on combat ships with completely predictable results.

pdxr13 said...

Dinochrome One " This was especially hard on the technical workcenters...".

My experience exactly in the USAF. Good unmarried tech who "happens to be female" gets orders for RoK or remote Alaska PMEL and tests pregnant shortly thereafter (orders cancelled, light-limited duty, little-to-no impact on career track). Good married tech who "happens to be male" expecting a baby gets those orders and plans to go or do hard time+loss of pay/rank. Over and over, again, with impact on readiness falling on single well-behaved "dorm rats". They say policy "It's for the children" (when it's actually for the convenience of single females slutting or whoring their 20's away).

Gotta love how cute some of the xxs-xs females are in uniform, you could just put them in a big coat pocket. They don't eat much and can crank out as much (or more!) paperwork than the big guys. WAC's used to do this, on a parallel command/promotion path (as it should be, won WWII).

The Gray Man said...

Women should not be allowed in the military at all. I'd estimate that at least 85% of the soldiers getting in trouble at any of my units were black females. In my current unit, when looking Article 15 numbers, that number stands at 100%.

Also, implement a swim test for every branch. Go out on a combat patrol and cross a rickety Afghan bridge over a river that's 6 feet deep and have a man fall in. If he can swim, you get a good laugh. If not, you have to get him out asap.