Thursday, September 13, 2018

Welcome To You Bet Your Life

We called this one correctly Saturday morning.
We doubled down when the bogus arrest affidavit was released Tuesday morning.
We filleted calls that "maybe she was telling the truth" Wednesday morning.
With the last bit now, this makes this case a grand-slam slam-dunk.

30 y.o., 5'3", with a badge, a gun, and an attitude.

Absolutely zero surprise on this, and huge kudos to commenter Nemo for the DailyMail story link:

1) Officer Amber Guyger's bullshit story was that the vicitm's door was "ajar" at 10PM when she entered.

Oops. The UK DailyMail has a video that shows that all the doors in the complex are on automatic closers, and if let go they automatically close and lock.

Ignore most of the additional crap added by this version;
the first 55 seconds are all that matter.

So that would be perjury for Officer Guyger. And she's now a documented liar.
Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus is the legal guideline on such things.

2) The apartment numbers are lit up by blazing white lights, in letters 2" high, right next to every door in the complex.

Wrong door
Killshot's door.

And, exactly as described by witness, there was a big red doormat outside Not-Her-Door that should have been a major clue, had this been "just a terrible accident".

Officer Killshot's door
Dead victim Jean's door, with red doormat. Flowers are recent additions, obviously.

But wait! There's more!
The neighbor, who lives two doors down from cop Amber Guyger, 30, but asked not to be named, said he did not believe the petite blonde would have been able to force her way in.
Pointing to his own heavy metal door, the same as both Jean's and Guyger’s, he said: ‘These are fire doors. You can’t really leave it open.
‘The key situation too – you can’t get into any place, you can’t. It’s impossible. You can put it in but you can’t open it.
‘You can put it into somebody else’s key hole but you can’t open anything. This key isn’t programmed for my door – if I put it in, nothing happens apart from this red light.’
With no signs of forced entry, and the "it was ajar" now pure fantasy bullshit, the only way the door opened, was that, exactly as neighbors related, Killshot Guyger pounded on the door, and when Dead guy victim Jean opened it, she drew and shot him.

Because, she claims, she "thought he was a burglar".

And now for the closer: can also reveal that Guyger had made noise complaints about Jean, 26, to the building management in the days before his death.
Her neighbor, a Hispanic man in his mid-20s, said she had been cross about him making noise early in the mornings.
He said: ‘She filed a noise complaint earlier on in the day which said that he had been making noise before she leaves for her shift.’
The family lawyer Merritt confirmed his account in an interview with CNN, telling the channel: ‘The only connection we have been able to make is that she was his immediate downstairs neighbor.
‘And there were noise complaints from the immediate downstairs neighbors about whoever was upstairs, and that would have been Botham.
‘In fact, there were noise complaints that very day about upstairs activity in Botham’s apartment. Botham received a phone call about noise coming from his apartment from the downstairs neighbor.’

Motive. Means. Opportunity.
Not a terrible mistake.
Not some guy she had no connection to.
But rather, the guy upstairs pissing her off and ruining her beauty sleep.
Multiple (unresolved) complaints.
Settling an ongoing grudge, because big badge and big gun.

And it seems she "neglected to mention" that ongoing little detail of life, the universe, and everything during her after-incident Come-to-Jesus debriefing. Which shows again, consciousness of guilt, intent to deceive, and deliberate attempt to hide an obvious motive, and a hitherto unknown connection to the guy she murdered. Prosecutors love that shit. Even when it's a cop. Juries too.

In legalese, it's called mens rea: literally "guilty mind".

It means when you do things crooks do, like lie about what happened, you've just put your head into the noose of being a crook.

She was Officer Respect Mah Authoritay, he wouldn't keep it down to suit her changing shifts, so after this shift, she went to his door, beat on it until he opened it, brief words are exchanged, and she draws her gun and kills him.

Like she did.

And BTW, the apartments are right next door to DPD HQ. So her drive home was apparently about 60 seconds.

Murder, first degree: pre-meditated, with malice aforethought.

Stick a fork in her.

If Texas needs someone to put the IV in when she gets the needle, I'll pay for my own airfare, roundtrip.

This lying bitch is a cold-blooded killer.

And the DailyMail is HQ'ed in flippin' London, England, and they pulled this together in a day or two, but the Texas Rangers, right there in Texas, couldn't figure any of this out before they recommended a bullshit manslaughter charge???

Somebody at the Rangers needs firing, or Chuck Norris' boot roundhouse kicked up their ass.
Or, just for the novelty, discipline them for incompetence, and demote them.
Actually prosecuting them for accomplice after the fact would be nice, but they probably need to be dragged back to reality kicking and screaming, so I suppose small steps are indicated. Six months patrolling BFTexas back roads, on graveyard shift for six months, after a month home without pay, would be an excellent start.

This CNN video from Tuesday

shows a brief clip of Guyger in uniform on her cell phone after the shooting. The one she didn't use to call for back-up when she supposedly found her door "ajar", with a possible burglar inside, at her apartment (50 yards from the Dallas PD police station she had just left, and from which she could have expected 5-10 cars for back-up in about 2 minutes, had she called 911, like she would have done if on duty.) I had assumed from pictures that the 4th floor corridor was fully enclosed, but obviously, it's open to the ground. Possibly not just at the point where she was filmed.

So my additional question is:
We're supposed to believe she couldn't tell the difference between being on the middle (3rd) floor, where she wasn't, and being on the uppermost (4th) floor, where she was, from her car to the door in question, when it sits another 10' higher above the ground??
Who, besides Stevie Wonder, can't tell the difference between the middle floor and the top floor in a 4-floor apartment building?

I'm betting anyone who went to the South Place apartments, and filmed two videos,
1) one of the route she would normally take, and
2) one of the route she took that night, from the point of driving in and parking on the wrong floor, and from there to the victim's door
it will show pretty conclusively that her claiming to have "made a mistake" would require her to be either catatonic, or blind. Which her subsequent marksmanship that night would tend to belie.

Or else, lying her ass off to cover a squabble with an upstairs neighbor that turned into a murder. Which she's already been caught lying about in multiple ways, from the moment it happened.



Allen said...

The investigating officers should be strung up with her. One glance at the doors and the apartment number lights should have been enough to go "oh crap this is bad, but we gotta do it, you are under arrest for murder..."

G-man said...

Neighbor's comments about the red light on the doors indicates that they're likely on some sort of electronic system. If that's the case, it's probably elementary to dump the time logs. Officer Triggerhappy gets home, enters her abode with a corresponding timestamp. Being irritable, she hears noise from upstairs and goes upstairs to 'fix' the problem. Pounds on Mr Deadguy's door, which he opens... without any corresponding electronic timestamp, because the door was opened from inside. Her story is thereby factually debunked as the complete bovine excreta that it is. Talk about a slam-dunk case...

Aesop said...

The DailyMail story includes the manslaughter arrest affidavit, which states explicitly that the keys include a chip-specific opening mechanism.

Doubt there's a timestamp, unless elsewhere in the building, but that would be another log on the bonfire she needs to be tied to.

This whole case was the kind like True Believerwhere the easiest way to sort it out, I figured from 1500 miles away, would be to simply walk the route she took, with video, and see what matches, and what doesn't.

Turns out it's exactly as bullshit as it sounded, only more so.

The noise complaints is what's going to hang her.
She deliberately left that out when testi-lying, which again, shows consciousness of guilt, and trying to conceal obvious motive.

She needs dead, after sentence in open court.

Anonymous said...

Upsetting that the Texas Rangers are part of the Blue Wall now.

Upsetting but not surprising.

This whole thing stunk to High Heaven from the beginning. This has not improved the scent.

Mark D

Aesop said...

Hence my extreme disgust and displeasure.

I know there are good people out there doing the job.
Just from the law of averages.

I'd just like to see some independent verification once in awhile, ideally not every other leap year.

Badger said...

Hey Dallas. Just think of the OT you'll save not having to attend the party that the 'hood will throw (along with rocks, incendiaries, etc.) for the town whether you want to come or not.
Do the right thing & own it.

Anonymous said...

Any police force or prosecutor who acts as a Blue Wall should automatically be charged as an accessory.

Tactless Wookie said...

I live in Dallas. I am ashamed (but not at all surprised) by these shenanigans. I cannot wait for the party the hood rats throw at a later date. I've prepared accordingly.

There are a lot of good officers in the DPD. I know some. They are just as disgusted. Chief Diversity Hire does not impress them.

If there are indeed timestamps on door entry and she went home first only to come upstairs and 'splain things to Mr noisy neighbor she's toast.

Although honestly I think she's hosed. A good lawyer for the family with a good investigator will sniff this poop out.

dmv gringo said...

The Rule of Law is long dead in America.
Please don't shed crocodile tears when
the murdering shit is acquitted on all charges.

Aesop said...

It won't hurt my feelings, but it's their city that's going to burn if they try to pull that.

Anonymous said...

But, but,

HE had WEED, Isn't that a capital crime?

Aesop said...

And DPD executed a search warrant on the dead murder victim and then leaked the result to the press...why, exactly?
I'm calling BS, they probably planted the weed, but he could have been rolling kilos for distribution, and this was still first degree murder by butthurt cop-chick.

MMinAR said...

Further, witnesses reported loud banging on the door which means of course it wasn't ajar.

And also reported, after the gunshots, a man was heard to say, OMG, why did you do that?

Probably his last words.

Pretty effing unreal.

Anonymous said...


Up here in Minneapolis Minnesota, the cops did the same thing to Justine Damond after Mohamed Noor shot her while she stood in her pajamas. It must be SOP to try to find anything to impugn the dead victim.

I thought you were overstating the problem in your first post. I was wrong, you were unfortunately correct. Heartbreakingly and infuriatingly correct.

Aesop said...

Sucks for me too.
But I just apply common sense and logic to the facts at hand.
It seldom fails.

idahobob said...

Should be in jail, NOW, and charged with murder!

lineman said...

Yea do you think we would of been out on bond if we did that...I don't think so...

Anonymous said...

Jail? Forget prosecution and jail. She should be quartered and thrown as bait to the sharks. The same for her accomplices behind the blue curtain. I'm normally a law and order guy, all for due process but what she has done is so grossly careless then to lie about it in a manner unworthy of any imaginative construct of a five year old that all the reasonable mind can fathom is she did all the above with deliberate malice. Even now, with so much heat from the public, her buddies continue to look to find how she may escape the consequences. Surely she thought there would not be consequences for her actions.

So, to the chopping block, literally, then to feed her and her ilk to the sharks. It is past time to again set examples.

Anonymous said...

I know there are good people out there doing the job.
Just from the law of averages.

There are a lot of good officers in the DPD. I know some. They are just as disgusted. Chief Diversity Hire does not impress them.

But they're still on the force, and they're still covering up for the bad cops on the force.

There are no "good cops."

Henry said...

"Oops. The UK DailyMail has a video that shows that all the doors in the complex are on automatic closers”

I’m old enough to remember when the United States of America had people called “investigative reporters” who would actually go to the scenes of events and report on things like this, instead of writing a daily screed about what a baby-eating monster the president is (visionary messiah, if a Democrat) and then Ubering home to a well-deserved Jagermeister and Diet Dr. Pepper.

Now, apparently, we need the Brits to investigate American crime scenes for us, or at the very least, print the American evidence that Americans won’t print.

Mark Matis said...

Don't be too surprised about the fraud, corruption, and treason in the Texas Rangers. Never forget that they "investigated" Twin Peaks:

There are no "good cops". Or more accurately, the only good cops are dead cops.

And the same holds for the "Legal" system.

capt fast said...

there is a rational explanation for the manslaughter warrant. prosecutors go with the charge that is a slam dunk in court. murder one in texas evidence has to be air tight. yes, a jury could be talked into murder one, but then they may not. manslaughter now is a done deal with the level of evidence. wait an find out if she asks for a plea deal. that would be eye opening for a lot of blue suits in dallas.
you got to prosecute when the trust is violated like this. got to. because not doing so you end up with blue suits with the cloak of invulnerability wrapped around the badge. even if not convicted, they must face the jury. must, the public trust demands it.

Aesop said...

Yeah, and they could get a slam dunk conviction on unlawful discharge of a firearm within city limits too, but that ain't the reality.

Book her for murder one, and if the jury decides it's only murder two or manslaughter, so be it.

Calling this an "accident" is pure horseshit, and everyone can see it from 50 yards off.

As it is, anything less than a public beheading is going to buy Dallas riots last seen in Watts.

And they deserve it.
If Joe Average had done this, he'd be Bubba's new girlfriend, and looking $500K bail for at least Murder 2, if not Murder 1.

Ofcr. Killshot deserves exactly the same love as that.
She went there on purpose, pounded on his door off-duty and in uniform, and killed the guy making noise upstairs.
There was nothing "accidental" about any of this.

sofa said...

yet, the "good ones" dont police the "bad ones". seems like collussion, gang behavior. hmmmm

sofa said...

test of failed justice system: does it even receive signals from reality, or is it so insular that the blue wall is all that matters?