Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Breaking News: Newest Kavanaugh Accusers Come Forward

I'm not absolutely certain, but I'm pretty sure I win the Internet for the day.


Irish said...

I think you missed one.

I'm not sure which one and I can't think of any others and no one can

corrobate that you did miss one, but you did. So NO, you didn't win

the internet and you don't get a cookie.

Aesop said...


MMinWA said...

All I can say after not recognizing quite a few of those memes is that you're a lot more culturally plugged in then I am.

Badger said...

Let's just cut to the chase:
The snake in the Garden of Eden was really Brett Kavanaugh.

RDB said...

Yes, you win the webz today. And I'm going to forward these on to others!

On another matter, I was just reading that the WHO thinks the conditions are right for an Ebola outbreak/spread of Ebola in the Congo. They offered no data in the article I read, but it made me think of your last blog post several weeks ago. Any thoughts on this matter or are you waiting for further info before commenting again? Thanks.

Tactless Wookie said...

A, Winner or not you made me spit monster all over my desk!

Cleanup in cubicle 429 cleanup.....

SecessionIsTheAnswer said...

Hey Mr. Aesop:

As should be clear to all liberty-minded folk on your blog, the insanity on display by our government, media and related co-conspirators continues unabated by any principals of ethics, liberty or basic rule of law. You and I disagree on the outcome of this, in my opinion the USA is done, at least based on its founding concepts, constitution & BOR, it's simply a question of what comes next.

But we do agree on being prepared, regardless of the outcome, so when you have a bit of time, since this is in your wheelhouse, I would like to solicit your input/thoughts on the latest updates on TCCC published in Aug 2018.

There are not a lot of major changes, but noticeably one of the main areas of update is the tension pneumothorax treatment.

They are now recommending moving from a 14 gauge to a 10 gauge needle. That's going to leave a mark! Plus the 5th ICS in the AAL is now preferred over the 2nd ICS in the MCL. That makes sense to me as folks often have chest gear/plates that can get in the way. They also discuss doing a 2nd CDN but right now I don't have 2nd CD needle in my IFAK kits. Add them?

They go into some discussion on finger thoracostomy if the CND's fail to improve the patients condition. However since I don't know jack about what that is, I am not adding that to the process till I can get some training/info on wtf that is.

There's a bit of discussion on the use of the newer? vented chest seals. I have to look into what the newer seals offer over the current stuff I have.

For my family, each member has an ifak, then each vehicle has a slightly larger trauma kit - basically an ifak on steroids, and then we have a large med pack in each house. Some of the blogs have discussed adding a pulse Ox monitor - so I can see maybe throwing these in the vehicle kits and home med packs. Are the commercially available ones good to use?

Regarding tourniquets, I have slowly moved from the sof-t to the cat-t gen7 models, primarily due to the 1-handed use capability, but now I am hearing about the TMT tourniquet. From what I can read about it, it seems to be a good development & advance of the tourniquet. Definitely seems much easier to use/deploy plus 1-handed use seems improved. Your thoughts?

Any other issues you think important, your thoughts/suggestions are appreciated.

It still sucks that non-med folks can't pick up IV equipment and fluids due all the gov't bs. So that's a problem, but I get stuff where I can from med folks I know that believe in liberty and self-sufficiency. Get good training -this stuff should be basic knowledge we all have!

Aesop said...

Answer Key, esp. for Common Core grads:

1) Robert E. Lee
2) Abraham Lincoln
3) Capt. John Smith, RMS Titanic
4) "Nessie", AKA Loch Ness Monster
5) Amelia Earhart
6) Eleanor Roosevelt
7) actual Hitler
8) Marilyn Monroe
9) Pres. JFK
10) Pres. LBJ
11) Hanoi Jane Fonda
12) Tricky Dicky
13) Jimmy Hoffa
14) NASA
15) Chairman Mao
16) Elvis
17) Emperor Palpatine
18) J.R Ewing on "Dallas"
19) Madonna
20) Captain Kirk
21) Anita Hill
22) Saddam Hussein
23) Fat Bill
24) Monica Lewinsky
25) Al Sharpton & Tawana Brawley
26) Rodney King
27) OJ
28) Princess Di
29) Gollum
30) HopeyDopey Obozo
31) Harry, Hermione, and Ron
32) Chanty Binx
33) Mattress Girl
34) Deadpool
35) Prof. Melissa Glick
36) Shrillary
37) Meuller
38) Sen. McCrazy
39) killer cop Amber Guyger
40) Cos

And I stopped at 40 out of mercy; I had 60 more on deck, incl. one of Eve blaming Kavanaugh for providing the apple. And of Adam blaming him for providing Eve.
As it was, Imgur accused me of being a spambot. Twice.

Pity the US Senate doesn't have that sort of minimal protection.

And FTR, all 40 of the above accusations are more credible than anything since the hearings closed the first time.

Other issues in comments are noted, and will be dealt with later on.
But looking at my post count for the month, this will be it today, depending on whether I'm called in to work, and because I'm pretty damned proud of myself for today's act of digital terrorism, and don't want to bump it off the front page today.

Also kind of happy about this, and links on both Remus' Woodpile Report and WRSA, all on the same day.

Thanks for watching. More to come momentarily. Until then, enjoy this 'un.
Best Wishes.

Sam L. said...

You win the internet uip to now. Later, well, maybe we'll talk.

Moggy said...

Fantastic stuff!

BlogDog said...

Brett Kavanugh turned me into newt!

I got better.

Aesop said...


Vince said...

I do not break into guffaws often, not easily at any rate. This one took the wind out of me from laughter :))

Angantyr said...

hate to point this out, but on OJ's I think you mean "Ex-Wife" not "Ef-Wife"

Irish said...

Aesop. 4chan may have catfished Stormys porn lawyer Avenatti.


Aesop said...

No idea what you're talking about. ;)
Nice catch.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Brett Cavanaugh's role in the Great Permian Extinction.

Angantyr said...

"Don't forget Brett Cavanaugh's role in the Great Permian Extinction."

Damn! Also he caused that meteor to hit that killed all the dinosaurs, too! And shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and personally led Japan's 1st Air Fleet in the attack on Pearl Harbor, as well, and even dropped the bomb that destroyed the USS Arizona and caused the USS Oklahoma to capsize!!!

Elmo said...

"I'm not absolutely certain, but I'm pretty sure I win the Internet for the day."
FWIW, you've got my vote.

Actually, all it took was the Sharpton meme. The rest was just gravy.

pyrrhus said...

The Patriarchy is evil, so you're evil, so Feinstein has asked to tell you that you're under arrest....

Jim Scrummy said...

Just effing PRICELESS!

SpicewoodJoe said...

Aesop : Thanks for making me spit coffee all over the keyboard, needed that laugh.
The hysteria from these knuckleheads would be comical if brain dead voters didn't keep pulling the wrong lever.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aesop;

Yeah you did with that last bunch, LOL