Monday, October 1, 2018

Sal the Agorist Strikes Again

h/t Borepatch

Sal the Agorist, on his worst day, is worth a division of infantry, minimum.

And as Borepatch points out, Brassy Fraud's GoFundMe page is approaching 7 figures of kickback money for sliming the nominee.

Usually you have to funnel money to Bill and Shrillary's slush fund to score that kind of vig on a deal.

And BTW, Sal's been on fire all week:

And the cherry on the cake:

Sadly, only to be replaced by another douchebag, but at least she'll finally be gone.


In other news, Irish reports that not only are Brassy Fraud's yearbook pages being scrubbed from the 'net, so is the site that broke the story, which we told you about earlier.

Cult of the 1st Amendment: Memory-holed and scrubbed.

Big Brother Loves You.
"I'm shocked! Shocked, I say!"
Revenge Of The Jedi: You Can't Stop The Signal. You Can Never Stop The Signal.


Old NFO said...

Odd that... Sigh...

RSR said...

Irish's blog is down...

CW Buff said...

Captain's Journal blog site is down, too.

Aesop said...

I'm looking at Irish's blog, and it's been running fine all day.
Check your comms.

Captain's Journal appears to be having server issues.
It flashes the "Under Maintenance" page error.

Night driver said...

they can scrub all they like, but, the feds have TOOLS and scrub is like simply hitting "Delete" on YOUR computer if they WANT the data they GET the data.

Badger said...

Another blogspot location gone? Aesop, can you inquire of them WTH is going on as to the convenient vanishment? (no shock, that none of the cucks in the Senate wanted to bring THESE yearbook pages up).

Aesop said...

Another site has the Brassy Fraud yearbooks:

And I grabbed copies of the relevant pages myself, in case that one goes away too.


Wayne said...

Thanks Aesop. Cult of the 1st Amendment is archived at the Wayback Machine,, for now.

Badger said...

Outstanding. #1 son recently gifted me a BFD (big frickin' USB drive) and I've pondered as to its employment, since most stuff I have runs a tad faster straight from the current drive. I'm going to carve out some space there & occasionally archive some relevant stuff (complete html record) because the ultimate owners of these sites are beyond trusting. In a forest they'd simply be hauled off a ways from camp with an e-tool and...