Sunday, October 1, 2017

Yada, Yada, Yada...

Surprising, well, one, jihadi invaders in both France and Canada are up to their usual daily efforts.

FFS, this is what they do, going back 1400 years or so. It's the reason they were impaled on poles by Vlad the Impaler, it's the reason they were met by armies at the gates of Vienna, it's the reason the Hagia Sophia is a mosque with minarets instead of an Orthodox cathedral, it's the reason everyone in Europe sent a fleet to Lepanto to send them to the bottom of the ocean, it's the reason Ann Coulter said we should "invade their countries, kill their leaders, and convert them to Christianity" after 9/11, and it's the reason everyone with more than shit for brains argues for keeping them in their squalid, nasty little goat-fucking baby-raping shitholes of the world, and shoots the fuck out of them given the slightest hat-drop of provocation, just on general principles. Not, manifestly, including France, Canada, or the prior pro-jihadi-in-chief president here.

No, seriously, just exactly that.

Stop trying to reform them, and teach them basic humanity, and just start killing them all until they get tired of being dead, and then get back to me.

We dealt with religious fanaticism once before, and after a couple of mushroom clouds and firebombing about 97% of their civilization to ashes, they had an epiphany of religious revelation, and they're generally considered some of the politest people in the

Pop a nuke apiece on Mecca and Medina, let them know that you'll do another city for every one of these "incidents", and start rounding up the ones here, and send them all back where they came from, for cause, and this ends, forever, in about a minute.

Try the other way, and this becomes the daily drumbeat in the West, the one that never happened ever, not once before 1968 or so.

Look up who shot Bobby Kennedy, and why. Look at virtually every current conflict in the world from Gibraltar to Manila. And if you still can't figure it out after 40 years' non-stop evidence from your own lying eyes, you're merkeled, so fuck you and the horse you came to town on, because you're too stupid to live anyways. You're not even a victim, you're a volunteer, and I hope it hurts when they saw your head off.

Like they will.


Anonymous said...

I am a female Army brat and my dad would have annihalated thousands of these inbred retards, followed by a steak dinner and then slept like a baby at the breast. My mother would have flipped the switch too since she had very strong maternal instincts and was an Okie.

loren said...

Spent a few days in the Utah wilderness with an ex Ranger. Among other things he was in the Black Hawk Down incident. Took a SAW into battle with 600 some rounds and another 50 carried by each of the rest of the squad. He returned with 20 rounds left.
Think he did his part.