Monday, October 16, 2017

No. Just No.

In response to any amount, type, and repetition of Earnest Mystical Hand-Waving Attempts to tell me the wizards of the YouTube/Internet Collective Brain have sorted out that the Vegas shooting had to be accomplished by a belt-fed .30 cal.MG, pulled from the same genius that brought the Warren Commission the Magic Bullet Theory, write this down on your hands with a laundry pen:

You (and the other people trying this game on YouTube, etc.) are taking a video (or any 50 of them, because if one bag of fertilizer doesn't avail, a truckload might?) from hundreds of yards from the source, coming from a source embedded in a multi-acre wall of glass, and passing over another multi-acre concrete open space, (ignoring the hundreds of barriers, structural walls, and, oh yeah - a wide-open concert-quality sound system with open mics, rebroadcasting the rounds and all those source sounds and echoes passing in proximity over amps and speakers stacked high enough to rebroadcast their sounds over that same multi-acre venue - let alone not just ricochets, but serial sonic cracks of rounds that haven't impacted yet passing on both sides, overhead, etc.) and telling me that there are no echoes?

Mirabile dictu.

From a notional 600RPM source flinging 10 supersonic projectiles per second in the direction of the exact crap microphones in question. Which may or may not have been pointed 180 degrees out from the source, being on the opposite side of the camera, which neither you nor I nor any number of notional angels dancing on the head of a pin know for sure, but whilst their owners clutch the cases in deathgrips, trip, fall, run, bounce off of pavement, barriers, etc. sufficient to soil 20,000 sets of underwear, and trample some 400 of their peers seriously enough to require hospitalization. (Silently, perhaps?)

If only I hadn't spent two decades watching boom guys on production sets levitate $1K+ microphones over actors at ranges of 2-25 feet with the skill of surgeons, just to capture simple spoken dialog cleanly and without any sound artifact, at a spoken word rate far lower than 600 wpm, and feed it to guys whose sound package alone would buy hundreds of cell phones, and likely more cell microphones than the total present at the entire venue in question, to know whereof I speak here...)

Were these magic gunshots? Perhaps the laws of physics ceased to exist on this video. Maybe the person using this cellphone purchased it from the same guy who sold Jack the magic beanstalk beans. And maybe grits on your stove cook faster than anywhere else in the entire grit-eating world.

The volume, pitch, fidelity, and fifty other medium-induced artifacts and variables are precisely the point at issue with an abysmal-quality microphone that consists, in most instances, of a single 1mm hole in a plastic case, with their low-fidelity pre-bastardized product digitized and compressed, then uncompressed, then uploaded, then transmitted, until played through your speakers or mine, with any nameable range of audio fidelity.
And compared with audio from similarly audio-crap videos on YouTube, under the same parameters.

Do this math for me:
Shit x shit x shit x shit, compared with shit, played over speakers ranging from quality ranging from 0 to infinity (where 0=shit, and infinity equals pristine clarity) = __________?
a) shit
b) diamonds
c) magic diamonds
d) I don't understand the question
(Caveat: I may even be understating the number of shit multiplications in the first part of the problem by a factor of 2 to 5 times. Cheers.)

I'll reduce the equation for you:
belt-fed .30 cal machinegun

Solve for all variables.
Show your work.

And you're convinced, because what you hear "sounds" right to you.
Because, for reference comparison, you have extensive experience with the sound of an actual belt-fed .30, fired at you from several hundred feet above you and hundreds of yards away, from a multi-echo location, to a multi-echo location, amidst screams, panic, chaos, etc., as you seek cover while in fear for your own life, and it sounds exactly like the shit squared squared crap audio on the clip, with epic levels of non-quantifiable changes before arriving at your eardrum.

From which you're going to extrapolate caliber, cyclic rate, and exact type of weapon, and simultaneously excluding every similar type of weapon of any other caliber (which would run to several hundreds of possible exemplars), based on yours/YouTube's extensive experience and sound catalog of every other weapon extant, since the year Gatling worked out the cranked multi-barrel carriage gun, and simultaneously rule out any possibility of it being any one of 20+ weapons in the room, with or without bump-fire stocks.

Because the audio quality of the video is so bad is doesn't capture any anomalies, just the exact phenomenon you're advocating.

And all this minor series of miracles absent any corroboration like expended links, piles of 7.62 brass, slugs, video or eyewitness testimony reporting seeing any given shooter firing this weapon (or weapons).

Let me sum up your case:
It's true, because biblical levels of reasonable doubt, times magic, and trust you, and lack of evidence proves the correctness of the original assertion.

Got it.
Thanks for playing.

See if you can guess my response, sitting in the jury box, as you give your closing argument.

Seriously, tell me you work in a call center in Mumbai, and don't do anything where your grasp of physics, science, math, technology, etc, might be responsible for anyone's life or livelihood. Let me attempt for you a small example from my world.
This is a standard hospital pulse oximeter:

When it's properly applied, working correctly and a number of potential error-inducing problems* corrected, it tells me and many other professionals
a) your pulse rate
b) how much oxygen is flying around your bloodstream.
*(Keep your finger in that spot. I'll be coming back there.)
But not, Gentle reader, by me reading that number on the remote screen, does the number on the screen = Truth.
How does it work? The probe shines a red light on one side through your fingertip (earlobe, neonate's foot, etc.) and a receiver on the opposite side sees the received light, counts the rate of the waves as it changes, and via analysis of the color of light received, calculates the amount of oxygenated hemoglobin racing through your veins and arteries, and derives (by way of more math and science than you need to know) your heart rate and what amount of oxygenation of your tissue that equals.
*Unless (I told you we'd be coming back here)
Someone is moving the probe - like you tapping your finger.
Or me tapping your finger.
Or someone doing CPR while bumping the hand it's on.
Or you're wearing nail polish of any of various shades.
(Ask me how I know all these are true.)

What happens when you don't correct for that?
You get a reading of a good pulse and normal oxygenation on a corpse. You get a reading of dead on a live person. Or anything in between. (I can tap on one with no patient, and get readings in the normal range from absolutely no patient at all. That does not, thereby, proves the existence of ghosts.)

How do you fix that?
You look at the monitor, and see if the pulse ox waves match the heartbeats.
You look at the patient, and see if they're pink, awake, and talking, versus blue-lipped with crossed eyes and not breathing.
You wipe off their nail polish.
You stop the probe from moving.

In short, you treat the patient, not the monitor, because you don't try to pull an elephant out of your ass based on A SINGLE PIECE OF POTENTIALLY CORRUPTED DATA.

You brighter folks, tell the less-bright why extrapolating a particular machinegun from one single datum, in this case one or more sound recordings, of hugely dubious accuracy, unknown and suspect fidelity, and therefore little utility, might therefore be slightly left of retarded on the IQ curve. If that doesn't work, try a bigger Wand Of Truthiness until the problem resolves.

Those of you with new lumps on your heads:
Your abacus fingers are not fast enough to do the calculus which answer you claim to be pulling, from parts of anatomy better left unnamed.

I'm sorry if logic annoys you, but I'm simply telling you, Orville and Wilbur, that no matter how many rubber bands you wind around the propeller, you will not ever get your pig to fly. And strapping rockets to the pig will not overcome the problems with aerodynamics, but you will splatter bacon much farther from the site of the inevitable smoking-hole failure of subsequent attempts.

Like trying to teach a pig to whistle, you're wasting your time, and annoying the pig.

Most depressing part of this post: knowing that now, another dozen jet-fueled geniuses will redouble their efforts on YouTube, and the Internetz.


The Gray Man said...

I thought it was only 40 watts. Anyway...

The people yelling about .30 caliber machine guns have likely never touched a .30 caliber machine gun. They're distracting us from that ACTUAL crazy shit that PROBABLY IS taking place, with some MADE UP crazy shit that is NOT taking place.

What's the ACTUAL crazy shit taking place? Basically, if you look at everything we've been assured of by the "authorities", we have absolutely ZERO story to go by here. We are once again sitting at square one, having been moved several times to several different FAKE square twos and square threes, only to have those end up being PROVEN FAKE, only instead of us still being at square one, it's a square one where we are waiting for the people who have already proven themselves to be idiots and liars to move us to the TRUE square two.

I have no faith in them. The only way this story starts to make any real life sense is after you've added a little bit of "crazy" conspiracy shit, like the guy was a defense contractor at one point or the guy's airplane is now owned by USI. Stuff like that.

But the .30 caliber machine gun crowd? Stop. He didn't NEED a .30 caliber machine gun. What he did, you can do that with 5.56 rounds. Hell, now that the dust has settled, I'm probably a cold bastard for saying this...

He didn't actually kill THAT many people considering his advantages. He was a millionaire, for God's sake. He wasn't an idiot. Imagine detonating McVeigh's Ryder truck on the strip. THAT would have been a lot of people.

This act, this mass murder... It's a message.

So what's the message?

Aesop said...

That's kind of exactly the problem: until you know who actually did it, and why, there is no message.

All we're left with is noise, bloodshed, and victims.
And opportunists drawn to try and bootstrap their own message into it, like moths to the flame.

loren said...

The take away, besides knowing you have a list of insults a yard long at the ready, is can we trust the Government to tell the truth? Seems it's a resounding no. Sad really.

Cavalryman40 said...

I still believe the message is "guns are bad, and they have to go" As to what faction of the greater D.C. Swap is behind this. Who knows?

Dianna said...

So, though we are still in the headless chicken phase of public comment (because the facts won't stay nailed down, which makes me deeply suspicious), we can still eliminate silliness via logic, math and physics.


RSR said...

AKMs in 7.62x39 and M240s are about the same cyclic rate. It has been said that AKs were in the room (don't know if LE has actually verified though)... And that would explain that cadence most cleanly... I still think the cadence angle is fair; however, agree that attempting to assign a specific weapon is silly.

I also agree with you that wounds do not seem to support a 7.62x51 belt fed weapon being used, from both increased accuracy and damage perspectives. I do hear bassier sound notes of either an AK or AR10 in some of the audio, and we know AR10s were in the room.

All that said there's still an ~5% likelihood that a helicopter was somehow involved... There are a variety of machine gun helicopter rentals from shooting f/a AR15s to mounted machine guns. And helicopters rentals as well abound in Vegas. More likely than not, any helicopters in the vicinity were coincidental, but nevertheless an angle that should be pursued... And would imagine that they probably don't shoot at night and would be far enough away from the strip to not have their audio picked up during the shooting.

And we still don't know what other things/places/people received gunfire during the shooting. What's been confirmed that I've seen have been the concert, the airport fuel tanks, and a police car responding to the concert... Knowing where all fire was directed will help to account for all plausible scenarios, some of which now might seem absurd...

Insofar as two shooters, I don't know how one shooter could expect to accomplish everything he allegedly intended to, monitor the hallway, and expect to escape on his lonesome. That proposition is as equally absurd as some of the more complex "conspiracy theories" in my mind...

Aesop said...

Closer to nine yards. But no, we can't, nor should we, trust the government.
That's why we don't stamp that on the coinage. The idea would be absurd.
I'm suspicious of them on a good day, and after they bungle a simple explanation for going on three weeks, they now merit the regard for competence one would give any other Volkswagen full of clowns.

Some factions of government think guns are bad, as ever, mainly as a means to disarm everyone. Even that doesn't presume they sponsored the incident. That's just their opportunism showing, as they dance in the blood of the victims.

Yes, exactly. You're welcome!

The list of possibilities in this incident is still wide open, because basic facts continue to be not forthcoming, and logical conclusions one might draw are continually undermined by the few facts which do dribble out.

The utter dearth of explanatory evidence is telling: the clowns are running the circus, and doing it as clowns will do. They have done nothing to satisfy anyone but a casual idiot that anything they assume to be true has any basis in fact, supported by anything but their own incompetent supposition.

If Paddock were alive now and hadn't been found helpfully dead in the room, and denied culpability, based on the evidence shared so far, his chances of acquittal at trial based on a reasonable doubt would be better than 50/50, without the defense doing anything more than denying the charges and pointing out a lack of any motive. In short, he'd be set free based on nothing more than application of Occam's Razor.

16 days after the incident, that bespeaks a monumental incompetence on the part of TPTB.

Cavalryman40 said...

Aesop, while I agree with your statement about some people in Government being opportunists and will jump on this to get rid of the guns. I also believe there exists a group of people with far more sinister motives. I look back at least the last 20 years or so, maybe even farther back, at everything that has happened in this country. Mass shootings, 9/11, Middle East wars that can't seem to be won. (Think about this, the most powerful, best equipped, best trained military in the history of the planet) has been bled out for 15 years trying to seal the deal on a bunch of 7th century savages) and when I look back on all of this, a common theme seems to surface. No matter what happens, the country is going to be worse off financially, and the American people are going to lose some freedoms and privacy in the deal. Add to that the current manufactured. Cold civil war currently taking place. It sure seems to me that there are some people that have the power to make things happen, and manipulate public opinion who don't want to see this country remain the was it was. Or, maybe I am just a certified tin foil hat wearing nut.

Cavalryman40 said...

Sorry for the typo, the last line should read. "Don't want to see the country remain as it was"

RSR said...

Matt Bracken shared this to his facebook today, definitely a kook source, but the facts regarding the Area 51 transit appear to be solid as do the facts of several recent airplane crashes at Area 51... No idea if this dude actually has access to Russian intelligence however, so remain skeptical -- but something other than concert, airport fuel, and police cars would seem to better align some of the many loose ends on the scenario...

"Originally working under the hypothesis that the CIA perpetrators of the Las Vegas massacre planned to blow up these massive aviation fuel tanks in order to effectuate their escapes while total chaos rained down upon this city to save the thousands of people locked into the concert zone, and that US police authorities confirmed Stephen Paddock was intending to do, this report further details, SVR intelligence analysts began to radically modify this assessment yesterday after reviewing Kosmos-2410 satellite photographs taken of the Las Vegas McCarran International Airport on the morning of, during the afternoon, and through the evening of 1 October.

Though not known to many of the American peoples, this report notes, McCarran International Airport is home to one of the most secretive airlines in the world whose aircraft hangers are adjacent to these massive aviation fuel tanks targeted by CIA gun runner Stephen Paddock, and is known as JANET—that stands for “Just Another Non-Existent Terminal”—and who, on the evening of 1 October, had two of their Beechcraft Super King Air aircraft readied to depart Las Vegas with their destination being Area 51—which is a highly classified remote detachment of Edwards Air Force Base, within the Nevada Test and Training Range—and that according to the CIA, the correct names for are Homey Airport and Groom Lake.

SVR analysis of surveillance intercepts and satellite images of these two JANET aircraft, this report says, shows that they were due to depart from Las Vegas enroute to Area 51 on 1 October at 22:30 (10:30 p.m. local time)—but for reasons not known, were placed back into their secure hangers at 21:37 (9:37p.m. local time)—barely 30 minutes prior to the massacre beginning.

With the SVR first believing that the JANET aircraft ready to depart Las Vegas for Area 51 on the evening of 1 October was part of a normal shift rotation of workers, subsequent analysis revealed them to be planning to board a high-level Pentagon group of officers and scientists investigating the most mysterious crash ever recorded in US history—and that claimed the life of one of the top military test pilots in world, US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Eric Schultz.

On 5 September, at approximately 18:00 (6:00 p.m. local time) a mysterious aircraft piloted by Colonel Schultz crashed killing him in Area 51—that was followed, barely 24 hours later, with an additional two A-10 military aircraft crashing there too—but whose pilots survived."
Click through for full kook (towards end of read) assertions being made from this, but above excepting SVR-derived claims seems to fact check out based on public sources:

RSR said...

For less kook Doug Poppa has a great series on the LV shooting. Poppa's a former LV Metro cop and investigator for MGM among other LE roles during his career:

Transcripts and such used highly by him vs other media. He references recordings so perhaps some local supplied, etc, from police scanners... Definitely worth keeping on your radar.

From his reporting we know cops had reports of multiple shooters in many locations during and after fire from Mandalay, police fired at least one weapon inside of Paddock's room, police used private Battlefield Las Vegas armored vehicles which may or may not have had mounted machine guns at the time in response to the shooting, Mandalay Bay 9:59 timeline was put into a company report after the shooting by a person for unknown reasons, gunman still firing when police reached the 31st floor but police weren't sure if gunman was still in room when reaching 32nd floor a few minutes later, that if Campos called in gunshots as alleged police should have been aware of location of 16-17 minutes before they were, etc.

A Texan said...

"You brighter folks, tell the less-bright why extrapolating a particular machinegun from one single datum, in this case one or more sound recordings, of hugely dubious accuracy, unknown and suspect fidelity, and therefore little utility, might therefore be slightly left of retarded on the IQ curve. If that doesn't work, try a bigger Wand Of Truthiness until the problem resolves."
Someone a lot smarter than me once said: "It is hard to win an argument with an intelligent person, but it is impossible to win an argument with a stupid person." The reason being, of course, that the stupid person will never admit to new facts or a better reasoning process - they are simply stuck on stupid. That, I believe, explains why just about every single event of any importance or notoriety devolves into a conspiracy-fest. It is just about stupid.

Along those lines, Einstein was reputed to have said, "There are two things that are infinite: the universe and human stupidity...and I'm not entirely sure about the former."

A Texan said...


"That's kind of exactly the problem: until you know who actually did it, and why, there is no message.

All we're left with is noise, bloodshed, and victims.
And opportunists drawn to try and bootstrap their own message into it, like moths to the flame."
I agree with Cavalryman40 that the message is "gunz r baaaaaad."

Here's why, IMHO:

As of the minute before this massacre started, this was the situation:

1) We are slightly north of 400 million guns in the hands of civilians in this country, and growing by roughly 15 million/year;

2) The Leftists just lost the Presidency and, thus, the Supreme Court (and other federal courts, but that'll take some time to come to fruition);

3) Donald Trump will not sign any anti-gun legislation, in the rather unlikely event that the Republican-controlled Congress would even put something like that on his desk;

4) The ammunition shortage is over (signified by the fact that you can now buy .22LR off the shelf at Academy Sports, and Wallyworld has no more limits on purchases), so people are resuming stocking up in earnest;

5) More people are getting carry licenses every day, growing the number of gun owners and, thus, political opponents to the gun grabbers/Communists; and

6) The unlicensed manufacture of weapons (particularly AR-15 variants) is really beginning to skyrocket. Just about anyone can buy an 80% receiver, buy a decent jig, use a router or cheap drill press to make it a 100% receiver (unregistered ANYWHERE), make it a complete lower with a cheap kit available online or at any gun show (and many sporting goods retailers) for cash, and then buy an upper for cash.

So, from the standpoint of the gun grabbers/Communists, things were REALLY getting out of hand here, so SOMETHING had to be done...and, hence, our latest massacre. Add in the display of dozens of rifles with big, scawwy, magazines and lots of ammunition, and the "gunz r baaaaaad" meme just writes itself.

Cavalryman40 said...

One problem with his theory EG&G or is it URS I can't keep track anymore that has the contract to run the operation has no hangers in Las Vegas. The Aircraft themselves are owned by the Air Force. And I have to believe that if the CIA was behind that, they would have known they would need a lot more than a 7.62 round to light those tanks up. BTW they are not the only source of fuel on the field. I can believe that maybe someone convinced the shooter(s) that they could shoot those tanks and get away. But someone would have had to know it wouldn't work. They can't be that dumb.

Aesop said...

Don't confuse what Paddock or someone(s) else was trying to accomplish with whatever the Leftard gun banners want; you have no causal link between the two, just naked opportunism in action.

Avoiding that leap until it's a walk on flat ground is what separates tin foil from rationality.

Anonymous said...

P.T. Barnum is credited with the saying: "You always sell the sizzle, not the bacon". The sizzle seems to be Paddock and guns are bad. Paddock was as "stable" as anyone knew. The incident casts suspicions on "stable" gun owners. True, this so-called investigation would be better handled by the Howard Bros. Private Detective Agency (those old enough will know the reference). The bacon? That is not yet cured and ready for consumption. The "bacon" is still waiting for final preparations. I don't think (and "think" is the weakest part of forming a hypothesis) that this operation went anywhere near success for the perpetrators. Something or someone screwed it up. Maybe it was just that the operation was handled by a new "whiz kid" in the business and he/she screwed the pooch.
What we have seen from these ops is the push for more "common sense" gun laws. We, who have been around since JFK got in the way, know that "common sense", in the end, means a total ban and total confiscation. Although the JFK op had many goals and gun control was a minor byproduct. RFK, and MLK just added to the push while accomplishing other political goals.
Terrorism is just an extension of the political machine no matter where it is used. Nations use it and so do organizations and gangs and individuals. Some ops are handled much more adroitly and adeptly than this one. Some are just out and out shitstorms.
It happens. Nobody is perfect all the time. Even our very own "whiz bang" kids.
Now, as far as why things are happening internationally the way they have been going for say,oh, the last 30 years is due to a group who have been dubbed the "neocons".
Ladies and Gentlemen! Here, for your viewing pleasure is (fanfare) The Project for a New American Century,aka PNAC:

and please do some research on your own and open your mind because, like parachutes, the mind works best when fully open and deployed.

The Gray Man said...

My off topic submission: CNN says all whites are supremacists, and my intermittently sarcastic input.

RSR said...

Good report on Area 51 crashes and McCaran being a transit hub for workers:

RSR said...

Campos likely an illegal immigrant w/ shared SS #:

Loomer also posted a denial letter from a public information request to state of NV to ask if Campos was registered/licensed security guard and received a refusal to provide info due to privacy reasons response -- see her twitter.

Mandalay/MGM implied today that it is in touch w/ Campos:,amp.html

Which if all correct means that MGM was employing unlicensed, illegal immigrant labor as security guards, which will result in tremendous civil liability exposure... So why is MGM keeping Campos sequestered/why of Campos disappearance?

Lastly, someone else claimed to be staying in the 2nd, adjacent room that had its window busted out:

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder why we aren't hearing from EVERYONE else who was staying on the same floor. Someone must have been in a room. And didn't the ad hoc 'swat' team say that the delay was them evacuating the floor?

Where are the endless selfies of the folks that "missed getting killed" by the 200 rounds down the hall? Where are pics of "all my stuff is shot to hell?"

You'd think there'd be at least a couple....


Anonymous said...

Not to change the subject but could our esteemed host do a post concerning the Hepatitis A outbreak in San Diego?

Aesop said...


Yeah, funny how nobody on 31, 32, or 33 that night has come forward with that story.

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

Sorry, couldn't resist.

@Anon 8:27P
Sure; it's up.

RSR said...

@Cavalryman40 -- Agree and actually giving some thought to the airport angle, I think if the profile of Paddock is correct, he would have brought more gun than a .308... A .300 win mag, .338 lapua, .50 bmg for instance w/ someone of his means and profile should be expected.

For one, the fuel tanks were at ~650 yards (once accounting for elevated position), so .308 would not have reliably ignited tannerite at that range if the tannerite was intended for such a use... And if the target was in fact the Area 51 hanger/planes/personnel then more gun would most certainly be needed to have any measurable effect...
Further, there are several more suitable locations to attack the airport than from the Mandalay... So that dog doesn't hunt unless a second shooter is found to have been in a location closer to the airport and firing on the airport from there...

And lastly, there are incendiary rounds that will ignite heavy fuels so until we know what specifically was found in room, one cannot be certain on that...

RSR said...

@Aesop - floors below should announce evacuation, but as posted previously w/ photo of mandalay under construction, there is concrete between floors, but not between rooms with exception of pillars like where in photos of paddock's room.

Also, Campos and Shuck (building engineer) did their first interview on the Ellen show today...

RSR said...

*Campos said that this show/interview would be his ONLY public comment... And neither Campos nor Shuck accepted any compensation, so someone is paying them to tell the story they want told in the way they want it told (the MGM?)...

RSR said...

How did Campos put on 25+ lbs in 8 days since Oct 10?

Oct 10:

Ellen on Oct 18:

Better visuals in video interview:

RSR said...

Poppa had an article re: Campos before the Ellen interview; some good info there but some wrong info too...
Of note: Campos was not in the Mandalay employee database when searched a day or two after shooting; he is not licensed with the state of NV; his car tags appear to be expired and attached to a Corvette that's newer than a 2005 model (and a 'Vette on an hourly security guard paycheck!?); and he has a shared social security number...

"There are no guards working on any hotel property in Las Vegas, however we do have security officers. Security officers have been killed and wounded over the years in Las Vegas in the line of duty.

Another myth dispelled. Security personnel do not have to be licensed through the Nevada Private Investigator Licensing Board if they are being employed directly by the hotel casino. If a hotel contracts their security out to another company, then yes in that case they would have to be licensed through the PILB. So, his name would not be on any list at the PILB.

Campos is an “illegal immigrant working illegally”. I shouldn’t even have to justify that comment, but here’s why that’s not true. MGM Resorts International as other properties do, conduct thorough background checks on all applicants. I know, I was an investigator for the MGM and a director of security and investigations at two properties thereafter. So that’s another ignorant remark floating around the ether.

Campos has been criticized because he backed out of several interviews on Oct. 12 with CNN, NBC, CBS and Fox’s Sean Hannity show.


Did anybody ever think that maybe he was told by MGM not to speak after they realized it was a risk management blunder to allow Stephen Schuck, the maintenance engineer to be interviewed on NBC’s “Today” this past Tuesday.

Employees are not allowed per company policy to talk about any company business with the media unless they are authorized to do so.

A relative of Stephen Schuck told the media that his interview was arranged by MGM Resorts International through a public relations agency. MGM Resorts International declined to let Schuck speak out to local media.

Why any corporation would allow any employee to speak to the media, specifically with the magnitude of this case and possible civil actions is beyond me. Attorneys will rip apart every single word you said during any interview when you are being deposed.

If Campos was my employee, I would have him recuperating somewhere out of public view, all expenses paid.

It’s ludicrous to think that the LVMPD and the FBI do not know his whereabouts. He is a material witness in the worst mass shooting in American history.

I’m more concerned with why he was unarmed, as reported. I can’t imagine what would have happened had the gunman opened the door and chased him down the hall and Campos was unable to protect himself or other guests that could have been in the area. Most likely they would all be dead."

RSR said...

Matt Bracken shared the above article and in the intro posted this:
"I watched Wayne Alyn Root on NewsMax last night, and he was all over this topic. He said he has had security officers and even supervisors calling from Mandalay and MGM, and they said there are a lot of problems with security that MGM does not want publicized, for fear of the eventual mega lawsuits. For example, the security officer radios are crummy, and the building is full of dead spots. Also, they confirm that there are no cameras in the hallways or stairwells, only at the elevators. (So another shooter might have escaped unseen, and there will be no way to ever know.) Back to the crummy radios, and this might dovetail with the shifting timeline, Root said that according to his sources, Campos was shot six minutes before the massacre, but was unable to call it in due to the crummy radio and/or being in a hotel dead spot. Being wounded and possibly pinned down by fire, he couldn't move to a place with better radio qualities. Eventually he used his private cell phone to contact security, but this took time. The "conspiracy" involved in the case might be to keep quiet how incompetent MGM management was. For example, the Mandalay security had no quick response team or protocols for a critical incident like the massacre, just call 911 and hope that SWAT comes."

Wayne Allen Root's website that has quotes from alleged MGM security employees:

RSR said...

Poppa also summed up the Ellen interview's key takeaways:

"Questions that were pertinent to the timeline were not asked. Nothing about time or timelines was even addressed or mentioned.

What we were left with was more questions in what has been one of the worst public relations nightmare for both the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and MGM Resorts International.

It was a rehearsed publicity stunt. It was apparent that DeGeneres was briefed before the taping of the show, which occurred on Tuesday. She tossed softball questions and perhaps there is a reason to why she did not press with hard questions.

MGM sponsors DeGeneres’ slot machines on their properties. In November 2014 MGM Grand Detroit became the first casino in the gaming market to offer the Ellen’s Dance Party Video Slots and The Ellen DeGeneres Show Featuring 12 Days of Giveaways Video Slot. Both games contain original voiceover work by DeGeneres.


The remaining few minutes of the show, nothing pertinent except when DeGeneres says, “So you’re not talking about it again and I don’t blame you.”

All the key questions that should have been asked were not. We are left with even more questions.

The question wasn’t even raised when or if they heard the gunman shooting for ten minutes into the crowd. Campos and Schuck didn’t even mention that.

The timelines are still questionable and the radio traffic from the night of the shooting doesn’t fit with the statement that MGM Resorts International released last Thursday.

Why it took so long before the police dispatcher was advised that the shots were coming from the 32nd floor, are still unanswered.

What about the SWAT officer who fired his weapon. What were the circumstances around that. What’s the big secret there?

The LVMPD interviewed Campos right after the shooting. Then it was reported that the FBI had to re-interview Campos because the timeline didn’t fit.

Two-and a-half weeks since the worst mass shooting in United States history and we still don’t have a straight answer from the authorities.

Is this investigation being focused on who might be at fault civilly? This battle of the six minutes is going to fall either on MGM Resorts International or the LVMPD.

The press should scrutinize everything the LVMPD says from this point forward. Why should we believe anything at this point? I want to see the evidence they have to back up what they are saying. And that goes for MGM Resorts International also.

Is this is a case of what a tragedy; we have heroes, the shooter is dead, no one to prosecute and let’s just sew the whole thing up and forget that it happened?

RSR said...

Good summary of Laura Loomer Campos investigations:

High points not already covered, all from link above:
"His neighbors haven't seen him in a few days. No "Jesus Campos" is registered as a guest at any MGM properties on the Strip.

And while calls to his listed telephone numbers continue to go unanswered, Metropolitan Police Department spokesman Larry Hadfield said Campos is "fully cooperating with the investigation."
MGM said Campos is on paid leave while he continues to heal, adding that he has access to counseling options "that are available to all employees injured in the shooting." "

"According to True Pundit "sources", the pre-recorded interview was vetted by MGM, and Campos's gag order has now been reactivated. As they put it, "No one on the MGM or FBI side wants Campos seriously cross examined by actual journalists or attorneys. Hence, the armed guard parked outside his house. He is the glue holding the FBI's flaky narrative of the shooting together. And it is certainly flaky." "

"Officer Larry Hatfield, a spokesman for the LVMPD, contends that Campos is not missing, but rather just hiding from Loomer's hard-hitting journalism. "Let me put it this way," Hatfield told WND, "If you were getting bombarded by media attention from people like Laura Loomer, it's your choice not to disclose your location." "

"Yesterday, Campos's union president and "media handler" David Hickey's house and office were allegedly raided by federal agents in a federal corruption and racketeering probe. The union has a history of corruption; True Pundit lists 15 criminal actions against the union going back to 2006."

Cavalryman40 said...

I keep hearing persistent rumors of at least one other shooter being on the ground somewhere in the area between the Tropicana and the concert. And I still have to believe that there was more than one shooter in the room. Why two broken windows?

Cavalryman40 said...

I agree with a lot of what you are saying. As far as a 10 year old Vette sitting in Campos's driveway, and him being only a security guard, I wouldn't read much into that. The buy here pay here lots around town are full of them. A pay stub, a checking account, $199 down and $99 a week will get you one. They are all over the place. The pseudo high rollers love them and 10 year old BMWs. Hell the janitor in my office drives a 2004 BMW. When it breaks down he can never afford to fix it. LOL

RSR said...

Cavalryman40 @ 1:47 - I've heard the same. Also heard reports of one police officer at the concert shooting into the crowd. And what was the circumstance of SWAT firing on entering Paddocks suite...

Any sort of herd the crowd plan would have required co-conspirators. And to monitor the hallway plus rain destruction on the crowd really required two persons as well... Plus the two windows.
So 2 windows, one door/hall, and the car full of tannerite would put it at 4 people minimum. Add someone to pick up the car driver of the tannerite and presumably some sort of getaway vehicle at the ready would put it at 5. If Paddock was a patsy, then that would be 6...

Aesop disagrees, but I also think audio, more likely than not, supports multiple shooters as well... Certainly cannot say audio proves just one shooter.

RSR said...

Calvaryman @ 2:04 - I live in a border state so get that vehicles are available financed and often without gov't ID, etc... But that car has expired tags, allegedly the model year of vehicle in driveway is newer than 2005 (saw somewhere but not a 'vette expert), and that he seems to live with his parents realize it is an attainable asset if financed... That said, he was on the job for less than 6 months and probably had a worse and worse-paying hourly job prior to. He's also quite young, so not a lot of working life to bank $... Probably nothing of note, but expensive assets/fancy toys for co-conspirators/criminals is quite common. Wonder what types of cars other folks in that neighborhood drive.

Dude does look like he's put on over 25 lbs in a week though, right?

His story and circumstances as a whole don't line up with what's expected and that's the bigger point I'm making...

Linda Fox said...

Thank you, thank you!!!!!

I'm an asthmatic, and every time I go into the ER for a respiratory problem, I get one of those oxygen measuring devices. They have rules for how low the numbers go before they jump me to the head of the line. Every time, I tell them that anything less than 95% means - for me - that I'm in serious need of treatment.

If the triage nurse is sharp - some are, some aren't - I'll get properly treated. Otherwise, I'll be sitting in the ER, and being told that my problem will just have to wait.

A few times, I've had to be admitted for a few days, all because they didn't listen to me about something I've had years of experience with.

The same thing with any probe/measurement instrument - the data is only worthwhile if:
- the operator is well-trained
- the test is repeated at a separate time (such as 15 minutes later), just to verify that its reading is correct
- the person using the equipment is aware of the things that can throw the reading off
- the equipment is properly calibrated (or, if a patient, their records are available, and compared to the reading)