Thursday, October 19, 2017

Vegas Security Guard: Finding Hunky Dory

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"Stick to the Company Narrative, or wake up in a ditch in the desert, okay mojado?"

So despite Campos coming out on MGM mouthpiece Ellen's show, it was just one MGM employee telling another MGM employee that the company is great, and everything there is wonderful. It's pretty transparently a tissue of happygas to try and stave off 22,000 lawsuits against MGM for a bottomless payout for lax to non-existent security at the Mandalay Bay Resort when the shooting happened.

As published by Gateway Pundit, Wayne Allyn Root has the inside scoop on the problems from the horses' mouths, i.e. security personnel for MGM properties including Mandalay Bay:

*MGM security personnel are “undermanned, underpaid, under-trained.” That’s a quote direct from security supervisors.
*My sources say because MGM is heavily in debt and desperately trying to save money, and because executives see security as a department that “produces no profit,” MGM made decisions to savage the security budget.
*Most of MGM security is disarmed. Only supervisors have weapons. And they are in their offices, or the control room. If there’s trouble, they are far away, leaving unarmed guards unable to defend guests or themselves for long periods of time. Guards feel helpless.
*There is a petition at this very moment from MGM employees demanding guards be armed because employees do not feel safe at work.
*Security guards are so upset they are planning to unionize at every MGM property, all at once, in the coming days.
*My MGM security sources believe MGM security guard Jesus Campos is a key part of this mess. There are many questions that need to be answered about Campos.
He’s the only witness to the worst mass shooting in U.S. history and his only interview EVER was with a comedian (Ellen Degeneres) whose show is sponsored by MGM and who makes millions with her own slot machines at MGM casinos? MGM has just made things worse. They are digging the hole deeper.
*Media critics have asked why Campos was sent alone to the 32nd floor? Because of budget cuts and severe understaffing, MGM guards are almost always sent alone on calls.
*MGM has lots of guards on the casino floor, but often has only 3 guards on duty for thousands of guest rooms. Unarmed guards.
*Many critics have asked after Campos was shot, why were police not called quickly. My sources say calls to police are ALWAYS a last resort at any MGM property. They never want police involved. They want no public record of incidents at MGM properties.
*Secondly, they report MGM security has cheap, faulty equipment. Their radios are the worst problem. They often don’t work, or suffer “dead zones” all over the hotels. Campos may have been unable to reach his supervisors for crucial minutes. He may have been forced to use his personal cell phone.
*Contrary to public perception, there are no cameras in hallways. And none in the stairwells either- meaning a shooter could quickly escape to the street without video images.
*High Rollers like Paddock are treated like untouchables. Security personnel cannot question them for fear of being instantly fired.
*Paddock studied Mandalay Bay. He knew the shift change times. There is a shift change at 9:59 PM. That’s why the shooting took place around 10 PM. It’s a time of mass confusion.
*Incredibly, MGM security has never been trained for mass shooting, or terror attack scenarios.  No one had any idea what to do. My sources say they still don’t.
*MGM has no TAC team. Wynn has a TAC team. Wynn has been training for a mass casualty scenario since 2015. MGM is just starting that training now.
*The timeline for the shooting is not easy to establish. Yes, traffic on MGM radios (when they work) is recorded. But it’s very hard to retrieve and piece together accurate timelines.
These aren’t my opinions or observations. MGM’s own security supervisors and employees painted this picture [in] vivid terms. It’s an eye-opener.

1) So, the guards are unarmed. So what? Off the casino floor, the last thing guests should have to contend with is Paul Blart, neo-Nazi mall cop, with an MP-5 on his shoulder.
2) That nothing but the elevator landings is camera-covered is a given; no casino wants to be fighting off divorce attorney subpoenas for cheating husbands and hookers coming and going from here to eternity. Duh.
3) That MGM cut security to save $ was stupid, but typical of corporate management. And it bit them in the ass. So gravity works.
4) That they have no active shooter response plan, despite months of warning that ISIS, etc. was targeting the Strip for an incident, is typical, but recockulous. But none of their plan would nor should involve anything in active response but calling the LVMPD ASAP. And those guys were so fuster-clucked it took them 20 minutes to find the right room, across the friggin' street. Somebody from the PD at the concert could have jogged it in under 3 minutes, if they'd had any clue which floor to go to.
5) Radios that don't work in a resort that size? That's a firing offense for whoever was in charge, after the obligatory well-earned flogging. Marconi invented the damned things decades ago, and getting good radios is mainly an exercise in ordering them, once. I'm pretty sure Motorola is in the phone book.
6) MGM is no more responsible for this shooting than the state highway commission was responsible for the guy that hit you. They were security-incompetent assclowns, but the onus for lack of timely response falls pretty squarely on LVMPD, and to be fair, initial crazy-ass reports had everything on them but aliens landing at Caesar's Palace, with Elvis doing a quick set from the spaceship door.

Key point:
The bigger issue is that three weeks later, MGM, the LVMPD, the Sheriff, and the FBI together can't lay out one, single, coherent bombproof timeline of what happened from 9:45PM until 11:30PM, and account for who, what, when, where, and why everything happened that fits all the data points together without any glaring gaping holes in the narrative.

Either they're all severely mentally retarded, or a coherent factual accounting of events leads to revealing information and knowledge that TPTB don't want the peasants to possess, and would open them all to some screamingly huge counter-questions.

And whatever it is, is so big it's worth deliberately buggering the mass shooting of 197 and the deaths of 58 people to maintain and service that cover up.

Draw your own conclusions what could possibly worth that amount of fudging.


Anonymous said...

Several possibilities. NONE of them good.
It's getting creepier by the day - and it was obviously VERY creepy to begin with...
Boat Guy

loren said...

", the last thing guests should have to contend with is Paul Blart, neo-Nazi mall cop, with an MP-5 on his shoulder."
More likely Jesus Campos in today's America with a Glock and I'd not let them, or Paul Blart carry that either. Cops are bad enough but armed "security" with room temp IQ's is a law suit waiting to happen. Lawyers care a whole lot more about that than any guest.
Of course the MGM doesn't want any more info out there. Neither does your lawyer want you to make a statement to the cops. Can only go worse for them if he does. Going on the douche bags show was the best possible solution for them. Campos too. Just what do you think the conservation was just before those scheduled interviews was? Campos is set for life.
As to a conspiracy by the powers that be; I'd go by Occam's razor.
Just plain incompetence with a dose of getting back home safe is the primary duty of today's cop. I've a close relative who's in a SWAT and that's exactly the mission statement.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he didn't plan on shooting at the concert at all until it was over and everyone began filing out. That would give him enough time to get set up, get his car from the valet, park it with the trunk full of ammonium nitrate with a tannerite cherry on top adjacent to the fuel tanks. Then haul ass back up to the sniper's nest to set off a colossal AN/FO explosion via spray and pray at the tannerite. Then use the scoped .308's to pick off as many survivors as possible before Zebra team comes knocking.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Hollywood has finally taken over the investigation. What a relief!

RSR said...

Allegedly the MGM casinos did start active shooter training last year:

RSR said...

The Tropicana armed escort during the shooting was allegedly to confiscate security camera footage that would have had sight of both concert and Mandalay Bay:

Video at link above:
"As chaos and blood flowed on the streets of the Las Vegas strip, a SWAT team was sent by the FBI to the Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel and Casino to secure and confiscate their surveillance footage of the massacre

VERO BEACH, FL (TruNews) While gunshots were still being fired on the crowd at the Route 91 Harvest Festival from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay, a seven man team, led by an FBI agent, tactically and expeditiously moved through the casino area of the Tropicana toward the hotel's primary security office.


According to a senior law enforcement official involved in the investigation, the seven man team was comprised of one FBI tactical officer, standing in the back left of the formation, and six officers from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department who were drafted last minute for this impromptu raid.

Their mission, according to the senior official, was to secure the video footage being captured from the Tropicana's south facing external surveillance cameras, which were recording an unparalleled high definition view of the massacre from beginning to end.

The Tropicana hotel is approximately 2,100ft from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay and under 1,000ft from the center of the concert area where the majority of victims were shot on October 1.

Cameras placed near the top of the Tropicana's southern most tower would have had an unobstructed view of Steven Paddock's room while he was firing on the crowd.

Regarding the two additional individuals seen in the back of the police formation in the Tropicana, the senior official confirmed they were employees of the hotel, and that the bag the man in shorts was carrying contained between $2.5 and $3 million in casino chips."

RSR said...

Mandalay Bay hotel may not in fact have door alarms, so why was Campos there?

"The former security guard, who worked there in the early 2000s, questioned Lombardo’s statement that Campos was investigating the open door alarm.

“There was no alarm system for opened doors when I was there,” he said, speaking on the condition of anonymity because he was not allowed to discuss security issues. “You know how often people would have to call hotel guests if that was the case?”"

Aesop said...

That last I personally find the fishiest story so far.

I'm in Vegas myself every coupla years to attend the SHOT Show at the other end of the strip, and there are no "door alarms".

So that whole piece of explanation sounds more like testi-lying. Which begs the question of WTF Campos was doing right outside the door the moments before the shots started to begin with, and who else was too, and about the obligatory ten other questions proceeding from that.

My point about the sound is that it doesn't support anything, because that pooch is screwed from the start. You don't find footprints in the snow behind a snow blower, and you don't lift fingerprints from a car sitting in the sun all week during the summer. Cellphone audio is crapola. As I suggested elsewhere, get pristine full-sequence audio from the concert microphones, and analyze that (and not by a YouTube jet-fuel genius, but an actual audio expert -- if the Fibbies didn't already seize it and scrub it by now -- and we can talk.

RSR said...

I agree with your point about the sound... In your assertion that it does not prove a second shooter, it comes across as if you are arguing that there was not a second shooter.

I am saying that preponderance of evidence at this point still suggests that there had to have been accomplices. Nothing TPTB have presented so far proves that Paddock acted alone. If they had it, I'd think they'd show it... Again, 9/11 hijackers footage was released w/in 24 hours. Why to date has no Mandalay -- or now Tropicana -- footage related to this investigation been released?

Anonymous said...

regarding the Tropicana comment, this seem more realistic. if there are reports of active shooters inside Tropicana, you just can't say lets not check it out. that team was an impromptu too SRT (special response team) which in my best guess was shooters in front, NHP (beige uniform with 12g) Yellow Shirt is Vegas strip Patrol with personal weapon, OD green was Swat or Street hard to tell these days. now lets talk about those two dudes in the back, that OD green bag looks more like a Trauma kit/bleeding control kit that are getting to be very popular. who are they, I'm thinking some sort of EMS/ER DOC/Nurse,you see the yellow spine board? remember tones went out, people responded in all types of gear and street clothes.

RSR said...

Dunno, to me this sounds like a veiled threat, emphasis mine:
"Campos had originally agreed to do five interviews, all on Thursday last week, but suddenly went missing, his union boss, who was helping set up the deal, told in an exclusive interview.

David Hickey, president of the Michigan-based International Union, Security Police and Fire Professionals of America, would not confirm that MGM was behind the decision, but said the company certainly influenced Campos.

‘I was in a meeting with MGM’s upper management and they were definitely concerned about how tough someone like Hannity would be on him and they voiced their opinions,’ Hickey said.

He said all sides had agreed parameters for the interviews. ‘Everyone knew he wasn’t to talk about security protocols, staffing or training or give out names of employees.’

But he said the company — that, like most of Vegas’s casino industry, obsessively controls what employees are allowed to say to the media — was pressuring Campos not to give too much away.

‘I thought they were being negative, telling him that someone was going to be tough and how they were worried about his health — it wasn’t the thing he needed to hear four hours before the interviews were going to begin.’

Hickey said he met with the MGM executives at a location in Las Vegas where Campos was staying. They met in the living room but he wanted a word with some of the management team in private so they went into the bedroom.

When they returned, Campos had gone, and Hickey said he hasn’t seen or heard from him since.

The next thing he knew the security official had bailed on the five interviews. Then he learned on Monday that instead of appearing on a news show he would go on Ellen.

‘It certainly wasn’t my choice that he should appear on that circus,’ Hickey told

MGM has not returned requests for comment."

RSR said...

Body language analysis of Ellen, Campos, Schuck interview (alleges that story is made up, not factual and all 3 in cahoots -- appears that Schuck might be Campos handler...):

Schuck Today interview (alleges that story being fed to him through the Mike):

Schuck shots fired from Mandalay radio call, go to 30 seconds:

Schuck profile still in Mandalay Bay Employee database, but without picture which is odd:

Campos was not in employee database, and some have alleged he quit -- but when Campos "disappeared" the union rep said they'd connect with him when and if Campos returned to work at Mandalay...

Contemporary Services Corp provied security at concert and Campos was also an employee of CSC (started at CSC most recently on June 15 vs media reports of him starting at Mandalay on June 30):
Reddit w/ a little easier to follow summary:

Security Magazine article also confirms CSC:

RSR said...

Door alarm, they are saying was likely the stairwell door, not room door fwiw.

Schuck seems to have a gag order and is on indefinite paid leave/personal time off:

Campos Ellen vs Awards/Social Media facial analysis (beyond just the obvious lbs difference):

RSR said...

Interesting tidbit from Poppa that I hadn't seen, emphasis mine:
Instead of giving facts to the public the sheriff decided that he would give us unverified information just to appease the public’s demand for information. He said that himself.

That was Lombardo’s excuse when he changed the timeline of when Mandalay Bay Security Officer Jesus Campos got shot. At first, Lombardo told us that happened at 9:59 p.m., a full six minutes before he said the gunman, Stephen Paddock, opened fire on the crowd. Then a week later Lombardo changed that timeline and said that Campos got shot around the same time that Paddock opened fire at 10:05 p.m.

That indeed may be true, but although Lombardo said that the police have evidence that can corroborate that, he provided the press with nothing to back up those assertions.

Then we heard when the LVMPD first interviewed Campos after the shooting something was wrong. The FBI had to bring Campos back in to re-interview him because the FBI realized that the original timeline didn’t purport to what Campos told the LVMPD.

Were the investigators that inexperienced that it took two weeks to come up with an entirely new timeline or is there another agenda here?

It doesn’t sound like the LVMPD detectives I worked with during my 20 years in the casino industry.

Was the FBI responsible for correcting one of the worst public relations nightmares in modern law enforcement history?

The FBI is not without criticism here either.

Less than 24 hours after the massacre the FBI told the media that so far there was no connection between Paddock and any group. Wow, that must be the fastest investigation in FBI history, especially when they said they recovered numerous electronic devices that were being analyzed by the FBI laboratory.

The new timeline if true, seems to favor MGM Resorts International, the owners of the Mandalay Bay, whose major worry right now is lawsuits and their bottom line."

RSR said...

*Rest of that article worth a read... Unlike most modern "reporting," his pieces contain new info all the way through rather than fluff...

RSR said...

24 min, vid of fuel shot airport fuel tank...

And Poppa has a great article on how intertwined casinos, LE, gov't, economy, media, etc, are in Vegas: