Thursday, October 19, 2017

It's Not Discrimination When We Do It

h/t FotM

This'll end well for Ms. Pussyhat, U Penn history dept. TA:

(Gynocracy, PA) On October 16, 2017, McKellop posted on her @McKellogs Twitter account (which is now accessible only by her “confirmed followers”) that she employs a race- and gender-based preferential system for calling on her students, favoring black women first, then other people of color, then white women, and last of all, white men, but only if she has to.
If Kellop, as a teaching assistant, blatantly discriminates against white students, especially white men, in calling upon them to speak in class, then it is reasonable for us to suspect that Kellop also discriminates against her white students when it comes to grading their exams.
Fellowship Of The Minds' post includes contact info for her history (or should that be Herstory Dept.?) chairwench, and the uni president, but that rather misses the point:

This sort of discrimination is a federal civil rights violation, in which every male student at UPenn now has standing to sue in federal court. The EEOC, Department of Education, and Justice Department should all be taking a frankly proctological interest momentarily in uncovering this and any similar calculated policies of academic discrimination based on race and gender at UPenn, which blatantly violates federal law.

Not to mention a trial lawyer or two, once word gets out that every white male with the merest shred of a discrimination allegation now has a slam-dunk winnable case from deep pockets U Penn.

Scholarship? Dude, I can get you there for FREE, and they'll owe you money besides!

All told, after they fire this TA, kick her out of her Ph.D. program for cause, fire her advisor and department chair, and settle the 50,000 inevitable lawsuits, I'm figuring UPenn will be shifting to an online curriculum.

And, probably, taking the funds assessed in penalties from womyn's sports and programs.

Well played, SJW twits.
Stop your male-rape and justice-rape culture, and get your laws off my crotch.


Anonymous said...

U Penn is a private school in the Ivy League. Penn State is the PA's land grant university system.

Aesop said...

Noted. Thanks for the clarification.