Thursday, October 12, 2017

And They STILL Can't Get It Right

"How can an idiot be a police officer?"

Ten full days, and thousands of man-hours of investigation by Las Vegas MPD, Las Vegas Sheriffs, and the FBI, and they still can't explain basic details of what happened, when, or why:
(BULLSH*T CENTRAL)One day after MGM Resorts International, the owners of the Mandalay Bay, disputed the new timeline put out by the police, conveniently a hotel employee spoke to the media, most likely with permission from MGM.
Stephen Schuck, a Mandalay Bay maintenance engineer told NBC News’ “Today” on Wednesday that he was on the 32nd floor with Mandalay Bay security officer, Jesus Campos, when the gunman fired on them.
According to Schuck he was on a higher-level floor of the hotel on Oct. 1 when he got a call to check on a fire exit door that wouldn’t open on the 32nd floor. He said he had just entered the hallway when the first round of gunfire went off.
“I could feel them (bullets) pass right behind my head,” Schuck said.
“As soon as they stopped, I saw Jesus pop out…. he yelled at me to take cover.” “As soon as I started to go to a door to my left, the rounds started coming down the hallway.”
Schuck said the gunfire was “kind of relentless.”   He said he radioed for help once the shooting stopped and ran down the hallway and took cover with Campos.
It’s very interesting that Schuck stated, “I started to hear shots, they were not in the hallway yet.” If what he said was true where were those shots going? Does that not contradict the new timeline put out by the police that the security officer was shot six minutes before the gunman opened fire.
Audio obtained by NBC News allegedly indicates that Schuck alerted his superiors that the gunman was firing some 200 rounds in the hallway.
Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo told the Las Vegas Review-Journal yesterday that “the guard radioed Mandalay Bay security, who then reported the shooting to the police.”
That still tells us nothing as to why the police did not know that an active shooter was on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay prior to the gunman opening fire [on the concert].

Which now begs the questions:
1) how the maintenance worker knew the fire exit was stuck, since Campos “didn’t have a radio” to call and tell anyone
2) how with two fat targets in a long narrow corridor at water balloon range, anybody but Stevie Wonder could loose off dozens to hundreds of rounds at them, and yet only wing one guy slightly in the leg
3) the LVMPD only reported finding wounded Campos in the hallway when they arrived 18 minutes after the first bursts of gunfire broke out, not Campos and Schuck
4) none of the guests in the other 33 rooms and suites on the 32d floor,

let alone those in the 70 more one level immediately above or below, didn’t immediately call the hotel operator, or grab cellphones to call 911, and say “Hey, who the fuck is shooting a machinegun down the hall of the 30-somethingth floor at the Mandalay Bay Hotel at 10PM ?”
 4a) Who were those people, how many of them were there, and what did they report, and to whom?
5) how LVMPD didn’t get the word or respond for 19 minutes, since Stephen Schuck was uninjured and could presumably phone, radio, or ride the freaking elevators straight to the hotel security offices in about 60 seconds
6) how LVMPD and the FBI could manage to fustercluck the timeline, twice now, and yet still can’t get their stories to jibe with the now two only reported ear-witnesses to the initial bursts of gunfire.
One fustercluck is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.
7) It also doesn’t explain the lack of pics of all those bullet holes, because all those bullets went somewhere on the 32d floor, and all those somewheres are other people’s rooms.
WTF, over?
This isn’t an investigation; it’s using a ski-resort snow blower to spread bullshit.


RSR said...

Some interesting developments of note:
Apparently alt-right investigative reporter/bomb thrower Laura Loomer is the one who got the sheriff to admit on live tv the timeline they'd been promoting was wrong.

Paddock's brother allegedly in Vegas and wants to cremate his body.

Jesus Campos may not be registered/licensed w/ NV gaming commission or whoever is appropriate body for Vegas contract security guards...
Jesus Campos is no longer/is not in Mandalay employee database; records have been scrubbed.
Jesus Campos now has private security at his home.
That home has an ~$50k Corvette in the driveway.
Campos will be interviewing w/ Hannity tomorrow.

ISIS allegedly has video of Paddock pledging allegiance.

Paddock allegedly made use of the freight elevator which would have required employee assistance.

Police scanner transcript, audio and video forensic analysis, eyewitness reports, and Las Vegas DA investigations all allegedly show evidence of 2nd shooter closer to concert and has probably already crossed preponderance level in my mind. Allegedly FBI did not search the 200-300 yard area around the venue evidence of 2nd shooter in this area...

Part of this seems to be that Mandalay security operators may not have relayed the situation to Las Vegas PD in a timely fashion and want to avoid any liability for having failed in that regard...

Aesop said...

Their wants and wishes don't trump the public's right to a full and open investigation of the incident.

As of yesterday, my money was on Campos being the most likely guy to die next week after committing suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head three times.

Now I'm figuring he and Shuck will both die in a freak fishing accident at Lake Mead involving beer, a bass boat, and cinder blocks getting inadvertently tied around both their necks and falling overboard.

RSR said...

Aesop -- worth noting the marksmanship failures again from the Mandalay... But here I am going to disagree with you -- if that door was solid wood and if shooter swinging gun wildly, it is possible that most of the .223/5.56 bullets would have single paths through the door and accordingly fragment or tumble at point blank velocities, or at least slow down, rather than continuing down the hallway...

Looking at door picture, some bullet holes are in door that was blown off hinges but not seeing any in intact door:
I count approx 10 or 11 holes in the ~6" section I can see right next to intact door edge. This is the start of the bottom half of that door, so given all things equal that ~3.5 ft section should have ~60-70 bullet holes in it...

Aesop said...

Agreed about the propensity for .223 to fly everywhere but straight upon any impediment, but the bullets had to go somewhere. And if he was triggering off a 60- or 100-round Surefire mag, at some point the bullets are flying through a big gaping hole in the formerly-solid door.

Yet again, more stuff that doesn't add up as described.

Color me shocked.

At some point, you'd think TPTB in this case would get the story right, and tell it accurately, if only for the novelty of that approach.

But thus far, no joy.

Irish said...

There was also a report that he purchased a .308 bolt action that is missing.

Was this to be used to hit the fuel takes ?

Drew left this comment at my blog:

The broken window in the adjoining room points at the two massive jet fuel tanks at the airport right across Giles street from the concert crowd. Paddock tried to buy tracer ammo but store had none. He had more powerful rifles than the .223; is said to have purchase a .308 bolt action on his way to the hotel. It is missing. Several shots were fired at the 110 foot tall tanks, with at least one bullet (caliber unknown) piercing the wall. And his car was full of Tannerite, along with ammonium nitrate. Jet fuel, diesel fuel, and kerosene are all very similar. Diesel and ammonium nitrate is what Timothy McVeigh used for his truck bomb.

Tracer ammo isn't mil-spec incendiary, but those bullets are carrying some kind of burning thing on the back of them. Enough to ignite kerosene at 650 yards?

I'll let you connect the dots. But imagine the carnage of one shooter herding a crowd to one end of the concert lot, away from the stage and perhaps across Giles Street to a "safe" vacant lot, and then having a million gallons or more of fuel burst out from either/both of the two giant tanks and light up via a car bomb less than 200 yards away. Far less distance if you're in that vacant lot already. And the tanks are less than 50 yards in from East Mandalay Bay Road, with nothing other than a minor chain link fence around them. Pull up Google maps and measure things yourself and see.

But oh no, this isn't any kind of terrorism or ISIS driven or anything. Just another lone wolf crazy white guy.

Aesop said...

Yeah, I've seen the area on GoogleEarth about 50 times this last week.

Anonymous said...

Irish it wasn't diesel fuel. Ask a crew chief in certain motor sports and if they trust you maybe they will tell you what was mixed with the ammonium nitrate. Of coarse if this isn't posted I understand. We don't want to encourage people to try something illegal and dangerous.

Anonymous said...

TPTB don't want answers. The more convoluted and disorganised the investigation, the more likely the general public's attention span will run out.
This is how they make investigations go away.

Papa said...

Vegas update: police were already in hotel, etc.

Papa said...

Group of idiots and bullet strike.

Papa said...

Bone chilling clip.

RSR said...

Irish - reports yesterday or day before, posted one or two of Aesops LV posts back, said there was in fact tracer ammo in the hotel room but none appeared to have been fired.

Aesop - I agree with you and that bigger hole might be located further down the door. The way a lot of these modern high rises are constructed with the pillars like seen here is that the floor/ceiling between floors is often concrete. So if the shooter was shooting through bottom half of door and hitting concrete floor most bullets would fragment before continuing down the hallway even if ragged hole... This further supports the theme here that Paddock in the Mandalay was not shooting to kill so much as for intimidation effect.

Other things I've read today of note:
-DHS supposedly took over the investigation from the FBI
-FBI or other dot gov agency supposedly wiped clean phones and computers of Route 91 festival workers and managers that were collected as evidence after the shooting

RSR said...

Confirmed, concrete between floors:

RSR said...

Tracer/incendiary article -- now they're say incendiary rounds were fired at tanks but tracer were not...

"Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock fired special "incendiary" bullets at a 43,000-barrel fuel tank in what investigators believe was an attempt to cause an explosion, two law enforcement sources told CNN.

Those types of rounds, meant to ignite what they hit, were found inside Paddock's room at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino and near the fuel tank a short distance away on the grounds of McCarran International Airport, the sources said.
Authorities have previously disclosed that Paddock fired at the tank and struck it with two rifle rounds, when he opened fire on the crowd below from his 32nd floor hotel room on October 1. They had not disclosed that he used incendiary rounds to fire at the tank, which contains jet fuel.
The sources, briefed on the investigation but not authorized to speak publicly, said the incendiary rounds were recovered in an area near the tank.
It is unclear if the rounds that struck the tank were also of the incendiary variety. Chris Jones, an airport spokesman, said he was unaware of any rounds being recovered other than those that struck the tank.
Investigators also recovered tracer rounds from Paddock's room. Those rounds produce a flame when fired and allow the shooter to follow the bullet's path for more precise aim, according to the sources, who requested not to be named because they are not authorized to speak publicly about such details. There is no evidence the tracer rounds were used during the attack, the sources said.
Investigators also found "survival gear" in Paddock's room, including bulletproof vests and a breathing apparatus, the sources said."

Cavalryman40 said...

The tanks contain Jet A, very similar to Kerosene. And not very volatile. You can drop a lit cigarette into a puddle of it, and the only thing that will happen is it will put the cigarette out. And come to think of it, Paddock as a licensed pilot should have known that he was wasting his time shooting at them. Unless of course he was already dead, and someone else was doing the shooting.

RSR said...

Interesting video allegedly from time of shooting... Las Vegas PD escorting some dude w/ ARs and pointing them at gamblers in casino.

Papa -- they've said LVPD were in casino already responding to some other issue. The breakdown from what we can see now, if stories being told are completely true, appears to be that Mandalay didn't relay their maintenance worker and security guard's incident immediately to police. Maybe a low level worker awaiting super approval etc caused...

Anonymous said...

Another weird development:

RSR said...

Paddock and girlfriend facebook photo may be photoshopped, go to ~4 min:

Really have no interest in going down the rabbit hole w/ this whole Vegas thing, but the "facts" as currently presented keep pulling me there...

RSR said...

What if this Vegas shooting was intended by TPTB to bolster a robust renewal of the NSA surveillance bill? At this point, it's as plausible as many other theories... An American conspired with ISIS via the internets necessitating continued ability for warrantless surviellance for both abroad and Americans here at home.

Signifying Nothing said...

Supposed real estate mogul/video poker champion was renting houses:

Anonymous said...

Aesop, you might want to check this out. She's a little annoying, ignore that. Jesus Campos cancels all 5 interviews tonight including on Hannity, so she went to his house:

DAN III said...


Never forget the illegal Indonesian's and Commie Holder's Fast & Furious where they conspired to attack 2A and Americans with fedgov smuggling of firearms to Mexico drug cartel members. Holder was eventually held in CRIMINAL contempt of CON-gress. Barry was worshipped by the Uni-party as exalted emperor and neither one was held accountable by CON-gress. Today these murderous bastards are multi-millionaires. Free as the proverbial lark.

And you think the truth of this Las Vegas conspiracy will EVER be divulged ? Lee Harvey Oswald sends his best wishes.

Papa said...

Paddock wearing gloves? Photos prove Reuters story is BS.

RSR said...

Mandalay Bay employee audio after being shot at, seems awfully calm:

It is being reported that: "Soros sold over 42 MILLION of his shares and MGM CEO James Murren managed to offload 80% of his shares right BEFORE shooting!"
Haven't confirmed those figures, but this was some research on Soros that doesn't align, but does mention Murren selling stocks:

More on Campo's disappearance:

Mandalay Bay issued their statement on theh timeline that basically says shots were fired at the festival w/in 40 seconds of Campos report -- this is noteworthy from liability reasons:

Liability reasons as Mandalay is already being sued by victims:
*With the lawsuit more info from Mandalay might come out but if feds have confiscated (and quite possibly deleted) all evidence, maybe not...

Paddock was renting multiple airbnb properties at the same time and insisted on house to himself, but then wasn't sleeping there... Profile pic was drivers license and only provided that one rather than standard 2 forms of ID, and was locked out and unlocked several times:

Neither Paddock nor Campos had any significant digital footprint.

More on security guard and maintenance's reason for being on 32nd floor:
"On Tuesday, Las Vegas Metro Police Undersheriff Kevin McMahill explained more about Campos's actions the night of the shooting, helping fill in some of what happened ahead of the attack.

He told KNPR, a local NPR affiliate, that Campos went up to the 32nd floor to investigate a door alarm. While on the 32nd floor, he found that a stairwell door was jammed and radioed down to maintenance.

Campos heard a drilling sound and thought it was odd. A maintenance worker came up to the 32nd floor. As the pair started talking, Paddock began firing through the door of his room, first with a single-fire gun and then with a rapid-fire rifle.

Police have said that when Campos radioed what happened, it helped them track where Paddock was holed up. McMahill didn’t elaborate on the six minutes or why police found it difficult to locate Paddock when, according to the new timeline, they had his location minutes before the assault started."

8 minutes or so here, good info on Campos security guard:

RSR said...

*Last video above ~10 min, they talk about FBI/DHS gag orders potentially being implemented on Campos and family as well as other Mandalay employees.

~12 min they discuss the corvette registration not being accurate vs license plate.

RSR said...

The Campos SPFPA award photos all have been photoshopped/manimpulated in adobe photoshop. One even dated 10/9 (and taken on an iphone which is near impossible to fudge the time) with award presented on 10/10:

GPS Coordinates are approx MGM Grand Las Vegas.

RSR said...

Missed this previously, and unclear if flagging occurred before or after shooting (also interesting that it's yahoo's NFL reporter who wrote this piece; no legit investigations have been done by mainstream media on the shooting...):
"As authorities search for a motive, Paddock’s finances have become a significant focal point — most notably, 200-plus casino or wire transactions by Paddock that were flagged for review by FinCEN, the U.S. government’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, which collects data to identify potential money laundering or covert terrorism financing. The FBI is also reviewing transactions by Danley that were flagged by FinCEN. According to a source familiar with the probe, the various transactions date back to 2014 and are being vigorously investigated. The sources said one transaction that has drawn significant attention is a $100,000 transfer to the Philippines by either Paddock or Danley prior to Sunday’s shooting. Danley was in the Philippines when Paddock opened fire on the crowd in Las Vegas.

A call to the FBI’s field office requesting comment was not returned. "