Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Who, How, Why, and WTF?

I've been playing with this in my head all day, so let me indulge for a few minutes. It may be overtaken by events later today, but this is where it is at the moment.

Stephen Paddock, 64, multi-millionaire, $400K retirement home, multiple properties, two airplanes, private pilot, instrument-rated, wears reading glasses, retired aerospace accountant and real estate mogul or somesuch. Divorced (for the last 27 years), no kids AFAIK, lives 90 minutes up I-15 from Sin City, but his roommate/gf/? is a 62-y.o. fililpina who's looking like the wrong side of the portrait of Dorian Gray.
Can go anywhere he likes, do anything he likes, fly all over the country, or play in Vegas, but hooks up with Tiny Troll in Reno, in a strip club.
Likes to gamble, and has multiple CTRs for cash payouts of $10K, $20K, $30K, etc.

I'm not a homicide detective, and I never stayed at Holiday Inn Express, not even once, and not one fucking thing in this adds up, and the more that's revealed, the less sense it makes, on any level.

Motivations for spying (on the theory that one crime is somewhat like another) are usually sorted by the MICE acronym. (Sam Culper MI types, three-letter agency guys, et al, pitch in anywhere if you feel like it).

Dude's a multi-millionaire, per family, with a ton of assets, house, planes, cars, etc.
No known strong political or religious affinities or affiliations whatsoever.
He's retired, divorced, rich, and 64. WTF would compromise him enough to do this?
"Do this or...???" Dude's retired, divorced, rich, and 64. Nigh unthreatenable, and likely to tell you to get f***ed if you tried.
"I just wondered if I could break the Guinness record for most people shot in one go?"
I'm thinking not so much.
See Money and Coercion, above.

Other classic murder motives? (Paging Perry Mason...)
This was planned long-term. Room reservation, three day stay, constructing sniper platforms, acquiring weapons, ammo, modifications for weapons, bringing it all to the room, setting up his roost. That's not an impulsive set of acts.
On 22,000 strangers? Country music fans from all over? WTF?

Other possibilities from murder mystery writers:
  • To keep a secret - Unlikely
  • Revenge - No
  • Frustration/hate - Because of...?
  • Money/Greed - No
  • Sex/Jealousy - No
  • Property Dispute - No
  • Personal Vendetta - Against...?
  • Political - No
  • Class Conflict - No
  • Narcotics - No
  • Other Felonies - No
  • Urge to Protect - No

  • So, based on everything known, there's no motive whatsoever for this.

    What would make a 64 year-old single guy, well-off, no worries but how many years before he owes the actuarial tables his own death, fast forward the whole thing, spend thousands of dollars to meticulously craft the King of Spades mass murder of the century, just to go out in a blaze of glory and then cap himself when SWAT finally inevitably comes knocking?

    You have plenty of money even if you live to 99, a life of relative ease, no discernible problems of any kind, and you decide mass murder-suicide is the way to spend a weekend in Vegas at an age when most people aren't even sure they can afford to retire yet.

    And then there are the questions. About a hundred or so, so far.

    How does an accountant get rich and retire early?
    Real estate how?
    Why gamble huge sums? Accountants, Steve Martin's old schtick notwithstanding, are not known for being "wild and crazy guys".
    Instrument-rated pilot? A detail-oriented guy, not somebody who'd take stupid chances.
    And why two planes? He can only fly one at a time.
    Why live in Mesquite, on the AZ/Utah border, 90 miles from Vegas?
    If you live in Mesquite, and Vegas is an hour and a half by car, or half that by plane, what are you doing in a strip club in Reno?
    And why is a retired multi-millionaire in the promised land of Sugar Daddies and hard-bodied young sugar babies hanging out with a shriveled old dealer who looks like she should be the maid on Golden Girls reruns?
    Why does "not a gun guy" suddenly have dozens of weapons?
    Why modify one or more to fire at near full-auto rates?
    Why get interested in explosives, and have ammonium nitrate in your car trunk?
    Who gets interested in sniping and mass murder after a career handling nothing more fearsome than a pencil (outside of a Dilbert cartoon)?
    What accountant moves 27 times?
    What's the story on the roommate?
    Why's she in Australia/the Phillipines/BFE at the moment in question?

    Things I want to see or hear about from people who have seen:

    Everybody he ever worked with, his family, his ex-wife.
    Every minute of security footage from the day he checked into the Mandalay Bay until SWAT came knocking at his door.
    Every bank deposit and withdrawal he's ever made since his first piggy bank.
    Every job he's ever held.
    Interviews with every living neighbors at 27 different locations.
    Every flight plan he ever filed.
    Every trip he ever took, including gas card receipts since he got his first driver's license.
    Every gun he ever bought, sold, rented, or drooled on.
    His credit card receipts for the last 40 years.
    His gambling tally going back to his divorce.
    Every phone call he made since about the year 2000.
    Every medical file on him since birth.

    And I'm betting with all that, I still wouldn't know Jack or Squat about what would make somebody like him do what it's alleged he did Sunday night, or find any explanation for it.

    Which is why I can't help but presume that once we've eliminated the possible, the reason has to be something else, however improbable.

    Either this guy is the biggest civilizational mole in history, or we're being fed a wall of bullshit big enough to hide an aircraft carrier.

    Absolutely nothing about this guy is what it should be.

    The last time I read something this far-fetched, that didn't add up this much, the guy was named Clark, and the author's name was Tom Clancy.

    What's really going on here?
    "The truth isn't just stranger than you imagine, it's stranger than you can imagine."

    More news, but nothing that sheds any light on WHY.


    Anonymous said...

    The last time I read something this far-fetched, that didn't add up this much, the guy was named Barack.

    George True said...

    Agree that nothing about this adds up. My gut feeling is that unless Paddock was some kind of MK Ultra subject, then he is a patsy, a fall guy. Eerily similar to the opening stadium shooting scene in Matt Bracken's 'Enemies Foreign and Domestic'.

    Of one thing I am fairly certain. We will never get the real story from the FBI. They will either bungle the case, or they will perpetrate a cover up, or both. Over the last several decades, that agency has demonstrated itaelf to be hopelessly inept, corrupt, and compromised.

    DAN III said...


    Excellent analysis of the situation. Oh....and the alleged shooter commmitted Sepuku. Yeah. Right. I'd like to be there for Paddock's autopsy.

    Seems to me the scenario is more Bracken than Clancy.

    Anonymous said...

    M.M.O. and the rule of five "W"s have all been tossed on this one. What this guys whole life looks like is a cover story. He is too perfect. EVERY piece of evidence is a leftist talking point or a buzz word. It all looks stage managed by a bad director, and all seems to hinge on people not knowing anything about weapons. Take as an example: The 10000 to one rule. For every kill a trained military shooter must fire 10000 rounds. Even if he were the best shot in history he couldn't have done that with the amount of ammo he had. Or how about the WHEGHT of all that ammo? He supposedly had near 1000+ POUNDS of 5.56X45, 7.62X39 and 7.62 NATO + 2 tripod mounted belt feds and hundreds of magazines. In a hotel. With mandatory maid service. And the FBI wants us to believe he hand carried it all to his room in "cases" Y'all are right this story stinks. I guess the "deep state" decided that since "Sandy Hook" didn't work they needed something "bigger".

    Anonymous said...

    After f&f and/or Comey's homies, i dont trust any of them.

    0007 said...

    Yeah, check out the opening scenario in the first book of Bracken's "Enemies" trilogy. Except for the fall-guy selected, it follows like a bad movie script writ large.
    And as someone else pointed out, the shooter was apparently only using one or two guns. Why take so many up to the room. All he really needed was a couple and a pile of loaded mags.
    And for those media fools talking about how easy it is to convert various semi-auto guns to full-auto, my partners and I have Class III/SOT-7 licenses and when we do conversions, quite often it's a tweak, take to range, tweak, take to range... Not all that easy to get consistency. And we've been doing this for a long time.

    A Texan said...

    I am not so sure that him having millions of dollars is necessarily out of place. Accountants are known to be quite frugal, and he may have just hooked into the right real estate markets at the right time. The fact that he was single, and no one seems to know for how long, did not hurt. Any married guy will tell you that they spent a whole lot less money when they were single and when they were married. However, after having spent a lifetime as an accountant and a real estate investor, doing something like this is WAY out of the normal range - it is off the charts. He has apparently worked very, very hard to get where he was, and to throw it all away in his mid-sixties in this fashion just doesn't fit any pattern that I've ever seen. The only things that I can think of are that he was diagnosed with some terminal illness, or that he converted to Islam. Maybe ISIS is right?

    I do agree that we will likely never know the full story. What the government does not seem to understand, or does understand and simply does not care about, is that by withholding and distorting information like this they are sowing the seeds of distrust. Actually, at this point we are way beyond merely sowing seeds, and are a whole hell of a lot closer to reaping the harvest.

    I would caution everyone here to ignore a lot of the "facts" out there. What I have observed is that whenever there is a terrorist incident or mass murder, whatever you hear in the first 2 days afterwards is generally a bunch of crap. What I do look for, though, is snippets of information that don't fit the dialogue that the powers that be want us to have, which snippets disappear without explanation. Those are significant.

    Anonymous said...

    my thoughts: He was the son of a hardened criminal/sociopath. He lived in FL. had aircraft, got rich smuggling drugs, had several homes where he stayed low, like most Crims he sided w/other crim/Democrats who protected him in exchange for money, maybe he was involved in the Pedo trade, maybe he was a closet commie; then Trump starts arresting his peers and triggers his inner sociopath and he takes his revenge on those who voted Trump into office

    Aesop said...

    My take is like the Russian mobster boss when he (as a fake cop) interviews Denzel in "The Equalizer" and gets back to his people in the car afterwards:

    "Everything about this guy is wrong. Find out who he is."

    If there'd been a YouTube clip of that moment from the movie, I'd have posted it: it fits this to a "t".

    And as Tommie Lee Jones once said: "This is not the work of a cook."

    Unknown said...

    Why did Melbourne Antifa celebrate saying a fellow comrade gave those Trump supporters a lesson?? Then deleted tweet...

    LFMayor said...

    Cells are here and active, and more importantly Have Been Here for a bit. This cell didn't get rolled up in time. They, the career leeches of the beltway, they want to avoid mass panic, especially the sort that leads to the leeches having to use Indeed or Monster, the ones that don't get hung during the changeover. If they keep the lid on, they're gold. Another ?? Of these incidents and credibility that's already at shithole value fails entirely. That's the point where we all get a nice hot bowl of Dystopian Novel Soup

    Stop said...

    There are multiple clips out there taken from different angles from a light source on the 4th floor. The police dispatch during the event also mentions a suspected shooter on the 4th floor. The light bursts seen by observers from the 4th floor have since been explained away as "strobe lights from police vehicles on scene" which conveniently are synchronized with the gun bursts heard.

    This is cell phone taken by a cabbie who has been directed by her dispatch to leave the Mandalay as the police are seeking to secure the scene.


    anotherview2 said...

    Food for conspiracy and a movie script.

    Unknown said...

    I listened to two hours of scanner feed...

    Dude shoots a hotel security guard in the hallway, but turns around and suck starts a shotgun when SWAT arrives?

    The math on that alone makes zero sense.

    Quatermain said...

    AND, if he really wanted to make a splash and stack up bodies why didn't he load one of his planes with avgas and explosives and dive it into the crowd???

    Anonymous said...

    agreed there is something very wrong here!!! In my mind he's been oswalded!The thing that catches my interest is the two planes? I get the feeling he was a pilot for entities who paid lots of cash and required silence. Cia, hit man for hillary cartels.muslim jihadis? Could explain why he was expendable and the cash to dump on gambling! As much as he dumped they new him and using his girl friends id was sop, the casinos don't care as long as they or some one gets money! This was planned by some big time players to start a chain reaction/retribution event,stay away from liberal leaning events, or big black churches! He screwed up some where, stepped on the wrong toes, and was deemed expendable!I believe the two men shot were by others who blended in/away and the prime suspect was already suicided waiting to be found! This is just a planed event to start a balken style war! Buckle up the ride could get real bumpy in the future!

    Anonymous said...

    I suspect that "the suspect" was already dead before the second shot was fired ... counting the one that killed him. But what do I know...?

    Anonymous said...

    That's probably a strobe light. Fire alarm.

    DHB0136 said...

    As a cop for 25 years; follow the evidence, sometimes people do things that don't fit the profiles. Profiles are helpful but are not foolproof.
    Any traumatic events will bring witnesses who swear to what they saw and it turns out they were just plain wrong.
    Don't trust anything family members say. They usually say, my brother would never do that, even when I have arrested the brother with a confession and evidence. They are either truly in denial or deliberately lie to protect the family. The family almost always trumps the truth.
    We know nothing about the mental political and emotional state of the shooter, lots of interviews must take place. Did he just snap? probably not. So the web of events that led to this place is going to be long and slow.

    Anonymous said...

    ok. If planted brainwashed mole (and you can bet it was)..by who and why?

    Unknown said...

    spot on money with the analysis, i am beginning to question if the man even existed, like the saying goes, dead men tell no tales

    Anonymous said...

    Hi, I think antifa answers all the motive questions. Outside a Trump rally where are you going to find that many American flag wavers to murder in one go? The antifa guy in Australia posted "One of our comrades from our Las Vegas branch has made these fascist Trump supporting dogs pay", then deleted it but webarchive remembers;

    Here's Crowder's infiltration vid were antifa folks talk about ak's and unexpected attacks;

    USA! USA! USA!

    Mike_C said...

    There've been many things recently that I would really have liked to heard the Weaponsman perspective on: Fun stuff, such as the Silencerco Maxim 50, and really NOT fun stuff like this. But either way, good job stepping up to the plate with the MICER analysis.

    I'm not sure I agree with all of the "why this GF" analysis though. From the standard photo, the man wasn't exactly a hunka hunka burning beefcake himself, money or no. And there can be self-esteem issues (again, money or no) at play as well.

    But there's SO much that's massively strange about this whole thing. Not sure who or what I'll ever believe, other than that this will be gleefully exploited by assholes for a very long long time to come.

    Anonymous said...

    He wired $100,000 to his girlfriend in the Philippines while she was conveniently out of the country while this happened. She jet sets all over also - supposedly in Tokyo, then back in the Philippines and now coming here to be questioned.

    All SO bizarre. No, this guy didn't "snap". This was all meticulously planned out. I have possible conclusions:

    1. Girlfriend photographed in Dubai, which admittedly is a tourist destination, but she also has family working there. Lots of Filipino people work there, and they're usually converted, either there or in the Philippines (where much violence has taken place over the years between Muslims and Christians - many Americans, I've found, are wholly ignorant of this fact). I'm thinking she's Muslim, at least Muslim light. He might have converted, and like most recent converts to any belief system, got all radical. ISIS may actually be telling the truth on this one.

    2. Stephen Paddock IS likely the guy in the NASA shirt and "pussy hat" seen in Reno at the Trump protest. (https://www2.jpl.nasa.gov/releases/93/release_1993_0901.html) A man who wears a pink shirt and pussy hat is pretty radicalized, as in left-wing radical. One who, as you've said, may even have converted to Islam to "show solidarity". As the former CBS VP said, most country fans "often are Republican".. she got fired for that. (http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2017/10/02/cbs-fires-vice-president-who-said-vegas-victims-didnt-deserve-sympathy-because-country-music-fans-often-are-republican.html) It's quite possible he was thinking along the same lines, and decided that this should be his target, which is why it seems so planned out - because it WAS. Cops and media keep this quiet because they don't want everyone who ISN'T a radical leftist to start killing the other side off first. The center and right in this country are already pissed as hell, and this might be the Fort Sumter moment if it's found out.

    3. He was a government plant who was put there to bring up gun control again. Seems sort of weak, but mildly plausible. No legal owner is giving up their guns in this country, not for a second and especially now, so good luck to them if that's their play - it's not going to work. In fact it's hardening people with guns again, and gun stocks were up, at least yesterday. The government, even loaded with stupidity as it is, must know that every time they bring up gun control Americans see fit to go by more guns. You'd think they'd just shut up if they don't want people buying more guns or ammo or both.

    4. Like you said, possible terminal disease and decided to hell with it, shoot a lot of people for no good reason, but plan it out carefully. That's the psychotic angle, and they're hard to understand of course. Logic known only to them, like the riddle about killing the sister after the funeral - most of us are clueless when first confronted with that riddle, but psychotic people get it right every time on the first try. It's possible he was nuts, and a cold, calculating, scary Ed Gein kind of nuts. But usually by 64, psychotic people have already outed themselves as such. At that point every person who wants their 10 seconds of fame on the news who knew him would be coming out and saying "Yeah, he was always kind of weird and creepy." We're not seeing a lot of that.

    I'm going with doors 1 or 2, Monty.

    Bezzle said...

    1) It seems pretty clear now that at least two different weapons were going off.

    2) The 4th floor flashing light has nothing to do with this, is not synchronized with any of the shooting, and shots fired from such a location would have had the music crowd concealed behind the stage's rigging.

    Anonymous said...

    SO... a sixty-four year old retired average white guy with no military background or training in weapons modification, a well to do accountant and licensed pilot with two airplanes, with no clear motive, no criminal record or history of violence, no indication of any ties to any extremist groups or crime families, no documented history of mental illness.. PLANS AND EXECUTES THE DEADLIEST MASS SHOOTING IN US HISTORY?!!
    Nobody but NOBODY commits themselves to carrying out this level of carnage without leaving a big ole fat clue as to WHY. And so far, nothing, NOTHING, not a thin shread of damning evidence to show a history of violence, mental illness, financial duress, or ties to any known hate groups or political ideologies.

    SO, Here's my theory...
    Paddock was "the" perfect patsy, and he had already been offed by the time the bullets started flying. This event was months in planning and orchestration, carried out by elite paramilitary black ops assassins.
    What better way to escalate a gun grab and a tet offensive assault on the 2nd amendment than to plan and execute the worst mass shooting in history and then manufacture the perfect villain to pin it on- a guy whose profile exactly matches that of millions upon millions of people in this country who would never raise enough suspicion to be placed on a watch list..


    Anonymous said...

    I like what Mike Adams (Health Ranger) had to say about what it takes to actually fire an auto weapon for 10 minutes. Massive skill and strength which this 64 year old account did not have. The kind of skill seals have and it would be hard for them. Also he said the room would be so full of smoke it would be hard to see. Just sayin.

    Anonymous said...

    > carried out by elite paramilitary black ops assassins.

    1) The institutional Left is exceptionally well organized, has controlled Academia, the mainstream media, and the federal bureaucracies since the reign of the Lying Bastard on through Frank Marshall Davis, Jr. ISIS is also well-organized. Here's the kicker: *both* are Russian proxies (with the US essentially a satellite under Obama).

    > What better way to escalate a gun grab....

    2) Shooting up a church with weapons a civilian can actually buy?

    This shooting was about more than that. It serves Putin's foreign-policy agenda for America to become relentlessly embroiled in civil-war. (It is of course desirable for him that a socialist dictatorship client-state emerges from the ashes, but it is ultimately immaterial; what matter is that the US be out of his hair while he forcibly rebuilds the Soviet Union.)

    Anonymous said...

    Latest footage shows an ar15 with a surefire 60 mag and bump fire stock.

    Anonymous said...

    Well, the same thing CAN BE ASKED about the people who REALLY did it too, then?

    Bruce Hayden said...

    I usually wait a few days before speculating with any amount of certainty about these, almost always, false flags. However, I am wondering whether they have showed us the inside of the hotel room with all of these instruments of death? Perhaps some of Paddock's brain matter scattered about. The spent 1500-6000 thousand cartridges (that estimate is being kind to the idiots). Anyone that has shot an AR-15 knows that it ejects spent shells into a nice little pile for the most part. Not that that particular weapon was used.

    I have some serious problems with their numbers and also photos of dead and wounded seen so far. Been offline for most of this whole time. My vote goes to the wall that is hiding a 747. Not likely to change.

    Bruce Hayden said...

    I lived in Las Vegas 1985-1995 and worked in casinos most of that time. Poker dealer, poker shift boss etc. My first job on the strip was at the Barbary Coast back when it was owned by the Gaughins. One of the more interesting facts that I learned during that year was that the nerdy-looking little valet was the one to see if a guest wanted a hoe. Etc. Las Vegas runs on Ben Franklins. I haven't seen anyone question, yet, if security wasn't in on it. Security is only 'tight' over the gaming tables. The rest is hype. Hype they control obviously. I worked downtown at the Horseshoe for almost three years. They were one of the few where security still carried guns--1990-1992. The insurance got too high for the corporate fks.

    Teshuvah said...

    I disagree with this statement: "Accountants, Steve Martin's old schtick notwithstanding, are not known for being "wild and crazy guys"."

    I knew an Accountant who said that people assume Accountants are withdrawn, inward and detail oriented to a fault. He said the last is true, but the first two describe a Bookkeeper. Accountants are outgoing, positive, assertive, socially active and are wild and crazy guys. That was how the man I knew was. Paddock appears to be of another mold. Sociopathic comes to mind.

    Someone who is a victim of MK-Ultra or is a Patsy for the NWO. Paddock. P is for Patsy.

    Bruce Hayden said...

    If Paddock wasn't dead before (have they ever shown photos or video of the room?)he ever entered the hotel room I would be surprised. They are not going to show us shit. They know we are too good. Still, many fuck-ups to come. Joe Blow. Dumb as ever.

    Anonymous said...

    I miss what WeaponsMan would have said about this too.

    John Distai said...

    All the speculation above sounds fine and good. Perhaps there are simpler explanations:

    - Although the guy was seemingly successful, he was angry about his life.
    - He may have been rich, but it sounds like he was a gambling addict. Perhaps he lost all his money was angry at Vegas, and wanted to go out with a bang?

    Aesop said...

    That's fine, John.
    But that's contrary to everything factual we know.
    He has houses, planes, cars. Not a shred of evidence for any debt whatsoever.
    The pieces of the puzzle we have don't fit together for something presumed and explai...,er, lied away so cursorily by TPTB.

    @Anonymous 5:42
    What I wouldn't give for WeaponsMan's take on this now cannot be measured with existing instrumentation.
    People should remember that when they get to thinking we're all just so many carbon-based cogs floating in a sea of indifference. People matter.

    Cavalryman40 said...

    Another question you might want to ask. If you look at the website flightaware.com, and search a tail number, in this case N5343M you will see that the N number belongs to a SR 20 that at one time it was registered to Stephen C Paddock of Mesquite TX and Henderson NV. Our shooter. You will also see that it is currently registered to a company out of Roanoke VA named Volant LLC. A company that works with the "Defense/Intelligence" community per their website. Wait it gets better. The registration is listed as active. Don't worry that it shows the last flight for the Aircraft 3 years ago. They only show the flight when a flight plan is filed. Flightaware pulls their data directly from the FAA registration database, so it should be accurate correct? Now the interesting part, if you go to faa.gov and put the same tail number into their search engine N5343M, you will find that the FAA says the n-number is inactive, and the last registration was a C152 (different aircraft) to some guy in San Diego CA. And no mention of the current registration by Volant LLC, or Mr Paddock. The FAA database is updated every business day at midnight. So, it looks like someone ether scrubbed the FAA database and forgot or didn't know that flightaware posted the same info, or someone at flightaware is playing a big trick on everyone and putting false information in their database. All I know is the name of Stephen C Paddock now has something in common with a spook outfit. Interesting.

    Anonymous said...

    I’m just saying that you don’t have look very far from the White House. Two miles away is this idiot who is running the deep state against President Trump and Americans, it’s barack Hussein obama and his manwife.

    Anonymous said...

    probably have more merrit than u think, God please open are eyes with your wisdom bring use to a greater understanding we are not called to a playground but to a war,, Hagmann and Hagmann report YouTube channel.

    Anonymous said...

    Paddock worked for Lockheed Martin for a few years in the 80s. Company had a division called "Skunk works" or something similar, allegedly connected to MK Ultra, DARPA, and various secretive military applications.

    When this first occurred, Lockheed admitted that he worked for them but supposedly didn't specify what he did there. Later, they then said he worked as an accountant. If true though, why didn't they just state that in the beginning? It seems rather suspicious!

    Google Lockheed Martin MK Ultra, for lots of info,

    Anonymous said...

    The guy is shooting full auto into the crowd and why is a hotel security guard the first one on scene vs SWAT HRT etc? That math doesn’t work either. Why does it take them over an hour to assault the room? And yes why doesnt he turn his arsenal on the LEOs instead of himself? Many more questions than answers right now.

    Aesop said...

    The Skunk Works builds airplanes: The U-2, the SR-71, and the F-117.
    (And to a near metaphysical certainty, the Mach 6 arrowhead-shaped mystery replacement for the SR-71 the military hasn't identified nor admitted to having, but which nonetheless regularly flies strategic recon missions around the world, and sets seismographs off when it comes in for a landing.)

    The rest of the crap is looneytunes, at least from Lockheed's end.
    I only have three sources inside that Co., going back to the 1960s.

    Aesop said...

    And a security guard is first on scene because he's already in the building, and the hotel gets a fire alarm hit from the smoke of firing that many rounds.
    I'm fine with that.

    It doesn't explain why it took SWAT 72 minutes to stack up and breach the room they couldn't find until an hour and 12 minutes after the shooting started.

    Somebody's timeline narrative is BS. Again.

    Anonymous said...

    ..and CIA payroll ISIS (Israel secret intelligent service) claim tie to the incident.

    m said...

    He could afford teenage hookers of model beauty that solicit him in las vegas a dozen times a week if not a day..! He.needs ugly girl friend..???

    m said...

    Would have thought rock music not country western..

    m said...

    Greenfelt jungle did in lots of its bookkeepers...accountants and lawyers , not so much...

    m said...

    A simple possibility

    m said...

    But send off 100,000 to ugly girlfriend day before..??? Less broke, might flee with that....

    m said...

    Stranger than fiction...?????

    m said...

    Stranger than fiction...?????

    m said...

    Common denominator...?

    m said...

    Common denominator...?

    m said...

    But send off 100,000 to ugly girlfriend day before..??? Less broke, might flee with that....

    Anonymous said...

    Two air planes, and instrument rating, a pencil pushing job but lots!!! of money and a huge gambling habit. Addictions will cause you to do other bad things. Sounds like drug running or arms running, especially when you look at all of his other habits.

    John Distai said...

    How about this conspiracy:

    - He was a toxic narcissist who wanted to be recognized as "somebody" in Vegas.
    - He gambled incessantly, but was not considered by Vegas to be a celebrity; he never received the recognition he felt he deserved. He was still a little fish, instead of a high roller.
    - He became angry about this and decided that he would show Vegas just how powerful he was.
    - He created a meticulous plan to create chaos in order to become recognized.
    - He unleashed the chaos he planned. When faced with being held accountable by SWAT, he ended his life. Narcissists avoid accountability for their actions.

    Less sexy than the other conspiracies, but what the hell...it's possible.

    Aesop said...

    And this toxic narcissism he kept well-hidden for 64 years suddenly manifested itself Sunday night in a fit of mass murder?
    Yeah, no.

    Occam's Razor says this was an op, not a stunt.

    Anonymous said...

    Being a medical person, my first thought was he had a "death disease". He had some illness that was gonna kill him within the next couple of months. Then I saw his pic and was 85% certain about illness.
    Also, "small man disease". Someone has already postulated this; but I agree with it. The dude was a dweeb all his life and now with the "death disease" he thought what the heck, go out in a blaze of glory.
    Another thing about his bookkeeping career. He kept books for Lockheed aircraft. And everyone knows how much money they can "hoover up" from the government. I bet he was in on it, and was afraid of getting exposed.


    Anonymous said...

    Does anyone know how easy it would be for the media to determine the shooter's political party registration. Recall that the media found out on the very day of the killing of the Charlottesville case what the party registration was of the "Nazi" was. Apparently, the media felt it was very important for all of us to know that he was a registered Republican. Yet, it is not important in the Las Vegas shooting case. The media is desperately trying to figure out "motive" and what was on the mind and what his idealogy was> Wouldn't his political affiliation give us a clue? How come the media believes that his party registration is NOT important in a case where motive & idealogy is so desperately sought, but it was in the Charlottesville case where his political beliefs were "apparent." How come we can't know the party affiliation of the Las Vegas shooter? It would be very, very easy for the media to find out. They interviewed the brother for hours, and never asked him that question. The media has an appalling lack of curiosity when they want to.

    Anonymous said...

    How come the media only told us where he worked thirty years ago. Where has he worked as an accuontant. Did he work for other companies in the last thirty years. Was he self-employed. If his only employment was thirty years ago, it is mystifying how he accumulated enough money to buy all that real estate, and those planes. Do you know how rich you have to be to buy two planes. This can be easily found out by the media, but again, they have an appalling lack of curiosity about this case which casts suspicion on the entire story.

    Anonymous said...

    The media and the police interviewed the brother for hours. How come the media never asked about his occupation, where he worked, where he went to school, how he accumulated his money? Why didn't they ask the brother about his political registration, and the political affiliations of the family. Is it because they are Democrats?

    The few facts given us keep changing. For instance, at first the media told us the girlfriend was in custody; the next day they told us she was in Tokyo; the third day they told us she was in the Philippines. There i sno way a "journalist" can make these hugh and glaring mistakes, all repeated by other media stations, and if they do make them, they have a duty to explain why they made them.

    The first day before any investigation could have started, they tell us that the girlfriend is not involved (and therefore does not have to be extradited); the next day, they tell us she is a "person of interest" and should be extradited. They changed their story? Why? Is it because they want to keep things secret, on the basis that she is a "person of interest" and therefore accomplices are still being looked at. How could they be so sure the first day that she was not involved and change their stories.

    They say he had no political ideology, but his political party registration would give us at least some clue as to his thinking. Why won't they tell us that information, that is so easy to determine.

    This story is contrived; we are obviously be manipulated. The media is wholly unreliable and unworthy of belief in anything they say.

    Unknown said...

    Could be, he was just plain, old-fashioned nuts...

    Anonymous said...

    First, I don't know anything about guns. But logic tells me that it takes a great deal of time and practice to become proficient with multiple types of automatic weapons (as they say he had). Aside from the difficulty in acquiring them, where did he learn to use them? To practice with them? Doesn't it take some strength and stamina to fire an automatic weapon for a period of time esp. over an hour? I don't think playing tons of video poker prepares one for that. I would like to hear from military guys familiar with firing these.

    Anonymous said...

    Methimks Mr Paddock was a scopolamine patsy for the Antifa ( hard core cadre / MS-13 / Deep State assets ) in an top level occult sacrifice before the Obelisk/Sphinx/Pyramid ). I look forward to reading numerological interpretations of the date, address, &c. Pray for the dead.

    Anonymous said...

    @anon 10:01 AM- basically, no. Doesn't take much more than familiarization and you can get that online. Not really physically taxing, I've watched people with missing limbs and prosthesis shoot those same AR platform rifles. Aesop covers your questions in a different post. And, he really didn't fire for that long, it was just a long time between when he started and when the cops entered.


    Anonymous said...

    Incredulity is not an argument...in fact its a logical fallacy.

    Of course, you neglected to consider the possibility of mental illness.

    Aesop said...

    Incredulity is not the argument, but thanks for playing.

    Inconsistency is.

    I also considered mental illness.
    There's just no evidence for it in his entire lifetime as an explanation.
    So pulling it out just to explain the last 2 hours he was alive is a Deus et machina Fallacy.

    And some recent attempts trying to bootstrap a single prescription for Valium two months ago into fulminant homicidal psychosis - for something requiring planning probably at least that far in advance - is simply farcical.

    Shoot all the holes you want: just use facts, not coulda/woulda/shoulda.

    I'm a "military guy with experience firing these".
    The actual shooting part of the act is the least inexplicable part of the whole thing. The reality is that anyone from 12 to 80 could do it, if they had enough stamina to stand in line for a ride at Disneyland without falling down dead.
    He was hosing bullets labeled "to whom it may concern" into 22,000 people packed into an area of several acres, for maybe 5-6 minutes, tops. It's roughly equivalent to hitting a male urinal while standing in front of it with your fly unzipped and equipment in hand.

    Anonymous said...

    So why npt go downstairs and shoot up the casino itself?

    COMMUTATUS said...

    He was an accountant, handling money, for who? Anybody remember the movie "THE UNTOUCHABLES" with Kevin Costner? How did they finally get Capone? The accountant.
    Accountants get paid to hide money for someone. Hiding money for the right people can be very profitable but also very dangerous, i.e. So, as with most other crimes we must "follow the money".

    whirlwinder said...

    I just watched a video of the shootings. The guy showed several automatic weapons being fired on a range and the different sounds they make. From far away, the pitch of the shots is lower than when they are being fired close to you. You could also hear two weapons being fired at the same time, one low pitch (far away) and another in short high pitched (close) bursts. The military learns to shoot in bursts so ammo is not wasted.

    Interesting that all the high powered lights were turned on that surrounded the killing field. Wonder how that helped to reduce the killing?

    If we do not get to the bottom of this, our government will have blood on its hands.

    The Exile said...

    The motive seems obvious to me because of "the dog that didn't bark".

    For some reason, very few on the Left are using their current favorite terms, "White Supremacist", "Fascist", "NAZI" when this old, rich, white guy is exactly the type that they would consider to be a White Supremacist, Fascist NAZI. Why do you suppose that is?

    My bet is that someone has found out that he's an anti-Trump, left-wing nutjob who has, like the entire Democrat party, been driven insane by the fact that their toy/power has been taken from them.

    Unknown said...

    You are incorrect, somewhat.AR platform DOES NOT require much stamina.Until you get to the 240/249 These are belt fed platforms that DO require more stamina than Mr.Vanilla Accountant possessed